Hello Readers it's Narutolegendsd here. Recently I went on a long vacation and couldn't post during that time. I still read some FanFiction while on the trip so I got to see a couple different versions of the Naruto FanFiction verse.

This story right here is being Abandoned so sorry if you were looking forward to future chapters. I am going to rewrite the story due to the plot. The plot of the story and how my main character just seems to easy and full of coincidences. I feel like how Naruto is getting stronger is not really correct in the ninja world. Like how does his Father predict when he dies and magically gives his son a OP training schedule.

If someone wants to continue this story or use this idea go right ahead. I am not a possessive person so if you want to just message me and give your name so I can see my story's continued.

I will continue uploading after this just go to my profile to see what content I am going to be uploading soon.