"Hi, everyone. Freeze it, Elsa here with this little box." Elsa greeted as the screen only shows her hands holding a small box with a question. "Kinda looks like something from Mario. Let's see what's inside." She says and opens it, only to be attacked by bees and her screaming in response.


"Man, who would've guessed that bee puns would've been the thing to push you over the edge." Yess commented on the video. "That's the internet for you." She then raises the screen to Elsa. "Congratulations, Elsa. Your Buzzy account is now over one million."

"This is amazing!" Elsa cheered and hugged Yess. "I couldn't have done this without you."

"That is very true." Yess agreed with a laugh.

"We need to find Hiccup, where is he?" Elsa asks.

"Let's see." Yess muttered and pulled up Hiccup's browser. "Hm...he's still in FanFiction. Not to worry, you head to eBay, and get that saddle. I'll send an email to him." She says to Elsa and quickly types something up and printing it. "Yo!"

Her assistant suddenly appears beside Elsa. "Yes, Yess?"

"Here, take this and get it to her boyfriend in FanFiction." Yess demands and hands the note to him.

"Yes, Yess. Right away, Yess." Yo says before vanishing with the note.

"Now, go get there. Your bid expires in half an hour." Yess tells Elsa.

"You got it." Elsa said and took the device with her account info on it and raced out. "Toothless, come on, bud!" She called the dragon who raced over and encouraged her to climb on before flying them off to eBay.

What If Universe

"So, it's like am I really real, or am I just an expansion of the real Peter Parker that died on the real Earth-38?" Peter from Stronger Together asks while the entire room has all the guys just laying around questioning everything.

"That's deep, man." Mick stated as he cleaned his fire gun.

"Hey, what are they doing?" Hiccup asks as he gestured to a group of heroes from DC and Marvel talking.

"Oh, they're part of the Super weird family story. They're deciding on who's on their universes Avenges team." Barry Allen from Flash and Spider-Man explains.

"So, what are your powers again?" Tony Stark asks Cyborg.

"Technorganic Physiology. Superhuman Durability, Speed, Reflexes, stuff like that." Cyborg tells them.

"So, you're Ironman, but black." Black Widow says.

"Uh...I can also fight and take down multiple foes." Cyborg guesses.

"Oh, really? Hey, who here can take down a dozen villains at once?" Hawkeye asks and everyone on the other end of the table raises their hands, all except Hulk.

"Hulk, stop being nice." Steve Rodgers demands him.

"Sorry." Hulk tells Cyborg and raises his hand.

"Here's what we'll do. Don't call us. We'll call you." Batman comprises as cyborg walks off with a sad face.

"That was difficult to watch." Hiccup commented before seeing someone with two different characters in the same scenario. "And them?"

"Oh, a fan requested a HTTYD X Frozen X Tangled X Aladdin." Eddie Brock from MCU What If? explained as he looked over the script for What If? Avengers : Phase 2.

"Okay, so, Jack Frost, you have the charm, goofiness, and coolness of Will Smith." Hiccup, the lead of the story, informed his friend.

"Thank you." Jack said with a bow.

"Sisu, you are a more fun going, energized like Will and Robin combined." Hiccup informed the dragon. "But I don't think it'll work for the story we have planned. However, with a few rewrites, it might just work. We'll give you guys a call when the time comes to decide. We might have to ask some of the readers to decide for us."

"Or we might just release both versions of the story." Elsa commented.

"That could work too, let's see what the fans want." Hiccup compromised.

"A forth wall break inside a forth wall break." Deadpool stated. "That's like...sixteen walls!"

"Sweet!" Sisu said in her dragon form before the two walked off.

"What do you think?" Hiccup asked his cast members.

"I say go with the dragon." Clint stated as he sat down. "Be a nice change."

"I liked the other guy better." Rip commented.

"Wow." Hiccup stated at what he's seeing.

"Yeah, but they're doing better than them." Pietro from Stars Crossed gestured to the corner of the room where a group of characters are sitting in a dark corner.

"What's wrong with them?" Hiccup wonders.

"The story trashed blues." Cisco from Flash and Spider-Man sighed. "They were part of a story titled Can Only See Red, but the author learned there was already a story similar to it called Wolf Spider, decided to can the story."

