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I wanted to try my hand at writing a horror story

Chapter One

I was a twin. Am a twin. Maybe.

Beau and I were born September 13th at Forks Hospital in Forks, Washington. Our mom bailed pretty early and our dad, Charlie, raised us with the help of some friends. Beau and I...well, we were twins. Are twins. Two halves of a whole, the same person just different genders. He meant the world to me because he was my best friend. Is my best friend.

That's why...I dont know, I guess when he went missing I dissociated. I stopped caring so much. A piece of me was lost and as time ticked by, any hope of finding Beau and returning to normalcy faded a bit more. I just wanted my brother back. That was it. Do you know what it's like? Being a twin and not having your other half? I lost myself the day I lost my brother.

It's been six years. I celebrated each birthday alone, each holiday on and off with a dad who'd rather work than be around me. Renee attempted to come back but when she saw I had no interest in really being around her she bailed again. I had some friends but there wasn't any depth to those relationships. Just people I sat in silence around at school.

The tragedy of Beau Swan going missing didn't last long. People moved on rather quickly except for Charlie and I. There had been absolutely no trace of him. His bike was still in the garage with mine, the window had been locked from the inside and so had the front door. He wasn't taken in day time. I woke up to find his bed empty and still warm and went to go see if he was raiding the Halloween candy stash. Except he hadn't been. He wasn't anywhere. There weren't many places he could be. I woke Charlie up and at first he didn't believe me until he saw for himself.

Six years later and this is where I stood.

At the gates of the Cullen house.

Charlie didn't believe me. Or didn't want to. I wasn't sure why, what reason would I have for lying about something as little as this? This was Beau's obsession. Ugh, he was a Halloween kid. Loved loved loved spooky stuff. Movies, books, decor. He was a huge X-Files fan. I made sure to binge the entire series every October for him. Us.

The Cullen House was your typical "haunted house" that every town seemed to have. The type of house that kids would dare each other to go ring the doorbell. The story was that some crazy doctor moved his wife and her brother in and used the Victorian mansion as a type of clinic for the poor. Noble, right? Except he would kill the poor, drain their blood and drink it. The other story is that it was actually home to a foster family where the mother force fed the children human body parts. All a bit too icky for my taste, but Beau made us ride our bikes the mile long drive and peer at the house in the distance. The property was bordered by a crumbling stone and brick fence topped with iron spikes. We couldn't see much, just the top of spikey roof that topped the tower.

I still had all the short stories Beau wrote about the house. I laminated all his pages and kept them in a binder, tucked nicely in his clothes drawer. He was a great writer.

Is a great writer.

I wanted Beau to be alive. Who wouldn't want their twin to be alive? I often thought about what he looked like now. I mean, probably me with short hair. Maybe not. We were identical twins after all but being a brother and a sister things tended to be atleast slightly different. I wondered if he was being held captive or maybe some wacko family found him and was using him as a surrogate son or something and he was actually safe.

I didn't like to imagine him dead.

Sometimes, I imagined him in the house. He always wanted to go in. A few times he tried to convince me to come with. He wanted to know what was inside, if the stories might be true. He even tried to convince Charlie to let him break in. Yes, he tried to convince our Police Chief father to break into an abandoned Victorian mansion.

Charlie didn't think Beau would come here. Maybe he was right. But we looked all over the fucking state of Washington and then some. This was the only place in Forks we haven't looked. What if Beau had came here? What if he broke in and fell or got locked in or something?

Fear clenched my chest and I grimaced.

I didn't want to find his body. I wanted to find him alive...but if I couldn' brother deserved a fucking funeral. We never had one.

I gripped the bolt cutters tighter in my hand and pressed forward. I left my truck parked on the shoulder instead of pulling in and that's because I was worried if one of Charlie's deputies drove by I could jump in and come up with a quick lie.

The big, rusty iron gates were chained shut and locked with a huge padlock. I was a small girl so it took some cursing and lots of squeezing but I finally managed to cut the padlock. Panting, I pushed the chains to the ground where they made a wayward pile and pushed the gates open.

Then I got back in my truck and drove it down the drive. It was a dirt path but nature had taken its course. On either side was grass almost as tall as me and thick trees that threw heavy shade over the drive way. It was winding, twisting this way and that. It was only wide enough for one car or maybe a wagon seeing as how that was when the house was built. Allegedly.

