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Chapter 7: First Battle and Viridian Forest!

I woke up in a warm bliss. I felt the sun rays hit my face from the window and a warm breeze on my neck. We didn't leave the window open last night did we?

Opening my eyes I noticed I was on my side and my arms were wrapped around Jessie. Except one of them was grabbing onto her delicious ass. I blushed a bit before moving it back up to her waist and looked at Jessie's face. I couldn't help myself but smile.

Jessie was sleeping soundly as the breeze I thought I felt was actually her breath caressing my neck. Her hair was a little crazy and he was mumbling in her sleep but she was so cute. I went back to relaxing in bed deciding I would rather be here than that battle anyways.

I raised my hand and slowly rubbed her back under her shirt. The smooth skin gliding under my fingers felt warm and soft to the touch. I felt her nuzzle into me more as I sighed in relaxation. I took a quick glance at our pokemon and saw they were all conked out as well. Or well i'm guessing Neptune is anyways by the blinking light.

I stayed like this for 15 minutes just slowly rubbing Jessie's back before I felt her move and wake up. She pushed with the hands on my chest to scoot back a little as she looked at me with her bleary morning eyes.

"Good morning, beautiful." I whispered as I reached down and stole a kiss from her. I felt her respond by bringing her hands around my neck playing with the tufts of hair in the back.

She also brought herself back a bit closer. I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest with the two hard nubs I'm guessing were her nipples. I also felt her roll her hips on my morning wood a bit making me moan into the kiss.

She then separated and gave me an alluring smile before getting out of bed. She walked with a sway to her hips to the bathroom that had my eyes magnetized to the way she moved. Once she got to the bathroom she gave me a glance over the shoulder with a smile before closing the door.

I groaned at the woman knowing she wanted to just tease me more. I heard a slight giggle from the bathroom and couldn't help but chuckle myself.

What a woman.

Battle Field Pokemon Center

"Alright James, a 1v1 work for you since you're heading for the forest?" Ash asked as he stood on the other side of the battlefield from me. We all got ready after the morning tease in the bedroom this morning.

We met Ash and Misty in the cafeteria. They were gonna stay around an extra day while we were gonna get going to Pewter after the morning battle. We got along with them pretty well and it's nice to know we'll have some friends out there when we go for the circuit.

But for now we have a battle to win. Ash's Pikachu leapt off his shoulder looking much better than he did last night. In response I let out my own starter for my first official fight. "Hestia to the field!"

Hestia stood across from Pikachu and we decided to go on Misty's word. "Fight!" Ash was quicker than me and told Piakchu to launch a Thundershock. The bolt of electricity sparked off his cheeks and launched itself across the field.

I spoke to my pokemon in the training time days before to never wait for me to tell them to dodge or counter. Hestia listened like the great pokemon she was and dodged right away before sending her own Ember back.

The balls of ashy fire were launched and Piakchu waited for a command from Ash. I don't know why people think they have to tell their pokemon to do everything. It just doesn't make sense when they are sentient beings.

Before Ash could even say dodge Pikachu was struck by the balls of ember and took a direct hit. He was launched back a few feet with a couple burns but was able to get back up and in the fight. "Pikachu use quick attack!" Ash yelled out as the yellow mouse blitzed in white energy towards Hestia.

"Wait till he gets close then hit him with Roar!" I yelled out myself. Roar doesn't act like the moves in the game where it forces pokemon to swap out; it acts more like a sound attack that pushes anyone back. Once Pikachu was close Hestia used Roar and made Pikachu trip as they crashed to the side.

Without command Hestia quickly followed up with another ember and took Pikachu out of his misery. Pikachu are great speedy pokemon that can hit hard but they are amazingly squishy.

"Pikachu is unable to battle! James and Hestia win!" Hestia ran up to me and I gave her all the loves for a well done first battle. After pampering her I returned her to her ball so she could recover before we headed out.

I approached Ash who was cheering up Pikachu and telling him he was awesome. It brought a smile to my face to know that he was the same type of guy like he was in the anime. "Good battle Ash." I held out my hand and he shook it with a smile.

"You're strong James but we will beat you next time." I could only smile and tell him we will be waiting when Jessie ran up and gave me a hug. "Congrats on the first win!" I smiled as I hugged her back.

She gave me a brief kiss before taking Hestia's ball and Pikachu with Ash's permission and headed for the pokemon center. Jessie had to do a quick shift before we left to help with some of last night's attack. I'm glad she is dedicated to healing as much as she is passionate about pokemon. Misty came over at that time and gave some advice to Ash.