"Oh." Hiccup said in surprise just as Yo appears.

"Hiccup, this is for you." Yo says and hands him an envelope before vanishing.

"Thanks, Yo." Hiccup says and opens it to see Elsa's on her way to eBay now. "Oh, I gotta get going. Elsa's already got the money to save my game." He suddenly stops to think about what he's going to do about this whole elephant that's been between him and Elsa for a while.

"You good?" Agent S asks.

"Yeah, it's and my girlfriend have been going through a rough time and I feel like she's going to leave me." Hiccup explains as he glitches in and out. "And if she leaves me, I'm afraid of being alone again."

"Yeah, we've all been there." Stars Crossed Peter shrugged. "I needed to travel the multiverse and have two song numbers to confess I liked my love interest. Or maybe I didn't. It's hard to say until my sequel."

"It took several life threatening events and my wife getting kidnapped and taken to a parallel earth." Peter from Flash and Spider-Man admitted.

"Nazi invasion." Stronger Together Peter admits.

"The thought of her being blind for the rest of her life." Hiccup of Tales of the Dragon Riders also admits.

"Frozen heart." Peter of The Cold Journey confesses.

"Same here." Hiccup of Defenders of the Frozen Dragon called.

"A madman who stole my technology." Peter of Agent S says.

"I have yet to get a girlfriend." Peter Queen admits.

"I just told her how I felt." Peter from A Bat and A Spider confessed.

"I thought she told you." Luke Fox reminded him.

"We all have that feeling of fear." Brainy of Stronger Together confesses. "But once we came over there fear, our lives were so much better."

"If she has something to say, don't you think you should both be honest about it?" Clint Barton of Stars Crossed asks while Pat hands him a drink.

"Sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith." Stars Crossed Scott tells him.

Hiccup sighed and saw they're right. "Yeah, you're right." He stated and got up. "It was great meeting you guys."

"Yeah, maybe next time you visit, you could meet the girls." Stephen Strange says.

"Where are the girls?" Hiccup asks.

Girls lounge

"I mean, is the real one dead and I'm just wearing the face of Gwen Stacy, or am I just Gwen Stacy without the memories?" Gwen from Stronger Together asks the others in the room. "I feel like that could've been explored more."

"Meh, I'd say your character's fine the way she is." Elsa from The Cold Journey says while lying on the floor with her knuckles supporting her head.

"Yeah, your great. Besides, there's nowhere else to go for you to go character wise." Morg'Ann agreed.

"That's why you were in Battleworld, and I wasn't." Rapunzel from How to Tangle Your Dragon reminds her.

"And your story wasn't completed." Courtney from Stars Crossed reminded her.

"Touché. But I am coming back." Rapunzel looks on the bright side.


Elsa was currently waiting outside of the website after paying for the saddle pack and is wondering what's keeping Hiccup whilst Toothless is resting for the flight home.

While she was looking, Spamley noticed her. "Oh, hey, Elsa!" He called her out and Elsa noticed him.

"Hey, Spamley." Elsa greeted, with a hint of worry on her voice.

"What's the good word, sister?" Spamley asks her.

"Well, the saddle's all paid for, and I even had enough left over for one day shipping, meaning this time tomorrow Hiccup will have his game back."

"That's great." Spamley says happily.

"Yeah, it is." Elsa said and sat on a bench with a face that told Spamley she was scared.

"I hear you're happy, but I don't see you're happy." Spamley notices.

"Yeah, it's just...I'm concerned about Hiccup. He said I'm acting weird, and I have been. I want him to move in with me back home." Elsa sighed and rubbed her face. "I think that he thinks it's something bad."

"Well, why haven't you told him that?" Spamley asks.

"Maybe because the moment I do, it becomes real. And I don't know if I'm even ready. I mean, I feel ready...but I'm scared for what he'll say." Elsa confessed.

"Do you love him?" Spamley asks.

"More than anything and anyone." Elsa admits.

Spamley smiles and looks beyond Elsa. "Then why not just tell him?" He asks and Elsa turned to see that Hiccup was there and heard everything.

