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By the Light of the Moon

There was nothing quite as beautiful as the night sky from the top of the Astronomy Tower. It was one of the best places in all of Hogwarts to sneak off to after curfew when some time alone became necessary; when respite from the student body was desired. Sure, there were classes held there every day, but if you visited it enough, it was easy to find the places that were hidden away from sight, capable of concealing anyone.

It was in one such hiding spot that Harry sat, challenging himself to name every star in every constellation. And although he failed to do it all, lacking Hermione's near-perfect memory, it was an enjoyable way to spend the sleepless hours when insomnia stole the embrace of slumber away.

He had never been allowed to look at the stars growing up, so he had taken advantage of this newfound freedom ever since he first received his Invisibility Cloak back in first year, using the cover of darkness to sneak away from everyone else and relax himself in the cool night air.

Not once had he ever been discovered here.

Until tonight.

"Hello Harry."

He jumped, hitting his head against the bottom of the stairs.

Rubbing his head, Harry looked around for whoever had noticed him.

"Luna?" he whispered incredulously. "How did you know I was here?"

"I didn't," she said serenely, smiling. "I could smell your shampoo. You only confirmed that you were here when you responded."

And now Harry felt rather foolish for saying anything at all.

"Beneath the stairs is a strange place to sit alone," Luna remarked, watching a spider beside where he sat as if it was him. "You should keep an eye out for nargles."

"I thought they lived in mistletoe," Harry frowned. Realizing she couldn't see his face, he pulled off his cloak and folded it up beside him. "Why would they be here?"

Luna's gaze moved to his face. She stared at him with distant silver eyes and spoke in an airy voice, "They're living things, Harry. They can move just as well as you and I."

"Right," he said, unsure what else was a proper response to that. "Er, sorry if this is rude, but what are you doing up here, Luna?"

She tilted her head, her long dirty-blonde hair falling aside to reveal one of her dirigible plum earrings. "The fifth-years have Astronomy tonight."

Harry felt rather stupid, because of course the answer was class.

"Right, well, er…" He didn't know what to do now. He had spoken to Luna several times before without struggling for conversation, so why was he having such problems now?

"You look like your head is full of wrackspurts," she commented. "Is something wrong, Harry?"

His instinctual response was 'I'm fine,' but it caught on his tongue before he could get it out. There was some small part of him that wanted to share the truth with her.

This was Luna; she had never judged him before. In fact, she had even comforted him last year after… after Sirius… She had spoken wisdom that he needed to hear rather than the empty words others had given. Perhaps she could help him now. She was someone he didn't have to maintain a mask with; she had already accepted who he was without question just by being there when he was at his lowest and needed a friendly ear.

And so it was that, without hesitation, he admitted, "I'm scared, Luna."

The atmosphere changed immediately. Luna straightened, looking at him with piercing eyes full of concern. She reached out and put a hand on his arm. She said nothing, though, waiting silently for him to continue when he was ready.

"He's just… so… powerful…" Harry mumbled, remembering the fiery serpent Lord Voldemort had wielded against Dumbledore at the Ministry; the intensity of the spells the two god-like wizards had exchanged in their unbelievable, nightmarish duel. "How am I supposed to beat him?"

Luna didn't speak for a long time. Harry wondered if she was as clueless as he; there just weren't any ways he could see for him to come out of this war alive, triumphant.

"You don't."

Harry startled at her words, giving her a terrified, incredulous look.

"You don't beat him, Harry," Luna repeated. "He has decades of experience on you. It's impossible to topple a mountain alone. You need the help of others."

Harry sighed, "It's not that easy."

"Isn't it?" Luna challenged. "You built a small army when the world was against you. Now that everyone believes you, why not use that? You don't have to do everything alone, Harry."

"I don't do everything alone."

"Of course not," Luna said, giving Harry whiplash. "Just everything you don't want others putting their lives at risk for."

"That's not—" Harry stopped, because it was true. He hated when others were in danger, especially when he could have done something to prevent it. Had he fought harder when they insisted on joining him on his ultimately pointless Ministry rescue mission, none of them would have nearly died; Sirius might still be alive.

Harry appreciated their loyalty and courage, but that didn't mean he had to be comfortable with it.

"Cedric died because of me, Luna," he said weakly, finally giving voice to something that had never left his thoughts before. "He was only in that graveyard because Voldemort wanted me; because I told him to take the cup with me so we could both win."

