Rabbit & Rabbit!

Sento Kiryu was currently ruffling his hair at the moment, ever since merging his old world with a new world, there wasn't much need for heroes. And the only thing that stung about that, was apart from being a genius physicist, his main occupation in the old world was that of Kamen Rider Build. With a world that was relatively peaceful, was there a place for a hero?

Maybe not a hero but stories of heroes would do just fine. He had managed to rope his partner Ryuga into recording their voices to catalog their adventures in the old world. Due to not wanting to cause issues with any footage used, he opted to potentially turn it into a radio drama. The hard part however was getting people to play the roles of their various friends. They were unable to get their friends themselves because only he and Ryuga remembered. And the only reason they remembered was because the two were complete outliers and thus could exist without being overwritten.

Thus the only option was to find voice actors, and unfortunately not being affiliated as part of a company for this, he had to do his own research and traveling directly to them. He had managed to find a hit in a neighboring city, and while some of the voice actors and actresses agreed, he was still having trouble in regards to a few couple of roles. Thankfully he had multiple picks per role so all that was an issue was tracking them down.

"This is annoying…" He looked through his remaining sheets, "Why do these guys have to be hard to find?"

"Having trouble?"

Sento turned to see an average looking woman walking over to him. He couldn't help to note she had an odd hair color, having almost shades of dark blue to its coloration. Something else he noticed was a strange watch-like device on her wrist. It was a black base with some white, and a black ring-like dial that had red and blue portions to it.

"Hmm, nice watch," Sento said a bit absentmindedly, his nature as an inventor taking over as he could feel a strange presence emanating from it.

"Huh? Oh this? It's nothing!" The woman quickly waved it off with some sheepish chuckling, "I just found it at a mall this one time in another city!"

"Huh, neat," Sento remarked before putting his hands in his jacket pockets, "So what were you talking about?"

"Huh?" The woman realized she was rambling and quickly got back on track, "Oh, it's just you were staring at some papers for a while and standing there like a statue. I was wondering if you needed any help."

"Uh actually that would be nice," Sento admitted as he took out his list, and pointed to a specific address, "I'm just visiting this city for a bit and am having trouble finding this address."

"Oh I think I recognize it," The woman realized before thinking on it, "Hmm… actually," She rubbed the back of her neck nervously, "I'm really bad with directions, would it be alright if I just led the way?"

"A much more direct approach," Sento remarked, "Unusual but not unwelcome. Lead the way please."

"Of course," The woman gave a smile as she began to take the lead. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Huh, oh it's Sento Kiryu."

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Honjou Hayate."

It had taken a bit and Honjou had ended up getting spun around a couple of times when it came to directions, but they had managed to find the address.

"An agency huh," Honjou remarked, "You're looking into voice acting?"

"More like voice actors," Sento admitted. "I'm doing a bit of a pet project, it's a hero styled radio drama."

"Oh cool," Honjou smiled, "I think we could always use a bit more heroes in our lives, whether they're on stage, television, even radio."

Sento couldn't help but smile a bit fondly at that reaction, "I suppose you're right about that. Anyway, thanks for helping me with the directions."

"Thanks for putting up with me," Honjou admitted before taking off with a wave.

"Now then," Sento said as he stared at the agency for what seemed like minutes on end. He then took a deep breath as he collected his nerves, ready to step inside.


Sento immediately turned towards his right, his eyes widening when he saw an explosion in the distance, smoke rising. "No way…" He muttered as he quickly pivoted, turning in place and sprinting away from the agency.

Sento wasn't aware of it but on this New World there were very much threats that weren't able to be handled by the proper authorities. One such group is known as the Antinoids, monsters from a different dimension. Their most dangerous ability was being able to fade from the memories of those who lived on this world. This allowed them to attack numerous times with relative ease, no one remembering and passing it off as a freak accident.

