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Taking over the world should have been a simple matter.

Have all the men fall in love with her. It was amazing what having 49% of the world's population absolutely smitten with you could do.

It wasn't like that was very hard either. It seemed like all it took was for anyone of the male persuasion to look in her general direction and they were head over heels in love with her.

Except for one.

Kuroba Kaito, otherwise known as the moon-lit clad bandit himself, Kid the Phantom Thief.

Or so he denied.

But there was no denying that he was a magik user, as powerful as herself, even if he came from a different schooling of magick.

But she was pretty sure that wasn't the only reason why he was able to resist her charms, traps and spells.

There was also the matter of one mousy haired girl by the name of Nakamori Aoko.

Merely his best friend, or so he claimed.

One's eyes didn't glow from within like that when they watched someone who was 'merely a best friend' when they thought no one was looking.

She couldn't figure it out really. The girl was wild, had little to no control over her temper much less her hair or her mouth. She wasn't plain, but compared to herself, Nakamori certainly wasn't what you would call 'beautiful' either.

And yet Kuroba wouldn't glance at her twice while Nakamori was around.

It didn't make sense.

Which meant that she was missing something.

And she HATED missing things that should have been obvious-

"Akako-chan?" She was abruptly jolted out of her thoughts as the object of her musings peered down at her from beside her desk. The blue-eyed girl looked nervous.

She cleared her throat, flipping her hair back over her shoulder to cover up the momentary lapse. "Yes?"

"Um... I was wondering..." Nakamori fidgeted, and she noticed that the other girl had her hands behind her back. "Would it be okay if I played with your hair?"

Akako blinked. "Huh?" This was... different. The other girls in class often played with each other's hair but no one had ever offered to play with her hair.

Aside from the weaker-minded heavily infatuated boys in the class, everyone else in class tended to leave her alone. Which was what she profered, or so she told herself.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Kuroba keeping a close eye on them while pretending to look out the window with a bored air.

On the other hand, this was also the perfect opportunity to possibly find out just why Kuroba kept her around...

"Alright." She straightened, although she was slightly un-sure of exactly what was expected of her.

"Great!" Nakamori didn't seem to notice any of her discomfort as she grinned like a kid who had just been given a present as she pulled a comb, some ribbons and a few hair bands out from behind her back. "You have the longest most beautiful hair out of anyone in the room, but you always wear it down. Seems like a shame not to try something new occasionally."

Nakamori began to chatter as she began to part her hair into sections and comb it out with hands that were surprisingly gentle for all the fury they contained when wielding a mop. After a few moments, she began to relax, finding the brushing and chatter strangely soothing, even as Nakamori began to braid the strands of hair that hung on either side of her face and tied them off with red ribbons.

For all of her fiery temper and almost savage strength, Akako was surprised to realise the other girl was very soothing to be around. Like an old friend, who you could tell your most trusted secrets to, laugh at boys and eat ice cream with.

That was when something fell into place with a muted 'click' in the back of her head.

... this girl was dangerous.

The bell rang and the students in the classroom did their usual mad scramble back to their desks to wait for the teacher to come in.

Akako leaned back, catching Kuroba's wary eye and smiled.

"When I take over the world, you think I could have her for a handmaiden?"


Aoko's dangerous because she's nice. ^_^

Always thought it was interesting in "Shin'ichi Kudo vs the Kaitou Kid" that Aoko is worried about Akako, warning her from the Kid.