The closer I got to the house, the more my stomach clenched. It was a beautiful home broken down by years of neglect and disuse. The wrap around porch was rotting away, the columns bending and covered in a green film. The beautifully carved spandrels were chipped and weathered. The roof was patchy. There were holes in it. Not all the shutters hung on to the big, glass windows. A few of them were stained glass. It seemed to be a three story house, truly a mansion and it had once been a pristine white. Rose bushes in bloom were overgrown, completly taking over one portion of the front yard and green ivy covered a part of the house where there were large bay windows.

The tallest part of the house was the turret , it's roof round and spiky. I stared up at it, amazed. It reminded me of Rapunzel.

There was a front door. It was a big, arched oak door with a heavy looking iron knocker on it.

This was the closest I've ever been. I stared at the house from the safety of my cab, my mind and heart racing. Even if I didn't like spooky stuff, I could appreciate the grandiose of the home. I wondered if thats what Beau thought of it...

I reached for the handle to the door, a jittery feeling rushing down my spine. I paused as a thought crossed my mind.

This is how girls get murdered.

I pulled out my cell phone and called the one person I could trust.

"Hey!" Jacob's warm voice answered just after one ring.

"Can you do me a favor and stay on the phone with me? I'm at the Cullen House and it's skeeving me out." I got out of the truck knowing damn well no ghost would care about whether or not I was on the phone. It was more if something happened to me, Jacob knew where to send my dad to come rescue me.

There was a brief moment of silence before Jacob's voice lost any warmth. "Whyyyyyyy are you at the Cullen house?"

"Curiousity." I left the truck door open and the great hunk of metal running for a quick getaway just in case. I stared up at the turret again, squinting. There was a single large glass window, big enough for a person to easily step through.

"Uh huh." Jacob wasn't convinced. I decided to approach the front door and try the handle. The iron knocker was in the shape of a woman's face, her head surrounded by floral swirls. The actual knocker part dangled from her ears. "You're not planning on going inside, are you? That crazy doctor might think you're a patient and will drink your blood."

"Ha ha." I said lifelessly. I tugged on the knob. Nothing.

"Why are you really there, Bells?"

I backed up from the door and began to circle the house, trying to stand on my toes to peer in through the windows. "'s the one place we haven't looked."

Jacob sighed. "Beau..."

"I need to know."

"I know. Look, I'm in Forks. Why don't I come down and help you look?"

I paused, touched. "Really?"

"Beau was my friend. I need to know, too."

"Okay. Can tou stay on the phone with me, though?" I asked quietly as I ducked under a low tree branch. I came to a garden wall that was crumbling a bit, covered in ivy. If was waist high so all I had to do was throw my leg over.

"Of course." He spoke softly. "Is it that scary?"

"Not really." I admitted. "But you never know." I threw my other leg over and looked around the garden. A beautiful flower garden, full of lovely colors. Pinks, blues, reds, yellows. A sea of flowers and ivy. This once was a grand garden, with a soft stone path. There was even a fountain but grass and flowers had been planted in it whether accidentally or not, I don't know but it was overgrown. On the backside of the house was a larger porch with two double arched doors.

"I forgot Beau was obsessed with that house." Jacob said. I spotted a forgotten wooden crate laying on its side a few feet from a window. I grabbed it and set it beneath the window. "I dont think he would have been as stupid to go there alone in the middle of the night."

"At this point anything is worth looking at." I sighed and stepped up. "What kid just gets up and leaves the house by himself in the dark? Then again, Beau could be impulsive."

"Must be a family trait." Jacob teased.

I peered into the window, trying to squint pass the layer of filth on the glass. Years of dust caked it. "How illegal is it to actually break a window? This place is condemned anyway, so who is gonna press charges?"

"Something I never thought the kid of a cop would say. Hey, I'm almost there. Think you'll be okay for a few minutes while I pull in?"

I hesitated, spotting something. In the room I was looking in was a baby grand piano. "Uh...sure." I hung up without much thought and tucked my phone into my pocket. I used my sleeve to wipe away some of the outside grime but there was still the inside of the glass.

