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A/N : mostly all the main characters of FFX show up here, Tidus, Wakka, Lulu and Seymour, Rikku, Yuna are all seniors and 17. Seymour is just normal human. This follows the basic plot of the movie She's all that, but isn't exactly the same. Dona, Barthello, and other minor characters pop up in the story too. This is kinda angst at first, but it gets lighter later. Please R/R You do not have to have seen the movie to get the story

Chapter One- The Bet

Yuna walked down the halls of Luca high, students pointing and snickering at her. She sighed a little to herself. This year, her senior year, would be no different from the last. She looked at her schedule. This year most of her classes were on the third floor, which was very annoying. She was a senior, shouldn't she get first floor classes? It was hard enough getting to class on time with 1200 other students running around, but now she had to hike up and down a bunch of stairs 5 days a week. First period class, English Literature, room 321 was starting soon so she needed to get going.

As she headed up the crowded staircase a group of cheerleaders bumped rudely into her. The head one, and bane of Yuna's existence, Dona Markos, sneered at her.. She was exotic looking, with dark eyes and hair and extremely popular. She also had hated Yuna since middle school.

She brushed hard against Yuna, causing her to knock over her books.

"Hey!" Yuna exclaimed angrily.

"What's the matter freak? Your psychic right? You should have saw it coming." Dona said nastily. The girls stepped on Yuna's fallen books, laughing on the way down the stairs. Yuna quickly picked her books off the stairs, getting sworn and laughed at from the students walking up and down the stairs around her. She ran the rest of the way up and ducked in a bathroom. She went to a sink and splashed water on her face. It had only been five minutes into the new school year and already Dona was making Yuna's life in school hell again. But she was far from the only one.

Her family all had a special gift. They could all talk to people who had crossed other to the farplane. They were mediums. Her mother would perform seances in their home, or do private reading to connect people with lost loved ones, or help the dead make it to the other side if they got lost .It was how they made their living. Of course people didn't take them seriously, and they were basically the laughing stock of the eastside of Luca. Adding to the fact that Yuna had somehow been born with two different eye colors, she had been labeled "school freak" since elementary school and was made fun of constantly. And whenever something really bad happened in school, like an accident, Yuna was blamed for it. She had very few friends and was wary and feisty around people most of the time, but it was a front that she had put up to protect herself from the hurt and rejection she felt everyday.

She splashed more water on her face as she felt tears began to spill out of her eyes. " No, I wont let them get to me...I won't let them get me down..."

She heard a toilet flush and a tall beautiful gothic girl with long black hair and all black wardrobe walked out of the stall and up to a sink.

"Hi Yuna, you doing okay?"

"Hey, Lulu, its really good to see a friendly face."

Lulu was one of the few people Yuna could call friend. Lulu was wiccan, and was considered an outcast by Luca society like Yuna. But there were lots of others like her in the school, so Lulu had lots of friends. Yuna was the only two colored eye medium as far as she knew.

" What's your first period Yuna?"

"English Lit, room 321."

"Really?" Lulu said drily.

Yuna brightened, thinking that Lulu was going to say she had the same room.

"That bites. English is boring. Sucks for you." Lulu lit up a cigarette and offered one to Yuna. Yuna shook her head no and left the bathroom, heading up to class. She prayed for a easy day.



Elsewhere. . .

Tidus sat in the back of his first period English Lit class, with his best friends, Wakka and Seymour on either side of him. The girls in the class all whispered and stared or tried to get their attention, since they were the three most popular guys in the senior class, all sitting together. They were handsome, tall, muscular jocks with rich families. And all blitz ball players on the varsity team.

"Alright folks, " Mr. Luzzu, the red-haired English teacher announced to the loud classroom. "It's the first day of classes, so I'll wait a few more minutes to see if anyone else piles in here." He turned and began to write his name and the class subject on the chalkboard.

" So, how are things with Dona lately Tidus?" Seymour sneered at his friend. Seymour was the crudest one in the trio. He was rude to all , especially to anyone outside the "rich popular circle" and liked using people. He had dyed his hair a bright blue color from root to tip in 10th grade and left it that way every since. He did it to stick out more. To be remembered as the only guy in Luca with blue hair. He knew that Dona had recently dumped Tidus, and enjoyed rubbing it in to him whenever possible.

"Man, I'm not thinking about that girl right now, it was just a summer thing. Besides, I've got my pick of any girl in here," Tidus said light heartily. He was glad to be rid of Dona secretly. He'd never met anyone more self centered and vindictive. With his blond hair and blue eyes and playful flirty nature, he usually got the most girls out of the trio. A fact that irked Seymour.

