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It was a bright day for the hole village because their beloved fourth hokage had his first child. His name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. The day he was born all the villagers were cheering.

Time skip 4 years later

The four year old boy was running through out the house finding for his mother and father because today his father told him this was an important day because his godfather was coming today.

He was excited that his godfather was the toad sannin but he felt nervous because this was his first time meeting his godfather.

He entered the living room and saw a white haired man who was trying to hide his wrinkles with his hair but he didn't comment about it.

He ran to his mother and father and sat on his father's lap who was smiling at the antics of his son. Then Minato started "Naruto this your godfather jiraya. He was on long trip for years because of his mission"

Naruto nodded and turn to face his godfather who grinning at him. Then suddenly he was engulfed in a hug by his godfather. Naruto said in huffled voice"You--are crushing--me "

Then jiraya heard it and immediately let him out of his grip.

He turned to his student and said" Well Minato you got yourself a good son and me a nice godson". Minato ruffled the back of his hair and said " Thank you sensei-" but was cut out when Naruto pointed at Jiraya and " I heard you are strong so please train me my mother and father told me that I was to young to train" Naruto hitted at his head by Kushina and she said " Naruto I told you are not getting any training until you are six"

Jiraya laughed at the antics of mother and son then he said " While I can't train you right now but I can give scroll on how to unlock your chakra and chakra control exercises." Then he was engulfed by a hug by his godson and he patted on his head. " I can do this much because I missed your four birthdays".

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