For a moment the entire room held their breath as Samantha sank to her knees pulling Harry into an embrace whispered in his ear. Harry smiled and took Samantha's hand sliding the ring onto her finger and kissed her again.

Harry's friends exploded as the four musketeers led at least one criminal from the room. The couple was surrounded in a group hug the girls pulled Sam away from Harry. Sam looked outraged for a moment but Harry had a gentle smile on his face letting Neville, Arthur, and Ron pull him away.

"So, Harry you are engaged now how does it feel?" Ron asked quietly "were you scared when you asked."

"It feels good Ron, the best feeling in the world!" Harry responded noting his friend's demeanor "Ron I was scared even though she said she could not imagine life without me. There is still that small part of me that little boy named freak, still trapped under the stairs at Privet Drive.

Neville looked at his friend of almost 8 years just now realizing how much he kept hidden from his circle of friends "None of them know?" Harry shook his head

"No, they may have had inklings," Harry said nodding to Ron "Ron told his mother the day the twins and he came to rescue me. They pulled bars off my windows to get me out. My trunk was locked in my cupboard."

Ron pulled Harry into a hug "You are not a freak! You are not there anymore. You will never be there again." Ron whispered he then turned harry to the girls "She said yes Brother! She wants Harry, Not the boy who lived, not Lord Potter, and most certainly not the chosen one."

"Brother, will you be my best man?" Harry asked in a small voice.

"Wild Horses would not keep me away" Harry let out a breath he did not know he was holding. "Neville would you be one of my groomsmen?"

"Yes Harry, I will," Neville answered wide smile on his face "but in return, I would like you to stand with me when Hannah and I wed"

"Now the real question little brother" Ron's smile grew wide "is when is the wedding?"

"Samantha." Luna began pausing for a minute before starting again "You have been in my sight for nine years. I saw versions of you who crushed my best friend, I have also seen versions of you who lived without meeting Harry. Today you have made our world. Welcome to the very small very exclusive club of Ladies who know and love Harry Potter."

"When will the wedding be?" Ginny asked excitedly

"We will be glad to help you planning" Hermione stated smiling "It will be a good experience for when Ron asks me and we have to do it."

"Well, Harry asked McGonagall and Ollivander to act as his grandparents, Arthur and Molly as his parents. I have no idea where in the world my father and Janet is my best friend so I was going to ask her if she would be my Matron of Honor. I have no other female friends so would you three be bridesmaids"

Getting an enthusiastic nod from all three, she smiled as she thought about scheduling and being off-world or possibly something worse "We need to do it today or there is no telling when we will have time. Other than right now." She realized what she just said "Harry, we need to talk the general Hammond like right now"

Harry was a little surprised by her request "Okay we can move this back to the Atrium or at least out of this room" Harry said looking at the Veil of Death then spun the staff appearing in his hand "Accio Sirius Black" The veil quivered and the surface started to churn "He may be dead but I want his body so he can be laid with his friends!" Slowly an inch at a time feet first Sirius floated out of the veil his eyes open and a scream pierced the are "Oh Fuck!... wait, Harry is that you?"

'There are some benefits to being the chosen one friend' Harry heard a voice in his head "You have got to be shitting me."

"Harry why do you look older and who is the hot Blond" Harry was facepalming "Was it something I said?"

"You know I just wanted to put you beside mom, dad, Remus, and Dora!" Harry huffed exhaustion of the day starting to set in "But know somehow you survived the Veil of Death, there is a T-shirt logo in there somewhere. Come here mutt I want you to meet my fiancé Samantha Carter a frightfully intelligent witch and scientist. Samantha this reprobate is my godfather whom I assumed was dead. Janet will be pleased she might bollock you a few times but after that, I am sure she will hug the stuffing's out of you."

Harry then surprised the man by grabbing his arms and dragging him from the room "The reason I look older is that it is August 3rd, 1997, Voldemort was defeated on May 2nd, A lot of people died, Remus and Dora were among them. Leaving behind Little Edward Theodore Lupin My godson who is my voice in wizarding Britain. Andromeda and Narcissa are on Black Island somewhere in the Caribbean raising Teddy and Narcissa's daughter Delphina."

By this time, they had made it to the lift only for it to open showing allowing Samantha's team, General Hammond, Samantha Ofenkil, Janet Frasier, and Gawain Robards "Jan, your beautiful angry pixie of woman it is so good to see you. Gawain good to see you I assume I have a date with a dementor?"

"Sirius Black the only person you have a date with is going to be me?" Janet ground out Pulling the much taller man down into a hug whispering "Please hold me, so I know you are real."

Sirius suddenly understood how she felt exactly how he did when he lost James and Lily. "I am sorry Jan, I never meant to hurt you or Remus. Hagrid." Sirius stuttered Hagrid's name "took Harry from me on Dumbledore's orders instead of saying now and running to America where you where I went after Wormtail. I won't ask you to forgive me, I don't deserve it from anyone."

