*Some Time Ago*

Slim Prime entered his room clearly having just returned from a trip. With a stretch, the Planeswalker walked over to his mainframe to check his mail. After a few clicks, his mailbox began to load. In the next moment, he was buried in a mound of mail.

The Planeswalker's head popped out of the top, shocked. Picking up one of the nearby mail he opened it to check where it had come from.

"I don't remember posting anything called Lord of Swords," Slim started confused.

Pushing himself out of the pile of mail Slim once again checked his mainframe. His eyes went wide . . . he now had five active stories.



Slim Prime sat in his chair in the Archives, rubbing his eyes with one hand and letting out a sigh. "It has come to my attention that someone snuck into my room and posted a story while I was on vacation. A story from my ideas folder to be precise," he stated, still covering his eyes. "It would seem that posting part of the first chapter as an add-on to another story was not a good idea. Now I have a story that has done in one part of a chapter that my older story has taken four years to do."

"I suppose I should not be mad or disappointed considering the uphill battle the other stories took." Slim Prime sighed once more before uncovering his eyes to look at the reader. "Alright, I guess I should do a little explaining right now. When I began the process of creating this universe, the story was in a basic stage. I had planned Shirou to be the son of Hephaestus, this would have stuck if not for the gentle-" Slim waved his hand as if to clear what he had just said. "I mean a certain crew member busted down my door and began to shake me violently while demanding to know why I would make Shirou a greek demigod and how they were unworthy of them. This would lead me to change Shirou's godly parent and mortal parent and redo an entire scene."

"Since I had more of a . . . role in creating the universe and circumstances in which this version of Shirou finds himself in, the other members of my crew took it as a green light to do some . . . throw in some additions: In the form of other characters who might influence the story and our main character. So, there are other characters from the Fate universe who were tossed into the mix." Slim sighed again. "Some of those characters are from parts of the universe I have not quite finished exploring."

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Guest man (Reply by Slim): As of chapter 2 we are at book one. I feel that the increase in magic circuits mainly just allows Shirou to fight longer than giving a flat-out power boost. I mean he is stronger because of his incense in magic circuits but it's not like he has a magic core now.

Guest 1 (reply by Slim): I thought I made it clear that the other pantheons are around too but if you want a full answer then. Yes, the other pantheons are still around, because of storytelling!

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Guest 3 (Reply by Slim) You seem to forget that I am using Fate route Shirou, so all those other Shirou's don't matter here. Shirou was reborn into a world where the Age of Gods has not ended, that alone would increase his circuit and add to the fact that he is a demigod now also increases his circuit count.

In this chapter, I go into how I run the Rune magic system based on how it seems to work in Fate. So based on what I have read, rune magic is still used with modern magus, it's just unpopular. Since Runes are based on knowledge of their use and not one's magical talent then Shirou can learn and use Runes.

Old steamer: (Reply by Slim) Well I had a lot to put into the story as I wanted Shirou to be an adult by the time the books started so I did need to condense a lot of info. Could I have made those parts longer? Sure, but I'm lazy as my crew confirms. On the other hand, the story starts now and there will be far fewer short scenes for me to rapid-fire at you.

Now the story!

Shirou had decided to take the day off from his self-employed job as a handyman and assisting his father in the small tea and book store he ran. Two years after he graduated from high school, Shirou started his own little handyman business for himself alongside his armoring venture. It helped keep him busy when he was having a slow day. As he was not a big name he did not get much work in the city but a few people knew him and preferred him to name brand repairmen. His father's shop was also just a way for his father to keep busy while also keeping up with the insane tax laws.

As to where the magus was at the moment. He was happily looking at all the blades and weapons in the local art museum. A special exhibit was passing through for the day and he was not about to miss it. An exhibit of authentic historic swords and other weapons from all over Europe. As soon as the world's authentic, historic, sword, and weapons reached Shirou's ear he had reverted to a toddler in a candy store practically throwing himself out the door to make it to the museum on time.

"Tell me your secrets~" Shirou whispered as he gazed upon the blade.

