Percy was wretchedly tired as he knelt before his father, Zeus, and the Olympian council. After a few moments Percy accepted godhood knowing he could do more to help his fellow demigods. He heard Annabeth break in tears he had a plan to overcome her fear that he was abandoning her. He keeps his plan in mind as the counsel infuses him with the power and it burns into his essence he feels his mind and power expand exponentially. As the infusion ceases he bows to the council before turning to Athena and setting his plan in motion.

"Lady Athena through all my misadventures and successes one person has always been by my side, I would like your permission to court her as the queen I see her to be."

Athena's face darkened, "Percy Jackson your hubris forever astounds me, and I will not allow my daughter to become a god's plaything." Before anyone else could overcome their shock at her statement for they could see the love between the two teens. "May you know the power of your first foe and be forever cursed."

Percy felt the power of the underworld again only it felt deeper and he fell to his knees again as Annabeth screamed behind him.

"Mother no. Percy!"

Percy's new power settled on him increasing the already mind blowing growth from his godhood not even having settled the power expanded explosively and his potential powers shifted as he became the God of Monsters supplanting his old foe the titan Echidna and her husband Typhon. Percy Jackson was in so much pain as the power flowed through him he did not know he was now one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos having no equal and no challengers. Zeus in his infinite wisdom panicked throwing Percy into Tartarus before he could regain his cognizance and kill Athena or the whole council in a blind rage. It might be centuries before he could learn to control his new powers and positions. One thing Zeus missed was Annabeth clinging to Percy's now bull like neck his from now resembling his first foe the Minotaur.

Zeus turned to Athena. "Daughter you are striped of your positon on this council, you have in your foolishness turned one of our most devoted and powerful vassals into potentially our most powerful and dangerous enemy. I can only hope that as he learns of his power he does not seek revenge on us all for your lack of wisdom. So in punishment I exile you to the mortal realm for three life times you will live from birth to death as a demigod to three separate gods in the hope you will come to know wisdom, empathy, and love. When your sentence is complete your lives will be evaluated and if judged worthy by this council either your godhood restored or whether you will join Percy Jackson as his bound concubine and servant. In my haste I now see we are missing Annabeth Chase as well."

Athena's head whipped around searching for her daughter for she had hoped to reason with her and explain. Zeus continued, "Hestia will you take up your position on this council once more. Her response was a simple bowing of her head in acceptance and acknowledgment. Now with Poseidon and Hades, and of course with Hades' permission, we will send Miss Chase a means to speak with this council and depart Tartarus if she so wishes. Till then we will send you on your way to begin your punishment." So saying he threw his lightning bolt at Athena banishing her powers to her former temple till it was returned or passed to another. While her essence was thrown down to the earth towards a hospital below. "Zeus asked who would be the first to succor this daughter of the gods on the first part of her journey."

Aphrodite spoke, "nephew if you will permit I will undertake this task I will teach her the trials, tribulations, and succor that love alone can bring."

Zeus turned to his brothers. "Now for the hard part placating a new god that has reasons to hate and destroy us. And given that Chaos as well as Tartarus both empowered him I know not whether this council could contain or overcome him even in his current state. As well as determining the fate of Annabeth Chase."

"Iris would you please contact Annabeth Chaseā€¦ By all the powers, umm, Aphrodite can you tell me once you are done dealing with my daughter will you contact Percy and Annabeth they are settling their own negotiations between themselves" Zeus said, Aphrodite looked through the Iris message and giggled.

She glanced and laughingly said, "Well it's quite possible given his powers and I think we know her response to if she will stay with her lover." As she passed her hand through the rainbow.