"Cedric chose to join you," Luna corrected. "Yes, he was only in that situation because of something outside his control, but he didn't have to take the cup either. He could have insisted you go alone, and you may not have come back if you were alone."

Harry paused to think about that. It was true that the desire to return Cedric's body to his parents was what had given him that extra push to survive, but maybe he could have escaped the graveyard another way.

"Make them remember, Harry," Luna whispered. "With You-Know-Who's return, people have forgotten how this started. Their fear controls them, so give them a reason to fight back."

A streak of silver moonlight broke through the clouds, illuminating Luna's face.

Harry's breath caught in his throat. His heart pounded against his chest. He had never really looked at her before, but Luna looked stunning in that moment. The blazing warmth in her eyes; the determined set of her jaw; the softness of her hand that came up to rest on his cheek; it all served to give her the appearance of some divine messenger.

"Don't let the darkness win, Harry. Everyone is looking to you to save us."

"But what if I can't?" he asked, desperate for an answer.

"You will."

Luna's confidence was overwhelming; inspiring. It filled Harry with something he couldn't quite put into words. It was as though, just as it had in the sky out above them, a cloud had lifted, allowing light to return anew.

"We're here with you, Harry. We'll help you every step of the way."

"And if I choose the wrong path?"

"Then we'll follow and come out the other side stronger," Luna stated, as if nothing was impossible. As if there were no doubts in her mind of their success; of their surviving this war.

Taking her hands in his, Harry stared into her eyes, a new strength within him.


A few weeks later, when Professor Slughorn informed Harry of the date of his Christmas party, there wasn't any question as to whom he would ask. He sought out Luna that very evening, guided by the gut feeling that this was the right decision to make, no matter how many times Hermione had tried to get him to even consider someone else.

"Would you like to go to Slughorn's party with me?"

The words escaped his mouth before he could even think about it.

The bright smile on Luna's face answered his question before she spoke.

"I'd love to."

Feeling oddly light, as if he were walking on a cloud, Harry grinned and returned to the common room to finish his homework.

When the night of the party came around, he met Luna in the entrance hall. She was wearing a set of spangled silver robes, but not her radish earrings or butterbeer cork necklace. Several students in the crowd were giggling and snickering at her appearance, even as nice as it was.

"Where're your earrings?" he asked, holding out an arm to escort her. "And your necklace?"

Luna's pale cheeks gained a pink flush.

"I didn't think they were appropriate for tonight."

Harry hummed, not quite sure why he was upset about this.

"Where is the party?" she asked.

"Slughorn's office," Harry said. "Rumour has it he's invited a vampire."

"Rufus Scrimgeour?"

"What?" Harry coughed. "You mean the Minister of Magic?"

"Oh yes," Luna said in a voice full of certainty. "He's a vampire. Father wrote a very long article about it when he first took over…"

Luna continued her story as they walked. Although Harry didn't believe that Scrimgeour was a vampire, he found it amusing. Luna's quirky tales and beliefs were always enjoyable to listen to, even if they were far-fetched more often than not.

The sounds of laughter, music, and loud conversation reached their ears as they drew closer to Slughorn's office and the party.

Harry barely made it to the doorway before he felt uncomfortable. Slughorn's office, which appeared to have been magically enlarged, was far too crowded and stuffy, filled with loud singing that accompanied some string instruments and red light cast from an ornate golden lamp. It took a second glance for Harry to realize that it was live fairies that gave off the light.

"Harry, m'boy!" Slughorn cheered the moment Harry and Luna crossed the threshold. "Come, come, so many people I'd like you to meet!"

The next hour passed in a blur as face after face and name after name was given to Harry, though he wouldn't be able to recall any of them later. The most memorable was the vampire, but even that wasn't an encounter Harry cared to think much about. He just wanted to escape the spotlight under which Slughorn had dragged him and enjoy this night to the best of his ability.

"I'm thirsty, Harry," Luna said, interrupting a small, stout man who was trying to convince Harry to let him write the Boy-Who-Lived's biography. "Get me a drink?"

"Sure," Harry agreed immediately. "It was a pleasure meeting you," he added to the man, whose name he had already forgotten, as he and Luna walked away.

"Thank you," he whispered to her.

She smiled at him.

"Oh great," Harry muttered when they got close to the table with beverages. "Trelawney."