If it was not for decency's sake Shirou would have taken the swords out of their casing to feel them for himself. Luckily he only needed to lay eyes on each weapon to have its history downloaded into his mind. Sure some of the weapons here were of no true value compared to the noble phantasms in Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works but they still had their history that he was more than eager to learn. Some were simple blades used by common foot soldiers and others were used by noblemen only to be discarded when they broke or were replaced with better weapons. One was the ceremonial sword of a duke from Germany during the 16th century, not a true battle weapon but still, a beautiful sight during its prime. A gold-trimmed handle with a half star-shaped guard and ornate eagle pommel.

During his pursuits, Shirou came across an odd find. A heavily damaged and weathered gladius-looking sword made of a type of unknown bronze-looking metal. Shirou had stood in front of the display case looking at the weapon for the past twenty minutes attempting to figure out how the blade was crafted. His Unlimited Blade Works could not discern the blade's construction leading him to believe it was some form of divine construct. He had hoped with his new number of magic circuits that he would be able to understand how divine weapons were created but his mind seemed still unable to do so. Though he would admit that his reality marble did not create any form of backlash from his attempts to understand the weapon.

Normally when Shirou tried to do something like this, he would suddenly get a mind-splitting headache. Yet now he received no such headache but instead, his realty marble seemed content with doing nothing. As if he were not looking at a weapon. This left Shirou to guess at the blade's origin. So far, he had narrowed it down to some kind of divine mystic code that had lost its status as a true divine weapon but as it was still once a divine weapon, Shirou could not quite understand the weapon.

If Rin were here, she would most likely steal the blade using her magic as she would not pass up the chance to study such a weapon. Of course, Shirou was not about to steal it but the thought did cross his mind. Besides, even if he did steal it, he would have to spend much time in his workshop trying to figure out how the sword came to be. He was not a devoted magic researcher like Rin was.

Of course, there was also the small problem that he had picked up three years ago when someone or something tripped his boundary force barrier. Even since that day, he would sometimes get the feeling that he was being watched. More times than not it was just before he was about to return home or when he was heading towards his workshop. Shirou had intended a few times to lay a trap for whoever was following him, but he never seemed to be able to catch them. In the end, Shirou opted to keep an eye out for anyone out of place past the phantasmal beasts he would come across from time to time.

Just as he was about to move on to the next exhibit a foul smell assaulted Shirou's nose. The magus clutched his nose, the smell had become so bad, a horrid smell of death, burnt flesh, and brimstone assaulted his nose. He turned towards the direction of the smell and began to make his way towards it, he knew very well that this was the smell of some form of monster. The red-haired young adult made his way through the museum getting closer to the smell and the sounds of battle. Shirou pushed himself up against a wall and appeared around the corner. His eyes narrowed at what he saw.

A woman with sharp claws and bat-like wings was fighting some twelve-year-old with a bonze-looking sword… that he could not analyze. The black-haired boy was not faring well against the phantasmal beast; this was his first time wielding a sword. However, the phantasmal beast was not taking the fight seriously and her attacks were sloppy and poorly aimed as it just threw itself into the boy's defense hoping to break through.

"Trace on." Shirou chanted as his magic circuits warmed up. His nameless black bow appeared in his left hand.

Shirou could tell this creature was stronger than the average monster and with a child's life on the line, he had to be sure he killed it in one shot. Opening his right hand upward Shirou traced a sword from his Unlimited Blade Works. A black sword took shape, the sword belonging to the hero Beowulf, Hrunting. Using his mage craft the black sword changed into an "arrow" shape.

Shirou knocked the sword into his bow and aimed.

"Go into the red plains, scarlet hound!" Shirou chanted before letting the sword fly.

As if shot out of a cannon the arrow disappeared, a moment later the bat-winged woman let out a death gasp as the Hrunting had pierced the woman's chest leaving a large hole where her heart would have been. Her body then began to turn into golden dust like the other monsters before it.

Shirou had dismissed Hrunting just as it passed through the creature's body so that it would not keep going, causing more damage to the museum. Though he did see a dent in the ceiling on the other side of the room. If he had not dismissed the weapon, there would have been a hole in the museum's roof.

The kid went wide-eyed at the creature's sudden death and looked off in Shirou's direction. Though Shirou had already ducked back behind the wall. It was time to make himself scarce. The youth quickly dismissed his black bow and made his way towards the exit making sure to avoid anyone just in case. After a bit of searching, Shirou spotted a back exit and quickly made his way towards it. That was until an older-looking man in a wheelchair rolled into the hallway he was moving down.

