Part 11

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Hanabi wakes up to find the sun beaming at her face, she turns to her side and sees no one. "Naruto?" she called out but received no response. She looked around and caught her surrondings. 'This isn't his place, this is my room. He must have gone out to do something important' she said as she put her hand on her stomach and smiled. She heard someone knocking on her door, she quickly dressed up before opening it up to meet one of her servants. 'jeez he could have at least left me decent' "Good morning Hanabi-san, Lady Hokage would like to meet you" She nodded as he bowed and left her to own devices.

'I wonder what she wants now!' she exclaimed as she brushed her hair. When she went outside, she noticed some of the villagers were quite jovial while the shinobi side were rather dejected. She thought she was just looking weirdly into things, the villagers had nothing to worry about whiles her fellow shinobi would lose friends and comrades on the battle field day to day.

As soon as she entered she saw her father and Hokage having a 'chat' however all their attention turned to her. "Lady Hokage, you asked for me" she said whiles bowing and completely ignoring her father who looked at her with a lot of sorrow in his eyes.

'if he thinks changing his act up now, was going to change anything he was damn wrong' she avoided his gaze and looked back at Hokage. "Yes I did, Hiashi may you excuse us?" She said like she was asking but in truth she was demanding. He nodded in agreement and proceeded to leave, leaving the two alone.

"So Hanabi, how have you been lately" she asked as she took a sip of sake. "I'm doing fine, not that you care about others feeling's" she replied with a bit of venom at the end earning a grin from the Hokage. "What makes you think that? I care about all my citizens" She could feel the young Hyuuga's distaste and sorrow when she stared at her, not that she didn't expect it after all that had transpired in the past week.

"No offense lady Hokage but you called me here for a reason so could we cut to the chase?" Tsunade knowing very well she wouldn't gain her sympathy for engaging in pleasantries nodded at her response.

"Have you been any in contact with Naruto recently?" she asked, Hanabi could sense the seriousness in her question. Sure she had made a lot of contact with Naruto but that's not for her to know. "No Ma'am not since he returned from that mission"

Tsunade knew the girl was lying, she wanted to press the issue but that would have done her no favors. Instead she decided to come straight out, "Look Naruto wrote this letter to me yesterday but the seal on the letter only opened today" Hanabi nodded in confusion as the Hokage swung the paper in front of her. "I'm sorry but how does this concern me?"

"I was just getting there don't be impatient" she said with a lot of anger present in her voice. Hanabi decided to cool down with the attitude since this was the Hokage and she didn't want to be on bad terms with her but truly she was quite frightened at her sudden outburst.

"Now do you know what was in said letter?" Hanabi nodded which gave Tsunade freedom to continue. "Well then come read it yourself" with a bit of uncertainty the Hyuuga walked forward and took the letter and what she read brought her to tears.

"If you're reading this the seal just broke and I'm pretty sure you'll call Hanabi to join you as soon as you do read this. I'm not that good a letters so I'm going to be straight forward. I'm leaving the Village and I'm not coming back….."

3 weeks ago (2 days after the events of the previous chapter)

Flashbacks starts

Naruto had just been discharged from the Hospital and was back to his fully energetic self, he had some time to kill before his big talk with Lady Tsunade. Although He'd been given some by Kakashi he still craved Ramen and headed to Ichiraku for his meal. As soon as he made it to the stall he was greeted with a big from Ayame. "Naruto are you okay? Should you even be out here?" she asked two quick fire questions at the blonde who was just happy to see someone in the opposite who cared for him again. "Yes and yes Ayame-san, although you're crushing me slightly" he said as he winced prompting Ayame to remove her hands from around him not noticing she'd been hugging him the whole time. "Sorry Naruto-kun"

"Ayame where have you gone to now" Teuchi said as he looked out to see his very customer. "Ahhh Naruto ma boy! You're finally outta there huh" he said with a smile causing the blonde to smile back too. "You bet ya!" he replied with his foxy grin as he took and seat and Ayame returned to her post.

"The food must have sucked, prepare yourself for an all you can eat!" the blonde's mouth watered at this as the man went in the back to whip up something for the blonde.


"Lady shizune" Hanabi called out as she rushed to the medic, "has Naruto been relocated?" Shizune simply nodded and received a bow as the Hyuuga rushed to the entrance of the hospital. Shizune smiled as she went back to work.

