Naruto x Hanabi part 9

"so… now you know" conculuded Naruto after giving a summary of recents events to the red haired Kazekage. Who was now staring at the Blonde in confusion.

"It's a lot to take in" Gaara responded which received a nod from Naruto who returned back to his seat. His face carrying a hint of uncertainty with it, would Gaara dislike me because of my actions? All these questions ran in Naruto's head.

"Well Naruto… I see you're as stubborn as ever" he rertorted to Naruto who rubbed his head sheepishly and turned to Gaara.

"so what do you think?" Naruto asked after waiting patiently for a response. Meanwhile he began to look for the suits that would best fit him. 'No orange huh' Naruto mentally sighed as continued to go through the available clothes.

After A few minutes of searching he finally found something he had thought he liked but after further inspection he just slumped back into his seat.

"Naruto" Gaara spoke up. "about your situation" he continued. "hmm?" Naruto sounded giving him the nod to continue. "Why don't you do you?" he suggested. Naruto smirked and began laughing .

"you know I wanted to do that but I thought it would have been disrespectful or wrong" he explained to Gaara which made him laugh.

"you know Naruto, the thing makes us special are the way we do things, we should always listened to our hearts first before orders but in the current world we live in that's quite impossible."

"Then we're just going to have to change that world won't we?" He smiled at Gaara as he said that. Who smiled back and nodded "I guess we will"

"but for Now, we need to get ready! I'm starving" Naruto whined.

"yes you're right"

A few minutes later

"All right all done!" Naruto grinned as he looked himself in the mirror turns out he decided for once to show up classy. He sported an Orange suit (yes he eventually found one) with a white tie. Gaara on the other hand kept to his traditional red wear with a black tie. The two complimented each other and then left the room. The moment they left, they met the two kunoiuchis. Hanabi wore a yellow Kimono with a flowery pattern and red lipstick whereas Temari sported a purple Kimono.

"wow Temari you look nicer than usual" Naruto exclaimed receiving a glare from Temari but an even scarier one from Hanabi.

"what's that supposed to mean punk" Temar said grabbing him by the collar.

"Itsjustthatyouneverlooksofemininesoiwaskindofsurprised" naruto quickly got out of his mouth. She loosened her grip on his collar and sighed, "you shouldn't be saying this to another lady infront of your girlfriend Naruto" she said as she walked towards her brother.

Naruto then shifted his gaze to Hanabi who was pouting and immediately turned her faze away as soon as their gazes met. "Jerk" she mouthed as the words hit Naruto harder than any of Sakura's punches.

"Hanabi wait…. You look pretty beautiful too" he said in hopes to sweet her heart over. "hmph" she retorted as she shifted her gaze away for the second time. Temari grinned over what she had just seen whiles Gaara just mouthed poor Naruto.

"Hanabi…?" Naruto called again for the 4th time during their walk but once again he didn't receive anything from her. He sighed as they continued their journey.

Once they arrived they met a long line of people but they were directed somewhere else by a gentleman with black hair with a goofy looking smile. Hanabi leaned unto Naruto as they walked and mouthed "he's creepy" earning a nod from Naruto. Naruto was glad that at least she wasn't mad at him or worse. Or so he thought the moment the man excused them she immediately left Naruto's side and sat opposite him. Naruto mentally sighed.

They were approached by another man who had come to take their order. The man took everyone's order but as walked away he would grin which didn't go unnoticed by Naruto. Something was off he thought to himself.

"something wrong Naruto?" Gaara asked to which Naruto responded "there's something different about that guy" he said as he sipped water.

"I think I know what maybe wrong" Temari said gaining everyone's attention.

"well out with it!" Naruto retorted before she put an index finger on her lips "shhhhh"

Naruto piped down to listen and Temari quickly informed them.

"Naruto is gay"

This left a deadpanned expression on Naruto's face who was now slightly annoyed.

"gay?! What?" naruto responded

"why else would a another man seem different to you, It means you have experience with other men!"

Gaara and Hanabi burst into laughter leaving Naruto embarrassed.

"not true!" Naruto retorted as self defense

"Actually I do remember Hinata once told me you kissed Sasuke right Naruto?" Hanabi said as she rested her head in her palms grinning at the Blonde who was now as red as can be. "awww I guess it's true then! And here I was thinking I was your first" Hanabi said pouting. Laughter could be heard from all around the table.

A few minutes later that waitor returned the food and served them. As they waitor was leaving Naruto's plate fell and his soup poured on the waitor, who quickly apologized for his actions and offered to clean it up but Naruto headed to bathroom himself.

