Here you go ChEsTeRz a fic for ya! In case you don't know this was in response to ChEsTeRz challenge, there should be more! I love 'em!

From Shal's point of view


Loving Me Entirely

I know she watches me sleep at night. I feel her eyes on me, it makes my heart flutter to think she watches me so closely. I've never felt like this before, I wasn't really sure I could actually. I was always the tough one, looking out for everyone. Then she came along and swept me off my feet, I'm floating in a dream world where everything is completely perfect. How pathetic does that sound? Well I don't care because it's true. I love her...completely.

Nothing can prevent the way I feel about her and I don't want anything to try and come between us.

Some nights she'll reach out and stroke my hair, whispering things to me that she thinks I can't hear. I just pretend to sleep and let her talk, it makes my heart tremble as her hand runs along. I never shudder though, that would give it away. I love to just lie there and listen to her, to feel her, to love her. I guess I sound really sappy now but it's not as if it really matters. She's there and that's all that matters to me now.

I remember her first day, the way she made me feel all the way back then, the way I would do anything for her. She didn't realize that simply by smiling at me she could have made me run all the way around the world and back again. Or maybe she did but just didn't want to say in case she got it wrong, or maybe she was scared of her own feelings. Either way we both waited, waited far too long.

The day we got together was....well I can't describe it. It was blurred and rushed, like everything was in double motion and we were living in an alternate dimension away from all the prejudice and hatred which surrounds us everyday.

No-one else knows about us, not yet. We not sure how they'd react if they knew about us so we keep it quiet.

I decide to stop playing around and roll over to face Emma, she smiles gently at me and I smile back, tingling from the warmth which radiates off her as joy shines in her eyes. She slides down and settles herself on the bed next to me, I reach out and gently stroke her face, loving the way her skin feels under my hands, it's so soft and smooth. I move in and she cuddles into me, I gently run my fingers down her back and she shudders in my arms.

I laugh softly, she laughs too, a soft, lilting laugh like a music box. I run my hand across her face before leaning in and lovingly kiss her. And I know...she loves me entirely.