The man was dressed like a professor with a coat over a waistcoat with a white shirt and tie under that. A patterned blanket covered his legs but Shirou senses told him it was no ordinary blanket. The man's hair and eyes were both a brown color with a full beard that was more grown towards his chin. Shirou could tell this man was much older than he appeared given the look the man's eyes had. Those eyes had seen much over a long life, much longer than a normal human would have.

Shirou also noted that he smelt like a horse and given his luck with running into things from the Moonlit world he guessed that his man was a Centaur. A phantasmal creature with the torso of a man and the lower body of a horse. They were generally portrayed in a semi-positive light; they were known to indulge in their pleasures whether that be hunting or intercourse. One such Centaur was named Chiron, arguably one of the most famous of the race.

The man put a friendly smile on his face as he turned his wheelchair to face Shirou. The youth on the other hand already had a few traced blades ready to fire at him should be proved to be hostile. A smiling face could easily be a lie for someone's true motives.

"Hello there, young man." The man spoke friendly towards Shirou looking him up and down. "I admit that I did not notice you until I was right in front of you. From your stance alone I can tell you are a skilled warrior. I can only guess that you were the one to save the other child from the fury."

Shirou chose not to reply, in his time with the Clocktower he learned that many people could learn a lot from seemingly harmless words or body language. Even giving yes or no answers gave away much information. At this point Shirou was not about to give away any information, so there he stood still as death ready to spring into action if need be.

Though he did not show it Shirou was surprised to learn the phantasmal creature he killed was one of the furies, Hades' lieutenants. He was somewhat surprised how easily it died; he would have thought a god's lieutenant would be stronger, though he did use Hrunting against it. This also came with the problem that the Greek god of the underworld might notice the death of one of his lieutenants and chose to investigate. Gaining the ire of a god would not be a good thing for Shirou.

The Man soon caught on that Shirou was not going to reply and began speaking again.

"I assure you, young man, I mean you no harm. I wish to help you." Shirou's eyebrow twitched, he wanted to help him? "Though you do not look like any demigod I have seen before; the golden eyes are somewhat familiar to me, but I doubt you might belong to him. Red hair is also very uncommon, and I have not seen any demigods with red hair in a long time."

Shirou remained silent, he sincerely doubted he was a demigod. He may be far stronger than he was in his old life, but he would not go as far as to assume he had become a demigod. Besides he did not have much of a reason to believe he was one.

"I can understand that if you have lived this long then you must have become distrusting of mythological creatures, but I promise I mean you no harm. If you have read any mythological stories, then you might have heard of the name Chiron before, the trainer of heroes. I am that very same person." This time Shirou could not hide his surprise as his eyes shot wide and his eyebrows went up. Shirou had thought Chiron had died when killed by Hercules by accident. It dawned on Shirou that some points in the Moonlit world were different from his own world.

"I know it may be a bit of a shock to you, but I am who I claim to be. I would show you but now would not be a good time to do so. Why don't you tell me your name and we can go from there." The supposed Chiron proposed.

Seeing as Chiron was not about to let him walk out of here, Shirou chose to trace a weapon that he did not often use. A simple blade with a crossguard appeared in his hand before Chiron could react Shirou threw the blade. Moments later the blade lodged itself in Chiron's shadow causing the Centaur to freeze up.

"What is this?" Chiron called trying to move but found himself kept in place by an invisible force.

The Black Key, normally used by members of the Church, was known to have an ability to freeze beings when the blade was logged in someone's shadow. It was a useful sword to use from time to time but ultimately beings with enough power could easily break out of it.

Shirou dropped his stance and began to walk forward. He passed by Chiron a few seconds later on his way towards the back exit. As Shirou passed Chiron, he spoke.

"I can handle myself, don't worry about me." Shirou whispered as he went by, he did not need nor want people to get in harm's way because someone thought he could not take care of himself. Once Shirou was outside he took to the back alleys as there was no telling how many of Chiron's friends were around. The magus made best speed back to his workshop to lay low for a while.

