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Mars, 2151

"Our time is up. I can't kill you... but I won't you have you standing in our way."

Doom Slayer could only watch as Dr. Samuel Hayden - the head researcher of the UAC on Mars, and the one responsible for Hell's entry to the dead planet - activate the Crucible. The relic transformed into a blade; emitting an eerie red light.

"Until we see each other again."

Those were the final words Dr. Hayden said to Doom Slayer before he walked away with the Crucible in hand. The Slayer was enraged to see the researcher leave with the remaining source of Argent left on Mars; further planning to produce more of it back on Earth. Doom Slayer struggled against his restraints as he attempted to grab the doctor and retake the Crucible.

Too late, the Tether System had been reactivated. And flung him through dimensions, where time and space began to twist and warp as he was cast-off to parts unknown.

To where? It was an uncertainty. And it only made the Slayer all the more frustrated.

Earth, March 10, 2012

Gotham City, 11:26 pm

Batman stalked the rooftops as he prowled over Gotham as its protector. His ever-looming presence in the city's criminal underworld struck fear in their hearts as he relentlessly pursued them with his brand of justice. Currently, he was pursuing one such.

Near Gotham City's docks, illegal activity had been brewing in disguise as mundane exports. Through wiretaps and hacked communications, the Dark Knight had discovered shipments of weapons being exported off to several criminal hotspots in Bialya. Bialya's rule was brutal in its reign and the Queen that ruled them brought ruin without impunity. And to allow these weapons at the hands of a brutal dictator would result in even more deaths. He wished he could do more for the population but it was out of his jurisdiction. Even covert ops. Destroying the supplies would minimize the destruction at least, much to his frustration.

Batman made his way to the docks, using his Bat-hook to swing and move freely into the night.

Five minutes later, he had arrived.

He could already see various shipments in transit. Smugglers were busy loading a range of high-grade armaments onto the container ship. His optics allowed him to spot several pieces of military-grade technology: missiles, chemical weapons, combat suits, Venom drugs, and other armaments that would violate all Geneva Conventions. These were all red flags for the Dark Knight. Batman descended from the rooftops, landing on the containers. He moved stealthily, taking out the smugglers one by one. The first was incapacitated from above and pulled into the shadows. Another was seized from behind and left unconscious in a narrow alley between containers. The noise drew the attention of a few other criminals nearby. They scoured the area, trying to locate the source of the disturbance. One ventured further in his search while his accomplice hung back. After a few moments, the searcher abandoned his effort, only to turn around and come face-to-face with a dark figure. He had no time to react before being swiftly knocked out. Batman collected the unconscious men and secured them inside an empty container.

Stalking again, he avoided surveillance while routinely taking down anyone in his vicinity. Eventually, he managed to navigate his way to the cargo. The weapons were there, alright.

"Enough to arm a small force and take over several towns," Thought Batman as he investigated the caches. He needed to get rid of them fast. He had brought his own explosives and was prepared to get rid of them.


Batman tensed up as he heard something nearby. He moved to investigate. The noise came from a seemingly empty container.

"Is someone in there?" He surmised, putting extra precautions to avoid alerting his presence. Deep inside, someone was flashing a light but not directly at Batman. What did reflect, however, was a cluster of claymore beeping instantaneously.

In five seconds.

Instinctively, he grabbed whoever was holding the flashlight and got out immediately. An explosion followed but Batman managed to escape and rescue the person...who just so happen to be his protege.

"What are you doing here, Robin?!" Batman scolded; causing Robin to cringe. "You disobeyed my orders!"

"I was just following a lead!" Robin responded. "Picked up some strange activity here as well! Looks like we were in the right direction!"

Batman simply stared down at the boy, who shivered under his signature glare in kind.

The explosion alerted several nearby smugglers. Batman deployed smoke grenades, creating a diversion as the smugglers fired at empty air. From above, Batman delivered a swift kick, taking down the first two. With precise throws, he disarmed three more criminals with his batarangs. As gunfire erupted from another direction, Batman dodged the bullets. Robin leapt into action, knocking out two thugs who were preoccupied with the Dark Knight. Together, the Boy Wonder and the Dark Knight systematically disarmed the villains. Robin took particular delight in toying with the criminals. After all, they should know as Gotham was no place for their mischief. Meanwhile, Batman concentrated on intercepting the shipment, determined to prevent it from setting sail and sparing the Biyalians from further harm.

"Robin! We need to destroy the cargo! I'll handle them! You go disable the ship!" Batman ordered.

"On it, Batman!" Robin disappeared soon after, his laugh echoing the air. Batman faced off against the smugglers. Surrounded with guns at the ready, Batman simply glared and lunged.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Robin sprinted as fast as he could. A smuggler spotted Batman's protege as he opened a door but was kicked in the chest before he could even react. Robin entered and made his way inside. Already, several of them aimed and sprayed bullets as they collided with Robin. The Boy Wonder simply jumped around with acrobatics and boots to the faces. The adrenaline rush kicked into high gear as he messed around with these amateurs. None of these guys had the chance with their sluggish movement and reaction. Kicking his way up to the ship's controls, Robin immediately punched the helmsman in the throat before sweeping him under the leg. Hostiles now disarmed and disabled, went for the controls. He took out his birdarangs and easily dismantled the controls with just one throw.


Robin dropped to the floor as something hard hit him on the back of his head. He fell to the floor, vision now blurry and body weak. Before his eyes closed, someone stood over him. Looking above, Robin could see the faint outline of a black and orange mask.

"Well, then. Looks like my employers won't be so happy about this delay. But don't worry, I'm sure Batman will pay up...with his life insurance..." The man said before Robin before his vision faded.

Back on the docks, Batman knocked out every single smuggler foolish enough to fight him head-on. All of them out cold on the ground with bruises and some broken ribs. Batman pressed his comms and called in Robin.

"Robin, can you read me? Is the ship disabled?" He called. Static came.

"Robin? Do you hear me? Has the ship been disabled? Over." He repeated. No answer.

"Sorry, Bats! But I'm afraid Boy Wonder isn't exactly on deck!" Someone announced on top of one of the crates. Batman looked up and recognized the distinguishable black and orange mask of Deathstroke. Batman tensed up as he saw Robin in a chokehold under the Terminator's arm.

"Let him go, Deathstroke!" Batman demanded.

Deathstroke simply remarked, "Poor choice of words."

The Terminator pushed the boy over the ledge, crashing onto a couple of containers.

"Robin!" Batman called out. However, Deathstroke landed a few feet from him before Batman could help the boy.

"Don't worry. The kid's been through worse. But your business is with me." Deathstroke charged at the Dark Knight in a full sprint. Batman hurled batarangs, which The Terminator shot down with remarkable precision using a Glock. As Deathstroke drew his sword, preparing to strike his adversary, Batman countered with his serrated gauntlets, deflecting Deathstroke's blows with ease. Yet, Deathstroke pressed on, relentlessly driving the Dark Knight back with each assault. Alternating between sword and firearm, Deathstroke sought to land a blow on Batman, who skillfully evaded and parried both bullets and blade. Their rivalry was unparalleled, except perhaps by the Clown Prince of Crime.