"Sirius since you are alive can I give you the headship for the black family to hold in regency for Little Edward?" Harry asked when Sirius shook his head in the negative. "Well, I am thinking I will take the sisters Black with me to America. But that is neither here nor there. Sam and I need to talk with General Hammond Privately" harry ended looking at Samantha

"We also need Minister Ofenkil and if you can summon the Minerva and Garrick" we hope to have a simple ceremony in the atrium."

The Minister and the general went with the happy couple into a courtroom two, a relatively small room

"Captain Carter what did you want to speak with us about?" The general asked with no preamble.

"Well sir in absence of my father, I would like you to walk me down the aisle and give me away," she said to her commanding officer "Minister Ofenkil, I… that is we would like you to perform the ceremony tonight in the atrium her at the ministry!"

"Why so fast Captain Carter, you have nine months?" The general asked, "Help me understand, please?"

"Sir in nine months, hell even a year or more down the line there is no guarantee we will have time." Samantha cried out in frustration "We could be off-world, one of us could be captured or killed."

Both the general and minister nodded to each other as Harry approached Samantha from behind "Dress Blues or Lady Carter's dress robes?" he asked quietly as he wrapped her in a gentle hug

"My dress robes love" Samantha murmured "when can we have this ready? We do have a flight tonight, right?"

"Carter in light of Your fiancé's Gauntlet the joint chiefs want to give him time to heal his injuries in the gauntlet were many with severity ranging from moderate to lethal" Jack O'Neill started looking a little guilty "Our team of which he is now a member is stand down until the angry pixie over there clears him."

"Well, then can we have the ceremony tonight and the reception tomorrow?" Harry asked sincerely "and then we can fly back the following day ."

Luna got Harry's attention "Who are your groomsmen, Harry?"

"Ron is my Best Man, Neville," Harry turned to the members of his new team "Colonel O'Neil, Dr. Jackson will you stand with me? If we had one more lady, we could have T'ealc stand with us as well. Neville, do you think Hannah would?"

"Mate any of the ladies from the DA would," Neville said activating his DA medallion with time/place and a message about a wedding. The members in proximity felt their medallions heat up. "Thank you."

Harry watched as Patronus' messages went out and half an hour later the atrium was filled with Harry's supporters. Kreature had retrieved both their dress robes. The house-elves of the ministry and Hogwarts had outdone themselves having transformed the atrium into the perfect place to have a wedding. The Four Musketeers escorted in 2 older men who in turn Flanked a lady of timeless beauty One of the older men stayed with the four musketeers while the other came up to Harry.

"Lord Potter, I would like to introduce my wife Perenelle Flamel, of course, am Nicolas." The man said with a bow "Albus spoke very highly and often. I Find Myself amazed to hear the guardians of my stone speak as highly of you. Even Alexandre wants to speak with you feel like your real adventures would make a good story." Harry looked stunned and swallowed hard.

"Please forgive Lord and Lady Flamel, I was told you would move on to the next great adventure?" Harry googled "Why would Albus lie about that, why would he make me think my actions led to your demise."

Perenelle seeing the reaction from the young man took him aside "Lord Potter may I be informal and call you by your given name?" Harry nodded "Harry He did it because it was time for us to disappear for a time. The stone cannot be destroyed. Cardinal Richelieu tried, thinking if he destroyed it, the resulting magical backlash would kill anyone nearby. Unfortunately, it only succeeded in making Five people Immortal by accident. She said looking over at the five men."

"You have seriously got to be shitting me!" Harry exclaimed quietly "Who was the fifth?"

"Captain Rochefort it was the last time he worked for the Cardinal after that he traveled the world before retiring to his ancestral home near Versailles." Now that she had him calm "Albus lied because we asked him to, he also hid your involvement to protect you and your friends. He told us you would react this way if ever we met. Please accept our apologies."

"Thank you, Lady Flamel, for taking the time … to explain things to me" Harry paused when Dennis Creevy with his brother's Camera "If it would be possible, I would like you and your husband to meet my friends and family."

"We will meet with you, your wife, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom, Luna Scamander, Ronald, and Ginny Weasely. After the ceremony tonight. Tomorrow we will go back into seclusion. Now you had better take your place."

Harry Bowed and took his place as Ron escorted Janet, Neville escorted Hermione, Jack escorted Ginny, Daniel escorted Luna and T'ealc escorted Fleur Weasely.

Minister Ofenkil surveyed the crowd "Marriage, is what brings us together today."

A snicker could be heard from the muggleborn in the crowd, even Hermione could not help but smile

Samantha Ofenkil smiled. "Today before us stand two individuals bound by a common purpose' Se paused "Love, Love brings these two together today. I know it is customary for the officiant to have vows handy but I would rather we hear from the heart of this man and woman. Harry, are you prepared to give your vow to Samantha?"

"I am," he said a hint of steel in his voice receiving the nod from the minister "Samantha you came into my life a whirlwind of energy and curiosity. You made me a better man simply by proximity. I Want to live my life with your teaching, learning, and exploring. Please accept my vow to love honor and cherish you all the days of my life in this and the next."

