Title: Forbidden Love

Author: Kim

Summary: Can Jake decide between his friendship and loyalty to his boss over a woman?

Disclaimer: I do not own Frank Donovan or the other UC characters. NBC (sadly) and Shane Salerno do. Other characters are mine. Don't have money, so you can't sue.

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Jake smiled as he entered the bar. A group of men were attempting to sing. Half the bar was cheering them on in their awful attempt. He made his way to the counter and ordered a beer.

"Jake!" Millie, the bartender exclaimed, "I haven't seen you in ages."

"Work," Jake replied, taking a swig of his beer.

Millie nodded her head. Owning a bar in which most of her patrons were law enforcement, she understood all too well.

Jake gave her a fake scowl as Millie refused to take money for the beer.

"I almost didn't recognize you with your new look," Millie winked.

"Yea?" Jake smiled, feeling his cheeks grow hot, "I'm thinking of keeping it."

For three months, Jake was loaned out to the DEA to help out with a smuggling ring on the borders of Mexico and Texas. An unwilling loan. Donovan had his reservations about the operation.

The only thing Jake liked about the operation, was that he got to grow his hair a little longer to where he could have it all slicked back and grow a goatee. Jake smiled as he rubbed his hand along his chin. He looked better with the goatee than Donovan, in his opinion.

He was glad for the extra week off. He was due back to work with Donovan two weeks before, but one can never look for an undercover operation to go the way they want it to go. Immigration came along and almost ruined it. He had been deported and he had to go along with it. He had no way in proving he was a citizen, unless he blew his cover. That wasn't an option.

Jake made his way through the crowd to see if he knew anyone there. Once in a while, the team would go to the bar to blow off some steam. Even Donovan. He saw some other FBI agents he knew and some Immigration Agents. Jake couldn't help but shiver when he saw them. The guys singing were TSA. Jake knew a way to get even with them for messing with him on his way to Texas.

Near the dance floor, Jake spotted some of Chicago's finest he hadn't seen since the botched bank robbery last Christmas. Jake leaned on the railing to get a better look. There was a new person in the group.

"Shaw, come on over and join us!" Officer John Riley offered, waving him over.

"How ya doing, Riley?" Jake smiled, shaking his hand.

"Not bad, not bad," Riley replied, "Jake, this is Officer Mia Keatings. Mia, Jake Shaw. Be gentle with him."

"Gentle with me?" Jake smirked, joining the group.

"Only if you want me to," Mia smiled, shaking Jake's hand.


Jake pushed the door open and stepped back to let Mia enter. He fumbled for the light switch.

"Sorry for the mess," Jake apologized, "I've only had the house for about eight months; I'm slowly redoing it."

"Don't worry about it," Mia smiled, looking around.

After a quick tour of his house, Jake and Mia ended up in his living room. The only light in the room came from the candles Jake had lit.

Jake sat down on the futon and pulled Mia onto his lap. He lifted up the bottom of her jersey and placed his hands on her back. Mia sighed in contentment. Jake's hands were warm against her skin. He began to massage her back.

Mia leaned back into Jake's hands as they moved over a sensitive spot. Jake smiled knowing she was ticklish and planned to use that later. He moved his hands further up her back and undid her bra. He cupped them and started to gently massage them. Mia moaned in pleasure.

Jake was surprised to see Mia had a tattoo on the small of her back, two hands holding a heart. He knew women with tattoos, but never on that area of their body. It turned him on. He leaned down and ran his tongue across the tattoo.

Mia gasped and turned to look at Jake. She pushed him down onto the futon and started to undress him.