For Deathstroke, or Slade Wilson, the excitement lay in proving who was the superior fighter. Victory could only be declared in death. The frustration for him was that his foe always stopped short of full measures. In each clash, he drove Batman to the edge of a fatal strike, only for it to conclude in a draw. Batman survived every battle, considering himself the winner each time. However, with each supposed triumph, Deathstroke managed to slip away. And with every getaway, it was inevitable they would confront each other once more.

And this day was no different.

"Come on, Batman." He stated, swinging at his opponent's head before gripping in reverse. "We have had this song and dance, over and over. It ain't gonna end until one of us is dead!"

Batman simply kept silent, not giving Slade the satisfaction of an answer. The Dark Knight locked the blade his gauntlet's blade to throw a punch with his other hand. He landed a perfect uppercut. Slade dropped both of his weapons as he was sent flying, only to roll back safely. Slade smirked under his mask in a superhero landing position.

"Still holding back? Disappointing." Deathstroke cracked a smile under his helm, before adopting a combat stance. Batman mirrored his actions. The Dark Knight's gaze briefly shifted behind the mercenary, noting Robin's faint breaths. Refocusing on Deathstroke, Batman was ready. They were poised to engage once more.

However, during the skirmish, something unusual caught the corner of both fighters' eyes.

Like a lightning strike, a flash of light came followed by a blue glow, Both men shielded their eyes and looked up to witness a man materializing before them. Crouching upon landing, he rose to reveal his towering stature, an absolute colossus. Yet, that wasn't all; he donned futuristic armor, seemingly beyond Earth's advancements. The man gazed at the duo with... confusion? His body language conveyed surprise at their presence rather than hostility. Scanning the masked figures, suspicion crept in, pondering their identities. The confrontation was on the brink of escalating into a three-way standoff.

Batman, poised to inquire, was riddled with uncertainty: was this stranger an ally or an enemy?

Hell for the Company - DOOM (2016) OST

However, the skirmish quickly escalated when one of the smugglers seized a rifle and started shooting indiscriminately, mostly hitting the large armored man. Batman attempted to intervene, but the mysterious stranger reached the shooter first. Deathstroke was taken aback, having not seen the man move from his position. The shooter was suddenly disarmed as the Doom Slayer crushed the rifle in his grip, the man's hand still attached. The smuggler's screams filled the air as his hand was twisted into unnatural positions, followed by a solid punch to the jaw that silenced him, breaking it instantly. Doom Slayer then turned to the remaining two, just as Batman leaped into view. The Doom Slayer evaded and caught Batman's cape, spinning him around before hurling the Dark Knight into a crate. Batman hit the wall with such force that it nearly broke his bones.

Bullets bounced off his armor harmlessly behind him and turned around to see Deathstroke with a handgun aimed at him.

"Bulletproof. Wonderful. I wonder how you compare to Batman." Deathstroke declared a challenge aloud. In response, Doom Slayer drew his Heavy Assault Rifle, ready to unleash havoc on the mercenary. Shock registered on Deathstroke's face as the weapon materialized from thin air, prompting him to seek immediate cover. Micro Missiles showered down on Deathstroke while he dodged the explosives, taking refuge under a concrete traffic barrier. Doom Slayer paused his barrage and switched to regular ammunition. Meanwhile, Deathstroke seized an Uzi, quickly checked the magazine, and found it sufficiently loaded to return fire during his retreat. As bullets ricocheted off, Doom Slayer resumed the pursuit, rifle in hand.

Robin rose from his feet; startled by the number of gunshots ringing his ear. Now aware and sensing the immediate danger, Robin cautiously looked and see Batman on the ground. Immediately, he rushed forward and went to the Dark Knight's side.

"Batman! Are you alright?!" He cried. The Caped Crusader groaned as he stood up, resting his head against the wall.

"Don't worry about me, Robin...how's your head?"

"Felt like I was sleeping on the wrong side of the bed." Robin humored. "But I'm alright."

Loud explosions and gunshots followed, enough to wake up the city.

"What the heck's going on out there?!" Robin spooked.

"No time! Robin, I need you to get out of here! I'm calling in the Gotham PD! I need you and everyone out of here as soon as possible. This is now a threat you can't handle on your own! Do you understand?" Batman questioned the boy. Robin looked conflicted but ultimately complied.

"On it!" Robin immediately left and helped the smugglers get out. Batman, still semi-injured, stood up with all his willpower. He felt his shoulder dislocated but popped it back in with one push. He bit his lip hard to not scream; tasting the iron in his mouth after. Finally, back in the action, the Dark Knight chased after the two assailants.


Deathstroke ducked for cover and returned fire with an AK-74U he had picked up from the ground. Meanwhile, Doom Slayer had his Combat Shotgun primed. He unleashed a barrage of explosive rounds at the elusive mercenary, causing explosions to erupt across the docks like peals of thunder. Alternating between seeking cover and retaliating, Deathstroke's blood surged with adrenaline in the face of his formidable opponent. This adversary was serious, discharging rounds that could be deadly even at a range, a prowess nearly matching that of Deadshot.

Immersed in his thoughts, Slade relished the excitement coursing through him. It had been some time since he encountered a fighter of such caliber, with the exception of Batman. This adversary was intent on killing, which Slade found satisfying. He narrowly evaded a bullet aimed at his face while dodging other projectiles. Deathstroke charged forward, unleashing a barrage from his AK directly at his foe, as Doom Slayer nonchalantly absorbed the gunfire, simultaneously discharging his shotgun from the hip. Both advanced at equal speeds, each resolved to be the last man standing in their deadly confrontation.

A slug struck the mercenary squarely in the chest. Deathstroke was propelled backward, yet the Promethium armor shielded him from a potentially lethal shot. He swiftly rose and resumed movement. Doom Slayer, relentless in pursuit, tracked his quarry with ease. The Marine kept pace, effortlessly homing in on the Mercenary's recent trail. Deathstroke dashed, then veered around a corner of stacked containers. Doom Slayer, in hot pursuit, rounded the same corner only to discover his target had vanished. Without hesitation, he activated the map on his HUD, surveying the nearby area for any sign of Deathstroke.

"You are very relentless, I'll give you that much!" Deathstroke echoed. Doom Slayer immediately pulled his weapon back and aimed at the sky, ready for a pounce.

Deathstroke continued, "I've gotta say, I was just about ready to give Batman another beatdown. Kill him, even. But then you showed up out of the blue. No pun intended. And for what it's worth, you made this fight very interesting."

At that moment, Deathstroke reemerged, firing a shot overhead. This merely irritated the Slayer, who swiftly climbed atop the crates. Deathstroke took off running once more, evidently fascinated by the hidden abilities of his pursuer.