Hiccup walked over to her with a smile and Elsa did the same.

"So that's what all the craziness was about?" Hiccup asks with a roll of his eyes. "I feel like an idiot."

"Hey, I'm half to blame here as well." Elsa replied and grabbed his hand. "So. What do you say?"

Hiccup pulled Elsa in for a kiss, which she easily returned. "I think it's time we both took a leap of faith."

"A leap of what?" Elsa asks in confusion, causing Hiccup to laugh.

"It's just something I learned about in FanFiction. Turns out there's a lot of things to learn in those stories. And their characters are fun." Hiccup explains to her before getting down on one knee. "Freeze it, Elsa...will you marry me?"

"What?!" Elsa asks in shock. "Yes, of course!" Elsa declared and pulled Hiccup into a passionate kiss.

They stayed like that for a while whilst Spamley and Toothless cheered and clapped his hands. After a good mini or two, the newly engaged couple broke off with a smile.

"What do you say we go home?" Hiccup asks of her.

"Gladly." Elsa agreed, wanting Anna to hear the amazing news.

"Toothless!" They both called out for the dragon who raced over to the two of them and gave them a kiss at the same time. "Come on, you know that's hard to wash off!"

They both climbed onto the dragon and fly off back to the arcade.

"See a later! Don't be a stranger!" Spamley called out.

Next day

"Everything had gotten back to normal, and Dragon Riders was back up and running by the end of the day." Hiccup begins to monologue.

Dragon Riders

The crew ran past the finish line and this time, Hiccup and Toothless allowed some others to win this time.

"For one thing, the riders were more tamed than the dragons." Hiccup explains.

Fishlegs was the first to cross the finish line followed by more and Astrid coming in last.

"I'm sorry you didn't win, Astrid." Snotlout says to her.

"No, it's okay, Snotlout. Our friendship means more to me than this race." Astrid assures him.

"Losing builds character!" Anna cried from the audience with Kristoff and Surge.

"Everyone's a winner." Kristoff stated.

"Yeah, turns our Kristoff and Anna are actually pretty good parents." Elsa admitted.

"I'm confused. How did you manage to pull this off?" Surge asks the two.

"It's simple." Anna stated. "The key is-" suddenly, the dragons come flying past, cutting her off.

"And then..." Kristoff was going to continue as more dragons come flying past. "And that's it."

Surge looked surprisingly impressed by the two of them. "Wow. I wouldn't have ever thought that."

"And why do I actually give the others a chance to win? Easy, it's so that I can spend more time with my soon-to-be-wife." Hiccup explains.


"And of course then there was the big day." Hiccup said as he and Elsa were currently getting married with all of their arcade friends, and internet friends there.

"I even got the chance to meet Hiccup's FanFiction friends. And they are a strange bunch." Elsa admits as she eyes the FanFiction characters who all brought their dates and cheered them with Yess in the front row.

"Let's just say...we lived happily ever after." Elsa declared as she and Hiccup finally kissed and sealed their marriage.

"Yeah. That about sums it up." Hiccup agreed.


And now...a sneak peak of The New Team...

A small village was going about their day when suddenly ice and snow began to form around -

Elsa suddenly appears and is dancing to the background of Never Gonna Give you Up.

"Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!" Elsa declares. "Never gonna run around and desert you."

Hiccup was behind the counter with Toothless as his wife was signing and they were dancing.

"Never gonna make you cry! Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!" Elsa declared. "Have fun trying to get that out of your head."

Suddenly Deadpool appears to the reader. "What? Were you expecting some grand finale? Come on, this story was about two people who were afraid of what will come next and took the leap. Not everything needs to end in some giant monster that needs to be stopped. I mean, Frozen 2 didn't have one, Wreck it Ralph 2 didn't either. Wait, which came out first? (Quickly searching it) Okay, so Ralph 2 was first, so I see disney learned from their mistake and gave us a actual good story for Frozen 2. Huh, the more you know. But yeah, the author does need your help to decide which of them will be the genie. Either Sisu, Jack Frost or he can just do both versions of the story. You decide on which! See you later, I'm gonna go secure my spot in Secret Wars 2! Hey, Superfluffy! Get over here!"