Hiccup lead Elsa through the market, avoiding the sight of people and into a dark corridor.

"Where are we going exactly?" Elsa asked Hiccup as he grabbed onto a rope and revealed hidden stairs embedded into the wall.

"You'll see." Hiccup says and steps out of the way for her to go up first.

Elsa then walked up the stairs to a small door that leads to an abandoned house above the city. "Is this where you live?"

"Yep, just me and Bruni." Hiccup confirmed as he followed her up into their home. It seemed to once have been some old bell tower, but now it's where Hiccup and Bruni live. "Welcome to my humble abroad." He then pulled a lever which raised a rag that laid over everything in the room and revealed an open window, and a bed and a few sets of rags Hiccup calls clothes.

"You are quite the magician." Elsa commented as she looked around Hiccup's home and saw he even had a small balcony.

"Thank you." Hiccup said as she looked up to see a bunch of glass he was using as a chandelier on the ceiling.

"I can't believe..." Elsa was going to say she's finally free from the walls, but then remembers that Hiccup doesn't even know who she is. "I can't believe we did that. That I did that. That we're alive!" Hiccup chuckled at that and knew that feeling, as it's what he feels every day as he was grabbing his teapot. "With the chase. Jumping buildings. That was incredible!"

"Tea?" Hiccup interrupted her rant.

"Yes, thank you." Elsa thanked him for it and realized she never really thanked him for the help. "And thank you for getting me out of there. Hiccup, right?"

"You're welcome..." Hiccup realized he never really got her name.

"I'm...Jasmine." Elsa lied, not wanting him to know who she really is and turned to face the city.

"Jasmine." Hiccup greeted as he made the tea. "From the palace, I reckon."

Elsa turned to face him again in complete shock. "How could you tell?"

"Well, only a person from the palace would be able to afford a bracelet like that." Hiccup explains and picks up the two cups for the tea and Elsa looks down to the bracelet on her hand. "And the silk lining is imported, too." She then looked at the 'rags' she was wearing as this is what she had for rags. "It comes from the merchant boats, and straight into the palace. But they usually don't go to servants. Means you're a special servant...and if I had to guess, you're handmaid to the princesses."

Elsa was shocked at his intelligence and his power of deduction, and he's just guessing. "That's impressive."

"You think that's amazing; you should see the city from up there." Hiccup gestured up to the higher window in his home. Well, more of a hole than a window.

Elsa did and saw all of the city, and the castle in the distance. "Arendelle. It's beautiful." She sighed as she leaned against the window. "I should really get out more."

"You should tell the princesses to get out more." Hiccup informed her while pouring the tea. "The people haven't seen them in years."

"They won't let them." Elsa said with a tone of annoyance. "Ever since my...the Queen was killed, the kings been afraid. So they're kept locked away."

"Yeah, I guess everyone's been afraid since then." Hiccup guesses and wasn't looking and missed Elsa's look of fear on her face. "But the people had nothing do with it. The people loved her."

"They did, didn't they?" Elsa said with a smile as she turned to face Hiccup, accidentally knocking over a guitar he had, scaring Bruni who was sleeping nearby. "Is this yours?"

"It's...kinda more or less borrowed." Hiccup guessed as Elsa picked it up and began strumming a small tune she knew. Hiccup seemed to have recognized it as he turned to face her. "My mother taught me that song when I was little."

"Mine, too." Elsa admitted with a sad smile on both of their faces.

"It's all I really remember of her." Hiccup sighed as Elsa placed the guitar down.

"And what about your father?" Elsa was curious to know.

"I lost them both when I was little. I've been on my own for the majority of my life." Hiccup said with a shrug as he walked up with the tie cups and handed one of them to Elsa. "It's fine, it's just...it's a little sad. Having a salamander as the only real parental authority in your life."

Elsa chuckled at that as she looked and saw Bruni leaping onto her shoulder and she gave him a small smile and scratched his head.

"We get by." Hiccup assured Elsa. "Every day, I always hope things will get better for us, but we're just..."

"Trapped?" Elsa asked, always feeling the same way about her life. "Like you can't escape what you were born into?"

