Omnimon could barely contain the stress in his towering form as he made his way towards the inner chambers of the Royal Knights. The worst had come to the digital world, an event that he and so many others thought they had prepared properly for.

The return of Lucemon, and with him the entirety of the seven great demon lords and their massive armies. It should have been simple enough with not only the Royal Knights, but nearly every other prominent group of digimon ready for such an event. They had underestimated Lucemon however, as they had thought him simply of evil and power. That was nearly eight months ago, and every possible thing had gone wrong due to this simple trivialization of their foe.

The Olympos XII were nearly all slain by the fallen angel digimons forces and the unexpected aid of the monstrous Titamon. The death of Apollomon preventing the creation of one of the twelve's prime weapons alongside the loss of Mervamon, who had been a key strategist for them. Of those who weren't confirmed gone, Dianamon and Jupitermon were missing, and Venusmon had gone who knows where after sending a message their way.

The three good of the four great dragons had gone silent after a message about the long sealed Megidramon showing odd signs of activity. Of which this news in particular had greatly disturbed Omnimon's fellow knight Gallantmon due to his own and the dragons origin. Azulongmon's allies in the four sovereigns had not sent any messages in some time either. Which did not bode well for their fate either.

Only they, the Royal Knights, and the Celestials seemed to remain. Though the Celestials had been forced to retreat into their territory by the betrayal of Seraphimon, cutting them off from any contact with the Royal Knights. A drastic and unexpected development that had almost cost them Crusadermon and Leopardmon's lives. A barely dodged event that would without a doubt pushed them over the edge if they had lost the lord of knightmons and their best strategist. Omnimon had his suspicions about why Seraphimon would suddenly fall from seemingly nowhere, but it was not of key importance at the moment.

The legendary warrior wondered if the knightmon he passed with every step closer to the meeting hall held far darker thoughts than he of their fates, or if they still had faith in a possible victory and a way to save their world. The thought of loss was not one he entertained easily, with all knowing what Lucemon would do if he did manage to conquer the digital world.

"Well the founder isn't here is he!?"

Omnimon could hear the voice of one of his fellow knights as he approached the door to the chamber the knights were using to meet with one another. With that comment hitting a little too harshly if he were to be honest. The aid of the Royal Knights founder would have been a great boon indeed if he did at last reappear now...

The massive doors groaned open for the legendary warrior, with silence reigning only for a few moments to let all glance at the new arrival. Though he did not receive so much as a welcome as he walked to his seat and the discussion continued among those present. Of which he subtly noted that Gallantmon was missing from their number, alongside Examon, Jesmon, and the two recovering knights. Though he assumed they those not recovering away from the meeting simply could not show up in time.

"We are at an absolute disadvantage here! We cannot rely on a digimon who hasn't been seen since our founding to save us now!"

Omnimon looked at the speaker as he took a seat near the end of the table, the white clad wyvern-knight Dynasmon, spoke rather loudly. It had been his voice to apparently combat the idea of trying to hunt down their founder.

"What of the search for the legendary spirits? If we can bring back those long lost, perhaps we may have a better chance of turning this around," the gold clad knight Magnamon asked as he glanced towards the seat of the blue and purple clad Craniamon.

"We cannot rely on their retrieval in time," Craniamon responded to the golden knights query, "Although we have managed to recover both spirits of water, ice, fire, and wind. We were only able to retrieve one or the other of the spirits of light, and thunder. We do not know the whereabouts of most of the others. Of which there is also suspicion that the demon lord forces have already retrieved several of their own. Which makes any effort regarding the demon lords themselves fruitless if we cannot obtain all twenty."

"If it were not for the fall of the Olympos XII and their server, I would suggest our lord create a new one to move ourselves and the refugees to. But Lucemon would surely follow to ensure we do not interfere with his insanity," the blue dragon knight with a V on his chest, Ulforce Veedramon, spoke up.

"A grim but important reminder, if a bit pointless due to the fact it weighs on all of us," the centaur-knight Kentaurosmon added as he looked to the end of the table at the head seat, "However I would like to ask you, Alphamon, what action you believe we should take? Your silent stare between all of us implies you already have an idea of your own."

"I have had a... Thought," the black armor clad leader of the knights responded, "One that requires approval from Lord Drasil."

The knights sat silently for a few moments before Omnimon seemed to read Alphamon's movements and hesitation, "It involves the human world and the usage of the chosen system?"

He received a simple response, "Yes."

"You wish to bring humans here into the worst war the digital world has seen since our founding?" Dynasmon shuffled in his seat at Alphamon's suggestion.