Marching along the streets and causing trouble were Meta-Warrior's, white blank bodied henchmen with simplistic features, having a humanoid face with jeweled eyes, alongside a gem on their forehead and chest. Of course their ring leader was more dangerous…


Leading them was a black suited monster, it having a rounded helmet with a target reticule as its visor. It had bulky armoring on its upper body, a tank gun emerging right out of the armor of its chest. It even had tank tread armoring for its forearms and shins. Its entire color scheme was that of a standard army camouflage, with its visor shining a bright red. This was the Tank Antinoid, and it was doing its job rather well in being able to take out chunks of buildings.

Sento nearly staggered to a stop as he came into view, "W-What on earth?" Staring further though he gave a grimace, "Who's been stealing my designs?"

The Meta-Warrior's all turned to look at him, their pause catching the Tank Antinoid's attention. The Tank Antinoid could only yell out as it gathered energy in its gun, unleashing it outwards.

Sento could only yelp as he dodged out of the way of the shot, rolling as he drew out his Build Driver, "Good thing I at least bring my base kit as a precaution," he thanked himself as he shook his bottles before loading them into place. "I suppose we should begin the experiment."


Sento began turning the cranks as the music began to play, and to his surprise, the henchmen and kaijin had all stopped to stare in amazement. He gave a chuckle under his breath as he was glad they were being patient.



From his belt the standard tubes emerged to form the Snap Builder, forming the Rabbit and Tank Halfbodies before they slammed into him to fully form his armor.


Standing before the Antinoid legion was the legendary red and blue hero who fought for Love and Peace, Kamen Rider Build. Analyzing the situation he saw that the Tank Antinoid wasn't attacking just yet. He then realized that its heavy firing mode likely came with a delay, so now he had his plan. Build gave a chuckle as he slide his right fingers across the tank antenna of his visor.

"The laws of victory have been set!"

With that phrase the battle commenced, Build allowing the spring to his rabbit leg to coil up before releasing itself. In a burst of red energy he launched forward, summoning his Drill Crusher sidearm and slashing his way through the Meta-Warrior's.

"Very generic," Build remarked as he began tearing through the Meta-Warrior's, though even the Tank Antinoid seemed to have an almost cheap feel to it.


"Huh?" Build was caught off guard as the remaining Meta-Warrior's jumped away from him. He gave a yell as a burst of energy was launched at his feet, an explosion kicking up and blowing him through a nearby building.

"Boo-Ka!" The Tank Antinoid pumped its fist in the air, it wanting Build to get distracted by its henchmen first before it struck.

Build gave a groan as he emerged from the rubble, he noticed there was no one in the building but stuff was thrown everywhere. He at least was glad to see that people were evacuating, well, that was until he saw someone directly rushing for the fight, "Huh?" He narrowed his eyes to focus better as his suit gave a clearer view, his eyes widening, "H-Honjou?!"

Honjou quickly slid into view, "Antinoid's…" She trailed as she quickly held the ring of the wrist device she had, raising her arm up she twisted it at the same time before swiping her hand away and opening up the lower part of the device, "Trance-Up!"

Rings of energy began to form from the device as Honjou spread her arms out, the rings surrounding her as armor soon formed from the energy. The suit was primarily white with a few patches of black in the chest, waist, hands and leg areas, alongside various red and blue accents that broke up the suits color scheme. The helmet was very striking, having bright blue ringed eyes and antenna that made it thematically seem like a rabbit.

Build began to sit up a bit further, "Eh… a rabbit?"

Now this was definitely something foreign to his eyes, he had seen tons of Kamen Riders before. Some were space themed, game themed, based on ghosts, or even fruits, even one with plain animals mixed and match between three. But he had never seen a Rider with just a wrist device and a theme as straight laced as just a rabbit.

"I won't let you do as you please," Honjou called out as she began to strike several poses, swinging her arms around, "Those who disturb the peace, shall be defeated… by Rapid Rabbit!"

