Authors Note: Sorry this took a while to update I accidentally deleted the whole thing.

We are driving down a long road in Athens towards the airport or more accurately Spyro was driving towards the airport and I was riding in the car but same difference.

"I was wondering where are we going?" I ask.

"Santorini." Spyro replies simply.

"Also I have some questions..." but he cuts me off.

"Great we will discuss on the flight."


"Hello sir would you like a beverage?" The flight attendant asks.

"Sure, do you have a ginger ale?" I ask. I prefer root beers to ginger ales but they often don't have them on planes so ginger ales are my go to plane beverage.

"Yes we do sir, here you are." She replies handing me the drink.

"Thanking you very much." I reply politely.

"So what were your questions?" Spyro asks.

"Well the first thing was were did that cyclops come from and the second thing is there anywhere specifically we are going to on Santorini?" I ask.

"Good questions." He says. "This might seem crazy but the Greek and Roman Gods exist and we are descended from the Goddess Athena she is sacred to our family along with the Goddess Hestia. As for your second question we have a safe house on Santorini watched over by a clear sighted mortal named Adrian as well as his husband Elias who is a son of Hephaestus and their daughters, Luna and Evangeline. Luna is a 7 year old adopted birth daughter of Hermes and Evangeline is a 16 year old daughter of Apollo and Adrian." He finishes.

"How does that work?" I ask.

"My only explanation is that he is a god. Also how are not freaked out that gods exist?" He asks.

"It was obvious to me once I came to terms with the fact that i had just seen a cyclops." I reply.

"Wow your brain works faster than I thought any other questions that quick moving brain of yours has conjured up?" He asks with both humor and admiration.

"Actually one more, I was wondering how big is this network?" I ask.

"It is huge we have bases from Greece to Italy to Russia even to the U.S. We call ourselves the IOF or International Olympian Federation. It is led by a council of 5 my father is the leading member of the council. To be honest the meeting called you to we were going to tell you all this but sometimes these things don't work out." He says.


We stepped out of the plane terminal and Spyro paused to look around his eyes finally settling on a man he must have known as he started to walk towards him.

"Hello Adrian." Spyro greeted the man whom I assume was Adrian he was average height muscular with a faint scar along his palm and is dressed in a red polo shirt with beige cargo shorts. "It is nice to see you again."

"As it is you Spyro. So this is your cousin." He said.

"Yep this is Leonidas Leo for short. Leo this is Adrian." He says.

"Nice to meet you." I say politely.

"Are you named after the Spartan King?" Adrian asks me.

"Yes I meant to go to Thermopylae over the summer but that is probably not happening anymore." I reply.


We walked into the house Adrian's car keys jingling as he put them in a drawer. The house was nice a large villa on the beach with the white and blue paint that was so authentic for Greek island houses. During the drive Adrian had informed us that all 10 of the villa's guest rooms are empty so we don't have to share. As we walk into what appears to be the main room we see a man whom I assume is Elias putting intricate carvings into a sword. He pauses his work just long enough for Adrian to give him a small kiss on the cheek.

"Elias this is Leo." Adrian says.

"Nice to meet you." Elias says not looking up from his work. He is wearing grimy overalls over white short sleeve tee shirt.

"Nice to meet you to." I reply.

"I think the girls are outside playing on the beach if you want to join them." Adrian suggests.

"Okay that sounds good but first choose a room and change." I point out.


I was wearing simple dark blue swimming trunks with a killer whale on the lower right pant leg. I find Spyro waiting for me in the living room.

"What took you so long?" He asks.

"Looks my mind didn't seem to remember that we weren't leaving Greece and packed these at the very bottom of the suit case." I reply.

He chuckles "Lets go you want to meet them right."

So we open the door and begin to walk towards the sound of laughter coming from the surf. My gaze falls first to the little girl that runs towards she is wearing a sky blue swimsuit with that reads "Here Comes the Sun" she has black hair and a look that tells you not to leave her unsupervised. Then I look at the older girl. it is near impossible to describe her beauty in words but I will try. Her hair is golden blond like the sun, her eyes green as jade and as beautiful to, her face almost looks sculpted like an ancient Greek sculpture but ten times as beautiful, her breasts are mid-sized not huge to the point of extremes but big enough that they are noticeable, her navel is smooth and lean but not overly skinny, her legs are long and tan but strong looking, and finally she is wearing a red bikini that shows of her breasts but still covers them nicely. She is the peak of beauty. Malaka Leo it's is to early you fall in love yet.