Okay…This is a really weird, but strangely seams true story that popped in my head a few days ago. It's a Yu Yu Hakusho/Digimon crossover, so I'm not sure where I'll post it…Probably in Digimon, where I'm a bit more well-known.

Expected Main Characters: Kari, T.K., Kurama, Yusuke, Keiko and an OC villain.

Relationships: Takari, Yusuke/Keiko, and a little one-sided Kari/Kurama for quite a stretch

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, Yu Yu Hakusho, or anything else that I obviously don't own in this story. But this idea and all new characters are mine, so don't use 'em!

Digimon Hakusho

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Stranger

Kari walked home, a bit late. She had stayed after school for photography club, so the sun getting pretty low in the sky. She walked quickly along, thinking deep thoughts and staring at the pavement.

It'd been two years since they'd beaten MaloMyotismon. She was fourteen, in her last year at Odaiba Middle School. The Digital World had been rather calm these past two years, they'd been able to get one with their normal, everyday lives. As the Digimon seamed to thrive better in the Digital World, they remained in there all the time, and the kids went mostly for group picnics on holidays, not to mention every weekend.

Her brother, Tai, had left for college in Kyoto, but he still called and e-mailed regularly. The older DigiDestined had mostly gone to different places. Matt and Sora were living together on-campus in Sapporo. Joe was attending med school in Osaka. Izzy was at Tokyo U, and Mimi was going to an American college in Maine. Each of them showed up for the group picnics on occasion, and they had full-blown reunions every three months.

As for the younger DigiDestined, they'd each joined their own clubs or teams that kept them busy after school. Kari had photography club, and worked for the school newspaper. Davis was playing on the soccer team, while T.K. was the star player of the varsity basketball team. Ken had transferred to Odaiba High, so he was in the same grade as Yolei at the Senior High School. The two of them were in the computer club, and currently dating. And Cody…What else? He was still as serious as ever in Kendo, although he was taking a bit of interest in Ken-justsu as well.

Kari was a little depressed. Well…Not depressed, really, but bored. It was strange. During the battles she always hoped and prayed that they'd end, for good, and there'd be peace. But now that they had this extended peace…It was boring, somehow.

She suddenly ran into something and fell back, scattering her things and somebody else's everywhere. "Ow…"

"Oh, excuse me." a male voice said from above her. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah…I think so…" Kari looked up and froze. The boy was leaning over to help her up, holding out his hand and smiling a wonderful, heart-melting smile. He looked about 15, with long, very red hair and gorgeous, green eyes. He was dressed in the dark blue school uniform of a local private school.

"I'm sorry about that." he said, pulling her to her feet. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

"No, it's my fault." Kari sputtered, crouching down to pick up her things. "I was spacing out, that's all…I ran into you."

The boy leaned down with her and helped gather up her books. He handed them to her with another smile. "Here you go."

"Thanks…" she stood as he picked up two notebooks from the ground. She was taken aback by this guy. He was so…handsome…and charming…

The boy brushed the red bangs back from his eyes and started to leave, waving back at her. "Well, I guess I'll see you around."

"Yeah…See ya." Kari waved as he disappeared down the street, then her face broke into a blush. "He's so…cute…"

Still blushing, she began hurrying her way home. The boy was already on the roof of a nearby building, watching the girl go. A short, black-haired figure appeared behind him, silent as usual and carrying a long, thin sword. "It seams you have another fan, Kurama."

"You think so, Hiei?" Kurama asked with a laugh.

"Of course." Hiei sigh, rolling his eyes. "Those human girls flock around you like flies to a corpse."

Kurama was not taken aback by Hiei's slightly disturbing metaphor. The two were old friends, he was used to it by now. "But this girl…" he muttered. "She's different, somehow…"

"'Different?'" Hiei scoffed. "Like what?"

"Her spirit energy is very unique." Kurama noted. "There's something different about her, I don't think she's a normal teenager."