"Rapid Rabbit…?" Build muttered as he began to stand, the way she titled herself peaked his curiosity, "She's not a Kamen Rider?"

Rapid Rabbit wasted no time in dispatching the Meta-Warrior's, using great speed and agility she bounced from one to the other. Either by punch, kick, or knee, the Meta-Warrior's quickly fell to her agility.

"Incredible… she certainly lives up to the name," Build told himself as he carefully eyed the fight.

"Boom!" The Tank Antinoid charged up energy before firing out at Rapid Rabbit. It looked up in surprise as its opponent had dodged by leaping into the air. It didn't have time to think as its head was suddenly smashed in by the hero's foot. It gave a gasp as it staggered back.

"Now's my chance," Rapid Rabbit remarked as she sped and ducked, managing to perform a series of rapid kicks against the monsters abdomen before landing and spinning, going for a punch.

The Tank Antinoid gave a yell as it unleashed a quick burst of energy to counter.

"Wha-!" Rapid Rabbit gave a gasp as she was struck by the attack, her fist hurtling past the energy which struck against her chest. She gave a yell as she was sent tumbling backwards. After managing to slow and stop herself, she gave a light groan as she got on her knees to pick herself up.

The Tank Antinoid gave out a laugh as it began to charge energy in its tank gun to finish off the hero.

"No you don't!"

Rapid Rabbit turned in surprise and reeled back as the Drill Crusher sped past her head and embedded itself directly into hole of the Tank Antinoid's gun.

The Tank Antinoid could only stare as the energy charged further and further, it trying to shake the Drill Crusher off only for it to not budge. It attempted to grab at the weapon to pull it out only to realize a design flaw. The tank gun that was its main weapon protruded too far out, the barrel being just out of reach of its hands.



The Tank Antinoid gave a gasp as it was sent rolling out of the explosion, the Drill Crusher clattering to the side as the kaijin landed on its back. The damage had been done however, the tank gun being completely torn up at the tip, meaning it was unable to properly fire any further.

"Well that seemed to do the trick," Build said as he walked over to his fellow rabbit themed hero.

"Another Hero…?" Rapid Rabbit asked as she picked herself up, "Eh, you're a rabbit too?! Am I that popular?"

"It's just a coincidence," Sento gave a chuckle before rubbing his helmet in excitement. "This is the best!"

"Wait hold up," Rapid Rabbit said as she inspected Build further, circling around him in a curious manner, "Part tank too? Wow your theme is on point today."

"I suppose it is," Sento remarked with a bit of a laugh.

"Ka-baa!" The Tank Antinoid gave a yell as it fully stood up, its eye shining fiercely as it began to slowly approach.

"What's say we finish this guy off?" Rapid Rabbit asked.

"Sounds good to me," Build gave a nod as he began to turn the crank of his Build Driver, "I go high you go low?"

"That works," Rapid Rabbit gave a nod as she held up her wrist, turning the devices ring and to power up her suit.



"Let's keep things simple," Build muttered as he slammed his rabbit foot against the ground, it sending him high up into the air before he kicked out with his tank leg. The treads at the sole of his boot began to spin rapidly as he closed in.

"It's over!" Rapid Rabbit yelled as she sped forward, left hand coated in a bright energy as she kept low to the ground while zigzagging.

Both Rider and Hero approached at a fast pace each with a yell before striking against their target!



A boot to the face, and a punch directly against the gut, both Build and Rapid Rabbit had landed their marks. The two giving one final yell as they pushed forward, the force behind their attacks launching the Tank Antinoid backwards. Build landed and straightened up alongside his ally, the two watching as the Antinoid gave a yell before exploding.

"We did it?" Rapid Rabbit asked as she held her arms close to each other before raising a fist up with a cheer, "We did it!"

"We did indeed," Build gave a chuckle as he put a hand on his hip.

"Anyway, it was nice fighting alongside a hero but I've got to go," Rapid Rabbit said as she was ready to leave before her wrist was grabbed.

