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I just moved to Forks, WA, from Arizona the day before and was not prepared for the cooler temperatures. What little of my wardrobe that I had taken with me was not going to cut it. A shopping excursion was in my imminent future.

I thought back to yesterday afternoon when I stood outside the airport while waiting for Charlie. It was a dreary, overcast day. The wind was howling, and the chill in the air had me shivering. I have always detested the cold.

When my dad pulled up, I threw my carry-on bag in the backseat and quickly yanked the front passenger door open, and dove inside. I urged Charlie to quicken his pace as he placed my suitcases in the trunk of his patrol car. Once we got home, I darted into the kitchen, turned the oven on to 400, and pulled the oven door open. I grabbed a kitchen chair and sat directly in front of the oven, desperate to warm up as quickly as possible. I immediately made plans to get some warmer clothing.

Now I'm standing inside my walk-in closet and rifling through my sparse amount of clothing. The day had already begun much colder than I was accustomed to dealing with. Since I would be making a trip to Seattle, I desperately needed something to keep the cold out. Finally, I latched on to my three-quarter sleeve blouse and yanked it off the hanger. It was the warmest shirt I owned. Yup, I needed to head on out to the mall.

I walked over to my dresser and pulled out my only pair of jeans. After quickly dressing and running a brush through my long, wavy hair, I grabbed my purse and headed down to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat. I wasn't too hungry, but I needed the energy to shop. I was going to shop until I dropped.

Once I made it to the last step, I noticed that Charlie's uniform jacket was still hanging on the coat hook by the front door. I had thought he would have headed to the police station by now. He probably just waited around to see how I slept last night.

I flounced into the kitchen, where I greeted my dad with a smile. "Hey, Dad, what are you still doing here? You're not going to be late for work, are you?" I asked while grabbing the box of Fruity Pebbles and pouring myself a bowl.

"Uh, no, I'm good. I called ahead and let Dan know I was going to be running behind. I wanted to see how you are settling in and to see if you had any plans for today," he replied quietly.

That's what I love about Charlie. He shows concern without being pushy. "Well, I am heading out to the mall. I don't have anything warm enough for here," I replied with a shrug. I then sat across for him at the tiny kitchen table and got down to the business of munching. It turns out that I was hungrier than I had thought.

"Good! I was going to ask you if you remembered to bring appropriate attire with you. Do you need me to go with you? I can take the day off?" he offered.

I quickly glanced over at him and could see that he didn't want to go shopping. He was just offering out of concern. "Thanks for the offer, Dad, but I'm good. All I have to do is plug the address into my GPS and drive there."

"As long as you are sure," he answered while standing up. "Be careful, please, and let me know when you are on the way home," he said while walking to the front door and pulling his jacket off the hook. "I'm going to head on out." He pulled his coat on and opened the door. "I'll see you later," he said while closing the door behind him.

I grinned. Living with Charlie is going to be so much better than living with Renee. I love my mom, but she is too clingy for my liking.

When I finished my cereal, I washed the bowl and spoon and placed them in the drainer. I hated leaving messes lying around. I was a clean freak.

I went over to the front door and took my lightweight jacket off the hook. It wasn't much in terms of warmth, but it was all I had. I pulled it on, grabbed my purse from the side table, and walked out the door. I locked up and headed over to my car.

Thank God I thought ahead and bought my car before I moved here. Charlie admitted that he almost bought me some old, beat-up truck that couldn't do the speed limit on the highway. While I appreciated the thought, I am glad he didn't have to. I love speed. Maybe I love it a bit too much. At least I have never gotten a ticket. Charlie would wring my neck if I ever did.

I sat in the driver's seat and took a moment just to enjoy the buttery, soft leather conforming to my body. This car was designed for comfort and speed. I just wasn't sure which aspect I appreciated more. There is just something miraculous about a brand new Nissan Altima. The Deep Blue Pearl paint job made this beauty stand out.

I finished my crushing, started up my baby, and headed on out. It was 8 am now. It would definitely take me several hours to get to the mall, several hours to shop, and then about an hour to grab a quick bite. Hopefully, I will be home by dinner time. I threw the car into 1st and headed on out to Seattle.

I made it to the Westlake Mall in record time. I won't comment on whether or not I was speeding. No one needs to know.

My first stop was at Nordstrom Rack. I loved that store. It was where I was planning to load up on new jeans.