Luna looked around.

"Quickly," she said under her breath, changing direction. "This way."

They slipped through the crowd, keeping their heads low to avoid attention. While Harry's untidy hair was very recognizable, everyone had already had so much to drink that they didn't seem to think twice about a couple of teenagers leaving a party early.

Harry and Luna snuck out of Slughorn's office, stifling their laughter to avoid notice, and hurried down the halls. They had to duck into an empty classroom when they heard someone else coming from the corridor in front of them.

"Let's see what Professor Slughorn has to say about your rule-breaking," Mr. Filch said, gleefully dragging Draco Malfoy by the ear. "A student out of bed, uninvited and trying to sneak into a professor's party, oh yes, you're in for it now."

Harry narrowed his eyes. He was tempted to slip on his Invisibility Cloak, which was tucked inside his robes, and follow to see what was going on. But then Luna tugged his arm in the opposite direction, wiping any thoughts of Malfoy and his scheming from mind. Harry followed her lead without question, wondering where she was leading him.

Up and up she led him, out of the dungeons, through the castle's passageways, climbing the grand staircase, and in a direction Harry knew all too well.

"Why are we going to the Astronomy Tower?" he asked quietly.

Luna flashed him a smile. "To see the stars, of course."

They emerged onto the top of the tower, where there was nothing to restrict the view. There was no class tonight, their holiday vacation starting the next morning, which meant there was almost no risk of them being caught here.

Just in case, however, Harry pulled out his cloak.

"Let's get under here," he suggested.

Luna didn't hesitate to press against his side beneath the cloak. They sat with their backs against the wall that rimmed the tower, staring up at the stairs, the cold stone beneath them and the chilly air freezing them through their thin clothes.

Without thinking about it, Harry scooted closer to Luna, hoping her body heat would warm him.

He was surprised when she leant into him, as if hoping the same.

"Which one's your favourite?"

Harry blinked. "Er… I dunno. Never really thought about it."

Luna hummed, her eyes on the stars.

"I like Sagittarius the most."


"Because it's a centaur," Luna answered as if it were the simplest thing she could imagine. "They know more about divination and reading the night sky than any creature alive. The things we could learn from them if they were willing to share…" She trailed off wistfully. "Firenze is a good teacher, but there is some knowledge that not even he wants humans to learn."

Harry looked at her, studying the peace on her face. In a way, he envied Luna. She didn't care what the world thought of her; she was true to herself no matter what. Even now she admitted to wanting to learn from a species that most wizards wouldn't give a second thought—or, in the case of people like the Malfoys or Voldemort, would sooner see killed than acknowledged for the intelligence and wisdom they possess. Luna was a one of a kind, there was no doubt about that.

"It'd probably be easier to pick if I knew what they were called."

Luna laid her head on his shoulder. She raised a hand, removing it from the cover of the cloak, and pointed to the sky. "Those three stars there? That's Orion's belt. If you follow them here, you can see his body and bow…"

Harry lost himself in her words, finding a fascination with Astronomy that Professor Sinistra had never quite been able to instill in him. The soft passion in Luna's words as she pointed out each star, named it and the constellation it was part of, was mesmerizing.

They probably sat there for at least a couple hours, but to Harry it felt like only minutes.

Luna yawned, covering her mouth with her hand.

"We should go back inside," he murmured, feeling rather tired himself.

Luna nodded sleepily against his shoulder.

They helped each other to their feet, still huddled beneath the Invisibility Cloak, and began the journey to Ravenclaw Tower. Harry didn't know where it was, so he trusted that Luna was awake enough to guide them accurately. It wasn't his ideal way to spend the night, wandering the empty halls, trying to find another house's common room.

Thankfully, Luna was just as aware when exhausted as she always was.

"Thank you, Harry," she mumbled. She pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. "I really enjoyed tonight."

Stunned and gaping, Harry silently watched Luna as she slipped out from beneath the cloak, answered the riddle the eagle door knocker asked, and ducked inside Ravenclaw's common room.

Not quite sure what just happened, Harry stumbled back to Gryffindor Tower in a stupor.

The next time he saw Luna was after the holidays had ended. He had just left Dumbledore's office after being assigned a seemingly impossible task. Harry had no idea how he was supposed to be capable of something that Albus Dumbledore wasn't, and it darkly shadowed any other thoughts.

