Hello everyone, this is my first attempt at a pokemon fanfiction story. I'm going to try and do a SI of James from the team rocket trio. I think they have an awesome story that could have been turned to good instead of what happened in the anime.

This story will start a few days before James runs away in the anime. Besides that I dont want to give too much away besides maybe some NSFW material in the future that could happen.

I have mostly decided on the pokemon teams but please make a suggestion! I plan on besides his starter for him to only catch 6 pokemon from each region. I definitely believe in quality over quantity.

Some Rules of this universe: (More might come but these are the main differences)

-Trainers start at age 16 (the age the SI is when he awakes)

-You can have 8 pokemon on you at all times, One slot is permanent for your Starter Pokemon. And the other is permanent for a water pokemon in case of emergencies.

-To face the E4 you must win the Pokemon conference after obtaining 8 gym badges

-When you start in a new league Ex: Go to Johto after Kanto. You can't use any of your older pokemon till you make it to the top 64 of the conference.

Enjoy the Chapter!

"Normal Talking"

"Legendary Talking"

Chapter 1: A Rude Awakening

I was falling through the vast amount of area we call space. Wasn't sure how long I have been here for but as I keep falling, I am forgetting more and more of my past self. From the earliest time I remember my family and growing up and going to college it all becomes just a blur. Feels like endless nothingness. This must be what happens when someone finally dies.

Just an endless fall till they forget everything and become nothing. At Least it's easier to forget and go away than it is to think about what I have lost and left behind. No more worries or struggles in life. No more loneliness I felt at not finding the one as some might say. As I finally feel myself fade away into space, I hear a roar of astronomical proportions.

I see for the first time besides the vast darkness two bright orbs coming closer to me from the distance. As it gets closer a shape comes into fruition. A huge dragon-like creature with golden spikes protruding randomly down the body. His body is a light gray with big stripes of crimson and black mixed in between. Up by the folded faceplate are the two glowing red orbs staring right at me when the creature comes to a stop.

"A human in my own distortion world. How did you get here, young one?"

The voice was gravelly as he spoke to me and sounded of pure power. None of which I have ever heard before. I tried to speak out my sense of fear no longer with me due to my fading.


My voice didn't even make a sound as I tried to talk to the dragon being. The creature tilts his head at me and I see a black appendage with a red spike wrap around my body that has been slowly fading away. Most of my lower half looks see through to the human eye, almost opaque in a way that is hard to understand. He brings me closer to his face and the glowing eyes stare deeply into mine as if reading my soul.

"Ahhh it seems that you have come here instead of the afterlife of the world you left behind. I can see you are not one of malice or evil. I would return you to your world but with how your body is now you would only fade away into a painless death."

I stare at him as I slowly accept that I will be dead. Lucky to the fact that most of what I know and feel has been fading away this whole time. "..." I tried speaking again to ask him if there was anything he could do but once again my voice failed me.

As if reading my mind, the creature spoke again in his otherworldly voice.

"If you are willing. I can bring you to a world of my own. There is a soul there that has fallen away from the path that is right. He has been given chances to turn back onto the path of good but has ignored them instead for his own greed. I will put you into his body at a younger age and hopefully you can turn more than one person towards the right path. A different path."

I don't know if in my state I could make the decision to pretty much kill someone else so that I could live. Who knows if this creature is telling the truth. The person could be extremely good for the world and I might take his place and ruin it. Or the person could be a world ending nut job. Deciding on my answer I try to speak again to the creature hoping he can understand me "...".

"Hmmmm you might be too far gone for a decision so I will go for this path anyways. I will give you limited knowledge of the world from your own memories of it. Good luck in your journey and maybe we will meet again."

After he finishes speaking, I feel my body flung across the darkness at a speed I couldn't even recognize. I slowly feel what I have left of my consciousness fade away...


I woke up gasping for breath as I sat up from my lying position. As I calm down from the rude awakening I question if what I remember is real. The big creature was so intimidating but also familiar as I felt myself remembering more of the encounter. As my breath steady's I start to look around my surroundings and find nothing familiar.

First thing I noticed was the fact that the room I woke up in was ginormous. Easily the size of my living room. In the darkness of the room, I could slightly see the objects surrounding me. There was a laptop in the corner on a desk with an office chair. Next to that was a big tv and a huge rack of what seems to be DVDs.

I can also see a dresser and two doors on the other side of the room. As I pay more attention to my personal space, I can feel the softness of the sheets and that my bed seems more spacious. Like it's a king size instead of the full size that I am used to.

Deciding to get up and explore I almost trip on my face getting out of my bed. The world seems to be at a different height level than I'm used to. Adjusting to my new height I slowly make my way to the two doors in the corner of the room. The first one I opened looks to be a bathroom attached to this room.

As I go into the bathroom and turn on the light, I see a mirror to my left and am shocked at who I see staring back at me. Well, it's me, but it's James from the pokemon anime. I seem to be about 16 years old. I'm definitely shorter than my old 6'2 height that I was used to. I seem closer to 5'8 now. I had shoulder length purple hair instead of my blonde locks. My eyes also went from their light blue to an emerald green.

