As Perseus walked towards the castle, he was lost in thought. 'only been here a day, and I already have half of the star chips needed to get in and duel Pegasus. I hope you're ready, Pegasus, for your days are numbered.' thankfully, his demigod instincts were as sharp as always. He could feel someone watching and stalking him. Their aura gave off nothing malicious, nor was it monstrous or that of divinity.

'hm, must be a mortal. Wonder what they want, perhaps another duel? Bring it on. The sooner we duel, the faster I can save mom and Nico.' coming out of the forest, and into a clearing, conveniently next to a duel arena. He walked over to the blue side of the arena, and waited for his opponent, he didn't wait long. A white wearing figure stepped onto the red side, and the two then got ready to duel.

While waiting for the arena to set up, Perseus observed his adversary. It was an, admittedly, beautiful woman. She was about five foot and four inches. She had long black hair that fell past her shoulders, covered by a white shawl. Her skin was a nice, dark sun tanned, commonly found in places of great sunlight, such as Egypt. She was wearing a white dress. Around her neck, was an old, Egyptian necklace, with an eye in the middle. Her eyes were a pretty shade of blue.

Perseus' eyes widened, his opponent was Ishizu Ishtar, the Egyptian empress (1). She smirked at him. The demigod of the sea looked at her and asked, "what is it you want with me? As far as I know, I have done nothing worth getting your attention."

"all will become clear, Perseus Jackson, in due time." she spoke cryptically. Perseus rolled his eyes, he intensely disliked cryptic people. Having spent his whole life being spoken to in riddles, and prophecies, well it's not exactly a wonder why he disliked them so much. Shaking his head, he said out loud, "well I hope you're not to upset when I take two star chips from you. You can go first."

"thank you, but I can assure you, your victory, if it is achieved today, in this duel, won't come easy or quick." she flashed him a rather challenging smirk. With that having been said, she drew five cards, glancing down, at her hand which consisted of, dunames dark witch, mystical elf, swords of revealing light, zolga, and Neo the magic swordsman.

"I summon dunames dark witch (atk 1800 / Def 1050) in attack mode, and place one card face down. Your move." she said.

Perseus exclaimed, "I draw." looking over his own cards, he had in his hands, hunter dragon, mirage dragon, luster dragon, pot of greed, negate attack, and the card he drew, which was white dragon ritual. "I summon luster dragon (atk 1900 / def 1600) in attack mode, and place these two cards face down (negate attack, and white dragon ritual.) I then use pot of greed, which allows me to draw two more cards. I end my turn."

Ishizu drew her own card, upon seeing what she drew, which was banisher of the light, (atk 100 / Def 2000. effect: as long as this card remains face-up on the field, any card sent to the graveyard is removed from play instead.)

"I set one card face down, in defense mode, and I activate my face down card, swords of revealing light. I end my turn." Ishizu called out.

Perseus drew his next card, seeing he had drawn spear dragon, he summoned it, "I summon spear dragon, and end my turn. (1900 atk / 0 Def. Effect: during battle between this attacking card, and a defense position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as battle damage to your opponent's life points. If this card attacks, it is changed to defense position at the end of the damage step.)

"my move, I draw." the Egyptian woman spoke out, she then played the card she drew. "I summon constellar Virgo, in attack mode, ( ATK 2300 / DEF 1600. effect: when this card is normal summoned, you can special summon one level 5 constellar monster from your hand, in face-up defense position.) "I end my turn." she said.

Perseus drew his own card, which was the spell card, dragon treasure, an equip spell card. "I end my turn." 'not like I can do much anyways, the swords still have a turn to go.'

Drawing her next card, the Egyptian beauty smirked, and told him, "I summon dark voltanis, (ATK 2800 / DEF 1400. Effect: after 1 counter trap card you control has been activated and has resolved, you can tribute 1 DARK monster to special summon this card from your hand. If this card is special summoned in this way, destroy 1 card on the field.) and end my turn. Despite the swords of revealing light being destroyed, you still can't defeat my Dark Voltanis."

'fuck, she's right. Unless….' he trailed off as he stared at the face down ritual spell card on his field. Drawing, he paused at the card in his hand, not that it was anything special, he was just thinking on his next play. Did he summon the paladin of white dragon, and use it's special ability? Or did he try to trick her into attacking him and using his trap card, to buy himself another turn? He shook his head.

"I activate my face down spell card, white dragon ritual, and I tribute, from my hand, mirage dragon, to ritual summon Paladin Of White Dragon, (DRAGON/RITUAL/EFFECT you can ritual summon this card with 'white dragon ritual'. At the start of the damage step, if this card attacks a face-down defense position monster, destroy that monster. You can tribute this card, special summon 1 'blue eyes white dragon' from your hand or deck, but 'blue eyes white dragon' cannot attack for the rest of this turn. ATK 1900 / DEF 1200). But don't worry, he won't be here long, for I activate his special ability, I summon the 'Blue Eyes White Dragon, in attack mode. (ATK 3000 / DEF 2500).

With a roar of power, a violent, extreme burst of bright light, the beautiful and deadly dragon, took her place on the duel field. Ishizu paled. 'This was unexpected.' the dark skinned beauty thought to herself.

As the majestic creature stood on the field, Ishizu stared down the legendary behemoth, Perseus thought to himself, 'well I don't want to jinx myself and call this match over, so I won't claim victory yet, I am sure she has something up her sleeve.'

The Egyptian beauty, taking a moment to get her nerves back into gear, called out, "my turn, I draw. I summon…

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