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What would Aragorn do for a Klondike Bar?

Aragorn stands in a clearing in Rivendell practicing some sword moves. He is hoping that Arwen will come along. He and the Fellowship will be leaving tomorrow, and he would like to say goodbye. But in the midst of one particularly complex move, a strangely dressed man strolls out of the forest and up to the ranger.

"Aragorn son of Arathorn, I presume?" asks the man. Aragorn nods, looking slightly bewildered. The strange man smiles and continues. "Great. I've been chosen to ask you a question on behalf of the public. This question is: Would you sing 'Copa Cabana' in front of Elrond for a Klondike Bar?"

Aragorn blinks once…twice…. The man waits expectantly. Finally, Aragorn says, "Will I sing 'Copa Cabana' in front of Elrond for a… what?"

"A Klondike Bar!" the man repeats, holding up the foil wrapped ice cream treat. Aragorn stares blankly. "Perhaps this will clarify a bit more…" The man snaps his fingers, and an unbelievably obnoxious jingle fills the air:

Oh that chocolaty coated

Ice cream loaded

Big and thick

No room for a stick

What would you do-oo-oo….

For a Klondike Bar!

Aragorn winces at the horrible tune, then considers the decision. The sweet looks very tasty, and he is leaving tomorrow…so…

"Why not?" he finally concludes.

"Great!" the strange man answers, "and here comes Elrond, with Arwen with him!" The fact that Arwen is present seems to weaken the ranger's resolve, but he squares his shoulders, determined to go through with the task.

"Hello, Elrond," he greets the lord of Rivendell, "I have a ballad to sing for you…"

Four minutes later, Aragorn is finished with his song. Arwen looks as though she has swallowed a frog, and Elrond's eyebrows are on a rampage.

"That's it!" he mutters, "Arwen is going to be on the next ship for Valinor if I have to drag her there myself!"

Aragorn doesn't hear Elrond's decision. He's too busy trying to remove the bits of chocolate that have adhered themselves to his beard.

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