Olympus was rather quiet this time of day. Most of the gods were out going about their chores, were chasing some mortal that caught their interest, or indulging in their hobbies. Such a god who was enjoying their hobbies was the goddess Hera. During these quiet times, she would maintain the garden in her temple. One might call it a small, lush forest with many beautiful plants and trees, but it was just a garden to the goddess. She also took this time to think while she tended to her garden. As Hera went over the recent events in her head she came to the matter of a certain man. The same man that her husband had ordered to be left alone. She had found him a few days after she began searching, the man in question was standing atop one of the taller buildings in New York. His head was covered by a red cloak along with one arm and half his waist. Underneath that, he wore what looked to be some form of black armor that clung to his body closely.

There he stood for the next hour looking around as if he were on guard. She was going to move on after watching him do nothing for the hour when he suddenly summoned a large black bow from nowhere, an arrow fit for the bow's size appeared in his other hand soon after.

The goddess was surprised to see the man aimed at some unseen target. From his height, it would have been impossible to hit anything. Not even Artemis' hunters could make such a shot. Yet this man continued to aim his bow out towards the park. When he let his arrow loose Hera admittedly lost sight of the arrow. It took her a moment to find it again flying at high speeds towards a cyclops in human form. The arrow struck the monster's forehead punching through his skull and out the other side. The monster turned to golden dust soon after.

It took a moment for the goddess to reel herself back for her shock. This man had not only identified a monster more than two miles away, well out of sight for any mortal or demigod, then processed to fire an arrow and hit with pinpoint accuracy. Such a feat she would only think possible for the likes of Apollo or Artemis. There was no way that this man was a normal mortal.

She had attempted to use her divine sense to determine what he was. Once again, she was surprised to find it rather difficult to do. This man was protected by some form of powerful aura that kept her from discerning his origins. Upon a more careful inspection, she found the source of the man's protection. A symbol hung from a rope around his neck, a type of Y with a one-line extra line going up the Y's middle. She did not recognize the symbol, but Hera knew that whoever made it was very good with their craft and did not want anyone to be able to sense him.

She countered the fact that her unfaithful husband might have had the protective symbol crafted but she knew full well that her husband's bastard children could never make such a shot with a bow, not even Apollo's children could make such a shot. It left her with one conclusion, this man was not another one of her husband's bastards, and nor was he a child of one of the other gods.

This man might have been a mortal who could perform magic, but such a thing was rare. If he was using some form of magic to enhance his archery skills it would account for the ability to make such a shot. However, she was not an expert in magic so she could not know for sure.

This all happened five years ago and she spent some of her free time attempting to understand how this man performed these feats. While she would have preferred to get the information out of the man directly, she could not without her husband finding out. Now that she was sure that he was not one of her husband's she no longer was willing to run the risk of her husband's ire. She knew her husband better than anyone, and if there was one thing, he hated it when someone went against his orders.

So as long as his order stood, she was relegated to having one of her ravens tail the man from afar. During the five years since she had her raven follow him, she learned a few things about him. For one she learned where the man kept his armor and red clock. As the man always returned to an old rundown factory in the industrial area of the city. That's when she was given a clear look at the man's features.

The man was rather handsome, he looked to be of Asian and European descent. He was considered tall for his age having a well-defined body. His hair was short but well-kept red color, and his eyes were a dazzling golden-brown somewhat like her father's. As he got older his European descent seemed to become more defined, but one could tell he had Asian blood. He also grew taller now standing at six foot one. suffice to say if Aphrodite caught sight of him, Aphrodite would be adding another child to her cabin.

She also learned his name, one Shirou Donovan, son of Mike Donovan and an Unknown mother. Shirou's father ran a small book and tea store while Shirou started his repairman service after he finished high school. According to mortal records Mike moved to the United States with Shirou when he was but a baby, without the mother. Hera debated with the idea of visiting Mike and using the Mist on him to learn of Shirou's origins. However, the goddess decided against it given that Shirou still lived with his father and helped around the store often. If she were to go to Mike to interrogate him, the possibility of Shirou learning of her involvement was high given his apparent magical ability.

So that left her with one option.

"Lady Hera?" A female voice asked.

"Over here Hecate." Hera called to the minor goddess.

