Team seven walked through the village's gate. It has been a week since they left the village for an A-rank mission.

"What about dinner at Yakiniku Q?"

They need to have fun after all the hard work they have done this week. She really craves some barbecue.

Her other teammate stops and looks at her.

Yamato sensei accepts her invitation while Sai only gives her his fake smile. Naruto just stays silent. She can see that she is somehow calculating her plan for the barbecue.

"Naruto, are you joining us?"

The blonde was not looking at her at all. His eyes keep running away from her everytime she tries to make eye contact with him.

What is his problem?

Naruto was grabbing his bag's straps. Why does he act so restless?

"Hmmm... I think... I can't join you guys because... because I had some business to do. Bye! "

Naruto runs at full speed and leaves his teammates behind.

The three of them look at each other with the same question on their mind. What kind of business did Naruto have to do? But they only leave the question without any answers.

They head out to Yakiniku Q without their blonde teammate.

All the Konoha 11 were gathering at Yakiniku Q for lunch. Suddenly, Naruto stood up.

"Sorry you guys, I need to head back now"

His hand was behind his head and rubbing the back of his hair. His patently fake grin really makes Sakura really suspicious of him.

"It's okay Naruto, see you next time"

Shikamaru waves to him and the blonde exits the restaurant.

"Bye you guys"

They had just just started and he wanted to go back. Why does he act really peculiar these days?

"What is wrong with him? Last week, I planned to have dinner here after our mission and he was the only one who wasn't join us. He has been acting really strange these past two weeks and that really annoyed me! "

"Sakura takes it slowly. Maybe he had something to do or maybe he was having the training he was looking for. Who knows? Just chill, okay "

Ino calmed her best friend down.

Sakura only looks at her speechless. She does not know what to say. Maybe she was too pushy towards him.

But Sakura is really curious about what Naruto is doing. A little investigation will not hurt, right?

Sakura was standing on the opposite rooftop from Naruto's apartment. She also hides her chakra so that the blonde will not notice her. The same day as the previous week, Naruto will be doing his business on Friday. His apartment is still lit up and she can see Blondie from the window.

He was standing there nursing his stomach while looking at the orange purple sky, and she could see his lips moving as if he was talking about something.He also looked at his stomach and smiled at it. What the hell is he doing? Is her teammate mad or what?

After 15 minutes, Naruto closed his curtain. His apartment was dark and she could see the blonde coming out of his apartment.

Sakura slowly follows him from behind his back. She hopes he will not know her present.

After a while following him, she knew where he was heading.

Naruto was walking towards the main gate. Which is the only way to get out of the village.

His business is outside the village, but he just does it when the sun is still there. Why does he get out of the village at a time like this?

Too many questions pop out of his mind with every step she takes.

Suddenly, Naruto changed his path. He was heading towards the wall of the gate. She can see only bushes covering the giant wall. Does he have a secret door behind all of that?

Sakura was really shocked when her prediction was correct. Naruto really has a secret path behind those bushes.

He really gets out of the village every Friday, but for what?

When Naruto passes through the secret path, she needs to make sure that there is a gap between them. After a minute, she uses Naruto's secret path to get out of the village.

Thanks to Naruto's highlight hair, even though in the dark she can see where he is. He was entering the forest and Sakura could hear him mumbling something soft like a lullaby.

He was walking really slowly and she got a few mosquito bites on her legs and arms. Sakura wants to hit his head and drag him back to the village right now, but she really needs to know her teammate's secret to cure her curiosity.

After a long walk, Sakura can see a cottage in the middle of the forest. A small cottage may be enough for a single person. Who is crazy enough to stay in this forest?

Naruto opens the door and gets into the cottage without knocking or calling for the owner. Is this his cottage or what?

Sasuke spots a window and sneaks towards it. Sakura tries to find the best spot so that Naruto will not notice her when she is peeking.

She can see Naruto is hugging someone, but because of the light in the room was so dim, Sakura can not see the other person's face. She knows that this person is a little bit taller than Naruto and has a black lock.

They were hugging for a while and suddenly the brunette carried Naruto in a bridal style. He put Naruto on the bed slowly and landed beside him. Both of them were lying side by side while looking at each other's beautiful faces.


The other man softly calls the blonde name softly. His husky voice really makes Sakura shudder.

His hand was playing with Naruto's cheek and slowly slid Naruto hair behind his ear.


Naruto giggles because the man's touch makes his ear tickle.

Suddenly, the brunette changed her position. He is leaning on the bed head.

"Naru, come here"

Naruto slowly crawls towards the man and sits on his lap facing the brunette. His hand was encircled around the man's neck and his face was really close to the man's face.

The brunette whispered something but Sakura couldn't catch it. She can only hear Naruto giggles afterwards.

Sakura can see the other man grab Naruto's nice shaped butts and grope them really hard. Naruto, on the other hand, was moaning really loudly.

Naruto gives the brunette a soft punch to his chest and makes him chuckle.

"I'm sorry, babe, but your buttocks just feel so good in my hands."

Naruto's face became a tomato. Sakura has never seen Naruto like this before. She starts to question herself, what the hell is she watching right now? Who is this brunette man and why do his teammates act like that with him? Too many questions but no answer. Sakura starts to regret following Naruto here.

"You know what, Kurama told me that..."

Naruto plays with his fingers and avoid make eye contact with the man.

"What does he say, Naru?"

The man kissed the blonde on his forehead.

"Hmmm... He said that I'm pregnant"

The last word was not caught by the man either Sakura.

"Babe, can you say it properly? I want to hear it, please "

The brunette cups Naruto's cheeks and cares for them slowly.