"It would certainly explain your hesitation," the most human-looking of the knights, Gankoomon responded, "Considering what happened to the last group."

"A mistake I had hoped the chance to repeat would not come," Alphamon stated, "But we are in desperate times. Slowly being backed down an alleyway not only to our own destruction, but for all that we shield. The chosen system allows the weakest digimon to become beings of great power more than capable of combating not only our foes armies, but our foes themselves on a playing field that can slowly slip in our favor. The mountain we now face could become the mountain we stand upon with the aid of only a few humans. With a few adjustments, perhaps older individuals already used to war could be brought here."

The black knight took a deep breath before finishing with, "It is almost certain to be our last and only chance to turn the tide of this war if things continue as they have."

Kentaurosmon rubbed the chin of his armor, "I do agree, although I would also like to add that we should still search for possible inheritors for the spirits we did recover. The aid of Ancient Greymon, Mermaimon, Irismon, and Megatheriumon won't win us the war. But it will grant us precious allies who can aid the chosen."

"Agreed," Alphamon responded before asking, "Do any of you have any further suggestions?"

Dynasmon would ask, "What of the issue where it just delivers the chosen and their partners to a random location?"

"My hope is we can remove that as a variable entirely. Or at the least, narrow the field of arrival down enough that we can prevent our enemies getting to them first. If it were not for our current status, I would ask you all to search for them. But we must rely on our subordinates and allies in this trying time as we ensure our enemies grow no closer to victory."

Craniamon leaned forward slightly as he crossed his arms, "Although I agree that we have no choice. I do question the call for older individuals. Will the system be able to take such an adjustment properly? We have seen that younger individuals function just as well in these kinds of situations."

"I do not doubt that those of younger age could adapt to our world as usual. But the problem is that we are short upon time. They will not have the time they usually need. My hope is that with older individuals, although this comes with risks of its own, that they will have a much better understanding of the extremes and losses of our battles. As well as being much more able to adapt to the training that Leopardmon has prepared for them."

Craniamon responded, "He is already aware?"

"He was the one I spoke of this first with, alongside Crusadermon. It was he who suggested a human age range from their late teen years to mid-twentys."

"If he has agreed with it. Then I will withdraw my further questions," the blue and purple-clad knight stated.

Omnimon's own thoughts swirled as this discussion unfolded. The revival and immediate usage of the chosen children subsystem, also known as the DigiDestined system. One they abandoned due to the abused usage of it and the tragic loss of seven children that had been far too young to even understand what was going on. Leading to the digimon themselves having to deal with the issue alone upon the tragedy. Although he wanted to believe this was the right choice, something in his digicore insisted they should find another way. That this would not go as well as they hoped it would should they reactivate the system.

He did not voice his opinion and sat silent as Alphamon told them, "Then you are all free from this meeting. Continue as you have to defend against the armies of the demon lords. For our Lord Drasil."

The other knights said nothing more and moved quickly upon his dismissal, though they all subtly noticed as Omnimon didn't move to leave. None of them voiced anything as Alphamon looked to him and waited for them all to finish leaving before stating, "You have doubts."

"I do."

"Then voice those doubts. Your word has always acted to forge my decisions into honed answers as much as those of our favored strategists have, and as such I value your input immensely."

"... It is simply doubt, Alphamon. A line of thoughts of everything that can go wrong. We are reactivating a system that we swore to never use again. Can it be edited to function as we wish it too? What of the digimon partners, as they are always randomly picked among all that are. Can we trust them not be corrupted? What if we summon those too young yet again and result in nothing done but lost lives? How will the demon lords react to such an action?"

"Such thoughts about variables usually do not plague you."

"... I suppose there has simply been too much loss lately."

The black knight digimon looked away from him, remaining silent for some moments before responding, "War has never been a pleasant sight, but I do not believe we have been truly pushed to the edge before as we have now. We only now face a cliff as sheer as our predecessors have. An edge that will have us sacrifice and test us to our very cores. We may be driven to do things we consider crude or honorless, but if it is to save all that we defend. We should at the least consider the options presented before casting them away."
"I will at least swear to you this, Omnimon. I will make sure those brought to our world from the world of humans are not lost to the forces of the demon lords. On my honor."

Omnimon sat silent for a few moments before standing, "You shouldn't swear on your honor so easily."

"For a lifetime companion, it is worth swearing upon."

The legendary warrior grunted in semi-disapproval before looking towards the door the rest of the knights left through, "How long till the system is activated?"

"It will hopefully take only around a week, but the most likely time frame is it will be around a month till we can pull any human through."

"... I will do all I can to keep their forces from overwhelming us until the system is activated. Assuming our lord approves, though I'm certain he will."

