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-------------------------------------------Shattered Illusion : Copy Of a Ninja : Prologue

Up on the peak of the rocky rise, Naruto watched the battle unfolding.

He crouched there, carefully monitoring the conversation of the two Chunin below. His ruse had worked perfectly; both of them had been completely taken in.

Finally, satisfied that his trail was covered, at least for now, Naruto turned from the battle. He did not know how long he would be gone, perhaps years, perhaps less, but of one thing he was certain, when he returned, there would be a reckoning.

That was for later though, he was not yet out of Leaf territory, best if he kept his mind on his escape.

He had little idea of the full capabilities that the Leaf Jounen possessed, so his full concentration was needed to insure that he remained undetected.

Taking the first leap, he reached the branch of a nearby tree, as with every journey, his began with a single step.


Naruto was a long way from the village when the sun came up. When the initial glare had subsided, he looked out towards the south and west, to the distant spectre of Hidden Leaf village, and remembered.


Naruto lay panting upon the ground, exhausted both mentally and physically. Even so, he was happy, he had done it, he had successfully mastered the Kage-Bushin technique, a forbidden jutsu from within the scroll of seals.

Surely they would let him pass the genin exam now.


Startled, Naruto quickly got into a defensive crouch, how had they found him so quickly, his Chunin instructor had assured him of at least another few hours before discovery. Scanning his surroundings proved fruitless, there was nobody there. Frustrated, Naruto couldn't help himself, he called out.

"Who is it, what do you mean?"

they shall never let one such a you pass their precious exam; you have just stolen the scroll of seals, an offence carrying the penalty of execution. You will forever be outcast within that village, a fact you know well, all that you can really hope for is respect. And the only way to obtain respect is power. With that scroll in your possession, power is now within your grasp.

Shaken by the answer, and still unable to locate the origin of the voice, Naruto's fragile mind was bombarded by a hoard of memories. His mistreatment by the people in the hidden leaf, aching loneliness, the jubilant smiles of the other children as they ran to their parents, put most of all pain.

you have been presented with an opportunity, given to you by the new technique you have learnt. Kage Bushin. We can create a copy of both the scroll of seals and yourself, a copy to leave for the village to find, the real scroll shall remain in our possession. With that we can train, and grow powerful.

Naruto suddenly found himself standing before a gigantic gate shrouded in oppressive darkness, a huge pair of glaring red eyes gazing at him dispassionately. Gathering his courage, Naruto looked straight into those eyes, never wavering, "What do you have to gain from this."

A chance to once again have my power touch the world, a chance to once again destroy, my reason for existence. I am tied to you now, so all that I can do is see that you grow. The more powerful you become, the more of my power can once again be felt in the waking world, through you, my influence can once again be felt.

It was the simple truth, the elder generation would never accept him, all the saw when the looked at him was the fox. Well, if it was the fox they wanted, the fox they were going to get, "Very well, what do I need to do."

Perform the Kage Bushin you have just learnt, I will warp the technique with my own charka, the clone will become semi-permanent, and completely undetectable to any, save a being of equal power to my own, and there are very few of those.

As instructed, Naruto performed the required jutsu, careful to keep his hand motions correct. Yet, as he came to the final section of the charka pattern, it was suddenly wrenched from his control and warped. He found himself in two places at once, but that downright bizarre sensation soon faded, until finally, it was gone. He turned to stare at the clone, as it turned to stare at him, unbelieving.

There is someone coming, we must leave. NOW!!!

Careful to grab the real scroll on the way past, Naruto fled.

…..end flashback…..


Naruto picked his way south for many days, his destination set firmly in mind. It had been many years, though he was certain of its location, his home for the first five years of his life.

None of the Leaf ninja had wanted anything to do with him, Ninetail's slaughter blamed solely on him, so the third Hokage had arranged matters with the Hidden Cloud village. A pair of elderly ninja, both long retired, were contracted to take care of him and begin his training.

For his protection a safe house was built, it's location kept secret save for that of its residents and the third. They were good times, his only true time of happiness, yet they did not last. His guardians passed on during his fifth year of life, and his private hell in hidden leaf village had begun.

No matter, he was drawing closer now, he was in the village of Zenfara, a mining town nestled at the bottom of a huge mountain.

He purchased supplies on his way through; careful to get some basic food and toiletry items, but concentrating mainly on getting a jerry can of petrol, required to power the self-contained generator at his retreat.

Satisfied with his supplies, the boy continued on towards the mountain, and a certain section of cliff face containing a rather startling secret.

Careful to stand just so, he pushed a section of outcropping rock little different from any other, and rose, quickly, up into the clear mountain air.

Finally feeling safe, Naruto relaxed, he was home.

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