Or they did, at least, until he saw Luna standing by a window on the seventh floor.

"Hello Harry," she greeted, glancing at him before returning her gaze to the sights outside. The silver beams cast by the moon illuminated her like a spotlight.

"What're you doing out here, Luna?" he asked.

"I couldn't sleep. I thought a walk would help."

"Well," he looked around, "seems like you've done a good job with that."

Luna smiled, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

"I got distracted," she said. Then she pointed out the window. "Come and look."

Harry stepped up beside her and followed her gaze.

Just at the edge of the forest, almost invisible in the darkness, was the thestral herd. Harry had no idea why they had wandered so far from the clearing where they normally resided, but he wasn't able to stop a smile from forming as he watched them guide one of their young. They nestled the little foal, leading it around the open grass beneath the starry sky.

Standing there at Luna's side, Harry was struck with a sudden impulse.

"I need help with something," he said cautiously. "An assignment."

"I don't think a student the year below can help you much with homework," Luna quipped.

Harry was so blindsided by that response that he took a moment to clarify, "No, it's not for a class; it's… it's something else. Not something I think Ron or Hermione can help me with."

He loved his best friends, but neither of them could be considered particularly manipulative. They both had their strengths, which were incredibly helpful when they could be applied, but he didn't think that they would be able to assist him much with this task; Dumbledore wouldn't have specifically asked him if he thought someone else was capable.

Luna looked at him, silently asking him to explain.

"I have to get something from someone," Harry started, choosing his words carefully. "But the problem is that they're very paranoid, and I don't know how to get through their defences for the thing I need."

"Everyone has a weakness, Harry," Luna said matter-of-factly. "All you have to do is find theirs."

"But how can I when—" Harry stopped talking abruptly.

He'd had an idea.

Hagrid and Uncle Vernon, as much as Harry disliked comparing the two, were both the kind of people who were very open to telling the truth and answering any question when drunk. Perhaps Slughorn was the same?

It was worth a shot.

"Thank you, Luna," Harry said with as much sincerity as he could. "You… are brilliant."

She beamed, her eyes sparkling.

"Good luck," she chirped, then waved before skipping off back to her common room.

Feeling better now that he at least had an idea how to start his mission, Harry continued on to his own dormitory. As always, he had come away from his talk with Luna in a better mood than he had entered it with.

"You're a bloody genius!"

Harry swept Luna into a tight hug, feeling pleased when her arms quickly wrapped around him.

"I suppose I am," Luna said, as if pondering a theory. "But what makes you say so?"

"It worked!" Harry enthused. "Your idea worked! I got the thing I needed!"

Luna beamed at him as he stepped back and airily said, "That's nice."

Harry snorted, "It's better than nice. It's fantastic!"

"Then I'm glad it worked."

"Yeah, I—" Harry cut himself off, realizing where they were.

And that he had just made a huge scene in a crowded corridor.

"I'll talk to you later, okay?" Harry suggested.

Luna nodded, smiling with an odd tenderness.

"Maybe where the nargles are?" he continued, speaking quietly so only she could hear him. "At the same time?"

An odd pink tinge to her cheeks, Luna nodded again.

"Great," Harry said, stepping back. "I'll see you then."

"Bye Harry," Luna waved, turning to walk away.

Harry's eyes followed her, focused on the way her waist-length hair bounced with each step, like she was fighting not to skip down the hallway.

Shaking his head, Harry turned and headed the other direction.

That night, long after curfew had begun, the moon slowly peaked out from behind the clouds, bathing the Astronomy Tower in its silver light. Harry kept his eyes on the stars; one constellation, specifically. The fifth-years would be finishing their lesson in the next few minutes, and then he would tell Luna what he had wanted to in the corridor that morning.

"Hello Harry."

A grin stretched his lips before he could think of stopping it, not that he wanted to.

"Under here," he whispered, holding his Invisibility Cloak open for her.

Luna joined him without hesitation.

"My shampoo?" he asked, his voice barely audible.

She smiled at him, a glint in her eyes.

Harry checked the Marauder's Map to ensure they were alone, then slowly guided them to the top of the tower so they could see the night sky with better clarity than they would beneath the stairs.

"Do you have one yet?"

Harry looked at Luna. The serene expression she wore, though as peaceful as ever, was different from usual. He couldn't quite place what it was, though.