"Come on! Show me what you got!" Deathstroke taunted, vaulting over the crates with ease. Doom Slayer drew the Super Shotgun and began firing buckshot as they pursued each other across the rooftops. Deathstroke looked back and saw Doom Slayer leaping over with his boost thrusters engaged. His pursuer was now uncomfortably close. Deathstroke dodged just in time, the buckshot whizzing past him, and landed on a lower crate. Doom Slayer halted and hoisted the Rocket Launcher onto his shoulder. Equipping Lock-On Burst, the Marine aimed his sights on the elusive Deathstroke.

Batman descended swiftly and struck the Marine from behind, causing him to drop the launcher. The discarded rocket launcher misfired, sending three missiles straight into the ship's cargo. The resulting impact triggered a domino effect as numerous concealed weapons within the cargo detonated, engulfing the ship in a colossal explosion.

Horrified, Batman could only gaze upon the chaos he had unleashed. Deathstroke, on the other hand, watched his lucrative opportunity burn with shock and rage. The Doom Slayer, undeterred, launched a punch at the Caped Crusader. Batman, caught in the fray, managed to block the blow with his gauntlets just in time. The sheer power of Doom Slayer's punch sent Batman tumbling. Regaining his footing, Batman saw Doom Slayer aim the shotgun at point-blank range. Closing the distance, Batman seized the barrels, trying to disarm the weapon, only to struggle against the baffled super soldier's strength.

Batman's retaliatory punch barely fazed the Marine, who countered with a dismissive backhand. Batman stumbled backwards, spitting out blood as he landed. Immediately, he stood back; no worse for wear.

"Who are you?!" Batman demanded, but the Marine offered no reply, simply turning his back to him. Unwilling to let an unidentified figure roam free, Batman retrieved three explosive batarangs and hurled them at the Marine's back. Each batarang struck its target, making the Slayer stagger slightly. Infuriated by the provocation, the Doom Slayer pivoted, appearing poised to retaliate against Batman.

"I won't ask again: who are y-?!" Batman's demand was cut short as he reeled from the sight of Doom Slayer barreling towards him with inhuman speed. Without hesitation, Batman took the unexpected route and charged at Doom Slayer, slipping beneath his legs and dodging a powerful haymaker.

However, he hadn't anticipated the Doom Slayer seizing his cape and hurling him over the cargo. Batman, acting on instinct, reached for his bat-hook and fired it at the Marine. The hook and line caught the Doom Slayer around the neck, pulling him along as both plummeted towards the concrete below. Thanks to the hook, Batman was able to soften his descent by hitting a lower crate before tumbling down to the concrete with the marine. Despite the excruciating pain, Batman steeled himself as he confronted the stranger. The Doom Slayer, barely affected, relentlessly pursued the Caped Crusader. Batman narrowly avoided a blow as the Doom Slayer's fist smashed through a cargo container, folding the metal as if it were tin foil. With his fist freed, the Doom Slayer continued his onslaught, unleashing his full wrath upon Batman.

Batman remained composed, carefully observing his opponent and anticipating his moves. The adversary was relentless, delivering powerful punches at superhuman speeds. Moreover, he exhibited remarkable proficiency in his combat skills. Clad from head to toe in sophisticated technology, Batman acknowledged he was not battling an average man.

"A possible metahuman?" He thought. Realizing the need to end the battle quickly, Batman hurled a smoke bomb straight into the marine's helmet.

Temporarily blinded and engulfed in smoke, Doom Slayer was caught off guard. Batman, utilizing the sensors in his mask, navigated through the smokescreen to position himself behind the marine. As Batman launched an attack, Doom Slayer, to the detective's surprise, caught his fist. The marine seized Batman by the throat, drawing him in close. Batman, struggling in vain against the vice-like grip, found himself at the Slayer's mercy. Attempts to tase the Slayer failed, the electricity ineffective. With dwindling strength, Batman aimed punches at the joints, then flailed in desperation. A profound sense of fear emanated from the Slayer; Batman had encountered formidable foes before, but none like this. This terror immobilized him, as if he were gazing into the face of death itself. Through the visor, he could discern nothing but the dark, merciless eyes peering out from the abyss.

In times past, Batman stood as a beacon of fear among criminals. However, this individual may as well have been the definition of primordial terror.

As Batman floundered, Doom Slayer observed the costumed crusader. Undoubtedly human, albeit an exasperating one, clad in an absurd outfit. Nevertheless, his instincts assured him that Batman posed no significant threat, and his scanners detected no trace of Argent energy. With reluctance, he cast Batman aside, deeming him a minor nuisance at most. Yet, not without delivering a swift kick to his abdomen, propelling him against the cargo's edge. Doom Slayer then consulted his map, intent on finding his launcher.- Locate your Rocket Launcher.

The objective was followed by a mark on his map, showing the current location of his weapon. With nothing stopping him, Doom Slayer sprinted to the current location, leaving Batman to recover from his injuries. The Dark Knight coughed up, surprised to be alive. That intense struggle rattled him quite a bit. However, he had been through worse and overcame many events like this. But seeing how dire the situation was, he had no other choice but to gather reinforcements.

He pressed on his intercom and called, "Calling all Justice League. I repeat. Calling all Justice League to Gotham City. We have a situation..."

The Doom Slayer quickly reached the location of his rocket launcher. He was met with an expanse filled only with construction machinery. He moved stealthily, anticipating an ambush at any moment.

"HEY!" The shout drew the Doom Slayer's attention to Deathstroke, who stood atop a cargo container, the Doom Slayer's prized rocket launcher perched on his shoulder.

"Because of you, I now have nothing to show for when my clients find out about their cargo! So I will take this as compensation for your mess!"

Deathstroke aligned his sights with Doom Slayer and squeezed the trigger. A rocket soared through the air, heading directly for the unmoving Slayer.


The Slayer quickly became shrouded in flames and smoke. Slade, with a smirk, found amusement in the fact that the stranger he deemed "challenging" bit the dust before. Yet, his sense of triumph was fleeting, as the Slayer emerged from the smoke, entirely unharmed by the rocket's blast.

"Oh shit…" Deathstroke exasperated, cursing himself for not foreseeing the Slayer's seeming invulnerability.

And from the marine's grasp, the Chaingun emerged, its barrels splitting into three as the Mobile Turret activated, taking direct aim at Deathstroke.

"Oh shi-!" Deathstroke immediately dropped the launcher and sprinted across the cargo as the Chaingun sprayed tungsten. The slugs ruptured the cargo's metal as it chased the mercenary from rooftop to rooftop. Slade ran for his life until he crashed into the concrete below. Doom Slayer released his thumb off the trigger - the barrels now visibly burning under the darkness. Doom Slayer set it aside and placed it back into his interdimensional pocket. The marine quickly went for his rocket launcher; climbing over the cargo's roof before finally snagging his last weapon once more. Again, no damage to it whatsoever.

