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Naruto flashed away to Tsunade to check if shisui is ok. He flashed in and scared tsunade "Kid don't scare me like that." Naruto apologies for that and asked how shisui is. Tsunade said "You brought at a right time if you were late for even a minute the poison would have spread and it would be impossible to stop it." Naruto nodded at that information.

Shisui recovered after some hours and was shocked to see he was at hospital. Then the memories came back to him and he screamed" DANZOOOOO!! ". Naruto heard this and entered the room. Shisui saw the commander and bowed. Naruto said" Woah, woah rest you don't need to bow now. "

Shisui nodded and got up and was going to ask what happened after he left but Naruto said" I will explain it but first calm down. "shisui calmed down then Naruto explained what happened after he left. Shisui was shocked that the commander took 500 shinobis alone and won. Then he understood why this was the youngest commander.

Then Naruto said" Danzo would be handled by hokage but I don't I think he will survive the hokage's wrath. It would be most likely would be done after the meeting with fugaku. So rest we need you to be at full health before the meeting otherwise your genjutsu might not work. "shisui nodded and went to sleep. Naruto flashed away to his home and got down to his boxers and got to his bed and slept.

He knows tomorrow would be a hectic day so he wanted to be prepared. Then the next day he woke up and got in his anbu gear and went to hokage office to prepare for the meeting that was being held today. Hokage nodded his head seeing Dragon and they continued there preparation. Half a hour later everything was set and Naruto flashed to his office and saw the stacks of paper work. He cursed it and he understood why his father would be always be busy.

Naruto groaned and maked 4 shadow clones and started his work. Few minutes passed and there was a knock on his door and he allowed to let them in. Imu poked his head out and saw commander doing paperwork then he apologizes if he interrupted anything. Naruto said "No come in I might get few minutes off the paper work." then he saw his shadow clones stopped. He said "Not you all, you do your work." they groaned and continued there work. Itachi chuckled a little and got in the room.

He thanked the commander for saving his friends. He nodded and said " It is my duty as a commander to save. But I know you are here only for that. Am I correct."itachi nodded and said" indeed actually it is a bad news. I have learned that fugaku uchia also have mangekyo sharingan so there is a chance might escape shisui's genjutsu. "Naruto was shocked that fugaku had mangekyo but didn't showed it.

Naruto nodded at the information and dismissed Itachi. Naruto turned to his shadow clones and said" You do the work I am going to talk to hokage. "they nodded and naruto made a shadow clone replace his real self. Then he flashed away to the hokage's office. He entered without knocking and saw Minato making out with Kushina.

As soon as he saw that he turned 180. Minato saw the commander and blushed and told Kushina that somebody was there she blushed and moved aside. Minato cleared his throat and asked "May I ask you why did you just barged in?"Naruto turned around and saw they were separated then he cleared his throat. He said" I didn't expected you to make out in the office. Anyways we got a bad news from imu. " this got Minato's full attention.

Naruto was going to begin but stopped when he remembered Kushina was here. He glanced at her then at Minato, he understood what commander is saying and he asked Kushina to leave. Kushina pouted and left and said she would be waiting. Naruto continued "Imu got the bad news that Fugaku have mangekyo sharingan."

Minato was shocked that fugaku had mangekyo but let naruto continue " Imu is saying that there might be a chance that fugaku broke out of the genjutsu. So we have to make a plan B if he does get out. "Minato nodded and they maked a plan.

Timeskip to the meeting.

The meeting started and there was fugaku and the elders, minato, Naruto, itachi and shisui. Minato started the conversation and tried to negotiate with fugaku but he can clearly see that it was doing nothing. Then Minato did signal to shisui to do the plan. Shisui activated his mangekyo and did the kotoamatsukami. As they expected all the elders was in the genjutsu and fugaku activated hus mangekyo and broke out.

As soon as he got out of the genjutsu. Naruto came behind him and he had his rinnegan activated and he took out the soul of fugaku hence killing him. Itachi and shisui was shocked that fugaku was killed. Itachi awakened his mangekyo and he had tears of blood . Naruto said to Shisui "Plant the memories that mikoto would be the new clan leader and erase anything for coup. They will say fugaku was unfit for the clan position. " shisui nodded and did the same thing that naruto told.

Naruto looked at the itachi and said "There was no other way." itachi nodded his head. Minato looked at them and said "This is a SS rank secret you can't reveal anything what happened in this room. If you do then your punishment would be death. Is that Understood. You can say this to mikato she have the right to know. " they nodded. Naruto made wood clone and he transformed to fugaku. They left the room as nothing have happened in the room.

Fugaku (Naruto) went to home(Itachi's home). Then mikato called them for dinner and they sat down and started eating and Fugaku nodded his head and Itachi nodded and said "Mother me and father want to talk to you." Mikato was confused why did they want to talk to her and why didn't fugaku said anything. She shrugged and they finished there dinner and they went to the room and she sat down and itachi started "Mother as you know we were trying to do coup against the village."

Mikoto was not liking where this was going but let her son continue and she nodded. "We had a meeting to negotiate but the clan elders and Father didn't agreed so we had to use force to stop." itachi stopped to see how his mothet would react. Mikato looked shocked that they had to use force. Itachi continued to tell what happened today at the meeting and Fugaku transformed back to Naruto.

Mikato began to cry because her husband had to die but she controlled her emotions. Naruto said "I am sorry for your loss. I honestly can't feel what you are going through but we had no other chance." she nodded. "Sorry again but you have to carry more burden because you have be the clan head. Until Itachi is 18" mikato nodded while sobbing a little.

Then the whole uchia clan was assembled by the clan leaders and they announced the new leader and said that fugaku was unfit for leadership and that he have commited sucide last night. They all were shocked at the sudden news that they received. Sasuku began to cry a lot and his sharingan activated.

Everything went smoothly after that. The uchia clan had a funeral for Fugaku and they had to move on there life. Mikato now took the seat of clan head and itachi had his girlfriend izumi. Naruto teased him every now and then about that.

Time skip 5 years

Naruto and Yugao grew closer and did that. Naruto also give his commander position to tenzo and retired from anbu and yugao became a anbu captain. Itachi also retired after izumi and his mother bugging him constantly. Naruto also forgive his family and had good relationships with his siblings. Naruto would also sometimes train sasuke a bit.

Naruto was now a elite jonin. He was summoned in the hokage tower and he don't the reason. He saw Minato and other jonins there. He understood now what was going on. Minato came there and said "You all must know why you are here but even if you don't know you are being assigned to -"

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