"No… Not yet."

"You will," Luna assured.

Harry smiled.

He felt so relaxed that it took him a while to remember the reason he wanted to meet tonight.

Clearing his throat, Harry said, "Er, Luna?"

She peered up at him.

"I was wondering," he started slowly, "d'you, um… do you want to go to Hogsmeade? With me?"

Luna's mouth fell open.

"As friends?" she asked, her voice even.

Harry shook his head.

Luna bit her lip. "Like… like a date?"

Harry nodded.

The smile that appeared on Luna's face outshined the moon, lighting up the night in a way that made Harry's breath catch and his heart skip a beat. Her eyes were full of gentle joy, like a child who had been given their favourite, most desired gift for Christmas.

"I'd like that." She bit her lip again. "But we'll have to wait. We aren't allowed in Hogsmeade anymore. Not since…"

Not since Katie…

Harry's heart clenched. How had he forgotten about that?

"Then we'll just have to do it here," he decided. "We can nick some food from the kitchens."

That magical smile returned to Luna's face. She stood up and held a hand out.

"What are we waiting for, then?"

"Now?" Harry said incredulously. "It's the middle of the night, Luna!"

"Is the big, brave Gryffindor scared?" she teased.

Harry gave her a flat look. "What about sleep?"

"Sleep can come later," Luna argued. "Right now, we must undertake the quest for a snack!"

Harry's lips twitched.

"Well, when you put it like that."

Luna grinned impishly.

Hidden beneath his Invisibility Cloak, they snuck through the castle to the lower floors, avoiding any patrollers they came across, and entered the kitchens. The house-elves were delighted to provide them with a midnight snack, regardless of the fact they were breaking curfew to be here.

"Curious creatures, aren't they?" Luna commented idly as she took a bite of ice cream.

Harry, remembering Hermione's seemingly endless rants about S.P.E.W. and the treatment of house-elves by wizards, bit back a laugh. "That's one way to say it, I guess."

Luna paused with her spoon halfway to her mouth, tilting her head.

"Do you think house-elves can be infected by wrackspurts?"

Harry snorted into his own ice cream, accidentally inhaling some, which caused him to start choking.

Luna burst into laughter. She clutched her sides and fell over, slipping off her chair to the floor.

Truthfully, Harry didn't understand why Luna was this amused. However, he did nothing but smile softly at her, happy that she was happy. It made him feel warm, as if he had been wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. He was content just to watch Luna, sharing her joy over something silly and small.

Her laughter quieted when she noticed him watching, but the smile never left her face.

"I think you'd like the Ravenclaw common room."

Harry blinked. "Um… okay?"

"The ceiling and floor are covered with stars," Luna said dreamily. "It's a beautiful room."

Moving faster than Harry had ever seen her, Luna sat up straight and stared at him intensely.

"Let's go see it!"

He frowned, "When?"

Luna's eyes sparkled. "Now."

Harry's jaw dropped. Sure, this wouldn't be the first time he'd snuck into another house's common room—and this time in much less nefarious circumstances than his second year—but that it was the middle of the night when Luna wanted to do it surprised him.

As he thought more about it, though, now was the best time to do this. Everyone else would be asleep, which lowered the chance of them getting caught. Their only concern would be the patrols.


Luna beamed, then jumped to her feet and grabbed Harry's hand. "Let's go!"

Grinning like a loon, Harry allowed himself to be led back up the stairs. Luna's effervescent mood was contagious. She was so happy to be showing him the Ravenclaw common room that Harry couldn't help but look forward to seeing it.

Arriving at the door, Luna reached out and knocked.

The eagle knocker's mouth opened. "Circling 'round, ever in motion; never stopping, a constant rotation; the stars around never guide me; the world below may never touch me."

"The moon," Harry answered at once, smiling.

Luna hummed as the door swung open. "That one was easier than usual." Her eyes sparkled as she shot Harry a sly smile. "Maybe the eagle knew you were with me."

"Maybe," Harry agreed with a smile of his own, letting her pull him inside.

The Ravenclaw common room was more magnificent than Luna had described. The dark blue carpet was dotted with stars, matched by the painted ceiling, just as she had told him, but what she failed to mention were the enchantments that made the stars actually twinkle.

Harry could have sworn he saw a shooting star soar across the ceiling.

That all fell into the background when he saw the statue.