I hopped off the crate and went in search of a rock or something of the like. My search took me to the field beyond the garden wall, growing increasingly annoyed as I stomped through the tall, thick grass. I finally just ripped a stone out from the garden wall itself and went back to the window.

I stopped, however, when I saw that the window was now open. Wide open.

The rock fell from my fingers and bounced off the side of my boot. I stared, frozen as my heart raced near painfully in my chest.

That window wasn't open before. Someone had to open it from the inside. Run,Bella, run!

I took off, hurtling the garden wall as I rounded the house again towards my truck. As I came to the front, I ran right into Jacob.

His long, lanky arms wrapped around me and he all but swooped me up and without a word began carrying me back to my truck.

"You're not gonna ask why I'm running?" I was breathless, throwing worried glances behind us as he put me into the cab.

"If I see a scared white girl running, I'm not gonna ask dumb questions. I've seen horror movies, too." He grunted and closed my door. "Lets get out of here."

I watched him walk back to his Volkswagen Rabbit and get in, his long braid bouncing between his shoulder blades as he rushed to it. As soon as he pulled out, so did I. As I drove back down the narrow dirt drive, I dared to look back in the rear view mirror.

The front door was wide open.

Jacob watched me carefully from across the booth as we waited on our burgers to arrive. I had my head buried in my hands, my fingers pulling at my hair.

"You know, it could have been the wind."

I shot him an annoyed look. "The wind unlocked a locked front door and blew it open?'

"Are you sure you checked it?"

"How exactly does one fuck up checking to see if a door is locked? You push and pull and if it doesn't move, then it's locked." I grabbed my soda aggressively. "How about the window? The wind do that, too?"

"Maybe?' He made a face. The food arrived and he didn't even wait till the plate was down before he began to pull fries off of it. I thanked the waitress and looked down at my food.

Had Beau been hungry when he left? Was taken? Whoever took him, did they feed him?

"Hey." Jacob said softly and I looked up.

He smiled warmly. Jacob was Beau's best friend but we ended up hanging out alot more after Beau went missing. Up until we were fourteen we would spend the night at each other's house. "If you want, we'll grab a third person and go look again tomorrow morning."

Fear swelled my throat shut. I swallowed thickly, shaking my head. "You know what? It's stupid. Whatever happened to Beau...he had to have been taken from his bed."

Jacob rubbed the back of his neck. "Anyone who would do that would have to have been quiet enough to not wake you up. Ballsy enough to break into a cops house."

"Unless he didn't know it was a cop's house." I picked up a fry. "Unless Beau was picked completly at random."

"Why Beau and..." He hesitated, his dark eyes searching my face before going on. "Bella...why not you, too?"

"Too many kids to manage." I had thought about this. "Both me and Beau kicking and screaming would be too hard. "

"What if Beau couldn't kick and scream? It'd explain why you didn't wake up."

My brows furrowed. "What, like he went willingly?"

"Or someone drugged him. It's super easy to make chloroform. " Jacob shrugged.

I sighed.

Charlie was late for dinner. Again.

I usually made him a quick meal and would leave it in the oven while I did homework on the couch. By the time he did show up, I was asleep on the couch.

He wasn't quiet coming in. "Bella, time for bed." He said absently as he undid his belt and took out his gun from the holster.

"Dinners in the oven."

"I already ate."

So you have time to go out and eat with your cop buddies but not come home to your kid. Okay.

I got up and went to put the casserole into a Tupperware box. Charlie moved past me to get a beer from the fridge.

I debated telling him about today. About the window and then the door. He would just get mad at me, however and would miss the point completely.

"How was school today?" He grumbled.

I turned to look at him, confused. "What?'

"School. How was it?"

"Today is Saturday."


We stood in an uncomfortable silence before I decided to just head upstairs. As I reached the first step, Charlie spoke. "Hold on, Bells."

I turned. He looked nervous, shifting from foot to foot. "I've been thinking about selling the house and moving."

Stunned. I stared at him. "What about Beau?"

He closed his eyes. "What about Beau?'"

What if he comes back and we're not here?" I demanded. "What if he can't find us?'

"Bells..." Charlie sighed. "Bells, he's not coming back."