Finally satisfied with all of his weapons returned, Doom Slayer pursued the Mercenary again. Locating Deathstroke's last landing, Doom Slayer's helmet scanned for his footprints and followed a trail leading to another maze of cargo before him. Groaning, he ran to catch up to him.

Robin strung up the smugglers as Gotham PD arrived. Commissioner Gordon arrived with his men, followed by a SWAT team and firefighters racing to the scene as the cargoship's fire grew intense like a raging bonfire. News anchors flooded right after with yellow tape stopping them from going any further. Robin had no interest in dealing with them, more concerned with Batman still on the docks. Wild gunfire and explosions were heard at ground zero, louder with each shot.

"Everyone! Get back! This is not a safe zone!" One police officer warned the public. An explosion happened again, being a little too close for comfort. Robin was growing more worried by the minute. His thoughts were snapped out as Commissioner Gordon approached him.

"Robin! Where's Batman? Gotham's turning into chaos and I received a call from him. He better has a good explanation for this!" Gordon questioned.

"Don't know where he is! Last I saw he went straight into the gunfight!" Robin answered.

"Dammit!" Gordon called in on his radio. "SWAT team! You're clear for action! Proceed with caution! Do not engage with Batman! Locate the source of the gunfire and take them down!"

"Copy that, Commissioner!" The other end radioed.

"Well kid, looks like your hero won't be-" Gordon looked back to speak to Robin, only to find thin air and audible laughter emitting elsewhere. Gordon grumbled in frustration.

"Shit..." A gust of wind gently caressed and he looked up to find Metropolis' Man of Steel making his way towards the burning ship, followed by a multitude of other heroes. The crowd got excited and tried to capture the action on camera. Gordon sighed in relief, hoping the League get things under control now.

Deathstroke concealed himself behind one of the lower cargo containers, his heart pounding with adrenaline from the intense violence of this new foe. This adversary had proven to be extraordinarily unique. Any preconceived notions Slade held were discarded, witnessing the Doom Slayer's invulnerability firsthand.

He was, in fact, quite pleased. A relentless and skilled predator was hunting him, armed with an arsenal of unknown magnitude. This stranger was no Batman; he posed a threat beyond Deathstroke's usual marks. In a sense, this was favorable. Moreover, the stranger had bested the Dark Knight, indicating a formidable challenge. Deathstroke relished a good battle whenever possible. By now, he had nearly dismissed Batman, seeing no further reason to engage with him. His focus was solely on the super soldier.

Quietly, he listened intently, picking up the distant sound of the man's footsteps. Drawing his sword, he readied himself to ambush from his hiding spot.

Doom Slayer advanced with the Super Shotgun ready. He followed the trail to a T-junction in the hold. As he rounded the corner, Deathstroke attacked first, but Doom Slayer parried with his forearm. The marine fired two rounds at the mercenary. Deathstroke's armor held firm, showing only minor scratches. Doom Slayer reloaded for another shot, but Deathstroke disarmed him with a swift kick, causing a misfire. Doom Slayer maintained his grip on the weapon, having learned from his encounter with Batman, and raised his free hand to block another strike. He fired again at Deathstroke's chest, but the promethium armor absorbed the impact. After repelling the mercenary with a kick, Deathstroke rolled to safety, now under the marine's gunpoint, before rising once more. The marine and mercenary circled each other, each step measured, in the spacious hold with a view of the bay nearby.

"I'll admit, you are full of surprises. Taking a rocket to the face like a champ is enough in my books." Deathstroke spoke in admiration. "Got no guns and I'm out of bullets. So that leaves me one thing: you wouldn't bring a gun to a melee, would you?"

Doom Slayer kept his gun on the mercenary as Slade raised his sword against him. Tense moments passed before Doom Slayer finally accepted the challenge. The marine lowered his weapon and put it aside in his pocket.

"Good sport," Deathstroke said with surprising patience. Doom Slayer pulled out the Painsaw. He revved it up, the chainsaw roaring to life with its teeth going at terrifying speeds. The mercenary was a little unnerved by the marine's weapon of choice.

"Of course, it had to be a fucking chainsaw of all things!" Slade cursed himself. Doom Slayer gave little pause and dashed towards Slade. Deathstroke managed to pull his sword up and deflected the saw. Doom Slayer swung it with full force, yet, directing them with planned coordination. Deathstroke parried each strike with great skill, but not underestimating the power behind the hand that wields it. He was tempted to strike back but Doom Slayer proved to be a rather impervious character. Besides his armor, he was a rather excellent duelist despite the bulky weapon in use. Combined with his strength and speed, the marine outmaneuvered Slade at every turn.

Deathstroke was on the defence for a little while until his back hit something solid. Behind him, he pressed against cargo and grabbed each end of his sword as Doom Slayer swung overhead. Deathstroke's sword was the only thing keeping him from the edge of death as the chainsaw's serrated teeth ground onto the blade's edge. Slade used all of his strength to survive this fight. The marine pressed the chainsaw down further; Deathstroke's head getting closer to becoming split-headed.

A moment of intellect came to Slade and - in a hasty attempt - allowed himself to submit before swerving his head to the side. The chainsaw buried itself through the cargo's steel wall. Deathstroke moved to the side, narrowly avoiding a knee to the head, and swung his sword. Doom Slayer's armor protected him but raised his arms to block the sword swings. Sparks flew and metal rang the air.

Doom Slayer stopped further hits by grabbing the blade and delivering a solid punch to the mercenary. He then cast the sword aside, leaving Deathstroke with his bo staff. Doom Slayer simply cracked his knuckles and went into a boxer stance. Deathstroke extended his staff and was on the attack again. Doom Slayer blocked with his fists, delivering punches as often as he could as Deathstroke hit him repeatedly in certain joints and presumed weak spots. The marine had enough and grabbed the staff just as Deathstroke slammed it toward his face. A small twist and the staff's end suddenly opened. Instinctually, Doom Slayer swerved his head to the side as the staff shot an energy blast in surprise. The marine followed with a headbutt, disorienting the mercenary, and kicking him in the chest. Doom Slayer snapped the staff in half and threw them aside. Deathstroke jumped back up again, raising his fists as well.

"Alright, fisticuffs it is..." Slade remarked. Deathstroke landed the first punch, striking the head. The helmet protected the Marine but there was definitely force in that punch. Doom Slayer was being hit with a barrage of fists thrown at him. Deathstroke could feel his knuckles hurting like hell, but he wasn't going to stop. Doom Slayer grabbed him by the head and slammed it against the metal wall. Deathstroke jumped out of the way as a fist slammed into the wall where his head would've been smashed in. Doom Slayer pulled out and threw a hook at the mercenary. Deathstroke backed away and launched himself a Superman punch, followed by an uppercut. He threw a roundhouse kick but was caught in mid-air. Doom Slayer swung him around before throwing him back at the wall. Deathstroke could feel a few broken ribs and bleed internally. However, his one eye glanced at his sword close to him. Doom Slayer rushed in, preparing to finish off the mercenary. Deathstroke quickly grabbed his sword and aimed it toward the marine's throat.