The goddess of magic soon walked into view for another part of the garden. She wore a dark red dress similar to that ancient Greek woman of high standing would have worn. She was not occupied by her two pets nor did she carry her torch. As the goddess often changed her look, she did not have a "default" appearance like many of the other gods. As of now, she was taking the form of a beautiful middle-aged woman with brown eyes and blonde hair.

"You called me here, your highness?" Hecate asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, I would like your opinion on an individual I came across," Hera answered, walking off and gesturing for Hecate to follow. "I would also ask that you not share anything we are about to discuss with anyone."

The goddess walking beside Hera gave her a questioning look but resigned herself to a nod of confirmation. The two goddesses came to a small lagoon with clear waters with a few swans gently swimming upon the water's surface. A stone path led towards a medium-sized domed building sat in the middle of the lagoon. The two goddesses made their way inside, the interior of the building being dark except for a few light blue lights running along the edges of the building's interior. The ceiling was a moving image of a night sky with stars. In the center of the room was a circular table with a bowl matching the width of the table, water within the bowl reflecting the star ceiling.

Both goddesses approached the table. Hera waved her hand just above the water's surface. The water began to simmer before the image of Shirou and his father talking at one of their store's tables, they were speaking about something, both having smiles on their faces.

"The red-haired man is Shirou and the other is his father Mike." Hera began gesturing to the image. "I believe Shirou to have some form of magic protecting him from the senses of monsters, he also seems to process a type of magic I have not encountered before. Can you discern anything from him?"

Hecate stepped closer, her eyes scanning the image of Shirou, taking in every detail she could. The minor goddess' eyes narrowed before one eyebrow went up a moment later. Soon a frown came to her face before being replaced by a slight smirk.

"So?" Hera asked, getting impatient.

"You were right, your highness," Hecate responded, not turning away from the image. "This Shirou boy is protected by powerful magic. Whoever wove these magic strings knew what they were doing and went to great lengths to make sure it could not be undone by anyone. It also seems to be suppressing something about Shirou as well, interesting."

"Suppressing what?"

"That is the question I would like answered as well, your highness. Like I said, this level of intricate magical ability is only capable by a few, but there could always be someone I do not know of. Besides myself, I could only think of my daughter, Circe, at the moment. Though the source of his magical barrier is clearly the rune around Shirou's neck."


"Yes a rune, I do not know much about them myself but I do know runic magic is a language magic."

"Language magic? I have never heard of such a thing."

"It is a type of magic system. Most magic is done by drawing on the power around oneself while driving direction and or power with words or chants. This magic relies on one's own natural abilities to control these energies, meaning that most people cannot perform magic at all." Hecate explained, still staring at the boy in the image. His head slightly went up as if he noticed something. "Language magic on the other hand can be performed by anyone regardless of natural talent. This type of magic controls the energies around them by using words or a set of words to control the world around them. In Layman's terms users of Language magic, like Runic magic, are simply speaking or writing in a language of power. The words themselves have the power and not the practitioner. The more knowledgeable a practitioner is about their chosen magic language allows them to perform more powerful magics."

Suddenly the image of Shirou and his father disappeared, yet the building was still in view.

"Oh my, what a clever boy." Hecate commented humorously.

"What happened?" Hera demanded attempting to restore the images.

"It would seem Shirou detected my presence, he has a magical field around his father's shop." Hecate answered, smiling at the water. "He just added a band of magic that makes it impossible to see through it with magic. I must admit I have never seen magic used in such a way before."

"How so? How could he possibly stop you from seeing him?"

"If I had to explain it… he put up a type of magic shield wall like a line of soldiers just threw up their shields and interlocked them. A very… realistic way of shielding himself from sight. I could break through it, of course, it is weaker than a novice's magic barrier but doing so would be considered… rude."

"I fail to see how breaking down his magic barrier would be considered rude." Hera countered crossing her arms. "We are gods, if we wish to observe him then he should be honored that we would bother watching him."

"I can understand his desires to be left in solitude with his father while they speak." Hecate said, stepping away from the images.

Hera continued to look at the image thinking about what she would do next. When a flash of light had drawn her attention. Hecate had changed her form into a woman around Shirou's age, her clothes had switched to a more modern red dress, a dress that showed off her cleavage more. Her hair had also changed from blond to a dark red and her eyes to sky blue.