"Yeah." Hiccup confirmed with a smile and the two stared one another in the eyes when they suddenly heard a ship horn go off and looked to see a ship coming in for docking.

Elsa looked shocked and knew that she needed to get back home before they realize she's gone. "I have to get back to the palace!"

She then handed back the cup and raced off, leaving a very confused Hiccup. "Wait, now?"

The prince marched through the marketplace on his horse and towards the castle while in the crowed, Hiccup and Elsa were following close behind.

"It's just another prince coming to try and court the Princess." Hiccup shrugged it as if it was no big deal.

"Yes, and I have to help her, and her sister get ready." Elsa still lies about it but is more worried of what'll happen if they discover she's missing. Speaking of missing... "Oh, do you have my bracelet?"

"Oh! Right!" Hiccup almost forgot about that and reached into his pocket to grab it, but discoverers it's missing. "No, wait, I..." he started to reach through his pockets and is shocked to see it's not on him. Looking mad, he turned to face the salamander who dropped off and looked through the crowd. "Bruni, you didn't take it, did you?"

"That was my mother's bracelet." Elsa said in shock and realized she probably shouldn't have trusted him.

"Yes. I..." Hiccup tried to figure out what happened to it but didn't miss the look of judgment on Elsa's face.

"You are a thief." Elsa realized.

"No!" Hiccup said but realized that's not true. "Well, I mean, yes, but-"

"I'm so naïve!" Elsa sighed and marched through the crowd and vanished.

"Wait! No! It's not like that!" Hiccup cried through the crowd, trying to get back to her when a child came running past, with an elder one trying to stop him.

They ran and ended up scaring the horse, causing it to jump. "Out of the way, you filthy rats!" One of the prince's guards cried and revealed a whip just as Hiccup ran ahead and stopped the whip from hitting the kids.

"Hey! If I were as rich as you, I believe I'd be able to afford some manners!" Hiccup declared as the guard then kicked Hiccup and sent him toppling into the ground.

"You were born worthless! And you will die worthless! And only your fleas will mourn you." He declared and kept marching on as Hiccup looked at him with anger and hatred but knew there wasn't much he could do.

"Come on, Pascal." Hiccup called for the salamander as he stood up and dusted the dirt off him. Bruni came to him, and they strolled off home.

Hiccup and Pascal were making their way through the streets of Arendelle to get home as the sun began to set on the kingdom.

"Riffraff, street rat. I don't buy that." Hiccup declared as he and Bruni made it up to their home. "If only they'd look closer, would they see a poor boy? No, siree." He then sat down near the balcony and looked out the window to the distance of the castle. "They'd find out, there's so much more to me..."

Just then, Bruni came out and revealed that he did steal the bracelet from Elsa.

Hiccup sighed and knew that was the case as he reached and grabbed the bracelet from the amphibian. "Bruni. There's a time to steal, and a time to not. This was definitely one of those not times."

Bruni then dropped his smile and looked upset at himself and strolled off sadly, but Hiccup then smiled at the idea that he might be able to see Jasmine again.

Back in the castle, Elsa was able to sneak back in undetected and snuck off to her and Anna's room. The sisters have always been close and chose to stick together over the years and there was barely any secrets between the two.

"Oh, thank goodness!" Anna cried in joy as she ran over to her sister and gave her a hug. "I thought you weren't coming back."

"I was kinda considering it." Elsa muttered as she quickly got to her side of the room and began changing out of the rags and into her normal attire using her powers and putting her hair up in the French bun.

"So, how was it?" Anna asked her sister as she was the first to actually leave the palace walls in years.

"It was...a little scary, but...I met someone who helped me." Elsa confessed a little and blushed at the thought of Hiccup.

"Really? Who was it?" Anna asked and noticed her blushing. "Oh! Now you've got to tell me everything!"

"What? There's nothing to tell." Elsa promised, failing at lying to her sister.

"Elsa, I've been your only best friend outside of Rapunzel for years. I know when you're lying." Anna said with a coy smile.

Elsa sighed and knew she was right. "Okay, I'll tell you everything about it later." She then made her way over to the doors with Anna to greet the new prince.