Chapter Six

"Thank you, Janet, spend some more time with your godson it sounds like he needs you more than we do right now." George Hammond smiled as he hung up "Last hand gentlemen I have a plane to catch and some quality time off with my granddaughters."

"Is Sam, okay?" Jack asked concern lacing his voice "The thing with Jonas…"

"The less said about that ass the better" Jacob snarled causing everyone at the table to jump "Jonas Hanson almost destroyed my little girl he got what was coming to him." Jacob threw down his cards "George it has been enlightening let me know if there is anything you need and I will be there to help."

"I am sorry Jacob" Jack spoke softly "Sam Means the world to us. I am saddened that she had to do what she did."

"Thank you, Jack, for what it is worth I am sorry for snapping at you." Jacob apologized "Despite being nearly 30 and captain in the Air Force, she will always be my little girl."

That was a feeling Jack understood in spades there was not a day that had gone by that he did not mourn his son. "Come on guys let us let the generals go about their business while we go out for pizza and beer.

"That sounds acceptable, O'Neill" T'ealc responded with the gravity he approached everything with "I have heard of this pizza and have been wanting to try it for some time"

"Well big guy, trust me" Jack exclaimed patting T'ealc on the shoulder" You will not be disappointed. Are you In Daniel?"

"I can eat but then I will likely come back to base there must be something in the material that might give us an idea where Apophis might have taken her." Daniel tried to sound optimistic but could not. His friends could tell he did not believe what he had said and that he was suffering from a bout of depression. "I know what you are going to say…"

"No Daniel you do not!" Jack snapped grabbing Daniel by the shoulder "If you don't take care of yourself; you put yourself and all of us at risk. I will bet my ridiculous government salary that when we get her back, she will ask us all if you took care of yourself. How do you think she is going to react when she finds that you did not?"

That gave pause to whatever Daniel was going to say as his shoulders sagged "I miss her. It is the hardest when I am just waking up because it's like I can feel her there but when I open my eyes she is gone." The archeologist spoke with a sadness in his voice that neither of the other men could fathom "It would be one thing if she were dead because at least then I could move on after a time. This is so much worse.

O'Neill could not help but agree with the younger man.

T'ealc now more than ever regretted ever serving Apophis

"Come out with us tonight" Jack tried reasoning with Daniel "Pack the books you need and we will have Pizza at my place. The change of scenery can't hurt"

Daniel had been about to argue but something in Jack's suggestion that resonated with him "alright give me ten minutes."

"I will be at your door in nine minutes, Daniel" Jack threatened which brought a smile to Daniel's face."

Samantha and Neville had been at Ollivander's for nearly 45 minutes and so far, nothing reacted to her she was beginning to think the whole magic thing was just a hoax and was about to call it off as a bad idea when Harry arrived at the shop.

Sticking his head in he was surprised to see so many boxes stacked everywhere.

"I take it is not going well?" Neville wisely kept his mouth shut and gave a slight shake of the head "Mr. Ollivander is there maybe another what she could find her wand. Maybe have her try summoning it"

Neville looked wide-eyed as Ollivander gave it a thought and nodded "Can you walk her through a wandless summoning charm?"

"Or maybe I could let her use my wand for this?" Harry asked again" I realize it might not work but one time I borrowed Hermione's wand and Blasted Professor Snape with a disarming charm."

"That might work Mr. Potter have her try your wand," Ollivander asked as he backed Himself and Neville up. Harry looked at Samantha and set his wand down on the counter

"Samantha please try my wand it may not be a perfect fit but we may be able to use it to find the wand that will choose you." Harry asked softly "Please try it I can see the frustration on your face and it is not a look I enjoy seeing on your beautiful countenance." 'Beautiful countenance cheesy Potter. Very Cheesy"

Samantha frustration had been spiking but when she heard him say that she calmed down a little. she picked up the wand and a shower of multicolored sparks cascaded from the tip like rain as she raised the wand, she could hear a haunting melody and was surprised when a largish red bird flamed into the shop singing. Landing on Harry's shoulder the bird bumped his head affectionately. It was that action that caused Samantha to see the tears of anguish coursing down Harry's face.