"You don't know that. "

"Moving on." His voice turned stern. Moving on was his favorite way to brush shit under the rug. "I'm thinking about moving to Portland. Get away, somewhere different for awhile."

"Whats in Portland that we can't have in Forks?" I felt like I was being personally attacked.

Charlie winced. "About that...You're eighteen."

Oh no.

"After graduation, I think it'd be best if you moved out on your own for awhile."

"You're getting rid of me."

"No. No, I think it would be good for you." He insisted. "You'll be off to college and since I'm moving away..."

"I won't have a home to come back to." My throat was tight. "Its fine, Charlie, really because what differences will there be when you're in Portland and I'm at college? We still won't talk, we won't spend any holidays together because you'd still rather be with anyone but me. You won't have to pretend to like me on our birthday, atleast. This will be good because you won't have to fake the fact that you're mad the wrong twin went missing!"

His eyes widened. "Isabella!"

"I spent the last three Christmasses alone while you went to an office holiday party!" I choked. "You got your wish, Charlie. From now on, I'll make myself scarce and once I'm gone I'll never speak to you again."

"Bella, that's not fair!" He yelled up at me as I stomped to my room.

I slammed my door and locked it.

That night, I lay awake in my twin sized bed with my knees curled to my chest. Like I did every night I stared at Beau's bed across from mine. It still had the Star Wars bed sheets and thick blue comforter. His ball cap collection hung off a hook off the wall. On the nightstand was his inhaler. His sneakers were still under the bed but his mud boots had been the ones missing. My earphones were in, playing my favorite piano music. I thought of the baby grand I had seen, the open window, the door and felt chills creep up my spine.

I rolled onto my back, staring up at the ceiling for a change in scenary and fell asleep stressing about where I was supposed to live.

I dreamed of the Cullen House. In the dream, it wasn't run down. It was fixed and clean and elegant. It was night time, all the lights were on. The silhouettes of party goers were standing in nearly every window. Piano music played from inside, a hauntingly beautiful melody as I climbed the steps to enter the open front door.

Then I was back in my room, breathing heavily as an angel loomed over me. I stared up at him and he stared down at me with strange black eyes set in a bone white face. Purplish bruises were beneath his gaze. His bronze hair flopped in front of his forhead. He was long and lean, powerful in form as he leaned down. My body arched up as his mouth skimmed from my shoulder to my neck while he inhaled loudly.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, accepting this weird wet dream of mine and wiggling against his body. It was strange. He felt so solid and so cold. The chill bled through my thin pajamas. His lips traced the curve of my jaw, a low chuckle in his throat. Long fingers threaded through my hair, tilting my head back and he pressed his icy lips to mine.

The taste of copper filled my mouth. His tongue flicked against mine, a strange rumbling in his chest. Purring. My mouth tingled. I boldly slipped my fingers past the waste band of his belt, wrapping my fingers around him. He thrust into my hand and groaned, taking my hand back out and pulling away to kiss the inside of my wrist.

"Follow me." He whispered so sweetly to me and then I was being pulled from the bed. We walked down the stairs, my hand in his and he undid the deadbolt on the door. My body felt sluggish, like wading through water and I couldn't focus on much else besides the angel.

One step, two step down and then we were crossing the street--


I jerked awake, gasping, as I felt reality wash over me. The chill night air clung to my skin, making me feel weirdly energized but scrambled, still.

Charlie shined a flashlight in my face. I stared at him, confused. He lowered it, his brows knit together.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He yelled at me. Rain misted my cheeks and I looked around, turning a full circle. There was the trees of the forest, the darkness of the street, the neighbors houses. My bare feet felt like ice on the slick pavement.

I was in the street. Like in my dream but the angel was missing. No. Not angel. Angels didn't look like what I dreamt up.

"What the hell?" Charlie reached for me. I recoiled, still confused but he grabbed the collar of my T shirt and pulled it away from my neck. "Bella, did you cut yourself?"

Did I?

My hand came up to cup the spot Charlie shined his light on and when I pulled it away, my fingers were sticky with blood.

"You haven't sleep walked in years, what the hell?" Charlie was annoyed with me as he ushered me back into our house, waving our neighbors back inside from their snoop post on the porch.

Before he shut the front door, I looked back to the woods.

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