A Different Fate
Chapter 8- Ohayo! (Mornin')

(Let the fun begin!)

Spring was rapidly approaching this week and it would soon be time for the Hanami (Cherryblossom flower viewing festival). The residents were beginning preparations for their traditional barbecue that they always had behind the Hinata Sou. Su was rigging up her super powered grill, while Naru and Kitsune set up the lighting they would have out doors among the trees. Motoko went deeper into the woods to cut wood from the trees, Shinobu and Keitaro helping her carry it back to the dinner picnic area.

When Keitaro wasn't helping to set up for the festival. He was spending all of his time studying for the entrance exam for Tokyo U. Motoko was regretting that as it left her with way too much free-time outside of school. Why is that a bad thing some would ask? That's because Naru had begun her apparent "Seduce Kendo Girl" campaign. Every where Motoko went Naru would show up. She has taken to belting her like she used to do to Keitaro. The only difference was that Keitaro didn't do what he did on purpose.

Motoko sighed in relief in her sanctuary on the roof of the Hinata Sou, Shinobu's presence tended to avert Naru's amorous intentions. She would be safe while Shinobu hung the laundry to dry.

"Nine hundred and eighty nine," she counted off her sword strikes. She closed her eyes to think.

What's up with that girl? She's as bad as a male. Motoko thought. Wind caressed her face each time she swung her bokken downwards throwing her hair back.

She must have been pretty serious about what she said if she is being THIS persistent.

She opened her eyes to make sure Shinobu was still there. She could see her vaguely through one of the sheets she was hanging. She closed her eyes once more to continue thinking.

It's not that I'm repulsed by her...advances. It's just that I don't have any interest in a relationship with another girl. Against her will, her memory replayed the moment when she and Naru kissed. She shook her head to banish it.

I do NOT like it. She said trying to make that memory stop asserting itself. I don't want to hurt her but..ACK!

"ACK! KyAAAAA!!!" Motoko began screaming and running like a little girl. Something had latched onto her chest and wouldn't let go! She then realized what -or rather whom- it must be and glanced over where Shinobu was supposed to be. Motoko ran towards the sheet that she was behind like it was her salvation. Naru wouldn't do such questionable actions in front of the little girl. Motoko tossed the sheet aside crying out for Shinobu.

"Shinobu! Why didn't you tell me Naru....." Motoko's voice trailed off as she took in the sight of a huge bear statue. Motoko started steaming in righteous indignation as she realized that Naru pulled a ninja swap technique on her. That damn girl was getting creative. She then slightly twisted her body in Naru's grasp to angle her for a bokken swing. She suddenly slashed her bokken in an upward ark only to demolish part of the edge on the opposite side of the roof. She blinked in confusion. She whipped her head around to look for her, only to come lip to lip with one Narusagewa Naru.

"Gah!" Motoko said as she flinched back. How the hell she'd manage that?!

Motoko made a horizantal slash only to have it evaded by Naru taking to the air as nimbly as when she was possessed by the Hina blade. Damn. That girl's better than she lets on. Motoko spun with her miss to turn the momentum into an upward vertical slash when she came back around. She was too late and was tackled by Naru. She ended up pinned to the ground with Naru on top of her, holding her arms down. Motoko was angrily struggling.

"You're so feisty today Motoko," Naru said playfully. She said sincerely, "It's so much fun playing with you!"

Naru was so sincere about enjoying herself that Motoko's anger faltered. She sighed and resigned herself to fate. She closed her eyes waiting for this kiss Naru would inevitably give.

Naru smiled and leaned down planting a tender kiss on Motoko. "You really make me work for those don't you? I win." Naru took off giggling. Motoko sighed and let out a small smile. If anything, this was great training. It still irked her how Naru would beat her unarmed though.

This ending up becoming a game for the two. Motoko would try to resist Naru's advances, and when Naru won she got a kiss as a prize.

It was the day of the hanami when Motoko finally managed to get some time with Keitaro. She walked on the paths behind the Hinata Sou with him. They chatted about nothing really until Motoko decided to say something.

"Keitaro, Narusagewa is trying to seduce me."

"That's nice," he said automatically. Then his eyes bulged suddenly, he snapped his had to look at her in shock and he answered, "WAH!"

"Well," Motoko hesitantly began, "You remember when you made us settle our differences?"

He made a noise of affirmative.