"What are you doing?" Hera asked, narrowing her eyes.

"I'm going to meet this man." Hecate answered look back. "He interests me."

"I forbid it." Hera declared quickly. "Zeus declared that no one would interfere with him."

"Oh? This is the first time I am hearing about it, I'm not really kept in the loop." Hecate countered checking herself over. "But I am sure Zeus will not mind, after all, he might not be around much longer once he finds out his wife has been watching another man."

Hera's mood quickly shifted from a passive one to an angry one in a moment. "You dare insinuate that I am romantically interested in this boy!"

"I would not dare do anything of the sort, your highness." Hecate replied respectfully yet almost mockingly while bowing slightly. "But the king may not see it in the same light."

Hera knew Hecate was correct. If Zeus suspected even the slightest romantic interest in another man he would vaporize that person in an instant. While she did not genuinely care about what happened to Shirou, she did know he might prove useful in the future. Why deny herself a useful tool to use.

Hera let out a breath. "Fine you may go, but I expect you to learn more about him and report back to me."

A smile appeared on Hecate's face, she bowed around lower this time. "I thank you, your highness. I will be sure to explore him… thoroughly."

The minor goddess then disappeared into a mist. Hera rolled her eyes and turned back to the waters.

'Just who are you Shirou?'Hera thought just as the image began to black as if something was beginning to cover her raven.

Before she could even order it to flee, the raven's vision had been enveloped in darkness.

Shirou had just finished collecting the money from the cash register when the door to his father's shop rang. Suddenly the smell of death and decay assaulted Shirou's nose like never before, compared to the creature he entered at the museum this was nothing. Shirou clutched his nose and looked up only to have his eyes go wide. There standing in at the entrance, giving him a death glare, was a man in a business suit with a black tie.

His skin was pale, and his hair was pitch oily black that reached down to his shoulders. He had a ring on his index and ring finger, the one on his index finger was made from silver and was in the shape of a skull while his ring finger held an opal ring. His eyes were also black that spoke of a man who was mad or a genius… or both.

Shirou did not need his magecraft to know that this man was powerful and that only the most powerful of his noble phantasms would even scratch him. Shirou began searching his Reality Marble for weapons that might prove strong enough to deal with this person should he prove to be aggressive. Then again, Shirou also considered that he would have to manifest Unlimited Blade Works itself if he were to stand a chance. Though the idea was a dangerous one. He had never manifested his Reality Marble since he had been reborn. He did not think that there would be any problems. However, it was better to test these types of things in a controlled environment rather than in the field.

The man continued to stare down Shirou before he wordlessly made his way over to a table and sat down at it. He guested to the chair across from him. Normally Shirou would prefer to fight at range, but given that his father was still here he did not want to have any misfires if he could help it. So, despite all his years of experience he walked over to the table and sat down at it.

"Shirou Donovan, you have some explaining to do." The man declared quietly.

Shirou wasn't surprised that he knew Shirou's name. After all, it would be foolish to approach someone such as him without knowing something about him. Shirou had a feeling that sooner or later the powers that be would come looking for him, he was just thankful that his luck held out long enough to reach an age where he could call on his abilities fully.

"It is considered rude not to intrude yourself, seeing as you already know my name." Shirou replied, meeting his steady gaze.

The man studied Shirou for a moment. "Hades, God of the Underworld, and the god you have slighted."

'Damn it E rank luck!' Shirou cursed in his head.

"A pleasure to meet a god, but you'll have to excuse me if I don't remember slighting you." Shirou answered evenly, it would seem he would have to make use of his Reality Marble after all. He could always play dumb about killing the fury.

"Then allow me to jog your memory, five years also you almost derailed one of my plans. You killed a bunch of monsters that I had sent out after an enemy of mine." Hades answered dangerously, leaning forward. "You are lucky that you did not completely derail them. More recently you killed one of my furies while they were acting on my orders."

