For a prompt from okaynextcrisis: Ed and Lorraine watch a scary movie together

Ed proposed seeing Psycho on a whim, while they were enjoying their first dinner out together since their daughter was born four months before. "Come on, hon." As if his imploring tone wasn't enough, he reached across the table to hold her hand. "You used to love going to the movies with me. When was the last time we did that?"

Not since they were newlyweds, kissing and cuddling in the top row of a nearly empty theatre, but of course he knew this, like he knew everything about her, about them. So Lorraine only smiled and said, "Alright, but you better pay more attention to the movie this time."

Having forgotten an umbrella, they dropped into their seats soaking wet from their mad dash from the restaurant to the cinema across the street. They arrived during the opening credits, and they ignored the dirty looks from those around them as Lorraine tried and failed to contain her giggles.

Just as well, because everyone in the theatre screamed at least once.

Despite the sight of a looming figure on the other side of the shower curtain, when the shower curtain was yanked back and the violins started shrieking, Lorraine, like many other patrons, screamed. Turning her head into Ed's shoulder, she could feel his tense muscles and found some satisfaction in the fact that he hadn't been completely unfazed.

Only after Norman Bates had sunk Marion Crane's car did Ed dare lean down and whisper, "Do you really think the mother did it?"

Lorraine tossed another piece of popcorn into her mouth without tearing her eyes from the screen. "Wouldn't be much of a Hitchcock film if he gave away such an important part of the plot."

"I think it's her ghost."

Apparently, so did the couple in front of them, who turned around to shush Ed. When Ed rolled his eyes, Lorraine patted his thigh and leaned so close that her lips brushed his ear when she spoke. "You know how they portray ghosts in movies—wispy and ephemeral. No, something else is going on here."

As the unsuspecting private detective ascend the steps in the Bates house, Ed slipped his hand into Lorraine's, his pulse thudding under her fingertips. If the tension hadn't been palpable as one of the bedroom door's creaked open, Lorraine would have laughed. After all she and Ed had seen, demons and inhuman spirits had nothing on Alfred Hitchcock's mastery of suspense.

Only when Sam Loomis pressed Norman for details while Lila Crane poked around the Bates' house did the truth hit Lorraine. Her loud gasp garnered more shushes from the couple in front of them, and Ed jumped, spilling the remainder of their popcorn.

"I know what's happening," she whispered to Ed.

"Care to share?"

"Of course not! You have to figure it out for yourself."

Ed pouted. "Okay, maybe I will."

Judging by the way Ed's jaw dropped when Lila Crane found Norma Bates's corpse in the basement, he did not.

When they got home, Lorraine made a beeline for the nursery while Ed talked her mother into staying the night instead of driving home so late. Judy, despite Lorraine's anxiety, lay safe and sound in her crib, her tiny tummy rising and falling evenly and her little fist curled against her rosy cheek.

Lorraine found Ed in their bedroom, getting ready for bed, and she had an overwhelming urge to tease him. "So, were you scared?"

Ed chuckled and focused intently on unbuttoning his shirt. "I was not scared."

Lorraine snorted as she unbuttoned her blouse. "Sure, hon."

"I wasn't!"

"So when I gasped and you dropped the popcorn," Lorraine teased, "you just, what? Caught a chill?"

Yanking his undershirt over his head, Ed sighed. "You scared me, not the movie."

"Prove it." Lorraine grinned and nodded to the master bathroom. "Take a shower."

Ed froze, his belt only half-unnotched. "I took a shower before we left."

Lorraine shrugged and let her skirt flutter to the floor. "So? Take another one." When Ed remained slack-jawed and silent, Lorraine slid her silk blouse off her shoulders. "My poor baby." She relished the way Ed's eyes raked over her as she moseyed toward him. "Would it make you feel a little safer if I joined you?"

By the time Ed picked his jaw off the floor, Lorraine had slipped his belt from his trousers. "Absolutely, Mrs. Warren."