Naruto's face became more and more red.

"I'm pregnant"

Naruto blurted out. His face was still blushing.

The brunette was static. He needs to process what his lover just says. After a while, his expression changed.

He hugged the blonde tightly. Apart from the first time they met in a few years, it was the longest hug they'd ever shared.

"Thank you Naruto"

Tears dropped from his black orbs. He is the happiest man ever alive right now.

"That means you will stay here, right?"

The man holds the blonde shoulders and looks him in the eye.

"You know that I have things to do right now"

"But, I want you to say here with me and our child."

The brunette sighed. He adores his lover, but there is something he must resolve before remaining by his lover's side indefinitely.

"I promise when everything is settled, I will come back to you"

"You really promise, right?"

"I promise with all of my heart"

The brunette gives Naruto's lips a soft kiss as the seal of the promise.

Naruto just came back from his mission and he is really worn out. His bed really kept calling him to land. He drops his body on the not really comfy bed, like a cannonball.

When he turns his body, he can see the frame of his old team seven standing on his table.


His eyes welled up with tears.He really misses Sasuke. It has been three eyes since the valley of death.

The blonde can feel his heartache. He needs him now.

Tears flow down rapidly and make his eyesight blur. Naruto curves his body and his arms wrap around his knee.

Suddenly, he saw something in front of him and it was moving towards him. Naruto rubs his eyes with his hand to make his vision clear.

When he removed his hand, he saw him. The person he really missed so much. Naruto changed his position. His legs were behind his body in a W shape.


Naruto's body moves itself. He wants to touch the person in front of him. Tears started to flow down.

His arms wrap around Sasuke's body firmly. He does not care if Sasuke pushes him down or punches him. He just wants to reassure himself that the Sasuke in front of him is real.

The sensation felt so good. Suddenly, Naruto felt a strong arm wrap around his small body.


Naruto looks at Sasuke's face. He still has his cold Uchiha expression. Those eye bags under his eyes really make him look fatigued.

"You must be tired, Sasuke"

Naruto cares about Sasuke's cheek. He is somehow a little concerned if the brunette will kick him away from him, but Sasuke just stays still but Naruto can feel his grip around Naruto's body become tighter.

Suddenly, a large force pushes Naruto and he falls on the bed. Sasuke is above him, his hand locked in Naruto's on the bed.

Their faces are just an inch apart. Naruto can hear Sasuke's breath enter his ears.


Naruto calls his name softly. Sasuke does not act like his usual self.

"Are you okay?"

Sasuke's breath came out quickly.Naruto can hear his heart beat really clearly. What is wrong with Sasuke?

"Sasu... Aah"

Their lips were connected. He can feel Sasuke's hot tongue enter his cave. Every movement Sasuke does makes Naruto's body become weaker. Naruto does not hate him.

Sasuke pins Naruto's hands in one hand and starts to move his other hand over Naruto's beautiful tan body. He started with his left nipple. He pinches it hard and make Naruto moan sensation. He flicks it several times and Naruto moans everytime his finger touches the tip roughly. Naruto can feel his body hair stand up with every touch. He moved his hand to his abdomen and gently caressed it.When his hand arrived at Naruto's lower part, he could feel Sasuke was playing with his members. He rubs them slowly, makes Naruto moan. His calloused hand enhances the sensation.

"Ahh... Sas.. ke"

I can not post the next scene. Please forgive me and use your imagination.

Sakura sits on the cold ground and covers her ears tightly with her palms.

She needs to get out of here right now.

"Sas... ke, I'm coming"

Another moaning from inside the cottage. Naruto, can you just keep your mouth shut for a second?

The sound of Sasuke's thrust fills the surrounding area. Sakura does not want to know every movement those two are doing, but she can hear their rhythm clearly. It has been an hour, and they are still doing it.

Sakura really needs to get out of here before something worse happens. With all the courage she had, Sakura took the first step. The sound of the dried leaves makes Sakura frozen.

Suddenly, Sasuke groaned. His husky voice made Sakura shudder.

What should she do?

Sasuke covers his lover's naked body with a comforter. He grabs himself a towel and wraps it around his waist.

He feels really refreshed with three hours of straight violence with his lover. Even though they will meet once a week, it is not enough for Sasuke. He needs to taste his blonde everyday.

He walked towards the door. He has a business to attend outside of the bed before resuming his position beside his foxy.

The cold air touches his skin but feels nothing. He headed to the window located near their queen size bed and saw a figure. A very familiar figure.

She has a kunai in her hand while in combat position. Sasuke smirked. She thinks that small kunai would hurt him. He activates his sharingan and stares her down.

"Go away"

Sasuke says calmly because he does not want Naruto to awaken.He needs some rest after their activities just now and he also carries his child with him, which makes him need to rest more.

"What are you doing to Naruto!?"

Sasuke sighs. After three hours straight making love with his lover, she was still clueless about what had just happened.

"You see and hear yourself, right?"

Sasuke smirked again. He notices her when he crosses the visible barrier he put around the cottage to detect the enemy.

"You must be us genjutsu no him!"

"Can you shut up? You will wake him up "

Sasuke warns her. This is why he despises girls: they are always loud and dump. But wait, Naruto is also loud and dump. Whatever.

"This is the last time I warn you, get out of here"

Sasuke activates his chidori. If Naruto did not care about this girl, it would be a pleasure for Sasuke to kill her.

She slowly moves backwards and runs away. Sasuke was relieved. He really does wants to deal with people right now.

He gets into the cottage and slips beside his lover. His hand wraps around Naruto's thin waist and he falls asleep.