Shirou narrowed his eyes. Setting aside the fact that he killed a fury, the only major event that he remembered happening five years ago was when he assisted those kids in escaping. From the way Hades' made it sound, they had still died despite his interference. Shirou knew the Greek gods were a fickle bunch, but he still hated the idea that a god would attack a child when they were so powerful. After all, what could a few children do to make an enemy out of Hades?

Unless they were not just children. There were plenty of stories of Greek gods taking out vengeance on the children of someone who had offended them in one way or another. The myth of Niobe came to mind. The Queen of Thebes had insulted Apollo and Artemis' mother by proclaiming that she was better by having had more children than the titan. In vengeance, Apollo killed Niobe's seven sons while Artemis killed her six daughters choosing to spare only one. A story that served to warn those about boasting. Even so, killing innocent children of Niobe for her sins left a foul taste in Shirou's mouth. It was one of the reasons that he was glad that the Age of Gods had ended, at least in his world.

These children might have been the offspring of a human or god that Hades considered an enemy. Though Shirou could only be angry at himself for not making certain those children were safe.

"I'm not going to apologize if that's that you're here for, Lord Hades." Shirou replied, preparing himself for a fight. "It's not wrong to want to help someone."

"The act of help itself is not wrong." Hades answered, maintaining his tone. "However, helping the wrong person can be."

"To some extents perhaps but those were children, not some murder." Shirou countered. "In both cases, children were being attacked by monsters."

"The child of a murder and a thief in the second." Hades corrected growling.

'You're no saint yourself.' Shirou commented. "My point still stands, Lord Hades. If you came here looking for an apology, I'm afraid you will not get one."

"You're either very brave or very stupid. However, I am willing to let it slide provided you do something for me."

"And what would that something be?"

"I don't know yet, maybe I will send you to retrieve what that kid stole." Hades answered standing. "But I will let you know what that something is when I decide." The god turned and began to leave but stopped just as he opened the door. "Some words of advice, gods tend to last longer than mortals. So you best get ready for a long night."

Shirou raised his eyebrow in confusion. However, the god did not find a need to add to this as he left soon as he finished speaking. The magus sat there confused before the glass door opened again and in walked a beautiful woman with dark red hair and blue eyes just entered the store. Once more Shirou's senses detected that this woman was a being of great power. All of a sudden Hades' words made sense.

'Saber… give me strength.' Shirou despaired, as he began to think about it.

So Shirou calmly stood up from his chair, slowly took off his jacket, took in a deep breath as he gently folded it up against the table, then smashed through the wall at a full sprint as the poor innocent wall gave away to the fleeing magus. The scenery flew by him as he fled his father's restaurants. As soon as he was able he used his reinforced legs to jump to the nearest rooftop. By the Root, he was not about to let his E rank luck have him meet two gods in one day.

Rogue slowly walked into the room behind slim, tiptoeing behind the stressed-out individual while they read letters, in truth the eldritch being had no qualms with sneaking around that is unless he wanted to get caught. I mean I live in the Ninth dimension and the fourth wall is shattered when it comes to me. Do you really think I cannot get to point A to B without getting found out?

Slowly he started to walk past Slim.

"If you are sneaking by me then you must want me to comment on something since you did not simply teleport to your intended destination." Slim commented.

"Ah well I was just heading to my room… ya, my room, as for the teleportation, well can't miss leg day am I right." Rogue says with a smile.

"You don't have mussels, you're a mass of energy and errors in the universe. So I will say again, what do you want me to comment on if you are "sneaking" by me?"

"First, that is rude, it is like me saying you're just a bunch of dust and or DNA mistakes from an Atheist standpoint, second no reason I was just getting leg day."

"First, it would be accurate since humans are no longer as they are created, we are all but DNA errors from what we were supposed to be. The Creator does not half-ass things. Second, alright then I will just go about reading these reviews and pretend my perception score is zero."

"Yes good, well I just wanted to let the readers know that SLIM has been barring baby Mordred from joining the story because of stupid reasons. As we all know Mordred should have a chance at a better life in this universe. So I say that you the readers should band together with me in making Slim add her into the story!"

Slim rolled his eyes before turning to the reader. "Well, I can say that I have not planned for Mordred to be added to the story… but it was the readers who wanted this to go on so it will be the readers' decision on whether or not she is added. With that said I bid you a heartfelt farewell and wish God's blessing upon you."