"Well, she offered to share herself with me if I shared you."

Keitaro swallowed hard at the thoughts THAT invoked. "How'd you respond?"

Motoko looked away, flushed red. "I... tried to see if that were possible."

"Tried to see if that were possible?" Keitaro blinked confused.

"Well....I kissed her to see if it were possible for me to feel that way about another woman."

Keitaro had to try his damnedest to suppress the automatic stupidity that comes in a male when they think about two women together. "And?"

"I...didn't dislike it." Keitaro's eyebrows rose dangerously high. "But, I didn't like it that much either."

"Oh." He couldn't help from keeping disappointment from his voice, yet another side affect of being male. Silence reigned on for a while as they walked.

Motoko sensed something and suddenly made a boulder cutting slash into some the trees surrounding the path. A shadow fell upon them and they looked up to see a silhouette of a figure blocking the sun and descending upon them. Motoko spun to the side as the figure landed in a crouch.

"N-Narusagewa!" Keitaro said wide-eyed.

"Hi, that's me!" She winked at him as she turned towards a Motoko who had a huge bead of sweat hanging from her brow in exasperation.

"You're not winning this time!" Motoko shouted as she took up a defensive stance. Naru smirked back. Naru charged Motoko as the wind began to pickup dust. Motoko had subtly flared her aura causing a wind that obscured the sight of Naru with dust. Naru paused in her charge, and looked around trying to make out a figure in the dust. She eventually found her. She lunged into her, causing them to tumble. As the dust was settling, Naru was maneuvering to end the roll on top. She blinked as she realized it was Keitaro she was on top of. She sighed and then smiled mischievously. She spoke purposely loud:

"Well, I guess I'll have to settle for a kiss from Keitaro then." Keitaro's eyes widened at Naru as she smiled sweetly down at him.

Naru smirked. Two birds with one stone. Any moment Kendo girl should come running, jealous.

Naru found herself flying skywards, as she didn't think that Motoko would risk hitting her on top of Keitaro.

"Damn," she muttered. She yelled as she faded into the sky, "This isn't over yet!"

Motoko followed Naru's ark with her eyes. She had given Naru an eye for an eye with that ninja swap. She had swapped with Keitaro. She then went over and helped her husband up.

Keitaro dusted himself off. "What was that about?"

"She doesn't just walk up and try to seduce me. She knows I'd fight, so she defeats me first."

Keitaro blinked. "So she's managed to before?"

Motoko nodded ashamedly.

"So does that mean that you two've....?"

"Two've what?" She asked with an eyebrow raised. She took in his expression. She flushed and paled at the same time.

"She doesn't do...that. She gets to steal a kiss," she indignantly explained.

"Oh. So what are you going to do about it?" He asked. He sounded indifferent either way. He wasn't jealous.(What guy would be?)

"Well for now I guess I'll let it continue. It's kinda fun and it's good training. It teaches me to be on my toes. That girl is creative."

The hanami went off without a hitch, everyone having fun. Naru subtly flirted with Motoko and Keitaro laughed at Motoko's embarrassment. He was chased by Su with her new weaponry, and Shinobu 'Au'-ed along. Kitsune teased the married couple. Overall it was a good time. By the end of the night everyone but the little ones were smashed from the sake Kitsune so kindly provided.

Motoko groaned in protest as the sunlight hit her face. She turned over against the body next to her in bed without opening her eyes. Keitaro's body was so warm. She snuggled closer as Keitaro automatically put his arms around her. She realized that they were naked as she felt their flesh meet. She smiled in her half-sleep and lifted her head to lay on Keitaro's chest. She rubbed her face against the soft mounds of flesh comfortably. She yawned. Keitaro's chest was so soft. Soft? Soft?!? Motoko's eyes snapped open. She found herself staring at a female breast.


End Chapter 8

Authors Notes:

The chapter title was obviously, about when they wake up at the end.

Sometimes I have no idea how I'm going to get from point a to point b in a story and just have to force myself to write. I know where I want to GO, but no idea how to get there. Surprisingly, this came out. I hope this chapter was as fun as I intended it to be. I wanted to throw some humor back into it, add some delicious drama to it, and leave yet another cliffhanger to keep you coming back. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and grace me with yet another hundred reviews.

Lifts a glass of sake. "Here's to 200 reviews! Kanpai!"