"Samantha, are you ready to give your vow to Harry?"

"I am" Samantha nodded and the minister motioned for her to continue "Harry you came into my life when I was at my lowest point for reasons I will not go into here. You picked me up without a thought to how I was affecting your life and you tried to give me a choice. My Choice is you, today, tomorrow, years from now. I Vow to Love, Honor and Cherish you Ethe days of my life in this life and the next."

"Face each other hold your hands one atop the other" the minister commanded when they did as she bade they felt a shift in the energy inside of them "Would the members of their family gather around"

They were ringed by the DA, the remaining Weasleys, McGonagall, Ollivander and strangely enough Perenelle Flamel "All here shall act as binders for these vows "Do you both bind to the other of your own free will? Will you vow to Love, Honor, and Cherish the other all the days of your life. In this and the next." She said as she hands fasted them

A pale glow started at their hand and slowly diffused through their body and each felt a brief kiss on their temples and a whispered: "Welcome to the family daughter."

"What Magic has brought together let no being tear asunder." Minister Ofenkil intoned "Welcome Lord and Lady Potter. You may kiss…"

The couple kissed as if no one else is even there.

Molly immediately took over "Well they appear to be busy; food is over on the table the dance floor is open.

Dancing and merriment went on into the night. As the night wore down the four musketeers approached the couple. "A beautiful couple you both make." Aramis spoke sincerely "May all the years of your life be happy."

"A word of advice from one married man to another" Athos spoke the gravity of his voice gripped the pair "Let no secret come between you. However, if something should be thoughtful before responding and be kind with the words of your heart."

"I agree with Aramis" Porthos said holding his belt "You are nauseatingly cute together. When the shine of marriage dims and you feel the urge to seek solace in the arms of another talk to each other."

D'artagnan came forward holding a musketeer's cloak and sword "I have no love or marriage advice to give. As Constance was taken cruelly from me during the instance that altered us." The youngest Musketeer spoke softly allowing only the couple to hear "Harry James Potter, Lord Potter, and Black. You have the heart of a musketeer. You have defended Lord Flamel even before you were 12 seasons old. You have defended Britain, her queen, and you have defended the world. We the last of our order bestow upon you the arms of a musketeer." Draping the cloak over him putting a wide-brimmed at with a feather from an exotic bird and handing him a rapier. "Once a musketeer, always a musketeer, we consider ourselves in good company."

Everyone who was left was stunned by the displays the four fathered around Harry as one they drew their blades "All for one, and one for all"

"Come Boys let us return to France, to our home," Perenelle said to the four looking at Harry "Be good to each other. Harry for now you must rest for someday your skill, cunning, and magic will be needed." She said as she gathered them into a hug "But for now My many times' great Nephew and Niece Do not forget to enjoy life. Nicholas and Perenelle left with the musketeers in tow.

The next day flew by in celebration of Harry's Nuptials. There was even merriment on the ascended planes. Moros and Ganos looked on with Lily "Granddaughter, you have more than exceeded my expectations with young Harry. His choice of a living matter could not have been better matched."

Lily just smiled and enjoyed watching her family dance and make merry.

Jack and T'ealc spent their time with teddy and Delphina holding and playing everyone thought it was cool that Teddy made himself look exactly like T'ealc. Daniel Jackson lost when Luna Sirius found him. "Daniel, it has been a few years, looks like archeology has been good for you."

"Hey Sirius, Sorry I have not talked to you since the miraculous resurrection. This whole wedding thing Hurts" Daniel said angrily his anger turned to sobs "My Sha're is somewhere out there playing host to a Goa'uld. I just want her back More than anything in the world."

Sirius was about to continue when Harry and Samantha closed in around him.

"Dr. Jackson, you will see your wife again," Luna said quietly "In the not-too-distant future."

"If Lu says she has seen it then it will come to pass" Hermione stated "Besides you have the one person in the world that when he sets his mind to it can accomplish anything."

"The People who took your wife are going to be info a rude awakening," Ginny said hugging the older man. Daniel looked around until his eyes fell on Harry and Sam.

Samantha looked at harry before moving in to hug her friend as the tears and the sobs took him

"Daniel, I promise I will do whatever I can to return your wife to you" Harry promised

The group sat together for the rest of the day and into the night when they built a fire and everyone trades stories into the wee hours of the morning. The following morning found Harry at Heathrow Airport boarding a G-IV. After a rough take-off, Harry fell asleep holding his wife's hand Dreaming of what might happen next.

Author notes the last- thank you for reading and reviewing, I know plums wants to kill the four musketeers. This is the end of this particular work. I may continue in episodic format going forward. However, that will not be any time soon. I have four more chapters to post for Force and magic. I have a sequel planned: Force and Magic: Paradise lost. have the first three or four chapters already written depending on what I choose for a chapter-length. Will and the word I currently have 5 more chapters written but. However, three months to remember spawned another Fiction Idea I want to work on Nicholas Flamel /Three musketeers in the appropriate time period. I will re-read the Three musketeers first.