Personal Survey! Fill in and enjoy!

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Name: Jarod. (Last name changes a lot. Don't ask.)

Nicknames: Wonder boy, J-dog, Lab rat, Frankenstein

Job: Changes daily and weekly. (Again, don't ask.)

Dream Job: Pez taste-tester. ;)

What you're good at: Running.

Special Talents: Pretending. It's complicated.

*Current family members, list one attribute for each that applies*

Mother: Don't know.

Father: Brave

Sister: Don't know.

Brother: One's dead but I might have another. Not sure.

Son and/or daughter: I have a clone, does that count?

Favorite family member: Dad. Only one I know at this point. I'm working on it okay?!

Friends: Argyle, Broots, Sydney, and miscellaneous people I've picked up over the years. Not sure if Ms. Parker counts.

Where did you grow up? : In a cage.

Where do you live? : Wouldn't you like to know?

Where would you like to live? : As far away from Delaware as possible.

Greatest fear: Ms. Parker. (You'd be frightened too if you knew her.)

Biggest Obsession: Pez. Love it, and can't live without it.

Strange habits and/or activities: Pretending to be other people while I solve crimes and conspiracies. Also leaving taunting clues for the people hunting me down. I don't get out much.

Scariest thing you've done or seen: Nothing really.  Fear is an easy emotion to overcome.

Favorite Star Wars character: Yoda

Favorite food: Do I really have to put it down?

Favorite song: "I'm A Wanted Man"

Favorite quote: "The truth is out there."---X-files

First love: Ms. Parker. It's sad. I'm being hunted down by my childhood sweetheart. How many saw that one coming?

Three things/people you hate: Killers, kidnappers, and everyone who willingly works with the Centre.

Secret fantasy: Forcing Lyle to watch Sesame Street and Blues Clues while he's strapped to a yellow beanbag chair in a bright pink room with lots of fuzzy stuffed animals.

Weapon of choice: My mind

Goal in life: To help lots of people and put all of the bad ones in jail.

Believer in aliens: What's an alien?

Worst thing you've ever done: I've performed simulations. [Breaks down crying at the laptop] I'm a horrible, horrible man! I don't deserve to live!

Best secret you know: Ms. Parker's first name. =)

What are your morals? : All things have a right to live, and it is only right to take another's life when they are directly threatening your own or another's. Even then, I don't like to kill. Yeah, I'm a pacifist. Go figure.

What mythical creature best describes you? : Shape shifter

If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be? : The candy store.

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be and why? : Bugs Bunny, that rabbit never gets caught.

If you could kill anybody and get away with it, who would it be? : Raines. Repeatedly. In a hundred different ways. (Ahem.) But of course this is just a theoretical question.

Who is least likely to respond to this e-mail? : Ms. Parker, but then again, you never know…