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Chapter 2: James used Escape Rope!

Waking up in the big comfy bed again was super nice. I woke up a little later than expected but as a teenager I'm guessing no one would assume I'd be up before noon anyways.

After stretching and getting a hot shower in, I hit my first dilemma. James had some ugly ass clothes. Like these rich people, outfits look hideous and I rather go nude than wear them. I wonder if this is why James dressed weird whenever him and Jessie went incognito.

Luckily, I found some workout clothes that his grandpa bought him and hoped he would get into shape. It's not much, but black joggers and a purple shirt with a Machamp logo on my right breast is better than all that garbage.

I also found some sneakers that go with the outfit. Purple with a black pokeball on them. Always thought it was weird that a lot of clothes are either plain or had a pokeball design on them but it is what it is. But now that I'm dressed and ready for my prison break, I can get some planning done.

Hopping onto the laptop the first thing I needed to know is where poke tech was and how i can get into the school. Looking for it online was easy enough, and I found that they are accepting new students in a week. All I have to do is pass a preliminary test or if I had a recommendation ready.

Another cool thing was since I'm living in a richer area it was fairly close by and only a day or two walk. So, I have plenty of time to get there and hopefully find Jessie. I want her as my travelling partner, and I think if I can convince her to join me as a travelling nurse then we can ditch poke tech all together!

Now that I know where I'm going, it's time to set my plan. James' parents leave later tonight to go to some business deal with another company. They won't be back till tomorrow so i just have to bide my time till they leave later today and then it's my chance to strike.

Going through James' memory I find that the mansion doesn't have any crazy security or personnel that could really stop me. I just have to be quiet and make sure I go a certain path to avoid any late-night workers. Get my Growlithe and then get on out of here.

For now, I need to pack any items I want for travelling and maybe some stuff to sell for money later on. Looking through my room when there is light, I can see I have a black backpack by my dresser. Inside of it isn't much but some old looking text books and binders.

I throw those out and clean out the backpack and I am sad to see it isn't a Silph Co. bag. Looking at them online I have enough to get one but it would be easier to do it later when I have the time. Silph Co. bags are the pokeball tech for a human. You can almost fit anything into these bags and it will feel the same weight.

Probably how Brock carried all of his cooking supplies on the journey. That dude had a table and like a multitude of pots and pans all in one little backpack.

The backpack is big enough to hold my laptop. Two changes of the gym clothes i have. The super comfy pajamas. Lastly, some of my cleaning utensils. There is also some decent extra room for my splurging later.

I take the backpack with me just in case I need it if I spot something. Then I decide to go downstairs into the kitchen and get some food in me while I can. I will most likely have to steal some rations for later while it's on my mind.

Walking into the kitchen some of the staff look at me and nod. It's kind of disturbing how none of them talk to me at all. I even tried saying hi to a few of the ones I knew the name of but they ignored me. I grabbed some of the spread they had laid out and took it to the dining room to finish my brunch.

I can see why James wouldn't have liked growing up here at all. It seems extremely lonely. Parents that don't care for you and want to sell you off to the highest bidder for a marriage and even the servants you try to be nice to won't give you the time of day.

On the bright side it should make it even easier for me to just walk on out of here. I decided to go hang out with my new starter Growlithe till its dinner time and get a head start on a few things.

Walking to his dog house was a fairly nice walk once I got outside and was farther away than the anime showed. There was tree coverage giving an ample amount of shade on this sunny July day. I walked down a well-groomed side path and ended up at what looked like a horse corral.

It looks like the family owns a few other pokemon. The first few stalls were some Miltank and Tauros that we must use for milk and such. I also saw a few Mareep sleeping in another one.

Getting to the final stall I see my starter in all her glory.

She looked like a strong Growlithe that was above the average height and stood at about 3ft tall. She has an excited face when she spots me and her tail goes into overdrive.

