Hope, you believe, he is there.

Having lived for so many years, I have long been dismissive of changes in the world. I thought there was nothing to wake me up from my deep sleep, and there was nothing to worry about anymore. Until, at the foot of the Heroes Memorial Hall, the chess game that started casually.

The two of us students, lying half sitting and half sitting, played with chess pieces casually. I secretly imitated their chess moves and looked at the moves. The half-lying young man was my new friend Charles Xavier. Chess is rule-based, the layout is dense, the chess power is a bit more expensive, and it is softer and more mellow, but it lacks the sharpness that young people should have. Such people are often sentimental and affectionate. It's me, I don't really want to play with him, but judging from his layout style, this is a person with a story, and everything he has comes from his rich experience. It's just that this experience is too heavy. If you can digest it, it might be a good thing, but if you can't digest it, I'm afraid that in the future, you will kill a thousand enemies and hurt yourself by 800.

The world is like a new chess game, just take care of him. I'm lazily starting to get confused again. Until the warm fire awakened me again from the groggy, this time I heard the discussion between them seemed to be about the future of our race.

I was boring again to simulate their changes in chess. It seems that what we are playing this time is not chess, but faith and hope. I always feel that I hope this thing, you believe it, he is there.

Both of us are a little out of tune with this era. I listened to him quietly, and my mind, which had been sleeping for many years, received the fragments intentionally or unintentionally, listened and laughed. In fact, they are all the same idea, but the growth environment is different, it is inevitable that the differences are obvious. One is soft and the other is strong, and it is destined to not go the same way.

Everything went as I expected, we finally parted ways.

Later, I would occasionally think of a mind reader. It is reasonable to say that this world does not have an inner heart that he can't read, and he can't untie his heart knot. It's just that maybe the doctors don't heal themselves. People often read others but don't understand themselves. In this age, when the pressure of survival collides with the dignity of life, most people will choose the former. When it comes to survival issues, humans are always extremely cruel.

In this turbulent age when all kinds of thoughts collide and burst out, his temper will sooner or later get into trouble. Because he made things simple.

Everything later seemed to prove my initial judgment. He wanted to turn the tide on his own, but instead forced himself into an indescribable state.

I just don't know why, I just wanted to watch the show, but I was inexplicably involved in Charles Xavier's world and became a witness of that era.

Many years later, Professor X asked me, why did you decide to accompany me through this? I thought about it, maybe, I want to believe in hope.