Looking around for the blonde she went by the academy but got no luck, she checked the the team 7 training ground but no luck once again. "What are you doing here M'lady" she nearly jumped but she recognized that voice from her chat recently. "don't you know it's rude to sneak up on women! Kakashi" the man smiled at her as he read his book funny enough it seemed like the same brand she'd read back at the village with Naruto.

"Oh I'm sorry but I couldn't help but notice you looking around the place" he replied her again without taking his eyes of the book. "It's Naruto…he was discharged so I figured he'd be here training with you" when she said this he finally took his head off the book, "Let me guess this straight you thought Naruto would come train without taking a meal?" she slowly nodded and realization of just how dumb that sounded hit her. "Not my best moment" she admitted causing him to chuckle. "when you do find him tell him to meet me here" he told her. She responded "okay" but received no response she looked around saw that he was gone.

"Oh well I might as well head to Ichiraku" she as she took off to the Ramen stand.

Meanwhile at Orochimaru's lair

The sick snake lay in his bed receiving treatment from Kabuto. "it seems this body is about to meet it's expiry date" Kabuto informed his master who began coughing profusely. "I'll go get some meds" Kabuto said as he left his room, not long after he was attacked by Sasuke.

(blah blah blah I know you guys already know what happens, so anyway screw that)

(Back at Konoha)

Hanabi rushed to Ichiraku at high speeds, she needed to talk to Naruto about what was happening. She didn't have all day as she's only been granted a few hours to see the blonde since that meeting.

(The meeting 5 days ago)

Hanabi just returned from that failure of a mission as she deemed it but in truth the mission's main goal was a success it was just the aftermath. Naruto had lost control of his special power and gone berserk, she tried calming him down but that worked to no avail as he attacked her. Things would have gone wrong if the rescue team hadn't been there to keep the damage to a minimum. They all returned home with the Naruto being carried in some wood chamber made by the wood guy, she called him as she didn't bother to get his name. It seemed like little portions of his skin had burned off but they were rapidly healing.

That was something that made her happy during the journey back however she was constantly annoyed by the Inazuka who couldn't seem to take the hint. She couldn't stand it that his friend was in such a shape but all he cared about was how he saved her, she eventually couldn't take it and mouthed him off. Surprising almost everyone but nobody dwelled on the matter again after the heated exchange. But now to make matters worse here her father was scolding her for going on the mission he told her to go on.

She tried to defend herself but he kept on and kept on about how, 'she wasn't supposed to cheat! And how it was a test of loyalty, which she'd failed disgracing her clan'. No wonder Hinata ended up how she was she blamed her father for everything. She stormed into her room and lay on her bed, she wanted to talk to her sister but doubted she'd be in the mood to talk to him after she 'messed around' with her crush.

And to make matters worse the clan council had already stuck their noses into it, just when she was thinking she'd have a quiet sleep to herself she was summoned at dawn.

They went on and on about her actions, just like her father but what annoyed her was the terms they were using to describe Naruto. Frequently referring to him as demon or demon fox. She had prompted them to refrain from using such words to describe her 'boyfriend' but this only worsened her case. The council told her they had to take action against the blonde's interference. She tried to explain to them that she wanted it as much as he did or even more than he did but they wouldn't listen. Instead the agreement of what they came to shocked her the most.

"What?!, You're going to jail him? If we don't break up!" the council members all nodded including her father. "Be grateful, if it wasn't for his special power we would have his head!" one Member told her causing her to scowl at them.

"You can't do that! I don't want to get Married to someone I don't love" she tried to explain to them appealing to the women of the council to see it from her perspective however they all turned a blind eye at her.

"You have 2 weeks to sever your ties with him or else he'll be held for trial."

Back to the present(

Right now she had but a week to break up with him but she didn't even know if she could do it, but it would be best for him if she did. This could stand in the way of his happiness and or path to becoming Hokage.

She saw his orange jacket leave the Ichiraku shop as he walked into his line of sight and tackled him onto the ground, cupping his cheek and slamming her lips against his. Naruto who was surprised by her actions returned the kiss to the girl on top of him. they slowly parted and met the gaze of Ayame who blushed before smirking at Naruto.

"My baby boy is all grown up!" she said as she winked at the two. Hanabi blushed whiles Naruto stared at her. "Hanabi what are you doing here?" he asked her as she slowly got up and helped him up as well. "We need to talk…" the blonde nodded and the two began walking to the training ground as Hanabi explained everything to the blonde. And right on cue at the end of her explanation they reached the training ground.

