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When Leah roared into the underground parking complex, and into her paid, designated spot, she was surprised and immediately swamped in annoyance when she found a note. It was a heart-shaped purple post-it, stuck to her pull-up bar mounted onto the wall.

Thank you for being the QUIET motorcycle guy! 3
Please tell blonde girl to stop parking in spot 342! Thank you!

Leah snorted. Well, for one thing, she wasn't a guy, usually. For another, she was certainly not going to tell 'the blonde girl' where to park.

Rosalie loved her red corvette too much to street-park it, and she lost the coin-toss when they flipped for the one assigned space each apartment got. That meant Leah got to use the front-half of the space for her bike, and the half closest to the wall as a mini-gym. Well, the pull-up bar, a bench below it, and a weights set she kept in a locker next to it. Her regular old push bike was mounted vertical on the wall next to it.

Apartment 42, on the third floor, was their across-the-hall neighbour, and they knew the timid little white girl could barely look them in the eyes, and drove the shittiest red truck Rosalie had claimed to have ever seen. Compared to the shit-boxes Leah had known boys on the res to have, the truck was pretty stellar. Leah stuffed the note in her leather jacket, and headed home.

She was not surprised to see Rosalie sitting at the kitchen counter. It was 7:30PM, and Rosalie loathed deviating from a schedule. She was eating a huge-bowl of store-bought garden salad, swimming in ranch dressing, grimacing heavily as she stabbed at the lettuce.

Rosalie looked up at her and blinked in mild surprised. "You're home," she stated, and at Leah's shrug, her eyes dropped back down to her meal.

"You're eating nothing," Leah replied as she hung up her jacket on the pegs drilled into the entryway. Rosalie usually lived on rice, a meat, and semi-occasionally a vegetable.

Rosalie scowled, "… He said I was filling out," she admitted quietly. "Fucking babaca."

Leah didn't want to touch that heterosexuality with a ten-foot pole, and instead fished out the now-crumpled purple post-it and slapped it on the table next to Rosalie's pathetic dinner.

Rosalie scanned the notes with an imperious Liz-Taylor-Blue eye. "She can afford to street-park the environment-hating fossil," Rosalie tossed her head to flip her hair behind her shoulder, and speared a heavily-dressed tomato that she carefully chewed.

"I got called quiet, though," Leah said with feigned relish. She'd never been considered a conscientious person compared to anyone before.

Rosalie shook her head, but huffed in amusement. "You also got called a guy, you cunt."

They both laughed lightly, and Leah shifted on her feet, intent on heading to her room without another word, when there was a knock on the door.

They exchanged a disgusted, borderline outraged look. Who bothered people at night, especially them? They didn't give a shit about someone's lost pet, or if they saw someone's mail get swiped.

Leah cracked her neck as she goes to answer the door. Usually she was big and brown enough to make the person fuck off. Half the time Rosalie's tits were too big for people to pay attention to her poorly-disguised fury.

The mousy white girl from across the hall stood cringed in the doorway, arms tucked around herself as though she just got sucker-punched. "Um, hi, I'm, um, from across the hall?" the girl prompted uncertainly. Leah raised one eyebrow, but otherwise said nothing. "… I just, um, wanted to know if you, um, got the note?" Leah's other eyebrow raised up to meet the first. But she could hear the scrape of the stool in the kitchen. "Um, yeah, well, my roommate – she's great! – She, um, left it, but, um, I'm not really the type to, um, do that," the girl babbled to explain, squirming around like a toddler badly in need of the toilet.

Leah could smell Rosalie's grandma perfume wafting behind her as she impassively replied, "Don't worry – didn't think you were the type to do anything."

