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It was a dark and stormy night. It was a bit cliché, but very true. The clouds were dark and black in Westchester, New York, and lightning was becoming a common occurrence to the lone man who wandered the dirt path in front of him. He could see a large building ahead of him that kind of looked like a mansion, maybe a prep school. It was likely that it was what he was looking for.

The man was short, but very muscular. He only stood about 5'10, but his muscles kept smart alecks from talking bad about him. He wore only a black shirt and trench coat, and a pair of Wranglers. He had no shoes. He needed no shoes. He was on a mission, and he planned to complete it at the large mansion ahead of him. His icy blue eyes hardened at a noise behind him.

He whirled around in time to see an enormous wolf leap onto him with unequaled speed, baring its fangs. The man threw the beast with his bare hands into a nearby tree. The dazed wolf charged forward again, but the man gave a cry. A cry of death, a cry of pain. The cry of Silverback.

Ten seconds later, the wolf lay dead, and the man continued on his path to the building.

Inside the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, Wolverine sipped a beer and watched an Indiana Jones tape. All the kids were sleeping, and he wasn't tired. All they'd had to do that day was a couple of Danger Room sessions, nothing too challenging. No bug-eyed aliens, no killer mutants, no alien entities possessing a classmate. Just Danger Room sessions.

He continued his movie and beverage until the part where Indy was about to get run over by a boulder, when suddenly, he heard a noise outside the house. "Great," he muttered. "They always wait till it's to the good part." He let his claws come out, and stepped out the door. If there was a prowler, he'd have to get past Wolverine.

He circled around the door, and when he was at one window, saw a shadow. So, he thought, there is somebody out here. Well, they'd have to deal with the Wolverine's claws. He silently moved to the shadow, but still saw no person.

Suddenly, he whirled around long enough for his claws to nab the prowler's ear. Blood flowed down, and the man's face went livid with fright. "All right, bub," said Wolverine, "What were ya here for? Tell me and I won't go for the nose."

The prowler's face suddenly relaxed, and he gave Logan a solid punch to the mouth. The claws came right out of his ear, and a surprised Wolverine fell to the ground. The prowler held up his hand in a motion of peace to Wolverine. Logan sheathed his claws uneasily, his face still twisted in rage, to listen to the stranger.

"Really, Logan, this is no way for you to treat one like me!"

"Sorry, bub, I'm out of the milk n' cookies!"

"Logan, Logan, always the joker! Don't you recognize an old friend. Or a brother…?"

Logan's face contorted into an expression of confusion. "What're you talkin' about, mister? I ain't got time for games!"

"Really, Logan, don't you recognize your sibling? Sorry, Logan, but you're not as unique as you'd like to believe. Say hello to your brother, Greg. Or, since I'm a mutant like you, you can call me Silverback!"

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