All he could see were the bright lights, flashing above

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Gary's TAIL?

Slowly, the young pokémon trainer opened his weary eyes. All he could see was the bright, dazzling, lights above.
where am i?
He couldn't move his body. Something was tying him down, preventing him to move a muscle. He made a feeble attempt to move, but found he was too weak. However, the determined young pokémon trainer wasn't one to give up easily. So he struggled again and again as he became more frustrated. Finally, the bands around his wrists and ankles cut deep into his soft flesh. He winced a little and reluctantly gave up.

There was laughter now. Mocking laughter.

The boy gritted his teeth. He had laughed like that once....

He sighed and promised silently, no longer.

He glanced to his right, only to see a thin sharp needle sinking deep into his arm. Feeling a bit squeamish, the boy turned his head away and closed his eyes.

"Eewii?" Came a familiar cry from across the room.

The boy's eyes shot open and he turned to where his precious pokémon's strained cry had come from.

"Ee...eevee?!" The boy struggled to sit up but found he was no match for the ties which bound him to the hard table beneath. He bit his lip in agony as the needle was ripped out of his arm.

"Heh, heh. A lively one here. You don't learn, though, do you?" The tall, bearded, man hovered above the young trainer with an evil grin, "We let you go when the boss says we can." He laughed again and turned away, "There's now way you and your precious little pup here can escape. It's impossible. Completely impossible."

That was the last thing the young Gary Oak heard before he slipped into the darkness once more.

It's impossible.


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