Avenging Lantern

Chapter 1

Dimensions Apart

So, I've thought of something a few times during some of my multiple viewing of Next Avengers and that is 'James kind of looks like Red Lantern Guy Gardner.' And here we are now. Not much else there so... Let's kick it up!


The rain fell down over a quarry as five young people were fighting against a large amount of red eyed robots.

"Guys, I'm running out of arrows here." Francis Barton, a white haired young man wearing a black outfit and white vest said as he fired at a few of the drones.

"Fall back, Hawkeye. We can handle the rest of the drones." Torunn, a blonde armored girl said while slicing through a few of them.

"She's right. You need to focus on the refugee pocket out of here." James Rogers, the leader of the the group said, attacking some of the drones with his solid light shield and high caliber pistol. before looking up to the youngest member of the group, a boy in winged yellow armor named Henry Pym Jr. "Pym, give him some cover fire." He ordered.

"I'm on it." Henry said, flying directly behind Francis and using the blasters in his gloves to shoot at the drones that had broken off to follow them.

"You gonna send the entire team away?" Azari, a dark skinned young man asked as he used his electrically charged claws to slice down a few more of the drones.

"What's the matter? Getting tired?" James asked in a joking tone to his adoptive brother.

"Hah. I just don't want to make it where Pym and Hawkeye have *absolutely no chance to catch up to my kill count." Azari joked back before shooting a blast of lighting if of James' shield to take out a large number of the drones.

"Boys, must I remind you that we are in battle and not at play?" Torunn asked while shooting lightning out of her sword.

"Who says we can't do both?" James asked while preforming a few no look shots.

"Guys. We've got a problem." Francis said from over the coms.

Quickly holstering his gun, James jumped and grabbed on to Torunn's forearm as she began to fly with Azari close behind. Upon arriving where the last two members of their team were, the young heroes were shocked to find a giant drone carrying large canon approaching the refugees.

"Stay on your toes, guys. Keep moving and don't let that thing fire!" James ordered while dropping down and moving to aid Francis in leading the refugees away.

As that happened, Torunn and Azari moved around the giant drone while hitting it with lightning, never stopping to give it a clear target. This distraction allowed Henry to grow to giant size and begin his own assault on the robot. The attack was short lived however as robot let out a large pulse from its chest, knocking Henry to fall to the ground and shrink back to regular size.

Seeing the destress his youngest adopted sibling was in, James moved as fast as he could and got between the robot and Henry powered his shield up as much as he could before tossing Henry out of the way and did the best he could to hold back the blast. However, his efforts proved to be in vain as his shield shorted out and the blast overtook him. Leaving shocked faces of his team.

A moment of pure silence over took the area. It was then broken by a roar of pure anguish and rage and Torunn raised her sword to the sky and called forth more lightning than she ever had before it coated the blade and she swung it as massive blasts came out with every attack, Torunn continuing to attack even after the robot had been destroyed.

"Torunn!" Azari and Henry called out before moving to grab the daughter of Thor before she dropped her weapon and the three embraced in their loss.


Wolds away, James was lying unconscious in a black and yellow room as a red skinned woman in a yellow and black uniform with a strange symbol printed on her shoulders and what appeared a Gorilla in a similar uniform with the symbol on his chest.

"I found him just outside the city." The Gorilla said before the woman pointed the ring on her right middle finger at James.

"He's from a universe far outside of our own and seems to have been hit with a displacement ray and a poorly made one at that." The woman said, before a groan escaped from James' mouth. "Easy there. You took quite the hit." She said as she laid him back down.

"Where am I?" James asked, looking at the unusually clean room.

"You are on Warworld, home of the Sinestro Corps. My name is Soranik Sinestro, leader of the Corps. This is my associate, Lorix" The woman said.

"Wish I knew what any of that meant." James said with a chuckle.

"I doubt you would. According to our scans, your universe is far different from ours and your apparently have never been off of your Earth." Soranik said before raising her hand up. "If you don't mind, I'd like to know exactly. My ring can read minds. But I need permission." She said, gaining a nod from James before her ring began to glow, Soranik seeing the entire life story of the young man.

The son of two of two of his Earth's mightiest heroes James was barely old enough to walk when a, AI made by two of the others went crazy and slaughtered his world's heroes and went on to the rest of humanity, leaving only a few pockets of them left, Year's later, while exploring the safe zone he had been hiding in with his adopted siblings, he had activated a robot duplicate of his father which led the AI, Ultron to find them. Since then, the life of he and his family until the latest battle, which led him to where he was now.

"You've been through a lot. I'm sorry." Soranik said in a compassionate tone.

"Can you help me get back? I need to help them." James said in concern for his family.

"I'll do what I can. But for now, you need to rest." Soranik urged, gaining a reluctant nod from James before he lied back down and Soranik left with her Gorilla-like companion left the room. "I need to contact the rest of the Council Corps." She said before leaving to go to an empty room before pointing her ring at the symbol of her Corps as it began to glow while the symbols of five others shined different colors. Just then, hologram began to appear of a an African American man in a green uniform, a woman in indigo tribal Garb, a blue skinned woman in regal pink armor, a gaunt white skinned alien in a blue uniform, and finally a massive red skinned alien in a stone like red uniform with a blue furred Cat in the same kind of uniform.

"Everything alright, Soranik?" The man in green asked.

"Afraid not, John." Soranik said before she went on to explain the situation to the leaders of the other Lantern Corps of the new guest on her world.

"Kyle told me about a universe with Avengers that he and the League went to once. They were good people. Even if this isn't the same group, we should do what we can to save what's left of their world." John said.

"This 'Ultron' also may present a threat to that entire universe in the same vein as the Manhunters. It must be destroyed." The red clad being, Atrocitus said with a righteous emanating from his voice.

"So, our motives our are in agreement. Does anyone have a plan?" The tribal clad woman, Iroque asked.

"Sadly with the damage that Ultron has done to this Earth, even if we manage to eliminate all of the Ultron drones, rebuilding would be all but impossible. Full evacuation is the only option." Soranik pointed out.

"And what of the boy. Doubtless, he will wish to join in the efforts." The woman in pink, Ago'Po pointed out, gaining nods from the rest of the group.

"I think that one is obvious." John said before clarifying. "Once the kid his healed up. We give him a ring." He said, gaining nods from the others before the call was cut.

A short walk later, Soranik arrived back in the infirmary where she saw James focusing as the cuts and burn that remained on his body faded away.

"I've been to speak with some of my comrades. We have agreed to help you." Soranik said, gaining a grateful smile from James.

"Thanks. I'm gonna need all the help I can get." James said while putting his jacket back on before taking a look at his damaged gear. "Don't suppose you can help me fix my weapons." He said.

"I can do you better. I can give you access to one of the weapons in the universe." Soranik said before raising her hand as a yellow light began to emanate from it.


Well, there you go guys. I hope you enjoyed the opening chapter of this and would like to see more. Now, I know that people are gonna know what Corps James, but I'm keeping that one close to the vest.