A few minutes later

"Naruto's been gone quite a while huh?" Temari asked receiving nods from both Hanabi and Gaara.

"Maybe I should check on him?" Hanabi asked and immediately received stares from the two of them. "why?!"

"why don't I go and check up on Naruto" Gaara suggested and received a nod of approval from Hanabi but before he could even leave Naruto appeared.

"sorry for being late guys!" He told them.

After they had finished eating the food they, all got up prepared to leave when suddenly kunai's flew at their table from every direction. They were all protected by Gaara's sand. And then suddenly screams were heard as people evacuated from the restaurant. That's when suddenly a man blue hair came out from a bowl of soup, surprising everyone.

"He must be that Waitor then!" Hanabi called out, "Which means Naruto was right?" Temari deadpanned


"Hurry we're almost there" Kiba exclaimed as they all sprinted to the hidden sand village. You see it was about an 3 hours ago that a letter had been received by the hidden leaf saying they had met Naruto and Hanabi. As soon as the information hit the leaf the rescue team were sent out.

"What do you mean by that, Kiba" Ino groaned. "We're not even half way there!".

"They're right Kiba" Kurenai said. "Even if we moved at incredible speeds we'd make it there in 12 hours and by the time we'd make it we'd be out chakra."

"tsk" was the only thing heared from Kiba the rest of the trip.

Back with Naruto

"is it so shocking I was right?" Naruto asked Temari. "I mean yeah, It's not everyday you see that" She responded as they waited for Iblis to make his move.

"Break it off you guys!" Hanabi hissed at them as they began to circle around him. Gaara nodded at Naruto giving him the go ahead to attack. And with that the Blonde leapt at the man throwing his Kunai at him.

He dodges them relatively easily as he prepares for the Blonde's physical attack, however sensing some movement behind him he quickly drops to all fours as Temari swings her fan at him. Using his arms his springs himself back to launch an attack by the Charging Naruto. But he was unable to move as Gaara's sand held his limbs from moving, He now watched as a charging Naruto changed into a puff of smoke revealing to Hanabi ready to hit his chakra points. He snarled as she came closer, making a handsigned that looked like that of a devil fire enveloped the man and the flames burst our of control. Hanabi realized all to late but was pushed out of the way by Naruto. Who got caught in the fire but quickly dispersed to smoke.

'A clone thank goodness' she mentally remarked. Iblis using the flames broke free of Gaara's sand.

"What a nice coordinated attack" Iblis praised but earned nothing but scowls from the Ninja and Kazekage.

The flames ceased to engulf the man who grinned, "come at me kiddos"

Iblis POV

I noticed a blue light from behind me as I looked I noticed a clone dispel and Naruto charged at me with a rasegan. 'How childish' as he drew closer to me I stepped to side dodging his Rasegan and grasping the arm that controlled it, with his arm in my lock I toss the boy at the Kazekage's younger sister. Without enough time to dodge she swung her fan using the wind to push away the Boy who flew into the roof creating a massive hole in it. 1 down. I try to move on to the Blonde girl but I'm stopped by the Kazekage's sand.

"you're a huge problem Kazekage" I said pointing at him, suddenly the Hyuuga appeared behind me. Trying to jab my chakra points, blocking every attempt a kick her back but she comes back again even faster this time I hold her arm. Then the Blonde jumps me from above shoving a Rasengan at me.

(alright guys I'm shit at fight scenes I know)

Narrator POV

Basically the fight goes as Naruto and The rest fail to land significant blows on Iblis frustrating them but enraging Naruto allowing some of the 9 tail chakra to leak

Causing Naruto to adopt a 2 tails form charging at him, Gaara suddenly moves out of the way releasing what was happening they got to the rooftop as Naruto pummelled I

iblis. Until there was nothing you couldn't identify him.

"woahhhh he's probably dead now" Temari said as she watched Naruto pummel the guy as more and more tails appear, suddenly counting up to 4. Until he's in a rage and starts destroying the place.

"umm Gaara, what's up with Naruto" Hanabi asks concerned about her boyfriend.

"It seems like he's lost control of himself, none of you get near lemme try and talk some sense into him.

The two watched as Gaara went down to speak to Naruto. They failed and watched Naruto spin out of control attacking Gaara. The kazekage dodged his attacks as Naruto remained in the ditch created by his fight with Iblis.

And what happened surprised them both…..

Sorry for short story longer ones incoming