This is the last one of this okay? None of the other characters are detailed enough. Sorry. But I would like to know if any of you would like another story genre done. Harry Potter? Buffy? Star Wars? Please throw me bone!

              And now…Back by popular demand…here's Bridgett!

Personal Survey! Fill in and enjoy!

(Send to at least one other person)

Name: Bridgett. It's French; don't screw up the pronunciation.

Nicknames: Blonde b***h

Job: I'm not even sure

Dream Job: Fashion designer. (If you tell anyone luv, I swear I'll kill you)

What you're good at: Ask Lyle and Mr. Parker. *(Wink, wink)*

Special Talents: Making men happy.

*Current family members, list one attribute for each that applies*

Mother: ?

Father: ?

Sister: ?

Brother: ?

Son and/or daughter: Work in process.

Favorite family member: I'll get back to you.

Friends: I can make any friend I want really. ;)

Where did you grow up? : L.A.

Where do you live? : Disneyland's alter ego

Where would you like to live? : England. I've never been there before.

Greatest fear: I am a woman. Fear is for men.

Biggest Obsession: Power and money luv. Isn't it everyone's?

Strange habits and/or activities: Sucking on lollipops and… never mind. I'll keep this PG.

Scariest thing you've done or seen: Lyle.

Favorite food: Lollipop's

Favorite song: "Bootylicious"

Favorite Star Wars character: Princess Leia.

Favorite quote: Crime does not pay ... as well as politics. ---Alfred E. Newman

First love: I don't do love. Simple pleasure has always worked for me in the end.

Three things/people you hate: Ms. Parker, Ms. Parker, and Commercials

Secret fantasy: Some time alone with the genius himself… (Licks lips).

Weapon of choice: Seduction.

Goal in life: To get this child out of me before my stomach gets any bigger.

Believer in aliens: I believe in the immigrants.

Worst thing you've ever done: Who cares about the past? Let's look to the future.

Best secret you know: I don't really know any. I'm hoping to remedy that…

What are your morals? : Any way and every way is the good way to do things, as long as yopu get what you want.

What mythical creature best describes you? : Nymph

If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be? : Mr. Lyle's office.

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be? : Betty Boop.

If you could kill anybody and get away with it, who would it be? : Ms. Parker. That b***h has been a thorn in my side for too long.

Who is least likely to respond to this e-mail? : Sorry luv, this won't be going out to anyone.