In a literal leap of faith, Deathstroke plunged his sword deep into the impossibly small gap in Doom Slayer's exposed neck. He ducked in time as the marine's fist passed over his head.

The sword reached past the jugular and exited outside the flesh. Blood trickled and stained the blade as it exposed itself to the air. Doom Slayer stopped mid-attack, tasting the blood from his mouth. Deathstroke kept his grip on the sword and stood up as he kept his eye on his opponent's movement. A sense of accomplishment of pride swelled up in the mercenary's grizzled face; having earned another successful kill.

"You kept up the good fight... but this had to end with one of us alive." Said Deathstroke in an amicable tone. He loosened his hand, allowing the body to fall.

However, that wasn't the case. As soon as he did, Doom Slayer grabbed the man's forearm. Deathstroke's pride shattered as he noticed the hand on him. Doom Slayer leaned forward and stared into the mercenary's shocked face. He clenched his right hand into a fist and launched it.

"Wha-?!" BAM

Deathstroke was sent flying by a haymaker thrown at him. He landed hard on the concrete ground. Doom Slayer landed on one knee with his opponent down and began pulling out the sword from his wound. Deathstroke pulled himself back up sluggishly and took off his helmet. The helm was severely damaged with a fist-sized dent at the mouth. Without it, he would've had a broken jaw for quite some time. Slade spat out some blood and a couple of teeth. His healing factor would replace them eventually. As for the Slayer, pulled out slowly before the blade was finally out. He threw the sword in front of the mercenary and took off his helmet. He vomited up the excess blood from his mouth. His wound began to regenerate on its own; using whatever Argent that remained inside him. As he allowed himself a breather, Doom Slayer laid eyes on Deathstroke. Slade could see the clear outlines of the marine's face.

He was human, he observed. The man looked to be in his mid-thirties, a few minuscule scars riddled on his face. Yet, none were as striking as the eyes. He had seen plenty of it before. The kind of thousand-yard stare only one would see in times of disaster and war. But this one was a different type of stare.

This one looked like he went through Hell and back.

The two men slowly stood up, visibly in pain but with enough willpower to fight again. Raising their fists together, the fighter charged at each other with brutal intent.

Suddenly, something struck the ground and an explosion of smoke interrupted them. Batman pounced and struck the marine from behind. Doom Slayer was out of breath by this but pulled out the Assault Rifle. He shot wildly at the Caped Crusader but Batman intercepted and deflected his arm. The two struggled as the Marine shot wildly with his assault rifle going off in his hand. Batman headbutted him now that his head was exposed; causing him to drop his gun.

Doom Slayer retaliated by headbutting him even harder. Batman was dazed as hell, leaving him vulnerable to the marine's brutal assault. Doom Slayer punched him with two powerful blows, putting him on one knee before throwing his in the face. He then grabbed the Crusader by the throat and threw him against a wall. Batman braced himself as the marine kept slamming his head against the metal exterior.

Deathstroke returned and shot the Heavy Assault Rifle behind the marine's back; halting his brutal beatdown on the Dark Knight. Doom Slayer ducked and covered his head as the bullets bounced at his back. Batman pulled out the Batarang and threw it at Deathstroke's hand; disarming him. Doom Slayer turned and tackled the mercenary but was immediately stopped by Batman throwing a punch to the face. Deathstroke kicked Batman in the leg, forcing him to fall on his knee, followed by the marine punching him back harder. Deathstroke rolled away safely from the marine's fists.

Doom Slayer and Batman jumped back up after and the three were now at a standstill. Eyes moved between them, tension and paranoia rising as all three planned out the next move against the other.

Suddenly, something jumped behind Doom Slayer; landing on his shoulders and riding him. Deathstroke was the first to make his move, going after Batman instead. The marine used his strength to grab the fourth assailant and threw them back at the cargo. A loud thud came and Doom Slayer pulled out his shotgun and was ready to pull the trigger until he stared in shock at who it was. A kid. And in a garish costume, no less. Robin used the distraction to his advantage and threw his birdarangs. Many of them simply bounced off the marine's armor, with one grabbed in midair by the marine. Robin didn't stop, rolling in front of him before launching a dropkick to the face. Doom Slayer staggered but was still standing. The Boy Wonder jumped around and toyed with him, throwing as many hits as he could.

"Catch me if you can!" Robin goaded. "I float like a butterfly, and sting like a beeaAGH!"

Doom Slayer ended the boy's play fighting with a grab at his fist and pulling him to the ground; pressing his head and restraining one of his arms. The marine made an effort to not harm the boy any further, seeing no enjoyment in harming a minor.

Batman took notice and took umbrage while fighting Deathstroke.

"ROBIN!" Batman yelled, taking out the bathook and shooting it under Slade's feet; pulling him down quickly after. Batman ran towards Doom Slayer, both furious at the marine and fearful for his protege's life.

Doom Slayer looked up in time and braced for a tackle. Batman was nowhere near the marine's strength level, simply going for what would be a shove from a bystander's perspective. The marine simply threw him to the ground, placed his feet on top of his chest, and placed a shotgun over his head.

Robin was about to save his mentor when a blur of blue flew past and crashed into the Marine. Doom Slayer went soaring in the air but managed to land perfectly on his feet, sliding across the concrete grounds and leaving a scratch trail on them. Doom Slayer was now reaching his limit and was getting completely fed up with more nuisances. He stood up but not before being slammed against a cargo wall. He glared straight into the eyes of the new opponent before. A blue-eyed caucasian man with dark hair pressed his forearm against Doom Slayer's throat and said, "This fight is over. Stand down."

From the side, Robin was ecstatic to see Superman take down another supervillain, only to turn into shock as Doom Slayer responded by spitting blood into the man's eyes, causing him to recoil and wipe his eyes. Now free, the marine threw a punch straight into Superman's face, throwing him back with surprising force. Doom Slayer, blinded by anger, bull rushed towards him. Superman wiped his eyes fast enough to shoot lasers from them. Doom Slayer sidestepped and launched another fist. Superman blocked the attack, the contact so strong it produced a shockwave around them, with the earth below cracking under the pressure.

Superman was caught off guard once more, now forced to defend as the marine unleashed a barrage of punches, each landing with the precision of a boxer aiming for a swift knockout. The marine's relentless assault continued unabated, his stamina seemingly inexhaustible. A final blow shattered Superman's guard, leaving him reeling and providing the Slayer with the opening he sought.