After being in Nordstrom Rack for half an hour and already loaded down with clothes, I was making my way over to the fitting rooms when I walked right into what felt like a concrete wall. I fell on my ass with a thud and lost the entire pile of clothing I was carrying except for one lone t-shirt, which I held tightly clutched in my right fist.

"Oh, no, I am so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going. Here, let me help you up," a female voice said to me.

I shook my head and looked up. A vertically challenged girl was bending down to assist me. At first, I thought I got plowed over by a kid. But as I looked closer, I could see that it was a girl around my age. She was very petite and had brown hair styled in a pixie cut. She was stunning. However, it was the odd color of her eyes that caught my attention. They were a deep, golden color and unlike anything I had ever seen before.

With help from her surprisingly firm grip, I stood back up and brushed myself off. I turned to her and said, "Thanks! I wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry I bumped into you."

She giggled, "That's all right, silly. We both are guilty. I must say, if I was going to bump into anyone, I'm glad it was into someone who seems to share my passion for shopping," she gestured to the clothing I had picked out and were still on the floor.

"Oh, geez, I better pick these up before they toss me out. I need these clothes," I muttered to myself.

I bent over to do just that when the girl decided to lend a hand. Together, we managed to pick the merchandise up before any of the employees saw the mess. I thanked her and excused myself so that I could make my way over to the fitting rooms.

I spent a good half hour in the tiny cubicle, trying on a ton of clothes. Luckily, most of the items I picked out happened to fit me like a glove. A few tops and one pair of jeans made me look like a toddler. Those I tossed aside.

I hurriedly dressed after one glance at my watch told me it was close to lunchtime. When I exited the changing room, that girl was still standing around. It looked like she was waiting for me.

"Oh, you're finally finished. That's great. It looks like you got a good haul there. Do you want some help bringing all that to the register?" Alice asked while gesturing to my pile.

"Do you always help strange people with their purchases?" I joked.

"Only the ones that share my love of shopping?" she replied with a smirk.

I laughed and shook my head. This was some crazy chick, but there was something about her that I liked. "Well, if you don't mind lending a hand, I would be more than happy to have someone ease the burden."

She giggled again while reaching out to grab a large chunk of the pile of clothing I had balancing precariously in my arms. Surprisingly, she managed to take most of the stack from me. She then abruptly turned around and marched off to the nearest register. I followed in shock. The tiny chick had some serious muscles.

I walked up to the counter and placed my much smaller pile next to hers. I sheepishly grinned at the cashier as she stared at the massive pile with her eyes bugged out. About a minute into the ringing up, my newly found companion asked, "Are you finished shopping? Do you mind if I tag along with you?"

"Well, I was going to head on over to the food court to get something to eat. You can join me if you want. By the way, my name is Bella Swan. Who might you be?" I asked with a grin.

"Oh my gosh, I forgot to introduce myself. I feel like an idiot. My name is Alice Cullen. It's nice to meet you," she replied as she grabbed my free hand and gave it a firm shake.

"Well, Alice Cullen, you can join me while I nosh, but I think I am done shopping for clothing for today," I said as the cashier rang up the last item. The total came to just over four hundred dollars. I grinned as I handed over my credit card. I had expected the sum to be much higher. I did pretty well.

"I would love to get to know you better. Maybe we can make plans to go shopping in the next few weeks," Alice suggested with a hopeful expression.

I reached over to grab my shopping bags only to see Alice had beaten me to them. She left one out of six bags for me to carry. I thanked her, and we walked off together.

A few minutes later, we were at the food court. I was in the mood for Mediterranean food, so I bought myself a lamb and beef gyro. I offered to pay for Alice's meal, but she declined, claiming that she had a small bit to eat a little while ago and wasn't hungry.

We were seated at a table that was situated in an obscure corner of the court. We were surrounded by large potted plants, which managed to give off the illusion of privacy. Our conversation was lighthearted and comical.

"So, Bella, tell me about yourself. Do you live here in Seattle?" Alice asked with a gentle smile gracing her lovely features.

I shook my head. "No, I live in Forks. I just moved here from Arizona yesterday. That's the reason why I was shopping. I had nothing suitable for the weather in Forks."

"Wow! What a small world. My family and I live in Forks. Did your entire family move or just yourself?" she asked me.

"I moved in with my dad. He's the chief of police in Forks," I explained to her while taking a huge gulp of my iced tea. I was so thirsty from all that shopping.

"Wait! Is your dad Chief Swan? That's great. He and my dad are pretty good friends. Chief Swan is the best," she said.

