Jake pulled his motorcycle up to the gas pump and took off his helmet. The sweat poured down his face. He didn't realize how hot it could get in Arizona. He wasn't far from Flagstaff, then he'd ride up to the Grand Canyon and stay a few nights there.

He walked past a phone booth as he went to pay for his gas. Everything was paid with cash. No use of his credit cards. He didn't want anyone to find him, especially Donovan. He knew how Donovan worked. After he denied his request to be transferred, he packed what little he could and took off for parts unknown.

Three weeks went by since Mia had gotten shot at the bank. The bullet was a cop killer. It went through her vest and was lodged in her left shoulder. He called Riley every day to get a status report on how Mia was doing. A couple times he tried to talk to her, but couldn't.

He needed time away to think. He realized that he overreacted at the hospital when Donovan told him Mia was his sister. Well, it felt good to hit him, Jake thought, smiling. Miscommunication; something every government employee has done once or twice.

One more week wandering the country, then he'd go back to see if he still had a job. Jake looked up and realized he had stopped at the phone booth. He grabbed the receiver and listened to the dial tone. He hung the phone back up, realizing he couldn't talk to Mia.

He walked out of the store and headed back to his bike. Some things were best left alone.

"Hold it right there!"

"Turn around slowly with your hands up!"

Stunned, Jake slowly raised his hands and turned around. Four Arizona State troopers were holding their guns on him. "What's the problem, Officers?" Jake asked, not liking how the situation could end.

Jake watched as two of the troopers walked around him and shoved him to the ground. "Bike's stolen," one said, placing Jake's hand in his cuffs.

"Where's your id?" another one asked.

"In my back pocket," Jake huffed, "I'm a Federal Agent."

"Yea?" the trooper snickered, "And I'm Tony Soprano."

"You look much thinner on tv," Jake sneered, closing his eyes as he realized he left his badge back in Chicago.

"Ok, tough guy, let's go run you on the computer." the trooper huffed, picking Jake up and pushing him into the squad car.


Jake paced his cell, trying to think of whom to call to help him out of this mess. No way was he going to call Alex. He didn't want to hear the lecture from her yet.

"Well, guess what we got here," the State trooper laughed.

"Please enlighten me," Jake sweetly smiled.

"Seems here you're not Jake Shaw of Chicago," the trooper began to say, "you're Jake Gutierrez of Mexicali, Mexico. Deported almost five months ago. That means you're going to be charged with a felony."

"Felony!" Jake exclaimed

"Illegal reentry after being deported." the trooper smiled, "A felony. Border Patrol will be here in the morning to take you to see the Immigration judge. Have a good night."

Jake watched as the trooper left the room. He slowly sat down on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair. DEA promised to fix everything. They were to change his fingerprints back to Jake Shaw after the mix up on the case.

"God damn it!" Jake yelled, throwing the mattress off the metal frame. He knew he should've asked Donovan months ago to see if it was fixed. Another agency to added to his list of getting even with.

Jake leaned against the wall and slowly slid down. He had no idea what he was going to do.


Jake pushed the tray of food away from him. He couldn't bring himself to eat the crap. All night Jake never moved from the spot against the wall. He sat there the entire night trying to figure everything out. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the wall.

"You made my sister cry," a voice stated.

Jake snapped his head up when he heard Donovan's voice.


"When they ran you in the NCIC, an alert came to us," Donovan started to explain. "Should've known the DEA would wait awhile to fix things."

"This is all your fault!" Jake accused Donovan. Meaning reporting his motorcycle stolen.

"Wasn't me, Cody." Donovan smirked. He was shocked when the report came in saying Jake was arrested for stealing his own motorcycle.

"Cody?" Jake repeated in amazement. Add another one to Jake's get even list.

"When Alex told us she hadn't heard from you, we got worried," Donovan explained.

"They know what happened?" Jake asked.

"No, all they know is you took a leave of absence," Donovan replied. "It's not their concern. But my concern is Mia. You made her cry. No one makes my sister cry."

Jake slowly stood up and attempted to walk towards the bars. He stumbled a bit since he lost the feeling in his legs from sitting so long. He tested the bars to make sure Donovan couldn't get in.

"The last guy who made my sister cry was her ex-husband, Marc," Donovan explained, walking up and down the room. "He cheated on Mia not once, but four times. The only thing that stopped me from killing him was Mia, but she's not here now."

"We got the bars between us, " Jake stated, hoping that would be enough.

"And I locked my gun up, but we both know I carry a spare," Donovan smiled, as Jake looked to Donovan's left leg.

"You're trying to scare me," Jake stated.

"Is it working?" Donovan asked. He smiled when Jake nodded his head. "Good. I'm not going to hurt you, Jake. I'm here to talk to you about Mia."

"What about her?" Jake asked.

"I want you to stay away from her," Donovan plainly stated. "You're not for her."

"Excuse me?" Jake asked, starting to get angry.

"It's nothing personal, Jake," Donovan replied, "it's just I don't want her to get that 'official' call from me."

"Now wait a damn minute," Jake yelled.

"But that's not my decision to make for Mia. It's hers." Donovan sighed. "For some reason she loves you and you said you loved her."

"I do!"

"Then think long and hard about what you want with Mia. If you want to be with her, you have my blessing," Donovan continued. "Everything's been cleared up with your identity and motorcycle. You have one more week before you report back to work."

"Where is Mia?" Jake asked.

"You know where to find her," Donovan smiled, starting to walk out of the room. "And Jake, if you make Mia cry again, you'll wish you were deported."