"Growlithe it's so good to see you." I crouched down and started petting her extremely soft fur. She hops her front paws onto my shoulders and starts licking my face. Her tongue was extremely rough and warm but for some reason tickled a lot.

She barks playfully as I finish petting her and stand up to look around and see no humans near us. I look back at her and decide to tell her my plan. And decided to finish my explanation with my starter speech.

"Growlithe i want to leave this place with you and go on a journey! I want to collect badges and get us a family of pokemon and show the world that we are strong. Do you want to come with me?"

Before I could even react, she tackled me and started licking my face again.

"Ok that's enough already, I'll take that as a yes." I laugh as she finally gets off me. Taking out my rotom phone I decide to finally see what has Growlithe for us. James apparently didn't scan her when he got Growlithe so it just has to be that he owned her.

"Alright I'm going to scan you and see what moves you know and what ability you have so i can think of ideas before we leave tonight, ok?"

She barks playfully and sits down while I open up the app and set it to the scan owned pokemon feature. I was quite surprised with what we have but knowing James' family she probably came from a breeder.

Growlithe, The Puppy Pokemon. Growlithe has a superb sense of smell. Once it smells anything, this Pokémon won't forget the scent, no matter what. It uses its advanced olfactory sense to determine the emotions of other living things.

Growlithe is Female, and has the ability Flash Fire.

Flash Fire Powers up the Pokémon's Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.

Known Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Morning Sun

Egg Moves: Crunch [Locked], Morning Sun [Unlocked]

So somehow my Growlithe got Crunch and Morning Sun. I'm guessing since he knows bite that it will evolve into crunch at some point. Generally, once they know the stronger version of the move, they never use the old one. Morning sun will be good to keep her in a fight as long as possible as well.

"Well, aren't you just a rockstar already." As I pocket my phone and give Growlithe some more pets. Finishing up, I decided to ask her if she wants a nickname.

She kind of just looks at me and tilts her head like I was a crazy person or something. "A nickname is something I can call you that's special to you and if there is another Growlithe there you will know I mean you."

After my explanation she wags her tail and barks happily and I guess I will take those as a yes! Going through my head I automatically go away from the very basic fire type names all pokemon get and finally decide on one.

"How about Hestia? She is the goddess of Fire and Hearth. A hearth symbolizes a home and you symbolize that for me."

She barks happily and tackles me to the ground once again but this time nuzzles into me. "Well, you are a cuddly type of pokemon aren't you Hestia." She barks happily at me as she gets off me and sits on the ground next to me.

I'm happy she enjoys the name and hope the rest of our team will like her welcoming aura she gives off to me. She is extremely friendly and warm and I think she makes the perfect team captain and starter.

Sadly, I see the time after meeting Hestia and have to get back for dinner soon. The walk out here took much longer than I expected and I might be late by the time I get back.

"Alright Hestia hang tight and get some rest so you can be ready to go when it gets dark out i will come back for you then!" She barks happily at me as she goes over to her pokemon bed and lays down as she barks once more at me and closes her eyes.

After I leave Hestia to rest, I sneak around the corral and steal some pokemon food so I have some for Hestia on our travels. Luckily, I find her food labeled and they have how much they give each pokemon labeled by their food. Apparently, Hestia gets fed twice a day one cup each and by her size and physique I'd say we feed her well.

I can fit about a week's worth of food for her in my bag. I also found a med station where I snagged a couple of potions and antidotes in case of emergencies. I even still have room for other necessities if I come across them in my backpack. Heading out of the corral I didn't run into anyone so I began my journey back to the mansion.

As I got back up to the mansion, I noticed the sky turning orange and that means I won't have to wait much longer till I can ditch this joint. I also see that the limousine is gone and most likely my parents along with it.

When I got inside one of the servants told me dinner was ready and that it was in the dining room. He also told me what I had suspected that my parents left for their meeting already. When I told him thank you, and he almost looked like he was in shock.