"Hmph." Hiei looked over the darkening city. "She doesn't look very special to me."

"I know." Kurama was distracted. "But somehow, Hiei, I don't think we'll see the last of that girl any time soon."

~ * ~ * ~


The spirit detective shook himself. He'd been spacing out again. Keiko, sitting across the table from him at the coffee shop, was looking pretty annoyed.

"Jeez, can't you pay attention for two seconds?" she sighed. "I've asked you the same question three times!"

"Give me a break, Keiko." he sighed, mixing another lump of sugar into his coffee.

"You've been acting really weird lately." his girlfriend gave him a slightly worried look. "What's up? You haven't had a mission for a while now…"

"That's the problem." Yusuke sighed. "I'm bored now…No missions for three months, it's starting to get dull around here."

"You should be happy." Keiko blinked. "Isn't dull and boring better that almost getting killed?"

"I dunno." Yusuke shrugged. "I guess I'm not the kinda guy who can just put up with this kinda thing…"

~ * ~ * ~

Kari walked slowly down the street, looking left and right for the red-haired boy she'd met yesterday. He'd been all she thought about, all night and all day long. Today she was going to introduce herself…

"Kari! Hey, Kari, wait up!"

She turned back. T.K. was running up behind her, waving and smiling a wide, excited smile. She stopped and turned to her long-time best friend. "Hi T.K."

"Hey." the boy grinned, coming to her side. "What's up? You usually don't take this way home."

"I just wanted…A little change of scenery, that's all." Kari muttered out her excuse.

"Hm…Okay." T.K. shrugged. "It's kinda late, too. Photography club again?"

"Nope." Kari shook her head. "School paper. Got a big story coming up, everyone's excited." T.K. nodded thoughtfully. "What about you? Basketball?"

"Yeah." T.K. popped a crick out of his neck. "Coach is a slave driver, I tell ya. Twelve laps every missed shot!"

"Shouldn't be to hard for you." Kari laughed.

"Wanna bet?" T.K. counted off on his fingers a moment. "This week alone I've done…somewhere near two hundred.…"

"Ouch." Kari grimaced. "Must be rough."

"Yeah." he looked up, seeing the side street to his right. "Listen, I gotta run. I've got to get dinner started."

"Yeah, see ya." Kari waved her friend down the street. Then she spotted what she'd really come to look for and hurried to catch up with him.

The red head turned at the sound of footsteps behind him. The brown-haired girl he met yesterday behind him, trying to keep her eyes on him without being noticed. He stopped and turned, smiling. "Hey."

"Hi." she brushed her bangs back nervously, grinning to hide it all. "Fancy meeting you again."

"Indeed." he laughed. "If we're going to keep running into each other like this, perhaps we should introduce ourselves…"

"Oh, yes!" the girl blushed, a bit rushed. "My name is Kari. Kari Kamiya."

"Kari." the boy smiled. "That's a nice name. It suits you."

Kari smiled, glad with the compliment, and looked up at the taller boy. "And… You are…?"

"Shuuichi Minamino." he said with a bit of afterthought. "But my friends call me…Kurama."

"Kurama." Kari tried it out on her lips. It felt pleasant, enjoyable, and she didn't even stop to think about how he could have gotten 'Kurama' out of 'Shuuichi Minamino'. "It's nice to meet you, Kurama."

"You as well."

T.K. slid to a stop after a minute, knocking himself on the head. "That's right…" he muttered. "I was going to give Kari back the book she leant me!"

He hurried back up the street, hoping to catch her before she got too far. But when he saw he stopped stared a moment, a bit surprised. She was talking to another boy, about a head taller than her, with long, red hair and dressed in blue. Kari was fidgeting a bit, something she did not often do.

T.K. felt a bit of jealousy perk up in the back of his head. "Who is that guy?" he muttered to himself. "What the heck is Kari doing with him? What is the deal?"