"Do not overexert yourself. If we lost you it would only worsen the odds for us."

Omnimon didn't look at or respond to Alphamon as he made his way to the door and exited the chamber. With only the silence of the vigilant knightmon and echo of his own steps filling his ears as he walked towards the exit of their orders home.

It was far too quiet for him.

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The rules of this SYOC

Welcome to The Night Blooms

I'll lay down the basic rules of submission here for you

1. Please no self inserts or reused submissions. - Reused as in you submit that OC constantly to other works. I don't mind one use characters that never got used cause a story was deleted. I understand that.

2. When making the digimon partner. The two obvious restrictions are no Royal Knights and Demon Lord final digivolutions. There's also no X-antibody forms. If you're worried about a specific form being restricted, feel free to ask me first.

3. Please send your submission to me by PM. I'd like to keep your specific details of your character hidden.

4. Please take your time to make and submit your character to ensure quality(Doesn't have to be super detailed. Don't worry), even though the slots are limited.

5. Only one submission per person.

6. Last thing, as with the existence of the Digimon Multiverse and the always changing rules of the various digital worlds. This is an original Digital World and Earth away from the various canons of both the games and shows. Please don't try and make your character a relative of Tai or Ryo or Kyoko or something, cause they don't exist here.

That should be it for more general rules. Have fun making your character before submitting and hopefully we can all enjoy this journey together. I'll provide an example below the main form for everyone if you need it. If you have a request, feel free to ask but I can't say that it will go through.

I had originally intended to hide the Demon lord slots and ask ya'll as you all sent them in, but I realized that might offend some folks to do that so I changed it here. Sorry if anything seems out of whack.


The Form



Age(From 12 years to 24 years old):



Nationality and location(Don't worry, language won't be an issue due to Digiworld shenanigans.):


Primary traits:






Hair color/style:


Height and weight:





Digivice(Feel free to pick your design alongside its color if you favor a specific look. All digivices will function similarly though.):

Digimon partner - I'd also allow you to instead have your character inherit one of the spirits the Knights found over a partner, but that's limited. Both in number and choices. (Water, ice)(I'll remove each one by one if four people do actually do this over partners -



Evolutionary line:

-I recommend using Wikimon since it shows all possible digivolution lines, how they occur, and has both their dub name and original name on there(Though they have the non-dub name up front). Which makes things easier since you'll be using normal digivolution for the most part.

-Be wary of it though, cause there is information on there I'm not 100% sure about. Like how it says Lilithmon can become Omnimon zwart but zwarts page says otherwise. I'd make sure first by checking the page lists on both ends. So far most have been true though. I think it's cause of the card game.-

-Don't worry beyond the initial four(or more), as I am taking jogress evolutions and the likes into account. Please note, you are starting with Rookie level digimon like Agumon. Don't start with the in-training digimon like botamon.


The Knights or the Demon lords?:

Would they ever betrayed their allies to the other side?:

Example form(This is not a character that will be part of this story)


Name: Lucia Torsney

Age(From 12 years to 24 years old): 16 years old

Nicknames: Lucy

Gender: female

Nationality and location(Don't worry, language won't be an issue due to Digiworld shenanigans.): British American. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Primary traits: A naïve and sweet individual who doesn't really understand how cruel the world can be. Leading to her attempting to maintain a positive attitude and peaceful point of view. She's obviously spoiled, not in an arrogant manner. But rather an ignorant one where she doesn't understand the suffering others have been inflicted with. Which can irritate some people to a notable degree.

She doesn't necessarily abhor violence, but she does appreciate someone attempting to take a peaceful route in a bad situation over the violent result. Hence why she uses her natural charisma and constant smile, which can off put some, to swerve around nearing-violence situation. It may be even that she was what was single handily keeping her parents marriage together, unknown to her. As they were tired of one another and constantly fighting, their daughters young age and unknowing words being the only thing holding them together.

She is not without flaw, her ignorance of the way life and the world works aside. Most believe her kindness makes her gullible and that she would believe every word someone would say. The opposite is true however, as she is rather manipulative of others. Wanting them to act the way as she wishes them too in a peaceful and 'good' manner over what she's as something that can be easily mended. When someone realizes this and acts against her, she holds it with a rather notable grudge in her heart. Typically cutting off interaction with them or beginning to take slightly spiteful actions when she does have to interact with them. If pushed, this could overtake the sweeter, kinder side of her heart that's been nurtured the most.

Likes: Vanilla cake, what she perceives as kinder actions in an ideal world, friendship and companionship

Dislikes: Being alone, abandonment, cold foods

Hobbies: Was an avid player of strategy based video games before being house raised. Which shifted her into someone who spent most of her time just lazing around and reading what others did.