I couldn't find anything in my memories of James that said he was impolite to his servants but maybe I didn't get everything he knew. I quickly get to the dining hall and eat my fill. I also sneaked some of the bread rolls left out into my bag and went into the pantry left open for the family if they wanted anything quick.

I found granola bars and protein bars that I grabbed first and a few bottles of gross sparkling water. Once I retreat from the pantry and return to my room, I dump the sparkling water and fill them with water from my sink. My bag is now almost at full capacity at this point.

So, I decided to sneak into my parents' room to see if I could find anything of value to sell to a pawn shop. When I got into their room it was the size of an Olympic swimming pool. With a quick search of the giant room, I headed towards my mother's vanity in search of her jewelry.

I only have so much space and the jewelry will give me the most bang for my buck. Sadly, when I get to her vanity, she has most of it locked. But she must have been in a rush when she left a drawer wide open. There were only a few necklaces in there so I grabbed those and went to my father's side of the room.

Sadly, my father wasn't in as much of a rush as my mother and there wasn't anything out in the open for me to grab and everything else was locked. Deciding I got more than what I was probably going to get, I hurried back to my room and waited the last two hours till it was time to go.

With the time I had to spare I used it to rest up and take a quick nap on the bed. This would also show the workers if they check up on me that I'm asleep and they would leave me alone for the night hopefully.

2 Hours Later

I wake up to my rotom phone alarm going off that I set before taking a nap. Getting up I double check my backpack and think I'm prepared enough for now. Poke Tech is located just a short walk outside of Saffron City.

My mansion is just south of Saffron City and is only about half a day's walk away. I should be able to get there by morning and rest up before the exam for poke tech at the end of the week. Even though I don't want to go to poke tech I want to save Jessie from there and Team Rocket as well.

Determined with my plan I stuff pillows under the blankets to make it look like some is here from a distance in the dark at the minimum. As I open my door it seems to be fairly quiet but given it is almost 11 in the evening that doesn't surprise me.

I quickly make my way outside the mansion and breathe a sigh of release. That was one of the hardest parts even if it was extremely easy. I quickly jog over the corral, still taking me quite a bit of time to make it there. Whoever's plan it was to have this way over here was an idiot.

I make my way inside the corral and call out to my starter to see if she is awake. I hear a loud bark and quickly open the door letting Hestia out of her pen. "You read to go girl? Make sure to be quiet ok?" She licks my hand that is petting her and gives me a nod.

I find her pokeball quickly and return her to make sure it is hers. The pokeball is nice and smooth and gets me excited to finally be holding one in my hands. I let her out and she sidled up next to me as I told her it's time to make our break for it. Before I get there, I grab some rope I see just in case it's needed.

It took us a few minutes to reach the estates gate but I'm glad I grabbed the rope as the gate is still fairly high for me to get over easily. I quickly tie the rope to a vertical bar as tight as I can and loop it over the gate. It took me a few tries and I swear Hestia was chuckling at me in her poke speak, but I got it eventually.

One thing I didn't plan for was James' lack of upper body strength. It took me quite a while to finally get myself over the gate, and by the time I landed I was breathing heavily. Once I recovered and stood up, I saw Hestia waiting for me patiently behind the gate and I swear I saw a smirk on her face.

"Oh, you smirk now but wait till we start training for the Kanto conference." I tell her and she cringes a little. Giving myself slight satisfaction of the win, I recall her through the gates and make my way to the main road of Route 6.

Once I get to the main road of Route 6 I release Hestia who gives me a victory dance and barks once she sees the unfamiliar area.

"Ready to start our journey?" I ask Hestia with a grin. She responds with one as well and gets behind me to start pushing me towards our direction. Making me laugh at her eagerness.

Now to Get to Poke Tech and to get our girl Jessie.

Chapter End

Hope you guys enjoyed Chapter two of A Different Path. I'm happy to be done with the escape but I still have poke tech and to get Jessie to join the group and then we can get going to viridian city!

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