Jason's POV

Home sweet cave. Complete with the faint sound of Bruce annoying our 'suspect'. If they couldn't even properly identify someone, I was taking over this damn case.

Damn it, Timber took the good parking space.

"Ja-uh, Hood," Dick grinned with all his teeth.

Great... Golden boy wants a favor, he doesn't suck up unless he wants something.

"You mind taking a look at my sticks? The electricity isn't working right, and I don't have time to work on it, and Tim isn't an option." Dickie said hopefully.

There it was!

Screwing around with Dick's sticks wasn't the worst thing. And taking them apart would explain how they worked. As payback, I'd have to copy the wiring design and redo my chestplate. "Because I'm not busy either, right?"


Demon scoffed. "Codenames, Nightwing."

Right. Bruce had the girl on the level above us, but they probably couldn't hear. "Hush Robin, I'm talking."

Damian rolled his eyes. "Therein lies the problem. You talk too much."

Little smart mouth. "Back to my conversation, yeah, Dickwad. I'll work on it." There were bee stings on my face of varying sizes, at least, that's what it felt like. "Just let me get the pieces of my helmet out of my face."

"Robins!" Dick hissed at Tim and Damian, then grinned at me. "Take your time, Jaybird!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

God, my face was really burning now. It wasn't terrible, but it was annoying. Lucky that it didn't get in my eye. Well, Bruce's entire breed had pretty good luck. They didn't die each time they went out.

Dead Robins. That title was mine and Steph's for now.

Some people would consider dying and getting a second chance at life lucky. The jury was still out on that one.

"Red Hood. Get your brothers up here." Bruce didn't bother to acknowledge me while he spoke, instead staring down the blindfolded and temporarily restrained girl in a metal chair.

I turned to the nearest wall. "Yo, idiots! Batman needs you." The echo carried, and Bruce finally looked up to glare.

"I got them for you." That was a major Dick move, yet it was funny.

A snort came from the girl.

"Name!" Bruce barked down at her. There was dead silence, except for them coming up the stairs.

Nameless stayed still, but her shadow tipped it's head back barely. She knew where each of us were standing.

The skill and paranoia was passable as a street kid thing, but she was giving herself away. She'd had some kind of formal training.

"Y'know, you're considerably less scary when you're not visible." She was speaking to Bruce, but facing me. "Also, just to inform you, I've been out of the restraints for sometime now. "

Bruce sighed like an old man.

She was just giving it all up. "Who trained you, kid, All-Caste?"

"My mother?" Damian suggested, sounding a little weird.

"I have no idea who your mother is, or who the hell All-Caste is." She pushed the blindfold up over her eyes, looking like a racoon with smeared dark purple eyeshadow. Blonde would probably approve.

"What's your name?" Bruce asked.

Wonder how many times he's said the same thing.

Rocket Raccoon was staring at me, and when I looked back at her, she mouthed 'sorry'. My face must have looked like hell. It felt like it.

"Age." Bruce ordered. I just walked away to the nearest mirror, snatching the tweezers from the open cabinet on my way there.

Damn. This better not scar.

Pulling out the pieces was fairly easy, until Timbo wandered over.

"If you put tape on it, all if it just comes right off."

"Maybe I like pulling them out slowly."

Tim rolled his eyes and tossed me a roll of duct tape. "I'll help you."

I peeled off a strip and stuck it to my face. Tim pressed it down with his clammy hands and stuck another piece on. "Whenever you're ready, Jason."


"Three, two, one!" Replacement ripped off the first strip. A wave of fire followed behind the tape. "Motherf-augh!"

The bastard pulled the second and started wheezing like a dying turkey. "Your face-"

"Yours is about to look like mine!"

Timber smirked. "It got all the fragments out, didn't it?"

And hurt like hell, too. I left him to laugh at nothing, and went back to Bruce.

They were all standing around in silence, a pile of weapons on the table next to Bruce.

"We having a funeral? Look, there's the guy I'm sharing my grave plot with." Raccoon girl stared off into space like she wasn't talking to anyone.

"Wise guy."

"Yes, definitely smarter than you."

The sarcasm was strong with this one. "That's debatable. I'm smart enough not to get caught."

