I apologise for the lack of warning on the earlier post. Shoulda warned you guys that we're a fan of pretty much any pairing you can think of in MK and frequently switch back and forth. (our favourite pairing: a box of crayons) Hakuba/Kaito (B&W) and Akako/Aoko (Purple) are fairly common on our lj..

On the DC side, with the exception of the whole sword thing with Soushi and Heiji, (which is dang funny) we stick pretty much to the usual parings. (S/R, H/K, the occasional Conan+Haibara)

+++ Guess Where They Are? +++

Hakuba blinked.

Kuroba blinked.

Hakuba opened his mouth.

Kuroba quickly made a panicky 'shhhhh!' gesture, his eyes wide in fear.

Hakuba closed his mouth.

"It's not what you think!" Kuroba hissed desperately.

"What on Earth are you doing under Nakamori Aoko's bed?!" He hissed back, disturbed to find Kuroba -there- of all places. Especially since to Nakamori-keibu's best knowledge when they had stopped by, his daughter was home. Alone.

Kuroba glared, holding up a sheet of notebook paper up in the cramped confines of the bed. "Homework."


"Homework." The magician nodded resolutely.

"Under her bed?"

"We -were- on the desk."

His mouth opened, then he shut it again, dismissing some of the more ribald thoughts. "How long has this been going on?!"

"Late Elementary School."


Kuroba sighed. "We've been helping each other out with homework problems since Elementary School. Her father wasn't always home, and she wasn't allowed to open the door for anyone then, so we got used to me climbing in the window to get in. She called me tonight for help with math."

"And you are under her bed because...?"

"Because you always check the ceiling corners when you enter a room." Kuroba explained this as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Which was true, it was a habit he'd picked up while chasing the Kid, who had a tendency of going -up-. "-And we weren't expecting Keibu-san to unexpectedly drop by."

The last part was added pointedly, a not-so subtle inquire as to the detective's own appearance under Nakamori Aoko's bed.

"Keibu-san left some files here." He explained. "He saw me heading towards the station and offered me a ride to the Task Force Meeting."

"Did you find your button?" Aoko's not-quite so calm voice asked from above them.

"Uh..." Kuroba held up the shirt cuff button that had fallen off Hakuba's sleeve and rolled under the bed. He grabbed it with a muttered thanks. "Yes. Yes I did."

With as much dignity as he could muster, he crawled back out from under the bed, rose and dusted himself off. Aoko looked at him with slightly concerned eyes. "Did you find it okay?"

"Decently." He agreed, noticing that Nakamori-keibu looked ready to go, now that he had his files and checked on the wellbeing of his offspring. He straightened the unbuttoned sleeve with a self-conscious motion, following the older gentleman out the door.

He paused briefly before disappearing down the hall. "Oh, and Aoko-kun?"

"Yes?" She shifted uncomfortably.

"You might want to clean under your bed more thoroughly. The dust bunnies are GIGANTIC."