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Third person

Waking up in the morning, and after going on his four mile run, Percy took a shower and made himself some breakfast, and after eating, brushed his teeth. Glancing at the clock, showed that he needed to get a move on, he had a schedule to keep, he grabbed his decks, put on his traveling jacket, and walked out the door, locking it behind him. He stopped by a gas station on the way to the docks, to grab a big cup of coffee, and got onto the boat.

Using his father's power over naval and aquatic vessels, he pushed the boat through the waters, determined to get to the island faster than possible, his mother needed him, and after all she sacrificed and lost for him and because of him, he would not fail her, he owed her at least that much.

An iris message started to come through, "Percy I have a message for you from lord Hades, putting it through now."

"nephew, I have grave news. My son Nico is missing, I am hereby ordering you to find him." the ruler of the underworld spoke darkly. The hero of Olympus glared at his uncle.

"while Nico missing is unfortunate, I am already busy, am going to rescue my mom."

The god of the dead snarled, "my son Nico, is far more important than your mortal mother, don't fail me, boy, you won't like the consequences." with that being said, the god swiped through the message. Percy glowered at where the message used to be, pissed beyond belief at the god. Honestly, did the god think him completely heartless? Nico was his little brother after all, but his mother was also abducted, the woman who gave birth to him. (1)

His cell phone rang, and glancing down at the screen, he saw it was an unknown number, he had a feeling he should answer it. Hitting the green button, he put it by his ear, "hello?"

"greetings Percy boy, I just wanted to make sure you were on you're way here, after all it would be such a shame if something were to happen to your mother, wouldn't it? Or if that wasn't enough, how about if something were to happen to your little brother, Nico was it? I would ever so hate, for something unfortunate to happen to either of them." the loathsome voice of Pegasus came from the cellular device.

I clenched my fist, and answered back, through gritted teeth, "yes I am on a boat now, heading to your island. I hope you are ready for an early retirement, because I am going to beat you down so severely, you will never want to even look another card again, you hear me you treacherous worm. You will rue the day you even thought about taking them. Gods help you if either of them are the slightest bit harmed, understood?"

"oh, I am shaking in my boots. I look forward to our match, it will be the duel of the millennium. Better hurry up, I won't wait much longer." having said his piece, the creator of duel monsters clicked off. Percy swore rather violently and colorfully in ancient Greek. He took to pacing around the deck. Taking in deep breaths, he pushed the boat a bit harder, hastening his time of arrival to the island.

So lost in his feelings of anger, and hatred, he didn't even notice the sky darkening, nor the storm forming and swirling around his boat. Quickly getting a grasp on his turbulent emotions, he managed to stop the storm before it got to out of control, last thing he needed was the gods getting more involved.

'mom, I will save you, I swear it on the Styx. I promise I will save you as well, little brother.' Percy looked ahead and noticed the island, he grinned at the thought of getting justice. He docked his boat, and got off. He quickly put on his gauntlet, and after setting his two star chips in it, he walked over to where the other duelists all congregated to. He noticed a few who seemed somewhat promising.

There was a tall and curvy blonde woman, with a decent chest. She wore a purple jacket, white shirt, a purple skirt, and purple boots. This woman was Mai Valentine, the famed Harpie Lady mistress.

There was a young man standing not to far away from her, with sticking up hair that pointed in all directions. His hair was a dark blackish blueish color. He had blue eyes, and tanned skin. He wore blue swim trunks, and a short collared blue over shirt, with nothing underneath. He was Mako Tsunami, diver of the deep.(2)

Two figures next to him, however, caused Percy to groan inwardly, 'ugh, really those two? I thought this tournament was supposed to be for the duelists who were at least halfway decent.'

The two in question, were Weevil Underwood, and Rex Raptor. Weevil, was a short young man, with green hair, glasses, used an insect deck and was a known cheater. Rex, was barely taller than Weevil, had long brown hair, wore a red sock cap, used a dinosaur themed deck, and was defeated by Weevil in the national Japanese championship.