"So…say something" she awaited an answer from the blonde who hadn't said much since she got to the trial. "You got in a lot of trouble because of me" he said with sorry evident in his voice causing her to cup his face. "No, I got in trouble because my clan is full of dick heads and bastards" she said as she slowly kissed his lips. "But that being said we can't just ignore their threat" she continued after they separated.

Naruto pulled her waist closer to him earning a little grunt from her, "It depends on you, Hanabi-chan and whatever you chose I'll readily support you, so why don't give it a thought." He suggested to her, she was coming to complain again but he silenced her with his lips.

"fine…I'll think about"

"I'll talk to you later okay?" he said before he rushed out to meet Kakashi. She smiled as she returned back home

"Kakashi sensei" the silver haired jonin heard his student call out as he approached him. "Naruto, good to see you!" he exclaimed while closing his book.

"What am I doing here sensei?" The blonde asked.

"I'm about to teach you how to further increase your jutsu Arsenal."

"What do you mean Kakashi sensei?"

"You're going to add your own affinity to your rasegan to complete the jutsu"

(Once again nothing really changes from what happens in the anime, so yeah)

Fast forward after Naruto defeated Kakazu(2 weeks later)

Ino had come to visit Hinata and Neji and tell them about what happened during the fight between Naruto and Kakazu, she hadn't noticed that she'd been fan girling this whole time and that Hanabi was listening.

'Naruto's back! I have to go see him' Hanabi thought as she began planning her escape route, she was kinda happy the council didn't inform Hinata about what had happened between Naruto and her but at the same time she felt bad from keeping it from her sister.

She snuck out to the first place where anyone should start looking if they were searching for Naruto Uzumaki, Ichiraku Ramen! And much to his credit he was right there with his friends and sitting…beside Kiba. 'Oh kami of all the times' she decided to creep away but she was detected by Akamaru. 'well fuck' she mentally cried as she walked up to both of them. "Hey Naruto, Hey guys" everyone noticed how she only greeted Naruto individually but only Kiba spoke up.

"You're still on this guy?" Kiba asked a bit agitated it's been about 2 weeks (1 more days before the deadline) since she'd been told to drop Naruto but she still hadn't changed her decision and she refused to go anywhere with Kiba. Ignoring his rude tone and attitude, she greeted everyone the right away even Kiba. "Do you think I could borrow Naruto?" she asked as all the friends agreed. "We were just about to leave" Shikamaru chimed in not wanting to get involved in any drama between anyone, everyone seemed to notice and follow suite.

"Naruto?" she asked as he nodded and waved his friends goodbye before walking away the Hyuga heiress. She could feel the Inazuka's gaze on them purposely leaned into his arms. "So have you decided?" he asked her and received a nod from her. "I'll tell you but can we go somewhere private" she said burying her face in his chest.

About 10 minutes later.

The couple walked into the blonde's apartment, Naruto shivered seeing he had not done his laundry. "Not a chore person huh" Hanabi exclaimed as she picked up a pair of dirty shorts from in front of them. He cringed at the sight while she chuckled, the two sat on his bed which was surprisingly clean.

"Soo Hanabi…." He was cut short when she practically jumped on him, kissing him once again he kissed back as she deepened the kiss sitting in between his legs. The two's tongues battled from supremacy but Naruto gave in allowing Hanabi to explore him. only pulling away when they needed air. She stared at him her face indifferent whiles his was red as can be, "Hanabi…."

"I know you want to know my decision…." The blonde slowly nodded as he stared at her. "Well then…I'm sorry Naruto! I really am" Naruto could sense the tears from her threatening to leak her from her face and he too wanted to cry but because of a recent revelation he knew what he had to do for both of them.

"You're probably going to hate me forever but… I can't lose you, I don't want to and I know I'm being selfish and unreasonable but can't you just bear with me. I don't want to let you go" she finally let her emotions take her as she began crying burying her face in his chest. "So *sob* I'm not breaking up with you! Call me selfish but I won't" she finally got her face out of his chest and stared him dead in the eye. "there! That's my answer" she was shocked when the blonde wiped the tear trickling down her cheek. "Your answer is irrelevant" he said as he place soft kisses on her neck.

"what are you…ahhhhhh….talking about" she moaned in the middle as he continued to tease her neck with soft kisses. She moved up a bit and sat down directly on his laps as she cupped his face stopping anymore kisses.