The girl for her part, looked drolly cheerier. "Oh, um, cool!" she chirped, watching as Leah amiably got elbowed out of the way for Rosalie to step up. Though Rosalie's looked even chillier than Leah did, the girl seemed distinctly relieved to be speaking to someone closer to her skin colour. "Um, just, um, well …" the girl slowly turned bright red, avoiding Rosalie's gaze several times by staring right at her chest. In Rosalie's pink pyjama singlet, they were liable to poke a kid's eye out. "I, I, um, I pay for the parking space … so …."

Rosalie slapped on a bright white smile, looking like a shark that was preparing for dinner.

"And I wanted to thank you so much! You are actually like an angel for letting me park there!" Rosalie gushed, reaching over and wrapping her arm around the girl's slumped shoulders, pressing her against the side of her bust as she man-handled her back across the hall. "I drive a corvette, you know, so careful with it. It's so massively unfair that Real Estate has a 'first come first serve' when it comes to the parking lot!" Rosalie pouted as she stopped at the girl's door. "We should all band together and do something about it! Can I trust in your participation in getting a petition together?" Rosalie asked, fluttering her sharp blue eyes.

"O-oh!" the girl looked bewildered, her expression like a prey animal about to become roadkill. "That's a really, um, good idea, yeah, for sure," she stuttered out.

"Thank you, babes!" Rosalie chirped, grabbing both the girl's shoulders and pressing their chests together in the limpest, fakest hug Leah had ever seen. "Okay, we need to talk about this at a later date, because tonight is just not good for me," Rosalie explained as she pulled back, only to lean forward again and kiss the air next to the girl's face. "Kisses, you have a good rest of your night, babes!" Rosalie took the two steps toward the door Leah still held open. "And don't even worry about it, absolutely zero hard feelings about that note!"

Rosalie strode inside, the smile cutting off her face as Leah released the door and let it slowly and firmly close on the gob-smacked girl.

"Good job," Leah said as they head back to the kitchen.

Rosalie plonked back down on her stool, smacking away the plastic bowl of browning shredded carrot. "My mother was the head of the HOA," Rosalie explained with unabashed pride. "You learn a thing or two."

Leah doesn't bother to hide her disgust. "That was the most suburban thing you've ever said to me," she informed her, and Rosalie barks out another single laugh, before asking Leah to bin the rest of her salad.

Leah swiftly wipes the crap into the bin. She gave about as much of a shit about the parking spaces as Rosalie did, since Leah's bike was parked where it was supposed to be. She was much more concerned with fishing in the fridge for a beer, popping it open with the palm of her hand and leaning against the counter as she took her first sip with a satisfied sigh.

"How do you keep those fucking abs, the way you eat?" Rosalie snapped enviously, looking at Leah's trim stomach with disgust.

Leah grinned, leering over at the blonde, enunciating slowly, "Fuck-king."

Rosalie let out a high and harsh bark of laughter as she gave Leah the finger. Leah saluted her with her beer as she sauntered into her room for the night.

She didn't bother to say good-night to Rosalie – as well as they got along, Leah was also honestly pleased with the distance they had. Rosalie didn't expect a roommate that 'contributed to the suite's friendly environment' (the words of a former roommate Leah later made cry), or ask where she went or what she did (another roommate that cried easily), kick up a fuss about animal cruelty regarding Leah's antler, tooth and skull collection (Rosalie actually had a framed picture of Cruella deVille in her room). She didn't even mind when Leah was up to a week's late paying her back for rent, including the added fee for her parking space.

All Leah had to do was take out the trash, keep her mess in her own room, disappear when Rosalie went on a cleaning spree, and fish a handful of blonde hair out of the shower drain every weeks. All things considered, Leah was sure it was Rosalie's fondness for her that had her happy to inconvenience the mousy neighbour, rather than bring up the idea of switching up their parking agreement. That and the neighbour proved incredibly easy to inconvenience.

Leah flopped onto her bed, and plonked her beer down on her bedside table. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, and she fished it out with a grunt.

The screen said 'Emily' and Leah tossed her phone onto her designated clothes chair. It bounced off the pile and clattered to the floor.