Walking down the dirt road home, is a blonde haired boy. At the age of 7, Naruto is called a genius by his parents in the Shinobi arts. His IQ of 164 makes picking up things quick and fast. His father Akido Uchiha, was a man who left his clan to pursue his love interest Kazami Uzumaki. People say Naruto is a perfect split of his parents with his mother's hair, personality, and chakra. He got his fathers build, mind, and smarts. Akido decided to start training Naruto in a month in the Shinobi arts.

" Kaa-san, Tou-san I brought the groceries," I yelled out in the house.

I waited a couple of minutes but I didn't get an answer. I start to walk around the house looking for my parents until I notice the window open. Being trained by my father on observation and subtlety, this let me come to a conclusion to be cautious. Grabbing a knife from the kitchen, I start walking around the house looking in the rooms. When I reach my parents bedroom, I peek in slowly and am hit with the smell of iron and death. I start trembling when I open up the door to see my parents cut in half from the waist, blood piling on the ground in a puddle with their heads staring lifeless at the ceiling.

" Kaa-san, Tou-san!" I stare in shock at them for who knows how long. I start thinking what happened when suddenly my brain reboots, running up to them, I start crying out loud for the few hour. Memories going through my head of the memories we had.

I finally lift my head 4 hours later, showing my bangs running down my forehead with red highlights, tanned skin, with a narrow head and high cheekbones. The only thing different about my face is the one tomue red eyes morphing into a tiny circle with six lines going out (Izuna's Mangekyou Sharigan instead with six lines and a smaller circle). I run to town to get help from the locals for what happened. I remember a specific lesson my dad told me about.

Flashback no Jutsu

" You do know the dangers of being a shinobi right," Akido said.

I nod as I listen along.

" When ninja become known, then others specifically villages can put bounties on other village's shinobi mostly the best shinobi that challenge that village such as Kage or Jonin," Akido explained.

"Your mom and I were jonin shinobi. We got our bounty due to our interference in the Second Shinobi War. I will tell you about Bingo Books another day, just remember if we have people come after us, it's because people want to attack us and turn us in for money," My father explained. I sat their with an unreadable expression as I continued to listen to my father talk.

Flashback no Jutsu Kai

I then burst open into the police department. I start talking at a million words per minute telling the officers what happened. The officers run to my house and start investigating the scene.

1 day later

The police conducted a investigation and they concluded that the death was a missing nin turning in their bounties. As I was walking through their bedroom, I catch a glimpse of a reflection of light that bounces off the portrait on the wall. I walk up to the wall and find a lever. Pulling down the lever, the portrait slides open to show a vault room with multiple cabinets. Each cabinet had a label shown above the drawer. I look around the room to find a cabinet that says,"Death Letters,"

Dear Naruto-kun,

If you are reading this then I am dead. Just know that I will always love you no matter what. Eat your vegetables every day and gets lot of sleep. I am not going to have a unhealthy little son that is spoiled and small. Stay on the path of good and help those in need. Follow the three shinobi vices. Save your money, do not drink too much alcohol, and don't take advantage of the other sex. Don't dwell on my death and move on. Find a nice girl to love. Not one of those rude girls that walk around with an attitude problem. Also get me some cute grand babies (cue tomato red blush from Naruto). Just know that I will always love you and will always watch over you.

Love, Kaa-san

I grab the next letter, not noticing water marks on the first letter.

Hello Naruto,

If you are reading this then you have found the secret room. I had everything in here for emergencies in case of the future. I am not going to get all sentimental on you gaki like your Kaa-san did but I will watch over you. In this room is all you would need to become a splendid shinobi... if you want to. There will be a scroll I left with a training schedule for you to become a great shinobi. Follow that training until you outgrow it then you can do your own training. I recommend joining Konoha after you finish my training schedule if both your mother and I die. I know you will become a splendid shinobi with or without my help and I am proud to be you father.

From, Akido Uchiha, your father

I smile proudly after reading this and leave to go bury my parents.

" Kaa-san, Tou-san... I promise to become a shinobi you both would be proud to be," Naruto vowed before making the graves of his parents.


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