"Rowena Ravenclaw," Luna informed him proudly.

The founder was a beautiful woman with a stern visage. She was carved of white marble, a tiara around her head, embossed with the words: Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

She looked more intimidating than Harry would have guessed.

"We can see the mountains out the window during the day," Luna said, pointing. "It's an excellent view. One of my favourites. Sometimes you can see the thestrals, too."

"It sounds amazing."

She smiled, "It is."

"So," Harry awkwardly shifted, "what now?"

"Lay on the floor with me?" Luna suggested.

Seeing no reason not to, Harry nodded.

They stared up at the starry ceiling, so reminiscent of what they had done on top of the Astronomy Tower earlier that night, watching the stars again.

"There isn't a moon," Harry noted.

"It's too bright when it's this close," Luna explained. "Apparently someone tried that a few centuries ago and almost blinded one of the other Ravenclaws."

"Is it possible they messed up the spell?"

"There's always a chance," Luna whispered, her voice full of sorrow.

Harry cursed himself in his thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Luna," he said quickly. "I didn't mean to—"

"It's fine, Harry," Luna interrupted. "I just miss her."

"Tell me about her?"

Harry wasn't sure where the request had come from, but he was surprised to realize that he meant it; that he truly wanted to hear about Luna's mother.

A smile appeared on Luna's face then, but it was unlike any Harry had seen before. It was wistful, yet happy and peaceful. She looked lost in memory, staring up at the starry ceiling above them.

"She was very beautiful," Luna murmured, her eyes distant. "And intelligent. I've never met anyone who was smarter than her."

Harry didn't say anything, waiting silently for her to continue.

"I miss her so much," Luna whispered, her silver eyes shining with unshed tears.

Before Harry was fully aware of what he was doing, he had rolled over and wrapped his arms around her as best he could, given their current position. She turned her head and buried it in his robes, which slowly grew wetter as she let herself cry. He rubbed her back, holding her close, letting her grieve and comforting her as she had for him after Sirius died.

It was strange how different this felt to when Cho had been crying last year. Then, Harry hadn't known what to do—granted, he still didn't know what to do, but hugging Luna and holding her close had felt almost instinctual, as if there was nothing else he could even consider doing.

It was several minutes before she pulled away, much calmer than before.

"Thank you," she mumbled, wiping at her eyes.

"No problem." Harry shifted awkwardly, trying not to make her uncomfortable when she was still curled against his side. "Are you—er—are you okay?"

She was staring at him with a strange look in her eyes. She glanced at his lips—so quickly he almost missed it—then licked her own.

Harry's brow furrowed. He was about to ask what was wrong when she did something that halted any words before they could reach his mouth, getting caught in his throat.

Luna kissed him.

It was quick, barely more than a peck. But Harry still had enough of a taste that he was filled with a hunger for more—a desire to feel her lips on his once again.

As she started to pull back, Harry leant forward and kissed her, his arm on her back rising higher to hold her against him more firmly.

Her lips tasted like berries.

Harry's mind emptied of all thoughts aside from how wonderful that taste was.

A thrill of excitement filled him when Luna started kissing him back. Her hands went up to his hair, their soft touch almost massaging his skull with gentle movements.

Harry prayed she didn't stop. He had never felt pleasure such as this before.

All too soon they broke apart, breathing heavily. Harry rested his forehead against hers, smiling like an idiot, but he didn't care.

"That was—"


"Yeah," Harry said with a soft laugh.

He leant back to look at her face. By the light of the moon, he could see that her cheeks were flushed, coloured a dark pink, but her eyes were filled with emotion so intense Harry wished he had a portrait of it. He never wanted to look away from her.

He tenderly rubbed a thumb across her cheek. "You're beautiful."

Luna's blush darkened and she looked away from him, turning her head.

Harry kept his hand where it was, following her movement.

"Thank you," she whispered, still not looking at him.

He kissed her head, right above her ear.

Luna finally faced him again, a cute smile tugging her lips, a sparkle in her eyes.

"You're quite handsome as well."

Harry snorted, "Thanks."

They stared at each other for a moment—a moment that seemed to last an eternity, frozen in time like they had nothing to worry about.

And then Luna was kissing him again.

Smiling against her lips, Harry let her push him onto his back.

For now, all that mattered was her and them.

AN: Hope that was a nice little bit of Harry/Luna fluff. This was really fun to write.