"Maybe you can find someone nice this time ya?" Wakka, the somewhat slow-witted redhead of the group said.

"Who's care if their nice? The only thing that matters is getting that ass. And Dona was special. She's the best lay in town" Seymour said lewdly, winking at two girls in a corner who were staring at him. They giggled and turned away. Dona had gone out with all three guys that summer, Tidus being the last she had dated.

"There was nothing special about Dona." Tidus said, watching more people come into the crowded classroom.

"Nothing special? She's as good as the next prom queen. Most popular girl in school." Seymour said hotly. He still had a thing for Dona, and resented it when she had dumped him for Tidus. But she had dumped Wakka first for him, so he had felt a little better. But Tidus was always getting one over on him.

"Any girl can be prom queen, Seymour. And popular. You just have to hang out wit the right people."

" I don't know Tidus, I think its more than just that." Wakka argued.

"It's all in status and perception, doesn't matter who the person is. I could take a random girl, put her in skimpy designer clothes and put her on my arm, and she'd be instantly accepted and popular. Any girl." Tidus boasted.

"Oh yeah?" Seymour sneered at Tidus, jumping at any chance to see him fail. " You wanna make that a bet?"

"Huh?" Tidus took his eyes off the door and looked at Seymour.

"A bet. You say you can make any girl popular. Popular enough to be prom queen.?" Seymour leaned over in his desk towards Tidus.

"Yeah, why not?"

"Fine, we'll make a wager. You make any girl popular and prom queen, you win. You don't, you lose."

"What happens if I lose this bet?" Tidus asked.

"....you stop playing blitzball."

Both Tidus and Wakka gasped. Seymour was second only to Tidus on the school's Champion Blitz ball team. He hated how much more attention Tidus got then him, in everything.

" That's pretty steep. . ." Wakka said.

"...I cant do that. I love blitzball. I've got offered scholarships for that. I could play for the pros..." Tidus whined.

"What's the matter, not so confident anymore, trying to back down?" Seymour taunted.

Tidus's eyes narrowed. "Of course I'm not backing down. But what are you going to lose Seymour?"

"Name it."

Tidus scooted his desk over to Wakka's and they put their heads together and whispered for a few minutes. Seymour hated how Tidus and Wakka were closer friends. He also hated the stupid way Tidus's hair stood up. He hated the red shirt he was wearing. He hated red. And how his tag was sticking out of his shirt. It read: 100% cotton. He hated cotton. He hated anything to do with Tidus. Tidus broke away from Wakka, both with grins on their faces.

"Okay man, I want your ride. Your Zanarkand Youkai."

"What!!" Seymour owned a rare, very expensive sports car made in Zanarkand called the Youkai. It was the fastest car in Spira, and only 100 were made. Seymour had number 34.

"Thats worth hundreds of thousands!!"

" So's my career in Blitz!! What's wrong, Seymour, scared?" Tidus taunted him. He was going to win this thing hands down.

"No.....FINE... you'll never make it anyway." Seymour smiled slowly.' And I'll make extra sure of that.' he thought.

"Good, lets shake on it now." Tidus said cheerfully.

" I'm a witness to this sacred bet," Wakka said, watching the two shake hands.

"Now, who should I pick?" Tidus said, scanning the room. "Someone from here?"

"No!," Seymour snapped. He changed the tone of his voice quickly when Tidus and Wakka looked at him curiously.

" I mean, I'll pick a girl." He said in a phony happy voice.

' I need to pick the worse girl possible, so this idiot will lose without question..' he thought.

"Is everyone here class?" Mr Luzzu said loudly. " Quiet down now, we'll start with role. He walked over to the door, starting to close it, when a hand pushed through.

" Oh? Well you made it just in time Miss." Mr Luzzu said, letting the girl in the room. Head down, she hurried to find a seat. People snickered and laughed at her.

"It's freak girl, the one who sees dead people." Tidus heard a girl whisper to her friend in front of him.

The girl sat in a seat at the front of the room. She had a hard, defiant look on her face, as if she were ready for battle. She had long brown hair tied away in a pony tail. She wore dark eyeglasses. She wore a long sleeved, loose brown shirt and a long loose blue skirt. He knew who she was. The girl that everyone called weirdo or freak. She had two different eye colors, which was why she probably wore those dark glasses. Her family were known wackos, and even said to be worshipers of the devil, Sin. He kind of felt sorry for her. It couldn't be easy for her.

"She's it." Seymour leaned over and whispered to Tidus as the teacher did role call.


"Her...freak girl....she's the bet."

End Chapter One