We all talked for a bit before walking inside and waiting for Jessie to be done. Officer Jenny was actually at the front desk with a suitcase talking to Nurse Joy. When she noticed us she perked up approaching me and Misty.

"We were lucky in the speed of things last night and I have your four rewards. Nurse Joy told me Jessie is working right now so James I will give you her share." She pulled out 5000 poke dollars for each of us in cash since the league tries to minimize the digital transactions for rewards.

"Thank you for your help last night and good luck on your journeys. I hope to see you two back here with 7 badges by the end of the season." She saluted us to which we responded back with before she hopped back on her bike that was inside the pokecenter and drove off.

I heard Nurse Joy sigh at the act of Officer Jenny and I couldn't help but laugh at the predicament. We hung out in the cafeteria for a bit waiting for Jessie to get off work and to let our pokemon rest since it's been a little crazy around here. Which led us to this conversation.

"Yeah, being sponsored by Professor Oak is an honor and it's nice to know all my pokemon will be cared for while I'm gone as well. Where do your pokemon go James?" Ash asked as he rubbed Pikachu's cheeks.

"Well I kinda ran away from my abusive home with Hestia here and we ran into Jessie in Saffron and got a teleporter here. So I guess I'll just have to be sure not to catch too many pokemon till I can find a place." I petted Hestia as she laid partially in my lap, almost making a purring noise as I scratched behind her ears.

"Sorry to hear that James. Lets swap numbers and I can ask Professor Oak if maybe you could keep your pokemon at the ranch. Or maybe somewhere else that could be more affordable I'm sure he could help." Ash pulled out his phone and we swapped information.

If I could get my pokemon at oaks ranch that would be amazing! The amount of growth they can do on their own is proven through Ash's pokemon in the anime. Especially the pokemon he used rarely that would come in clutch like Tauros.

We chatted for another hour or two before Jessie joined us by sitting next to me and kissing my cheek. I blushed a bit before wrapping my arm around her waist and gripping it. I felt her sigh as we finished talking with the duo before heading out.

Viridian Forest

Walking hand in hand with Hestia and Petal leading the way. We made some good progress into Viridian Forest. We have been traveling for a couple hours and were trying to find a place to camp for the night.

As we walked I could feel Jessie rubbing her thumb on the back of my hand while she was humming a song we heard at the poke center. On a side note the music in the pokemon world is super k-poppy or grunge which is so weird.

Anyways back to the forest. It was starting to get dark when Hestia barked at us to follow her. We went off trail for a few moments before finding a nice patch of grass near a river. Deciding to skip training for tonight I let out Neptune to get some fresh air and relax in the river.

"I'll collect firewood while you set up?" I asked Jessie who nodded as we took off our bags and got ready for the night. After a quick kiss, me and Hestia departed through the woods a bit more to find some dead branches to make a fire.

I had a nice handful when we heard a weird gurgling scream nearby. Looking at Hestia she looked worried as I set the wood down. "Alright girl, let's go check it out." She growled a bit as we took off towards the direction of noise.

After the initial loud gurgle scream I haven't heard anything else but Hestia led the way with her advanced hearing. I forgot it can be difficult to run through the brush and the trees. Luckily it helped us not go too fast so we had enough time to hide behind a tree and look ahead at the situation before charging in.

In a small opening of trees ahead of us there is a ball of vines being held up by rope from a sonic the hedgehog looking shoe? It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Seeing no other trouble or pokemon I walked up towards it to get a better look.

The noise we made coming closer let the mass of vines hear us as it turned around mid air. IT HAD EYES! I was shocked at the creature before me, till I face palmed forgetting about this pokemon. Tangela is still the weirdest pokemon from first gen.

The Tangelas eyes did a happy eye shut thing like it was Kakashi as it waved some vines and spun in the air. Being closer I realized the rope looked old and must have been forgotten by some bug trainer that grew up. "Don't worry little guy, we will help get you down." I said as I followed the rope to the source.

I found the other end tied to a low branch so it was easy to slowly untie the thing and let the Tangela down. Once it was down it jumped around happily on its red feet. Hestia jumped around with the mass of vines and I laughed a bit as she got tripped by a loose one.

"Well now that you're unstuck we're gonna head back to camp. You be careful out here okay." I said as I petted the pokemons head. It felt really weird but soft. Tangela gleefully waved as Hestia licked it goodbye and we headed back to our fire wood. It took us a few minutes to find where it was but with Hestia's sense of smell we were right on track.

Once we made it back to camp I saw Jessie got a fire pit made with our tents setup as she was reading with Petal.

