Alex was walking over the hill from the arena, hot and sweating deep in thoughts about what happened last period. Let's just say it had been a sloppy session, Declan was off his game, really off his game; Alex was smashing him over and over like she was in Epsilon and Dec was in Gamma. When the session ended Declan raced out of the arena in a hurry, Alex knew that Karter's class wasn't always the most enjoyable but still, that was a bit too hasty to get out of class.

"Um… hey Alex, you got a minute?" someone from behind her had said. Alex had been so focused about last class that she didn't realise that she was already at the dorm building. Alex turned to see that it was Declan.

"Hey, Dec, everything ok? You just don't seem like yourself lately is all," Alex said, Declan looked uncomfortable for some reason like he was holding back something.

"Well, I need your help. B's birthday is coming up and I have an idea, but I need a second opinion," he looked a little bit more uncomfortable now with saying that.

"Ok, what's going on?" Alex asked

Declan reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a myrox ring. The silver metal was nice and polished. It was plain and simple apart from the graceful writing saying 'I think you're pretty amazing and that's why I love you!' in meyarin. As soon as Alex saw the ring her jaw dropped, she knew what it was for and most importantly who it was for.

"Is that for... who I think it's for?" Alex drew out she was still shocked about what she was seeing.

"Yeah, I think it's time, we've been together for almost two years now, so yeah…" Declan said but trailed off. He looked unsure of what he was doing.

"Hey, just be yourself. What the two of you share is incredible, you make each other happy, he will love it as much as he loves you," Alex encouraged, it must have worked because Declan seemed somewhat relaxed now, which made Alex feel better too.

"Ok, if you think so… I guess I'm going to do it… I was thinking of doing something like a picnic down by the lake to celebrate the holidays and B's birthday, just be there a bit early ok, and could you bring some lights or something like that. Only you and Kaid know by the way, and Zain… don't ask, but yeah," Dec said. He carefully put the ring back in his pocket, even though it was myrox and was impossible to break. Alex said goodbye and that she would see him on Saturday. As she walked toward her dorm, Alex couldn't keep the smile off her face.

Saturday evening rolled around a lot quicker than Declan would have liked, he was setting up the final things for the evening. The sunset was beautiful, making Lake Fee turn purple with orange and yellow bouncing off the sparkling water. Alex had gone to Tia Aura to see about those lights and Declan thought that she did a pretty good job, she had got the glitter spraying orbs and had somehow made them into glowing lights, different colours shine through the orbs, blues, greens, purples, any colour you can think of was they inside one orb or another.

As relaxing it all looked, Declan still felt the stress of tonight, he was going to do it, he had a backed opinion from Kaiden and Alex, that should be enough to do this. He remembered what Alex had said to him earlier in the week 'Just be yourself, he'll love it as much as he loves you.' When everyone started to arrive, Bear being one of the first, Declan went behind the tree and took out the box that contained the most important thing of the night, before shoving it in his back pocket.

'Not yet," he thought as he joined the party once again. 'Enjoy the night, then propose.' easier said than done. For a while it was mostly catching up, talking about classes since all of them by now were apprentices, Jordan and Kaiden had Hunter for SAS, Dix had Tayla for Equestrian Skills no surprise there for anybody. Alex got the same as Declan; combat with Karter and Bear was with the wacko teacher Fritzy for Chemistry. Everyone was pretty happy with what they had been asked to come back to the academy for.

The evening continued with laughter and fun, filled time, stories of the previous years together at school, thoughts about each other before they were all a big group of friends. After dinner was served from little TCDs that Bear had somehow linked to the food court, Declan could only think that Bear had taken his advice and started to think outside the box, hypothetically speaking the school rules; as soon as the food was finished it was finally time for the gifts.

The first one had been from Dix, who had given him a series of chemicals, seeing exactly what chemicals they were, made Bear grin wildly. Whatever they were for it couldn't be anything simple or legal for that matter. The next gift was from Jordan, it was Bear's favourite snack food, only when he opened it there was nothing but a note saying a classic:

'I owe you big time buddy :)' earning a wink for his friend and a laugh from the whole group they moved on to the next set of gifts given by Alex and Kaiden who had teamed up and had got Bear an orb, that when the owner touched the top, memories would play, most of them had been of his dad that had brought a tear to Bear's eye. But it changed into a smile when memories of the group, also moments between him and the person that helped him through the rough parts and stayed with him till the end and forever. Declan.

It was Declan's turn to give his gift. As he got up he could feel his palms sweat and his legs a bit shaky. But he was ready, ready to do this to give the one thing he most desired to give.

"Well," Declan started only to pause when he looked over at Bear, his brown eyes were warm and bright, the orb lighting splashing different colours turning his eyes even more brilliant.

"You know what, B, could ya stand with me? " Declan said, being distracted by Bear's eyes. As Bear did, his dark hair fell into his face slightly over his eyes, making Bear look the night that he had followed Dec to Hollowgate where he had told him about his dad and his past. The night he had realised his feeling toward him had come to life. Bear's smile made Declan smile; it was perfect.

In a whisper so soft only the two of them could hear Declan whispered,

"Close your eyes."

Bear raised an eyebrow but did as he was asked. When Declan was sure that they were closed, he pulled out the box and took out the ring, he could hear the almost silent gasp from Dix who quickly controlled her outburst enough so that it wasn't going to make Bear suspicious. Declan asked Bear to hold out his hands, then the ring slipped onto his left hand's ring finger; it was made to fit. Declan could hear Bear's breath hitch when he might have guessed what the gift was.

"Now you can open your eyes," Declan said in a shaky voice, he had done it now it all came down to the response. As Bear opened his eyes, they went straight to his finger and when he saw the ring he was taken aback, he turned it around his finger and read the inscription, only then did he look up, his eyes going straight to Declan's. It was hard reading the emotions in Bear's eyes that Declan had to look away, but as he did the most amazing thing happened. Bear closed the distance between the two of them, lent forward and caught Declan's lips.

It was the best of feelings Declan had ever felt in his life. He closed his eyes the joy and happiness was so lifting when they finally pulled away, Bear whispered in Declan's ear


It gave Delan goosebumps, he looked deep into his fiancé's eyes, pulled him in, kissing long and deep, earning joy and cheers from the friends around them.

Now all they have to do now is plan the wedding ;)