As Doom Slayer aimed a right hook to end the battle, his arm was suddenly ensnared. Glancing down, he discovered a golden lasso coiled around his limb. Behind him stood a woman clad in a revealing red and blue outfit adorned with gold—a stranger to the Slayer. To Robin, she was Wonder Woman, wielding her Lasso of Truth. The formidable Amazon tightened her grip on Doom Slayer's arm, demanding, "Submit! Or face the consequences!"

Yet, the marine remained undeterred by her command or the Lasso of Truth. If anything, it only incited the Doom Slayer further. Seizing the lasso with astonishing force, he yanked the caught-off-guard Wonder Woman toward him, causing her to collide with Superman.

Robin quickly stood up from his injuries, now panicking as two of Earth's mightiest heroes were easily taken down by a crazed future soldier. Suddenly, a hand was placated on his shoulder. He looked up to find his mentor standing beside him.

"Get to safety. This isn't a fight you can win." Batman ordered, walking up to the marine for another showdown. Robin was reluctant, however, as his legs were glued to the ground, wanting to watch the fight unfold. Conveniently, both Superman and Wonder Woman recovered quickly and stood back, standing alongside their comrade.

On the opposite end, Doom Slayer stood alone yet cracked his neck and spat leftover blood on the ground, readying himself for another fight.

"Be careful." Batman warned his friends. "He is a possible metahuman with an unknown amount of deadly weapons at his disposal. Be advised."

"Understood," both heroes acknowledged. Wonder Woman leaped into action first, drawing her sword and shield. Superman took flight beside her, while Batman disappeared amidst his smoke grenades. The Doom Slayer was swift to counter, adeptly blocking and dodging the attacks from the Kryptonian and the Amazon. With only his face uncovered, his armor functioned as an unyielding bastion, enabling him to concentrate on offense and predict their maneuvers. The marine surprising them with a rocket launcher caught the heroes off guard. He fired at Wonder Woman from close quarters. She brought up her shield in defense, but the blast sent her reeling back, rendering her unconscious as she skidded along the ground.

"Diana!" Superman cried out, soaring towards his injured comrade. Doom Slayer lowered his weapon, trying to discern the whereabouts of the third adversary. Abruptly, he sensed a slight push against his back and a weight on his shoulder. Batman had stealthily approached and thrust a smoke bomb into the marine's throat. The gas burst forth, causing the Slayer to cough violently. He quickly removed the bomb from his mouth and crushed it in his hand. Batman, slightly disheartened yet anticipatory of such an event, watched as the Slayer once again brandished his shotgun. But before he could act, Batman vanished in a crimson streak. On high alert, Doom Slayer felt a minor impact on his face—a weak slap, really—as the red blur zipped by him.

"Why so green, chum?" It spoke, revealing itself as a man in a red suit with a lightning bolt on his chest. He leaned against a wall with arms crossed and sporting a cocky grin on him that really ticked off the Slayer. Doom Slayer unloaded his shotgun, only to hit nothing in that same spot.

"Too slow!" The speedster said in Doom Slayer's ear. The marine tried to backhand only for the speedster to disappear.

"Gotta keep up!"

The speedster ran circles around Doom Slayer. Surrounded by his opponent, the marine stayed calm, closing his eyes and breathing slowly and deeply amidst the speedster's cacophony. Batman, observing from a distance, was frustrated by Flash's antics and needed him to approach the situation with seriousness. The marine's stillness only added to the tension, signaling a potentially dire outcome.

"Flash! Stop messing around! This is not an enemy to be underestimated!" He said through the intercom.

"Come on, Bats. This tank got's nothing on me!" Flash boasted, preparing to strike another time. "What's the ru-"

Closing the gap, Flash realized too late as Doom Slayer delivered a solid punch to his solar plexus, matching Superman's speed. The force of the impact was so strong that the speedster skidded across the waters of Gotham Bay.

With no time to savor the moment, Doom Slayer caught a red glimmer in his peripheral vision and raised his left forearm just as Superman unleashed his heat vision. Batman, observing from a distance, was astonished to see the marine's armor withstand the Kryptonian's assault.

Spotting his helmet nearby, Doom Slayer advanced, using it to block Superman's relentless heat vision. Seizing the opportunity, he kicked the helmet into Superman's face, causing the latter to stagger. Doom Slayer then charged, sliding to grab Superman's waist and executing a suplex that shattered the ground beneath them. Rising, he indirectly kicked him towards Robin, who evaded and took cover. Meanwhile, Deathstroke, having escaped his binds, was inadvertently subdued by Superman's collision. Doom Slayer retrieved his helmet, donning it once again. A sudden splash diverted his attention.

Emerging from the water, a new adversary appeared, carrying Flash on his shoulder. Doom Slayer eyed the blonde, bearded figure clad in orange fish scales and black pants, trident in hand. The man gently placed his coughing companion down. Aquaman scrutinized the armored warrior, recognizing the threat he posed. In the distance, Batman watched the unfolding conflict, with Robin now safely out of harm's way, following his mentor's lead.

Batman stoically looked at his protege's state, conveniently hiding his concerns as he asked, "Are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine." Robin dismissed, nursing a pain on his shoulder. "Been through worse."

""Go and seek medical attention," Batman ordered bluntly. "This is beyond your capabilities."

"I'm fine," Robin insisted, only to receive a stern glare from his mentor. Causing the Boy Wonder to sheepishly bow his head.

"Now," Batman commanded.

The man planted his trident with a loud metallic noise to announce his intent.

"Stop where you are!" He announced. "By order of the Justice League, you will cease violence and be taken into custody! Surrender now! That's an order!"

Hearing that, Doom Slayer scoffed and walked to where his gun was. Furrowing his brow, Aquaman held his trident in a throwing position.

"I said surrende-"Aquaman hurled the trident at the Slayer's back. To his astonishment—and Batman's grim situation—the man spun around, seizing the trident mid-flight. Moreover, he whipped out a weapon the size of a pistol and took aim in return.


Aquaman felt a sharp sting on the side of his head, clutching it as he dropped to one knee. After checking for blood and finding none, he still felt a searing pain, akin to a third-degree burn, likely to leave a permanent scar.

Looking up, Aquaman saw the armored man with his pistol now pointed downward. He observed the Slayer returning the trident to the earth before departing. The Atlantean king was left in confusion over the events. On the sidelines, Batman's observation continued, his stern gaze mixed with unexpected surprise. He hadn't anticipated the anomaly declining a battle, unlike his other three counterparts. Even after discharging his weapon, the man had only managed a grazing shot. The Dark Knight's initial assessments were becoming clouded with new information. However, his contemplation was cut short by the start of another skirmish as he detected a whistling sound go past his head. The armored man caught the arrow mid-flight, only for it to emit a series of beeps.


On high alert, Batman turned to witness Star City's Green Arrow and Black Canary landing on the same cargo platform he occupied."Sorry for the wait," Green Arrow spoke first, "Just saw Boy Wonder and told us where you were."