She looked up at us as we broke through the brush and gave me a look of confusion. "Made a new friend?" I was confused before I heard the loud happy gurgling next to me.

Both me and Hestia jumped in the air at the Tangelas' unknown arrival. Thr Tangela, thinking we were playing, jumped along too. Jessie started laughing and Tangela approached her and held out Vines that Jessie grabbed curiously while still laughing.

Tangela started jumping while holding Jessie's hands until she started to jump too, making Tangela gurgle again. This Tangela is a very happy and free type pokemon as I laughed and got a fire going for dinner.

Jessie joined me to start cooking a stew for dinner while we watched the pokemon play. Tangela got along great with Hestia and Petal as they played a game of tag. I looked over to make sure Neptune was fine but he looked like he enjoyed swaying in the river more than playing.

To be fair it could get rare for us to have water readily available for him to relax in so it's good he is enjoying it while he can. Once our food was done I took some bowls out and got an extra one out for Tangela to feed them all. Tangela was surprised but happily gurgled as she used her vines to eat away.

I smiled at the pokemon chat and ate happily. Neptune joined them as well and was happily welcomed by Tangela. Me and Jessie then got some food ourselves as we sat together closely while we ate.

I told her how I found the mass of vines pokemon and she seemed worried it could be hurt from the strain of hanging there. I apologized without even thinking of that and she waved me off saying she was the nurse not me. I smiled after we finished eating Jessie took the Tangela aside and fretted over her.

Tangela seemed amazed that a human would go such lengths for a pokemon. Petal was also at her side to give Tangela company and chirp along whenever it looked worried. Petal would be the bedside manner master for pokemon care.

Once Jessie sprayed Tangelas ankle and made sure she was good to go we all got ready for bed. Hestia, Petal and Neptune all wanted to sleep outside to stay with Tangela. I didn't have a problem with it since it was a warm night.

I then noticed Jessie only set up one tent as she came out changed in her night wear. I went in and quickly changed into some shorts and a tank top when she came in after asking it was okay. I looked at her oddly before she blushed and sat in my lap.

My hands came up to her hips without thinking as her hands took hold of my face. We stared into each other's eyes for a bit as we simply sat there enjoying the warmth of the other she then brought me in for a kiss. I forgot how soft her lips felt against mine as I gripped her wide hips. Jessie then moaned into my mouth as our kiss got more passionate.

Our tongues mingled together as she led the kiss. I tried to take control but I couldn't win against her tongue as she skillfully kept control. I could feel her slightly smirk as we continued kissing knowing she won the encounter.

Her hands then went into my hair and pulled me closer to her. I could feel her breasts squishing against my chest as I reactively pulled her into me by my grip on her hips. She grounded down into me and we both moaned at the friction. This caused us to separate both of us slightly panting, being out of breath still holding on to each other.

"A bit too much." Jessie said as she then nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck and wrapped her arms around me. I wrapped my own around her as I slowly laid down on the sleeping mat. I hummed as we cuddled together listening to her breathing and the nature around us.

We stayed like this for a while enjoying each other's warmth before Jessie got up and opened the sleeping bag. She crawled in and turned away from me, her back facing towards me. I thought I did something wrong until she looked over her shoulder. "Are you coming to bed?"

"Yes mam!" I quickly said as I got in the bag behind her. Wrapping my arm around her waist I pulled her into me firmly. She sighed as she took my other arm and used it as a pillow. "After sleeping last night I can never sleep alone again." She sighed as we got settled for the night.

I hummed and buried my nose into the base of her neck smelling the light leftovers of her sweet perfume. "Whatever you want." Was all I could say as we fell asleep into the night.

Next Morning

We woke up to the warm cocoon of our sleeping bag in the tent. After a few wake-up kisses we decided to get up and get ready for today. If we're lucky we could possibly get out of this god forsaken forest today.

As I made breakfast the rest of the pokemon did their daily warm ups. Tangela looked at them weirdly before joining in thinking it was a game. I chuckled a bit at the pokemon and i'm surprised it was still here when we woke up.

We ate and cleaned up the camp quickly and made sure it looked like it was before we arrived. Once I recalled Neptune who sadly wasn't made for traveling we said goodbye to Tangela. Tangela waves at us cheering as we leave camp.

We walked for about 5 minutes before Hestia kept looking back behind us. Noticing this I turned and saw Tangela following with a skip behind and I could only deadpan as the pokemon skipped right into me falling on their butt.