She rolled her eyes. "I was flying' under the radar for ages before you people decided to target me."

Bruce liked them feral and weird. "Narrows."

She looked shocked. "How'd you know?"

The accented rasp on the vowels, kid. Gives us all away, until Bruce makes you hide it. "Takes one to know one, don't it?"

The girl shrugged.

"So what's your name?"

"Don't flatter yourself, Narrows." She cocked her head.

"The crappy nicknames are my job."

"Looks like you've been fired, then."

Demon rolled his eyes. "How old are you?"

"Older than you."

"You don't act as if you were." Damian crossed his arms.

"Well sweetheart-"

"Where are your parents?" Bruce cut her off. She gave him a dirty look and slipped her hood back up, shaking her head until hair covered almost the entire right side of her face. "Dead, I think."


"Never had any. We playing twenty questions?"

"The faster you answer, the quicker you go home."

She opened her mouth, then closed it and tipped her chin to look at Bruce. "I'm not stupid. You're not going to let me back out in the streets. I'm still a suspect, aren't I?"


She rolled her eyes. "You all are so predictable. Might get you killed someday."

"That's bold, coming from the one who got caught." Tim strode over, pausing behind Dick.

"If Bat hadn't tried manipulating me into coming with him to save his pride, I wouldn't have come."

"He obviously succeeded." Damian snarked.

"He really didn't. I wanted to get some sleep tonight, figured that I'd get chased around if I didn't go along with him. But by the looks of it, I'm not going to get to sleep."

"Answer the questions, and I'll make B leave you alone." Dick suggested.

"Good luck with that." The replacement and the girl spoke in sync, then looked at each other. Tim shrugged, and the girl sighed and slouched in the chair.

"So, what was with the mask?" Dick asked.

"What's with the interrogation?"

Dick hesitated. "I-"

"My name's Adriana, by the way."

"Finally." Tim voiced what we all thought.

"This was funny at first, but you all are fairly annoying, no offense." Adriana shrugged. "I'm fifteen, probably orphaned, don't know or care, and live in a pineapple under the sea."

Damian stared at her suspiciously. "Why would you not care?"

She smiled at him sweetly. "That's for me to know and you to puzzle about."

"So…" Dick drawled, "Can we call you Riana?"

"If you'd like to keep your tongue, no." She kept the same honey-sweet tone.

Dick looked disappointed and surprised.

I like this one.

"If you're so obsessed with nicknames, you can call me Adri." Adriana relented a little.

Damnit, she wasn't immune to Dick's puppy eyes.

Bruce cleared his throat. "Why were you out this late?"

"I have my reasons."

"I need a direct answer." He towered over her, trying to intimidate her.

"And I need to get out of here, but we don't seem to be getting our wishes, do we?" She shot him an unimpressed look, then rolled her eyes as she buried further back in her hood.

Crazy kid. Reminded me of myself, when Bruce first kidnapped me off the street.

"Where do you live?"

There was a long silence. Then, "In a pineapple under the sea."

"Spongebob Squarepants!" Timbit intoned.

"Red Robin!" B hissed.

"Yum." The girl deadpanned.

I was going to say that. "The disrespect coming from you is intense."

"Don't act like you're not enjoying it." She smirked. "Screw that, you all like this. Better pay me for this stint as your personal comedian."

"Might get you lower jail time." Damian shrugged.

"Look me in my eyes and tell me that you honestly believe I did it. It's called circumstantial evidence."

Bruce sighed. "Circumstantial evidence or not, you're not off the hook yet."

"I could have walked out of here a long time ago."

"Could you really?"

"Yeah. I already got past you all before." She grinned at Bruce.

"Red Robin, Robin, holding cell."

The girl glanced at them both. "Oh wow, premeditated kidnapping. Sounds amazing."

"Father…" Demon whined. "I don't want to work with Dr-Red Robin."

Bruce just glared. Replacement slapped the cuffs on her hands and him and the brat dragged her off.

"So, another kid for the roster?" Dick barely waited for them to get out of earshot.

Bruce grunted. "I can't allow someone with her skills to run free.

Just say that you want more soldiers.

"Just don't let her get killed."