"It seems you got trouble." Black Canary alerted. As the dust cleared, the armored man was unharmed by the explosion. The Doom Slayer looked in the direction of the arrow's origins, finding the culprit and two others.

"Of course he had to be one of those stonewall-types." Remarked Arrow, nocking another arrow.

"Wait, Arrow!" Batman jumped. "There's something you should know!"

The warning was too late as Doom Slayer pulled out the Rocket Launcher, quickly changing mods and squeezing the trigger. Seeing this, Aquaman rushed forth and tackled him successfully. The launcher went off, missing all three street-level heroes by a couple of feet away from them. He counted on the Atlantean to interrupt them, though, as he detonated the rocket remotely. The rocket was still off, but the force of the explosion was enough to knock them off the cargo. Batman glided safely while Oliver shot an arrow with a rope attached at the highest vantage and held Canary tight to him, slamming against a wall before falling safely to the ground.

Still rolling with Aquaman, Doom Slayer kicked him off into a cargo, picking up his launcher after.

Arrow looked at Canary in concern. "You okay?"

"I'm fine, Ollie." Canary breaking a smile. "Just a bruising is all."

Oliver smiled, but Batman soon interrupted their moment. "Both of you might want to stay sharp. This fight isn't over."

Hearing this, Arrow and Canary stood behind Batman as they prepared to face the Doom Slayer. The Marine had grown more and more irritable with their distractions. By then, Superman and Wonder Woman had finally recovered, followed by Aquaman. Flash was still down, still recovering from the blow to the chest.

Confronted by six heroes, Doom Slayer quickly assessed the situation. He needed to end the fight fast. He had no intent to harm the heroes, yet their interference in his quest for his final weapon left him little choice. Bracing himself, he cracked his knuckles and awaited the right moment. Superman attacked with his heat vision, distracting Doom Slayer as Wonder Woman charged at him. Aquaman and Black Canary joined in to assist her, while Green Arrow and Batman readied their weapons from a distance. Anticipating Wonder Woman's attack, Doom Slayer deflected her strike towards Aquaman. Taking advantage of her disrupted balance, he hurled her towards the Atlantean King. Black Canary's aerial kick was intercepted, and she was tossed into Superman's path. Batman launched an explosive batarang, and Green Arrow fired an explosive arrow. The batarangs detonated on impact with Doom Slayer's armor, shrouding him in smoke. The arrow, however, did not explode on impact. Emerging from the smoke, Doom Slayer wielded the Plasma Rifle, relentlessly firing at the street-level heroes.

"Just how many guns does this guy have?!" Green Arrow exclaimed to Batman, narrowly dodging the hot rounds.

"I counted five." Batman answered in the heat of the battle. "Possibly more."

With the Doom Slayer focused on the two, Wonder Woman burst from the smoke and pounced with her sword in hand. She struck true, only to phase through the marine himself.

"Sorcery?!" Wonder Woman looked dumbfounded as she doubled back and waved her hand into the hologram. The real Doom Slayer instead, made a run for his missing weapon.

"Found him!" Superman alerted the rest of his team. Black Canary tapped his shoulder to get his focus.

"If you can do the honor…" She suggested, her eyes gesturing him towards the Slayer.

"Don't blame me for agreeing to this." Superman quipped, before reluctantly heaving her at the escaping marine. Canary landed a drop kick in the back of the Slayer's head. The force was not enough to drop him, but he did stumble in surprise. Canary landed in a dramatic pose on the ground. The female hero unleashed her famous Canary Cry to stop the Slayer in his tracks. Many of the heroes just behind him moved out of the way to avoid the deadly sonic blast. Even so, this only delayed the Slayer as he pushed his way forward to the heroine. Anyone who stood in the Canary Cry would have had their ear drums bursting, but the Slayer's inhuman physique made him invulnerable to the blast. Oh it hurt, yes, but he had been through worse. Canary gradually increased her scream to slow him down, but the marine was undeterred. Behind her, Deathstroke had recovered from being a cushion for the Kryptonian. Grabbing the Heavy Assault Rifle, the mercenary was able to figure out the weapon's systems with ease.

"Let's see what this baby can do." Deathstroke muttered to himself, activating the gun's micro-missiles and aiming at Canary's back. In a split second, Superman saw the Terminator's action and swooped down to shield his ally from the explosive onslaught. His landing was enough to distract her. As the chaos subsided, Doom Slayer charged, with Canary narrowly evading. Doom Slayer leaped onto Superman's back and lunged at the Terminator. Deathstroke, seeing this, dropped the gun and evaded Doom Slayer's impactful descent. With the gun back in hand, he fired several rounds before Superman slammed him into a wall. He quickly stowed his weapon and exchanged blows. Superman's punches were formidable, but Doom Slayer skillfully parried them, seizing his head after four solid hits to his face and chest and thrusting him into the metallic wall, which buckled under the combined force of their strength and resilience before the Slayer tossed Superman back at the others. The top cargo slid but hadn't gone by much.

Aquaman, wielding his trident, charged, but Doom Slayer sidestepped, seized the pole, and delivered an elbow strike to his face. The marine wrested the trident from the sea king and delivered a forceful kick to his chest. He then clashed with the Amazon and her sword. The Trident's reach gave Doom Slayer an edge, alternating between thrusts and swings to drive her back. She matched his vigor and skill with fluid movements against his direct but potent strikes.

Wonder Woman maintained her distance, analyzing her adversary's tactics. She had not encountered such a fierce foe since Ares and Cheetah. The marine was clearly skilled, relying on brute force and swiftness; his armor compensated for any defensive shortcomings, enabling him to advance without fear of injury. What astonished her more was his inexhaustible stamina. He never showed signs of fatigue, even when battling six members of the League, including three of the strongest, all at once. The stranger's resilience was unyielding. She had glimpsed his face, confirming his humanity, at least outwardly. He was certainly not a robot; his scent during the fight and his expressions exceeded what any automaton could offer.

Green Arrow and Batman provided cover fire, but Doom Slayer deftly countered with a broad swing, sending them harmlessly into the sea or sky. Witnessing this, the Amazon seized her opportunity and lunged forward. Only too late did she recognize the feint, as the Trident was slammed down onto the asphalt, expecting a shower of small debris. Instead, the stranger tore a large slab from the pavement itself, catching Diana off guard and prompting her to draw her sword and cleave through it. The debris split apart just as the Trident's end hurtled towards her. Diana sidestepped to avoid the impact before ducking and sliding under her foe's legs. Doom Slayer spun around for a close-quarters confrontation.

On the sidelines, Green Arrow and Batman were still acting as support. However, the latter had analyzed and realized there wasn't much either could. Green Arrow, on the other hand, primed an explosive arrow. Seeing this, Batman reached out to him.

"Not yet," Batman ordered, "No friendly fire."