"Actually I was wondering if we could share something," Build mentioned.

"U-Uh… I don't think that's a good idea," Rapid Rabbit stuttered slightly as she pulled away, "You know, I think we should keep our identities a secret and-"

Build gave a chuckle as he removed his bottles, disengaging his transformation as he stood with his arms crossed, "Ta-da!"

"E-Eh, wait Sento… that was you?!" Rapid Rabbit called out in surprise before giving a gasp and clasping a hand against her armored mouth, "Oops…"

"Its fine Honjou," Sento chuckled, "I was actually fighting that Tank Kaijin and got blasted into a wall before you arrived."

"A-Ah guess there's no need for secrets then," Rapid Rabbit remarked as she disengaged her transformation and rubbed her arm nervously, "Uh yeah… so I'm a hero actually."

Sento raised an eyebrow, "Just a hero?"

"Yeah," Honjou gave a nod, "You're a hero too right? What's your name?"

"Kamen Rider Build," Sento replied only to get stared at by his new ally, "What?"

"I'm sorry but what's so… Rider Build about you?" Honjou asked, "I get the Kamen part, calling your helmet a mask makes sense. I was just expecting like… Blast Bunny or something."

Sento nearly fell at the sudden name, and he had to wonder if it was because of his base forms Rabbit and Tank theme that caused her to resort to 'Blast Bunny'. He straightened up before clearing his throat, "Well I do actually ride a motorcycle occasionally… as for Build well, it's complicated and I'd rather not waste your time."

"Aw," Honjou pouted a bit, "So um, do you protect your city then? I remember you said you were from out of town."

"Not really but kind of…" Sento remarked as he put his hands in his pockets before looking off to the side, "I'm not a full time hero anymore really, sometimes I wonder if the world even needs us. But then well, I got a reminder today."

"Anymore…" Honjou trailed, "So does that mean you finished your mission?"

"Something like that," Sento gave a nod, "Right now I just feel like getting my story out there, since it's not one anyone aside from me and one other person will remember."

"So that's why you've been hard at work with the voice actors," Honjou realized, "Well good luck."

"Thanks," Sento said before giving a hum, "So are these things only causing disturbances here or…"

"Yeah, they seem to be targeting this city for whatever reason," Honjou mentioned before pumping her fist, "But you don't need to worry about me. I can defend this city!"

"Well you certainly are capable," Sento smiled as he turned to look over at her, "So that's all you really know then? No big master plot?"

"Not yet," Honjou admitted as she shook her head, "I've just been running into whatever they send."

"Well if you ever need help I'll be a city away," Sento said before taking out his Build Phone, "Want to exchange contact information?"

"That sounds nice," Honjou said as she got a bit giddy while taking out her phone, "I can't believe this is happening, exchanging contacts with a fellow hero. It's like a dream come true."

"Honestly I never expected to see another hero again," Sento said, amused at his new friends giddiness, exchanging numbers with her before pocketing his phone. He then began to take off, "Take care!"

"You too," Honjou gave a wave as she watched him head off, "I hope I get to hear your story some day!"

Sento couldn't help but put his hands behind his head as he began to hum a bit, what was once a plain and boring trip turned into an encounter he wasn't expecting. Seeing someone who praised heroes as much as Honjou Hayate did caused a flame to spark inside him once more. He couldn't help but walk with a bit of a spring in his step now as he made his way back to the agency.

"The muscle-brain's not going to believe this."

Author's Note: This legitimately only happened because I asked, what if these two rabbit theme superheroes just teamed up? And so I had the little idea of having the New World be the same world that is the setting in Hero-San and Former General-San. It's just that Sento's in a different city than where the events of that Manga take place. Plus you know, I like the idea of a worn down Sento getting a bit more pep in him after meeting with Honjou. I decided that timeline wise I'd also set it before the events of Hero-San start, since it just worked better that way to make it a simpler story.