"That's awesome! I can't tell you how glad I am that you are so nosy. It's nice to know at least one person in Forks that I am not related to," I teased with a grin.

"Very funny," she replied. "Tell me. Are you going to attend Forks High? That's where my sibling and I go to."

"Yea, I'm all registered and am ready to start on Monday. I timed the move in such a way that I had the weekend to get situated," I explained.

"Good plan. Do you have a ride? If not, I'm sure my brother, Edward, could manage to squeeze you in his car with us," she kindly offered.

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm good. I have my own set of wheels and will be driving to school each day," I told her. I quickly glanced at my watch and noted the time. I needed to finish up and get back on the road if I was going to be home in time for dinner. "Listen, I have to get going. I need to be home in time for dinner. Charlie will be waiting for me."

"OK, it was nice bumping into you," she teased. "I'll see you at school." She pulled a slip of paper out of her purse and jotted something down. "Here's my cell number. Call me whenever you feel like talking. See ya," she said as she walked away.

All right, that girl was an oddball. Still, I liked her. I grabbed all of my bags and threw my garbage in the can. The moment I stepped outside, I shivered. The lousy temperature dropped since I got here. I am so glad I bought myself a winter coat as well as a few jackets.

As I got to my car, I tossed the bags into the backseat after grabbing my heavy winter coat out of one of the bags. I hurriedly put it on and then climbed in behind the wheel. I then cranked the heat all the way up and buckled in. After a quick call to my dad to let him know I was on my way, I drove off. I turned the radio on and sang along to the song that was playing. I was content and warm.


After I left Bella, I headed home. I was confused. After Carlisle had informed the family that Chief Swan's daughter was coming to live with him, I have been trying to see if I could catch a vision of her. Unfortunately, I haven't had any. When I bumped into her at the mall, I had no clue it was her. I was flying blind here, and I hated it.

On the plus side, Bella was perfect. She was beautiful, kind, and funny. She also loved to shop, which was a plus in my book. Even without my gift working correctly, I just knew that Bella and I would be close friends.

I made it back to Forks in record time. My Jasper rushed out to greet me. He opened my door and offered me his hand, which I gladly took.

"Allie, are you all right? The car isn't overstuffed with bags. Didn't you get to do some shopping?" he asked me as he reached into the back seat to grab the few purchases that I made.

"I'm fine, Jaz. I got a little bit done. But never mind that. Guess who I bumped into at the mall?" I told him as I grabbed hold of his free arm and followed him into the house.

"It must have been someone of great importance for you to stop shopping," he teased as he leaned forward to place a loving kiss on my head.

"Shut it," I growled playfully. "For your information, I met Chief Swan's daughter," I proclaimed while my pseudo-family met Jasper and me in the living room.

"Chief Swan must be thrilled to have her back with him," Esme commented. "What is she like? Is she quiet like her father?"

"She's great. We ran into each other for real, and she just went right on with it. I may have been stalking her while she was in the dressing room, but she was so nice about it. She even let me tag along with her to the food court," I gushed.

"Wait!" Edward interjected. "You still haven't had a vision about her yet?" he asked with a shocked tone lacing his voice.

"Could you please not do that? I was going to tell the family that anyway," I scolded him with a scowl. I really hated it when Edward would just blurt out what I am thinking. You need to learn to control yourself, Edward. If you do it again, I am going to slap you.

Carlisle looked between Edward and me, patiently waiting for our non-verbal communication to end. After fifty years of it, he was used to it. He could always tell when we were mind speaking.

"You haven't gotten a vision of Isabella Swan yet," he asked the moment Edward and I were finished.

I shook my head. "No, not even close. When we ran into one another, I had no clue who she was. You all know how I despise being clueless." They all nodded their heads and mumbled about how messed up I was when I was clueless. Even my Jasper was going on about how I behaved under those circumstances. "Hey!" I yelled at them. "I am not that bad."

"Alice, you know I love you, but you cannot be in denial. You are a control freak," Jasper chided. He gently kissed my cheek while wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me close. "We love you anyway, so no worries."

"Okay, I concede your point, but can you blame me? I'm a magic eight-ball. Of course, I like knowing what's going on," I agreed with a pout.

"Well, little sis, what's the Chief's daughter like. Don't think I haven't noticed that you didn't buy a lot while you were shopping," Emmett commented.

"Bella is great. She was so funny and polite. I had a blast talking to her at the food court. She's going to be my best friend," I proudly announced to the family.

"But dear, I thought you said you hadn't had any visions of her yet," Esme piped in and looking confused.