Harry watched her as she picked up his wand as the sparks began to flow, he felt the shift of his wand's loyalty away from him to her and it cut him to the quick. He could not hold back the tears now he had lost everything. 'Not everything my friend, you still have me!' then he felt a bump on his face opening his eyes through the tears he could feel Fawkes on his shoulder rubbing his face 'My feather protected you when you needed it, now it passes to another with the need.' Fawkes began to sing and in Harry's mind, he could see when he destroyed the wand, when he dropped the stone and when he received the cloak. He also saw something he had noticed before after dropping the stone a ghostly ring seemed to appear on the same finger as the head of house ring. And when he destroyed the wand, he could see a ghostly image still in his hand gave him pause to think about it and he felt a comfortable weight lying in his hand 'only one who would give up power deserves to bear it, my companion.'

Garrick Ollivander had been making wands for nigh on three centuries. In that time, he had been in the presence of the elder wand four times and each time it felt like the pall of death followed in its wake but he had just seen the elder wand appear in Harry Potters hand and there was a different feeling in the air rather than the foreboding of death there was a feeling of anticipation and hope.

Samantha thought back to earlier how Harry had held her how right it felt. All argument of his age compared to hers went right out the window. She set the wand down and took harry in her arms. Noting again how it felt right she raised his face with a finger then caressing his cheek she felt him lean in as if he thought it would vanish if he didn't. Years later if asked Samantha Potter could not tell you what was going through her mind as she wiped the tears from Harry's eyes one moment to kissing him fiercely the next.

Harry for his part reveled in the feeling of her touch was surprised when she kissed him passionately, he could not help himself and pulled her close not realizing that the elder wand had disappeared from his hands moving down her back until they rested on her ass gripping and kneading.

Neville was in awe of his friend for before he felt embarrassed the blush rose on his cheeks and he forced himself to turn around and address Ollivander "Do you think they remember they are not alone."

Ollivander chuckled "No young Neville you are just seeing the Potter curse in action. I think I will close early. Let us go grab a spot of tea and leave them to it."

As their passion cooled their foreheads touching "I think felt the earth move" Harry said a wry smile

"You certainly moved me" Samantha teased as she captured his lips "This is right, more right than just about anything I have ever done in my life."

"Your work with the stargate is right too." Harry stated, "I signed a magical non-disclosure agreement and when you return to America, I will return with you." Harry looked nervous "If you want me to that is."

"Yes, I do, but we have three months before we have to think about that I want to travel Europe with my betrothed," she said grabbing his hand "I am afraid Harry, I have not had many relationships and the ones I have had were not good," Samantha told Harry of the three men she dated and his anger manifested in a whirling mass of magic whirling around the shop until Samantha calmed him down.

"Mr. Potter I once told you we would expect great things from you." Ollivander called to him "I was right. What I did not tell you earlier at the shell cottage is that I have been in the presence of the elder wand four times in my life and each time death followed. Today I felt anticipation and hope. I believe you are not only the rightful owner but are the last wielder. Use it well!"

"I Plan to Mr. Ollivander," Harry replied as he looked over to his betrothed. "I am going to America where I intend to work with a special Lady on a special project."

"It is Garrick Mr. Potter" Ollivander reminded him "you have earned it young man; you have earned it"

"Then it is only fair that you refer to me as Harry." Harry said with a smile "This is my betrothed Samantha Carter and I hope that when we announce when we are to be wed that you be there as part of the groom's family."

"It would be my honor Harry" Garrick stated solemnly "who will be filling the role of Mother in this."

"Ahem," Samantha cleared her throat "Harry are you forgetting something?"

Neville leaned over and whispered something in Harry's ear Harry's eyes widened "Samantha there is a lot of flowery languages that I don't know that should accompany this. However, I am rubbish at this I know there is a contract waiting in Gringotts signing will effectively, magically married. There are some evil customs in the magical world and even if we are married you will never fear for me harming you."

"We would be married aren't you a bit young," Samantha asked honestly confused

"The Age of Adulthood is 17 in wizarding Britain," Harry said, "we can at least read the contract and I can get the ring if you are of the mind."