Fears: Being abandoned by everyone and thing


Hair color/style: straight, knee length long dark brown hair of which she has dyed the ends a dark blue.

Eyes: Almond shaped blue eyes.

Height and weight: five feet four inches and one hundred twenty-three pounds. Or. One hundred sixty-two centimeters and fifty-six kilograms. Use either metric or imperial, it doesn't bother me which.

Body: Her skin is a very light peach, lighter than it should be due to being inside most of the last two years. Her body is certainly larger concerning her top half than her bottom half. Although her top half is rather broad and healthy, her stomach and hips thin considerably compared to it in a concerning manner. Seemingly indicating she hasn't been eating well. There is a light burn scar on her left wrist where she accidentally got boiling water on it when she was younger.

Clothing: She wears a dark green sweatshirt with a white circle on the chest, loose blue jeans, white mittens, and dark green athletic sneakers.

Backstory(This doesn't need to be big and dramatic unless you want it to be, but be careful not to stray too far): Lucia's life had been fairly good and simple up until her 13th birthday. Her family loved her, she loved them back. She was surrounded by friends, she was able to enjoy her varying hobbies, and generally got what she wanted. Her 13th birthday itself was fine, it was themed around her favorite strategy video game and several of her favored friends showed up. Around a week after however, her parents withdrew her from school to learn online at home due to a period of upcoming strife. Her constant smile began to fade, not understanding why her parents withdrew her from social contact. They monitored her activity on the computer, and she didn't really have the will to rebel and sneak around them. She'd been cooped up nearly two years, rarely seeing others besides her parents and sister much to her sadness. Many of her hobbies faded off, and she really only forced herself to do anything so as to distract her mind from her situation. Unaware that outside her home, a lot of people were far worse off and that she may have been among their number if she had still been attending.

It became too much for her to bear, and she finally decided she wanted to break out and see those she knew again. She wanted to see the sky with another. As night came and she packed a bag, her PC would suddenly turn on and attract her attention. Slowly she approached it, only to yell as a flash of light consumed her. Her parents would come to her room at the sound, only to find an empty room with no sign of struggle...

Quotes(Not actual quotes for this character. I want to show that quotes is meant to show how the character speaks if its with a dialect or if their super bossy with each sentence):

"I dunno guys. It seems like a lot of effort just to do this..."

"Uh... H-hi... I uh... Y-you seem n-nicer than m-most..."

"Le me tel ya bout da countre. Its da mos fun there be."

"Hoho, now what exactly do you plan to do, worm?"

Digivice(Feel free to pick your design alongside its color if you favor a specific look. All digivices will function similarly though.): D-power digivice. Primary color is cyan but the strap is dark blue.

Digimon partner -

Nickname: Ryker

Gender: Male

Evolutionary line: Gotsumon → Ogremon → Weregarurumon → Darkdramon

Personality: Simply put, an oaf with a heart of gold. Ryker isn't much on brains, but is all about brawn. Especially when it comes to keeping Lucia safe from the hands of the demon armies. His way of speech is simple and inelegant, but conveys a lot of care for the one he has been bonded to. The amount of care he puts towards protecting Lucia is as great as any guardromon's efforts and the care like that of an older brother looking out for a younger sibling.

Ryker, like most digimon who become Ogremon(Despite his lacking intelligence compared to most of them), does enjoy his fights and absolutely loves that he was one of those chosen to aid the newly chosen children due to the fact it means he'll get to fight all he wants. He see's all opponents as equal, and doesn't take well to being insulted about his intelligence.

The knights or the Demon lords?: The Royal Knights

Would they ever betray their allies to the other side?: Yes, her desire to return home could definitely be taken advantage of if one of the Demon Lords deceived her with the idea they could return her home where the knights didn't prove it. Her partner wouldn't even hesitate to follow her either.

The Authors note

Some of you(If you had followed/favorited me) might remember me from having a spree of starting new stories back in like 2018. Which is when I had a serious mental meltdown that took a long time to get over. I apologize for that spree and causing a lot of people to ask questions or wonder what was going on. I wasn't in a good place at the time, and I didn't know how to handle it. To which, once again, i'm sorry for not doing any of those(and going the extra bad step and deleting even all my super old stories all the way back to my days in the MH archive).

I promise I'm in a lot better place now than I was, and I really want to do this. This is both practice for the real thing and a story in the works I hope all can enjoy.

I'll leave it at that, as I know most of you don't want to read an authors note(If you even came this far.) So I'll leave it short this time.