Lemon starts

"Explain you dummy!" she explained as she to pass her hand through his hair while he continued to kiss her neck. "Your opinion *kiss* is irrelevant bec.. *kiss* because I've already sorted everything out! It may take a while for you to recognise it but don't worry okay.. *kiss*" she moaned as he kissed her, grabbing the back of his head tightly. She didn't know what he was talking about it didn't matter anymore to her. What she did know was that they were going to fun today. She cupped his face as she began kissing him again while he returned the kiss time his hands around her waist had started roaming her body causing her to shiver by his touch. She moaned in between kisses which was something that turned the blonde making his Member erect. She felt hid kunai harden between her thighs and this made her womanhood wet she rubbed against his member. The two groaned in ecstasy as their privates made contact with each other, slipping her Kimono off she exposed her breast in her black underwear as they bounced in front of the blonde enchanting him.

"stop staring" she said as helped him take his shirt off revealing his toned body and abs, she'd been waiting to touch them since she saw him try to separate the waterfall. She drew circles on his body as he shivered to her touch. She noticed his tent directly under her and began to rock her hips on him causing them to moan again. Naruto could feel her dampness as he member got ever so lubricated.

She pushed the blonde on to his back on the bed as she drew a line downwards from his chest all the way to his member pulling it out of it's pants. Her mouth quivered as she saw how big it was 7 inches long and probably an inch and half thick. She used her hands and began to stroke his manhood up and down. 'It's soo hot' she thought to herself as she used her index to play with the tip causing the blonde to moan and making her wetness increase. Without warning she licked his shaft placing soft kisses on it whiles staring into his eyes.

'this is soo embarrasing' she thought as she began using her tongue to swirl the tip, all the saliva dripping from her mouth fully lubricating his member she placed his member between her tits and starting squeezing them together. The blonde threw his head back "yesssss" hearing his moans as confirmation she mentally smiled.

The blonde who'd been having an exciting them decided to begin thrusting his hips moving his shaft up and down her breast causing her to groan in excitement. She could suddenly feel his dick twitch in between her tits, The blonde could also feel himself unable to contain. "I can't hold back…"

He said as he released seed across her face and chest, Hanabi who'd been surprised by his discharge used her finger to scoop a bit off her face and into swallowed it. "hmmmm" she moaned as she met his gaze on her she blushed. "Could you give me more Naruto-kun" she said as she grabbed his shaft again. 'it's still rock hard' she said as she swallowed his member at least most of it, she heard his groan and began bobbing her head back and forth on his shaft, the blonde groaned as he placed his hands on her head. Hanabi sped up occasionally swirling her tongue around his shaft waiting for his member to begin twitching and as it did she awaited his discharge. When it came flowing she tried her best to swallow as much as she could considering it was second load but she couldn't amount for how much it was.

She freed herself from his member as she started coughing leaving Naruto in concern. "Are you okay?" he asked her softly. "You won't believe but I'm having the time of my life" she said as she kissed him again. She began to slide her hand up down his shaft again. "still hard? Third times the charm you know"

She said as she got on all fours. "You can go in" she told him softly as he got on his knees. "are you sure?" he asked her awaiting confirmation. "yes! Please put in me" she yelled the blonde nodded and began to placing his tip near her bottom lips. The Hyuuga felt herself constantly biting her lips as his tip stroked the entranced, she felt like her lips were gonna start bleeding. "Naruto quick!"

"I don't know where it is" he nervously chuckled. She sighed and after a minute or two of the directions. "AHHHHHHHH~~~~you're going to have to give me a minute or two" she said as she remained still.

"You can move now"

And with that the blonde slowly thrusted his hips in and out slowly picking up pace as time went on, and as it did Hanabi found herself clutching the sheets, she began thrusting her hips as well as their bodied collided on each thrust. Grabbing her waist the blonde increased his thursts.

"Hanabi I think I'm going to.."

"me too Naruto! Me too"

And in unison the two discharged a the same time as Hanabi fell into the blonde's arms with his seed leaking from her womanhood.

Lemon ends

"Naruto…." He looked up to her "hmmm?". "I might have kids you know!" she said blushing as he grabbed her face and kissed her. "we!" he chuckled. "And I don't think that's how it works" he told her. "How would you know!" she teased.

"Hey, you'd help me take care of the baby right!?" She asked. He just nodded and rubbed her Tummy

Flashback ends

"….. I'm not coming back until I return a better man, stronger than before and for Hanabi there's kunai sealed in a scroll inside this letter I want you to have it, once you receive it go to Kakashi sensei for instructions. And don't be mad, It's like I've said I got it sorted out" As she read the last part she smiled even though in tears "you better you dumbass" she said.


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