"The age of Adulthood in the United States is 18, any younger and I could go to prison for 15 years!" Sam pointed out. "I am fairly sure you don't want me in prison, do you?" she said shrugging the robe that had hidden the blue halter style minidress Janet suggested "Do you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow "I am of the mind let us go see the contract."

Harry saw the curves of her body and the way the dress hugged them "No, definitely not. So I would like to compromise, the contract now and a wedding in the Mundane world at the time of your choosing" Harry explained "My 18th Birthday is less than 60 days away. As my brother-in-arms Neville has beaten into my head I can teach and you need to learn so we can travel together explore our relationship across Europe."

"Tonight, we celebrate just you and me" Samantha declared "Tomorrow I would like to meet your family."

"As you wish!" Harry said with a soft voice catching her lips with a slow, sweet, breathtaking kiss. "Neville will you be one of our witnesses?"

"Um, Harry are you sure?" Neville asked, "I thought you would want Ron and Hermione."

"Normally I would but they like everyone else needs time to themselves." Harry said grasping Samantha's hand, "We are going back to Gringotts. I want you and Janet as our witnesses. Afterward, my wife and I will be celebrating overnight in London If you could tell the Weasley's, Andromeda Tonks, and Professor McGonagall."

They exited and strolled down the street Samantha having forgotten to put her robe back on Harry had taken his off there were whispers and pointing. Harry had quite enough "For merlin's sake! Would you stop staring and gossiping about my betrothed and me?"

"Your betrothed Harry?" a voice that made Harry cringe, "I thought you would have ended up Miss granger or Miss Weasely, not some muggle slag"

Harry turned, extending his hand the elder wand unbidden appeared "Rita, need I remind you I am Lord of two ancient and noble houses."

"The people deserve to know who you are cavorting with," Rita sneered "You are so cute thinking you have any real power"

"Well for one miss skeeter I am not a muggle My paternal grandfather is Matthew Carter." Samantha said "While I have not taken up the mantle of my house, I am sure I along with my betrothed 's help could indeed do something about you but in this case, I am going watch as he takes care of you"

"If you want to talk about real power Rita lets us pit your skill against mine with a wand. I call it a matter of honor." Harry Spat out "I challenge you Rita skeeter to duel" gasps were heard.

"Oh, Harry what on earth makes you think I want to come within ten feet of your wand in a duel." Rita scoffed "I mean for all I know you would use an unforgivable on me just like you did on Lestrange at the ministry a few short years ago." There were gasps and murmurs.

"Well played Rita, Bravo, Yes Bravo!" Harry called out "Yes I tried to use the Cruciatus Curse on Bellatrix Lestrange two minutes after she killed my godfather Sirius Black. Do you know what she said after I cast it on her? She told me that righteous anger could never power the curse and that you had to truly hate someone to use it effectively."

The crowd was silent all of them thinking of how many Lestrange had tortured and killed most of them looked at harry and could not lump him with her.

Rita was about to make another snide remark when her left sleeve was hit by a cutting hex revealing a faded dark mark.

"I wonder Rita what you had to do to earn your mark" Neville Longbottom sneered as he stalked up "Incarcerous not one week ago the Carrows were trying to make us torture the younger years they had with them an assistant who was rather skilled with the curse I know because she used it on me three times because I refused to cast the vile spell on first-year students. Harry rescind your request by casting that spell on me she challenged me. I accept Here, now to the death"

Harry having known Neville for seven years could tell he well and truly wanted to end her. "I rescind my demand for a duel but I will act as Neville's second."

"Hem! Hem!" A voice interrupted the "I am Afraid Mr. Potter that will not be possible." He turned and saw Delores Umbridge, pink cardigan and all "I am Afraid you have some explaining to do."

Authors notes: A taste of Daniel Jackson's state of mind. Some exploration of the physical side of Harry and Samantha's relationship. Ending with the appearance of two characters I hate. Revanvador caught mistake I did not even realize I made I mistyped Harry's birthday in Chapter Three. Sadly, I was at work and switching between a report I was working on and Chapter three. My editor has not yet edited chapter 13 of force and magic.