"Why are you following us buddy, don't you want to live in the forest?" I asked as I kneeled down and helped the pokemon up. Jessie came over and looked confused as well when Tangela started gurgling and waving vines everywhere.

"That's a bit hard to understand isn't it." She giggled. Tangela then swatted their face with their own vines almost like a vine facepalm.

On a whim I could only think of one reason it stayed with us. "Do you want to be my pokemon Tangela?" The pokemon waved its vines and jumped around cheering and I couldn't help but laugh a bit with them.

"Looks like we got a new family member." I said as I looked at Jessie and fished out a pokeball. "Good the more the merrier." Jessie exclaimed as our pokemon cheered at a new friend.

"Ok once I catch you I can let you back out to walk with us okay?" Tangela nodded cheerfully as they were sucked up by the pokeball.

My phone buzzed in alert from the capture as I let out Tangela who then immediately started dancing with Hestia and Petal. Glad to know they already like each other.

Pulling out my phone I took a look at our new friends abilities.

Tangela, The Vine Pokemon, Tangela's vines snap off easily if they are grabbed. This happens without pain, allowing it to make a quick getaway. The lost vines are replaced by newly grown vines the very next day.

Tangela is Female and has the ability Chlorophyll, This doubles the speed of the pokemon in the bright sunlight!

Known Moves: Absorb, Bind, Stun Spore and Growth

Well good to know about the vines being able to regrow. I would feel horrible if they got damaged in battle. Hopefully Tangela enjoyed fighting because going off of her demeanor it might be difficult for her to enjoy it.

"Now Tangela, everyone in this family gets a name. How do you like the name Demeter?" The newly named Demeter happily gurgles while shaking her vines up and down. All the pokemon cheered, making Jessie giggle as we decided to head out again.

Through the forest we ran into a couple but type trainers that weren't too difficult for my team to handle. Hestia had the easiest time with her type advantage. She just burned everyone down and bit any of the Caterpie line since they were not poisonous like the Weedle line.

Neptune also had an easy time with his hard shell and flying acrobatics. His training paid off and he even used the trees to ricochet into the pokemon from behind when necessary. He also has amazing aim with his water gun and shot down any flying targets no problem.

Also my curiosity of Demeter being a bad battler. Was horribly wrong. You know those jolly types that get dead serious and destroy anything in their path. Well Demeter takes that into stride. She used her vines to lay a smackdown on any pokemon she could reach. Wrap was deadly on anything that wasn't a Metapod or Kakuna.

Overall I am happy with my team's progress so far. Their training has been going very well and we have seen some solid results just in the past two days alone. I also realized with how my team is right now I won't have any evolutions for a while.

Hestia required a fire stone and probably won't be ready till around the time we battle Serena. Neptune also needs an evolutionary stone but will probably be ready before Hestia in terms of when its optimal time to evolve. Demeter has to train her moves up a bit and take the grueling time to learn Ancient Power.

From what I have read so far, if you're not a fossil type pokemon, be prepared for 1-2 months of learning the move before evolution. At Least I will have a good power bump around the gym leader hump in terms of all their evolutions.

By the time I finish the first 4 gyms in Kanto I should have most of my team evolved so that they are at their peak evolution for the final 4 gyms. Now this is not known yet for the pokemon I have in the future but these three could easily become power houses if I train them right.

Arcanine is a good all round pokemon in terms of Physical and Special move capabilities. They are also extremely fast and can take a hit fairly well. Once I get Hestia evolved and she learns Extreme Speed I dont think ill have anyone faster on the team. She is the perfect mix of up front and from a distance fighter.

Neptune when he evolved into Starmie will be a fast and hard hitting long distance fighter. Not to mention the variety in its moveset to be able to fight off multiple different types of pokemon. Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic and so much more at his disposal!

Now Demeter is my best tank so far in terms of what stats I remember in pokemon. Tangrowth will have immense physical defense and be able to hit back just as hard. Then with Chlorophyll we can offset the extreme slowness the pokemon has and become a true terror.

All in all my team is coming together great. I got the three major typings in place which is nice and can focus on just catching anything that intrigues me.

Finally after a couple more hours we broke through the horrible forest and could see Pewter off in the distance. I sighed in relief not wanting to spend another night in a tent.

"Last one there is a rotten egg!" Jessie yelled as her and all the pokemon took off running ahead.

"Hey, that's not fair!" I yelled out catching up hearing the group of them laughing ahead.

Chapter End

James Team:

Growlithe (Hestia)

Staryu (Neptune)

Tangela (Demeter)

Jessie Team:

Oddish (Petal)