The archer silently nodded, straining to keep the arrow ready. Meanwhile, Robin - despite his mentor's warnings - disobeyed orders and watched from the sidelines; hanging on a crane with a cargo still hoisted. Fear and awe ran in the back of his mind as he watched the fight continue on. Six of the Justice League's heaviest hitters against one guy. That

Back at the fight, both Slayer and Amazon traded blows, evenly matched in their respective fighting styles. Diana was more graceful and swift in her movement, dodging and parrying his blows. Doom Slayer, meanwhile, was more robust but calculating in trajectory. The fact his armor compensated for his lack of defense made him quite challenging.

Eventually, Doom Slayer gained the upper hand and caught her blade; shattering it to pieces. Diana wasn't so vulnerable, however. When the Slayer tried to slug her, Diana crossed her gauntlets together, hoping the impact would throw him off. Instead, the combination of his strength and her gauntlets caused an explosive chain reaction. Diana fell backwards while Doom Slayer skid across the ground. The surrounding area was blown back from the shockwave as well, throwing the other heroes off their feet as well. Nearby cargo tipped over from the blast. Thankfully, no one was hurt and neither did the heroes. Robin, affected by the blast, held on for dear life as the cargo shook on the crane, clinging over the edge. By inexplicable chance, Green Arrow fell backwards and lost his grip; accidentally shooting his explosive arrow and directly at the crane's hoist. The arrow exploded upon impact, causing the cargo to fall along with Robin on it. The sidekick managed to shoot from his hookgun and grapple with what was left of the crane. The cargo below slammed into another, causing the highest one to angle dangerously. Robin's descent did not stop, however, as he slammed into the cargo's wall, though, the fall wasn't too high either. Robin groaned as he hit the ground but survived miraculously. Still, the cargo above was beginning to tip over and Robin hadn't yet recovered. Batman, having recovered quickly, noticed his protege prone on the ground and panicked to see the cargo about to fall over.

"ROBIN!" Cried Batman. Alerted by the urgent call, Doom Slayer noticed the cargo and the boy beneath it. The other heroes had recovered but were too late to intervene. Then, an extraordinary event unfolded.

Without a moment's delay, the Slayer dashed at superhuman speeds towards the Boy Wonder. Robin shut his eyes, bracing for impact. A sound like metal being crushed to pulp filled the air, yet nothing ensued. Gradually, Robin opened his eyes to find Doom Slayer towering over him, using his formidable strength to hold the crate aloft. The marine pressed against the metal crate and then hurled it aside. Robin gazed in awe at the heroic deed performed by the enigmatic figure before him. The others too saw but were quick to aid. Superman flew beside the Slayer and helped lift the cargo.

"No worries," Superman reassured, taking much of the weight off the armored man's shoulders, "I got you covered."

Doom Slayer didn't react violently, whatsoever. Instead, nodding in understanding. Standing upright once more, he raised a hand towards Robin, surprising the boy even further. The Boy Wonder hesitated before taking his hand and standing up with his help. Batman, in awe and relieved to see his protege alive, let go of any perceptions of the anomaly. He was still a dangerous element, of course. But for now, he seemed to show no signs of hostility.

The other heroes gathered, which the Slayer almost reacted standoffish but quickly calmed down once they saw they meant no harm. Suddenly, more heroes joined overheard. Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart were the first on the scene. Followed by Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, Red Tornado, Giovanni Zatara and the Thanagarian heroes, Katar Hol and Shayera Thal.

"Got the survivors out safely. Managed to contain the fire as well," John reported.

"You are a great help," Superman said gratefully.

"Who's the walking tank, Bats?" Hal quipped. Batman, as usual, kept stoic.

"We'll soon found out, Hal," Batman replied. Suddenly, Captain Marvel walked up to the Slayer with an almost child-like enthusiasm, much to everyone else's bewilderment.

"Oh cool! Is it Master Chief?!" He gushed, which raised plenty of eyebrows and caused some eye rolls as well. Suddenly, a helicopter flew over the heroes. Nearby, SWAT team swarmed in, though, calmed down once they saw the League. Commissioner Gordon was among the police unit as well.

"I see you got everything under control, Bats."

"As usual, Commissioner," Batman replied to Gordon, "It's League business now. You know how this goes."

"Obviously," Gordon quipped, "At least saved me on the paperwork. The boys will be handling everything else now."

Gordon whistled his entire unit; giving them the clear to clean up. The Forensics team came in, establishing yellow tapes and photographing the damages. One pair caught Doom Slayer's eyes as they got near his chainsaw. Stomping his way toward them while moving through the heroes, the Lanterns were quick to act but Superman was also quick to intervene.

"Hang on!" Superman stepped in, "He means no harm."

Seeing the Slayer march toward them, the Forensics pair quickly moved away as grabbed the Chainsaw and pulled it out with ease. Before the heroes could raise questions, the Chainsaw suddenly vanished out of thin air.

"Where does he even store it?" Oliver asked his wife, only receiving a shrug from her.

"Looks to be a dimensional technology of sorts," Batman surmised, causing Green Arrow to jolt in surprise.

"Question is... can we trust him?" Martian Manhunter asked with concern, right as Doom Slayer returned. The man's stature towered many of the League, with few ever reaching his shoulders. His silent nature made him rather unnerving. Yet, Batman was the first to acknowledge and addressed him, accordingly.

"I don't know your story and neither does the League," he began, "but you saved my protege. And that's more enough for me to know."

Batman sidestepped and said, "Come with us, peacefully, and maybe we can piece the puzzles of your arrival together."

Finishing, Batman scrutinized the Slayer's next moves. He stood motionless, simply staring down at the Dark Knight. The others must have sensed the tension as a few were prepared to fight again. Thankfully, it didn't, and the Slayer simply walked peacefully alongside the League, who soon escorted him off the docks. Moments of small talk between the League came until news reporters flooded to them; the police being the only ones to hold them off. Cameras were now on Doom Slayer as he passed by them.

"Batman! What can you tell us abou-"

"Is this a new member of the Jus-"

"What was all that explosi-"

"Is he a dangerous crimina-"

Already, the reporters flooded them with questions. Some of the JL members answered their questions while Doom Slayer remained quiet and simply kept to himself. He wasn't much interested in their prodding. Yet, he had questions of his own. How the hell was he gonna get out of here? And is it possible to even return to his Earth? And how exactly would he fare in a world of superheroes and villains? So many questions, so few answers.

As Doom Slayer was escorted out, none had noticed the lone mercenary in the distance. Slade had managed to evade justice, once again. Tonight had not go to plan accordingly, however, with the transported goods now destroyed. This would put a setback on his employers' part and he'll get the blame for it. Thankfully, it's never an issue when a backup plan is in hand. Literally in this case.

Slade looked down at his sword - now concealed in his scabbard. Hopefully, he can scrounge something out of this disaster. Looking back up and seeing the stranger get lifted off by the Lanterns, the mercenary disappeared into the shadows; making his way back to report.

"Until next time..."