A little ways away from them stood, who was perhaps the most famous teen in Japan, thanks to his defeat of Setsuna Kaiba. Yugi Moto. Yugi Moto was a short teenage boy, who loved playing games. Yugi had weird colored hair. It was red, blonde, black, and spiked in several directions.

He had dueled and defeated the Japanese champion Setsuna Kaiba, after she had taken Yugi's grandfather's, Solomon's, Blue eyes white dragon, and ripped it to shreds. Yugi and she had dueled, and Yugi won.

Yugi had come to duelist kingdom to duel Pegasus and get his grandfather's soul back. Yugi was joined by his friends, all of whom had wanted to join their friend, to show their support.

Percy decided to head off after listening to the bodyguards and security of Pegasus explain the rules and such. He walked off to find some people to duel, the sooner he could get the chips to get in to the castle, the better. He headed off down to the forest, looking for someone to win some star chips from.

Finally, after walking around for about an hour he found someone just waiting at a duel arena in a clearing on the other side of the forest. He smiled, he could feel it, this would be an easy win. He walked over to the guy standing there and asked, "ready for a duel? Two star chips?"

The other teen thought on it for a moment, and then agreed "okay, two star chips it is." they each proceeded to walk to their side of the arena, Percy's opponent chose the red side and Percy took the blue, because hey, it's blue.

"DUEL" they both shouted.

Percy point of view

"you can go first" I told my opponent.

My opponent had shaggy brown hair, hazel eyes, and was above average in terms of height. He had a lean build. He didn't radiate power or anything, all in all? Not impressive in the least.

"alright then, I will play giant soldier of stone in attack mode, and I will set two cards face down. Your move." he called out. I looked down on the field, as far as opening moves went, it wasn't the best, but it was far from the worst.

"very well, my turn. I draw." I looked down at the six cards in my hand. I had luster dragon, dragon treasure, blackland fire dragon, Harpie's feather duster, pot of greed, and monster reborn. I smiled, not a bad hand truthfully.

"I play the spell card, Pot of Greed. I can now draw two more cards. I play Harpie's feather duster spell card, say goodbye to your face down cards." I drew the trap cards mirror force and magic jammer.

"dammit, my traps." he spat.

"now I summon luster dragon in attack mode, and I equip him with dragon treasure, now my dragon has 2200 attack points, and not only is he stronger than your stone soldier, but you have nothing to protect him. Attack his soldier." my opponent was brought down to 1100 life points.

"finally I place three face down cards and I end my turn." my opponent just sneered at me.

"about time, I play the spell card polymerization, and fuse the Gaia the fierce knight in my hand with the curse of dragon in my hand, to make Gaia the dragon champion, and I will have him attack your luster dragon."

"not so fast, I activate my trap card, mirror force. Now your dragon champion is destroyed." I interrupted him, the moron, honestly how could you forget about the three face downs on the field?

"SHIT!" he yelled. His dragon champion went to the graveyard. It was my turn again.

"I draw, now I summon my Blue eyes white dragon, and I attack you directly with her WHITE LIGHTNING!" with a loud roar, and a bright burst, the duel was over. I now had four star chips.

I smiled to myself, my first day here and I already have about half of the amount needed to get in to the castle.

'hang on mom, little brother, I am coming, Pegasus will pay for this, I promise you.'

(1) – sally adopted Nico, when Percy came back from quest to rescue Artemis, sally and Percy talked to Nico about it and he decided he wanted sally to adopt him.

(2) – Mako and Mai have titles that they earned in the tournaments they have dueled in. I suck at descriptions.

(3) – Pegasus abducted Nico as well. I am going to go back and fix chapter one a bit, so that Pegasus took sally for a while longer than he originally did, other wise this isnt going to make sense, lol

(4) – Nico is a bit younger than in cannon, actually quite a bit younger, he and Percy are going to be kind of similar to the relationship that cannon seto and mokuba have.

(5) – Gaia was also defeated already, so I will go back and fix that as well.

(6) - not happy with this chapter or duel

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