I started feeling my face like this wasn't real. Like I wasn't sent into a character from an anime that I watched as a kid. James wasn't a terrible person. He was a little greedy and kind of an idiot at times, but who isn't! My head started hurting with a throbbing pain.

As I stare more into the mirror it's like my memories or James's memories were both unlocked. I'm flooded with everything we both knew. All the pokemon info I knew from my past life was shoved down my brain and mixed with James more hands-on experience that he has. I also get a retelling of James' life and all he knew from schooling to family to what he knew of the world.

I noticed when my head stopped throbbing that I was now sitting on the cold linoleum floor and was able to get my bearings back. I get up from the floor and make my way to the office chair by the desk and think of the memories that just got slammed into my head.

Thing that is popping up the most is. I can finally become a pokemon trainer! This is like everyone who was born after the 90s dream as a kid growing up watching pokemon. Which is super exciting but then I couldn't remember anything about the show besides a few names of important characters. Some other characters overlap in my head with James' memory like the kanto Champion Lance as well as the E4.

Not sure where I am in the timeline, I boot up the laptop by myself and get to work on figuring out the timeline I am sent to. I look into the pokemon world and start going at names that I can remember from my own past.

So far, I can't find anything on Ash Ketchum which stands out the most to me. If I remember correctly, he was the main character of the show. I also tried Brock Harrison and Misty Waterflower. Brock pops up as the gym leader for Pewter city which makes sense in both Games and Anime memories so that didn't help much but confirms I'm not in the past considering James was older than Brock but actually younger.

The interesting part was when I searched Misty's name. In the games she was the cerulean gym leader, but here in the world I am there is only info on her Sensational Sisters that I could find. So that must mean I am more on par with the anime world so far. The next thing I started looking up was the world rules of pokemon training.

From what I remember in the past, you could start when you are ten years old. Considering I have memories from James that are a little confusing with my own, I wanted to make sure that James's info was correct at the starting age of 16. So far it seems to be true and I can probably trust the knowledge of James' memories more but I will definitely need to cross check them for important information.

I started kind of sifting through James' memories to see if they lined up with his anime past that I could remember. It seems the engagement was told to him the other day and he had met Jessabelle. He was planning on running away from everything tomorrow night. If I remember correctly, he runs away and gets into Poke Tech and that's how he meets Jessie. Who I think I can save from Team Rocket as well.

James was too emotional as he ran away and didn't prepare enough to make sure he would do fine on his own. Surprisingly his parents bought him quite a few things recently since he turned 16. This world seems to be a bit higher tech than when the anime started. I find a rotom phone on the night stand by his bed.

Going through the rotom phone I found a few things that will help me immensely. One of the best parts of a rotom phone is that once you buy it you don't have to pay for anything else for it to work. You can call, text, and get apps like a smart phone from my world, but it also holds my trainer ID that I got on my birthday as well as a pokedex app that can scan pokemon and tell you about them or if you own them tell you about their moves and abilities.

Going through the pokedex app I found out something that I am extremely hyped about.

Pokemon Owned:


Growlie is James pokemon. Looks like he hasn't set a nickname on the pokedex so hopefully I can give her a new better nickname. I always thought it was insane that he never took the growlithe with him. Arcanine is one of my all-time favorites so I'm stoked to have such a loyal one with me from the beginning.

From what I can remember he will be in his dog house outside of the mansion. His pokeball is also in the same area so I won't have to look for it thankfully.

Exiting the pokedex app I look at my trainer card again to see any more info that might help.

Trainer Card:

Name: James Blair

Age: 16

Birthday: July 8th, 2004

Money: 10,000 P

So, I don't know the conversion of Pokedollars to cash when I was a kid but damn did his parents load up his trainer card. After looking it up, Trainer card money can only be accessed by the owner. No one can take out money without permission of the trainer. So that means when I book it I will have some cash stored away

What I have to do is pack any clothes that are comfortable for now till I can get some better ones. Make sure to keep the laptop and rotom phone on hand and to get growlithe before I leave this place forever. I honestly can't feel bad for this. James' parents are kind of douchebags and Jessabelle is a crazy buffoon. Or would I say Bidoof in this world?

But for now, I think it's time to hit the hay. Going off the time on the phone it is only 3:00am and if I want to get out of here by later tonight, I am going to need my rest for my escape.

Chapter End

Well guys here is my first chapter. Give you a little information on the world and where I want to go with it. I plan on James and Jessie going on a pokemon Journey. I'm not too sure about Meowth yet since I don't really want to do pokemon talking dialogue so being an aura trainer or psychic is out unless we nerf them a bit.

Let me know what you think below. I will make future chapters once I get into the journey aspect bigger but I want to get through this prequel stuff a wee bit faster and get a feel of the SI writing style and see what you guys think!

James Current Pokemon:

Starter: Growlithe