"I haven't had any about her. After spending a little over an hour with her, I just know that she will be my best friend. She loves to shop and has exquisite taste in fashion," I explained excitedly.

"Well, that explains it. She loves to shop. That's all you needed to say. We get it now," Rosalie joked.

I rolled my eyes at their teasing. "Just you wait and see. I have a strong feeling that Bella is going to be a frequent visitor here," I happily announced.

"Don't get your hopes up, Alice. Most humans have a natural fear of our kind. They instinctually shy away from us. I don't want you to get your hopes up only to be let down," Carlisle cautioned.

I waved away his worry. "I'm right. I just know it. She was so relaxed around me. Her heartbeat never sped up once. There was no fear. She treated me like I was like everyone else. I like it," I told them. Bella was comfortable around me, and it meant a lot. "You'll see what I mean on Monday. She's starting school then. I will introduce you to her." I grabbed ahold of Jasper's hand and dragged him up to our bedroom. He gently tossed my bags on the bed and pulled me in for a deep kiss. It was good to be home.


Finally, my first day of school at Forks High has come. I woke up a little earlier so that I could grab a quick shower and make myself presentable. After I finished blow-drying my hair and styling it into long, loose waves, I applied some light makeup. I used just a touch of cherry lip-gloss and a coat of mascara. I stood back from the mirror and approved of what I saw.

I already had my clothes laid out for today, so I grabbed them and dressed. I opted to wear a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and paired them with a turquoise chunky knit sweater and white Nikes. I stood in from of the mirror and grinned. I looked good.

I grabbed my purse, backpack, and my coat and practically ran down the steps. I placed my belongings on the side table by the door and headed off to the kitchen. I wanted to have a healthy breakfast to start my day.

I found a note from Charlie saying he had to head in early and see me later tonight. He suggested that I order a pizza for dinner and even left money for me by his coffee pot.

I smiled. I already liked it here. Charlie was just all-around easier to get along with than my mother was. He respected my privacy but always let me know he was here for me if I needed him. It was a welcomed change to what I was used to.

I turned to the fridge and pulled out the eggs, spinach, and low-fat cheese I had bought at the store yesterday and proceeded to go ahead and make myself an egg-white omelet with spinach and cheese. I poured myself a small glass of orange juice. Once it finished cooking, I plated up my omelet and sat down to eat. I took my time eating because I didn't want to give myself indigestion.

Once I was done, I took my dishes over to the sink and quickly washed them all. I grabbed the money Charlie left for me and headed out to the foyer. I put my coat on, grabbed my things, and headed on it. After locking the front door, I walked over to my car and hopped in. I was both nervous and excited about what my first day would bring.

I drove to the school and got there in good time. Charlie said it would take about fifteen minutes, but I managed it in ten. I wasn't even speeding. Yay for me!

As I pulled in, I notice Alice was already there and seemed to be waiting for someone. A few others were standing along with her, but I didn't recognize them. I figured it was probably her siblings that she had told me about.

As I drove by her, her face lit up, and she waved fanatically at me. I waved back and pulled into a spot not too far from her. I grabbed my things and got out to go meet up with her.

As I neared her, I got a better look at her siblings. The tall blonde girl was gorgeous and seemed to be very haughty. She probably emotes that way to intimidate others. More power to her, I say.

There was a giant of a guy who had his arm wrapped around the blonde. He has curly, brown hair and dimples for miles. He seemed playful, and I knew I was going to get along just fine with him. Next to him stood the most gorgeous guy I have ever had the privilege to lay my eyes upon. He was tall with dark auburn hair. He could model for GQ. Damn, he was hot! I tore my gaze for the eye candy to get a look and the guy Alice was clinging to. He was also tall with dirty blonde hair and a lot of curls. He was another GQ model to be.

What the hell is with Alice's family being such gorgeous specimens? I swear I have never seen such perfection before. If her parents are just as beautiful, I may just pass out.

"Hi, Alice, what has gotten you so excited about?" I asked as I walked up to her with a smile. She threw her arms around me and hugged me. That girl is packing muscle somewhere on her petite body.

"Can't a girl be happy to see her friend?" She asked with a huge grin. "Bella, I want you to meet my siblings. This is Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, and Jasper," she said while gesturing to each one.

Hmm… So the hottie's name is Edward. I gave each a smile, "It's nice to meet all of you. Alice spoke very highly of each of you."

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Bella," Edward purred as he grabbed my hand and placed a tender kiss on the back of it.

I think my ovaries just fainted.

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