Inu Yasha don't belong to me. If he did do you think Kikyo would still be alive. NO. Sorz but I hate her. DIE KIKYO DIE!!! K well I don't own Inu Yasha so yeah. Oh and the song doesn't belong to me it belongs to TLC.

Just My Luck
Kagome's POV

I must be the luckiest girl in the world. Right now I'm in a hot, sticky bus heading to some stupid boarding school far away from my home in Tokyo. Why you ask? Because I got caught shop lifting and got a choice between jail or some school and of course I choose the school. Oh lucky me.

So here how it started. Well of course I got caught shop lifting. What did I shop lift? Just a gold necklace, one hell of a watch, and some CD's. Hey, if you gonna use 5-finger discount you might as well get something better then a pack of gum. Well I got caught, sent to court and got sent here. Short and sweet.

Oh yeah, I'm Higurashi Kagome. I'm 15, lived in Tokyo with my mom, brother, and grandfather. That's good enough cause I don't like introductions so take it or leave it, I couldn't give a fuck. As you might have guessed I have an attitude problem. You'd have one to if you didn't have much of a stable family but I'd rather not get into it right this second.

Author's POV

Kagome sat in the bus that was taking her to her new home at some school. She sighed miserably and looked out the window. She could see her own reflection with a back round of forest. She looked over herself. Her raven black hair with blue strikes through it swayed lazily from her high ponytail. Her blue-grey eyes looked bored as she tried to memorize her surroundings. It would help if she accidentally wandered away and accidentally ran far, far away. She knew that her baggy black jeans with slits in the knee would probably stick to the seat thanks to this damn hot weather and her tight black shirt was already sticking to her sweaty skin.

Kagome pulled out her Discman with her English mix CD in it and put the headphones on. She turned it on and let herself be taken away in it. She had a thing for American music and liked how it was so different but alike to Japanese music. She quietly sang to the music.

Don't go chasing waterfalls Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to I know that your gonna have it your way or nothing at all But I think your moving to fast

Kagome hummed to her favorite song. Waterfalls by TLC. She really liked the group and had some of their CD's and some pictures.

'At least music won't abandon me.' She thought sadly. 'Like everyone else has.'

Kagome looked around to see another girl in the front of the bus sleeping. Kagome thought she could be a cat youkai or something close to that. She sighed again and turned her attention back to the window and closed her eyes.

It didn't seem to long that she had closed her eyes when someone shook her awake. Kagome snapped her eyes open and tore the earphones off her head.

"What the fuck do you want?" She snapped at the youkai who had woken her from her dreams.

"Get up useless human, we're here." The cat youkai snapped back and walked away.

"Fuck you." Kagome yelled and flipped her of but the girl just got off the bus. Kagome grabbed her bag and walked out of the bus. She jumped of the last step and looked up at the school. Wait, hold up, scratch that, castle. The so-called school looked more like a castle and was probably as big, if not bigger, as one. She looked around to see people and youkai sitting under trees, playing sports or walking around.

Kagome bowed her head, gently shock it and sighed. "I chose this over jail, what I gotten myself into." She mumbled to herself. "Why didn't I just take the 6 months there? Stupid, stupid me. Now I have to spend 3 years here. Just my luck." Kagome lifted her head and walked to the front doors. "Just my luck."