Title: Taken (1/?)

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Chapter One: The Eye of the Hurricane

"Yami!" Yugi called out through the kitchen. "Come on! We're going to be late!" Normally Yugi would talk through their mind-link, but he just wasn't in the mood.

All of a sudden, Yami appeared, having come out of the puzzle earlier that day. He greeted his light with a kiss eagerly met, until Yugi pulled away.

"We have to go! I promised we would meet Jou and Honda at the arcade in five minutes!"

"I am aware of that fact, little one," Yami replied with a chuckle. "Don't worry. We won't keep them waiting."

Yugi smiled and practically skipped out the door. Life had just been so wonderful these past few months, especially with Yami being more than just his friend... Yugi paused his train of thought to cast a glance at Yami, who was walking quickly, seeming oblivious to the world. He was dressed in his usual leather getup, similar to that of Yugi. That leather was sexy... Yugi smirked to himself and turned away from Yami, as they were nearing the arcade.

Yami opened the door, letting Yugi in first. The couple was greeted with the sight of Honda holding Jou in a headlock.

"I beat you fair and square!"

"You cheated! You must've!" Jou's argumentative voice protested.

"You can't cheat at arcade games!"

Yugi cleared his throat to gain his two friends' attention.

"Oh! Hey Yug!" said Honda, releasing Jou from his death grip.

"Do I even want to know what's going on here?" questioned Yugi.

"Probably not," replied Jou. "Oh, hey Yami, didn't see ya there," he added, nodding his acknowledgement toward the former pharaoh.

"Where's Anzu?" Yami asked.

"Waitressing," replied Honda. "She's been working a lot lately."

Yami really couldn't say that he was upset. Ever since Anzu had caught wind of Yugi and Yami's relationship, things between Anzu and Yami had become a little...tense.

"C'mon, let's go get somethin' ta eat. I always said that eating was my favorite summer pastime, and I'm starving!"

"You're always starving, pig!" said Honda.

"Hey! Watch it!"

"Well it's true!"

Yugi smiled as his two friends started another one of their fights. Of course, everything would return to normal in a matter of minutes. Yugi caught Yami's eye and smiled at him. Yami took Yugi's hand and intertwined his fingers with those of his light, as the argument between Jou and Honda faded into the background.

After the quarrel had subsided, the four cheery friends turned to leave the arcade to fulfill Jou's food request, when Ryou stepped out of the building next to them.

"Hey Ryou!" Yugi called out, catching his friend's attention. Ryou stood there rooted to the spot before breaking into a smile.

"Hi guys."

"Ryou! Pal! Where've ya been? I haven't seen ya in ages!" said Jou, throwing his arm around Ryou's shoulders.

"You saw me last week," Ryou replied, playfully pushing Jou off him.

"My point exactly," Jou replied, ruffling Ryou's hair.

"We were just getting something to eat; come with us," said Yugi.

"Well, I don't know..."

"Aw, c'mon," said Jou. "It's not like ya have anything better ta do."

Ryou opened his mouth as if to tell Jou exactly what better thing he had to do, but he seemed to think twice and change his mind.

"Sure. Why not?"

"All right!" cheered Jou.

After only a short fifteen minutes, everyone was happily settled down with his food.

"Ryou, you've been rather quiet," Yami remarked. "Is something wrong?"

Ryou froze with his food halfway toward his mouth. He thought of commenting on the fact that Yami had been quiet as well, but that would be pointless, considering the fact that Yami never said anything without having a damn good reason to do so.


Yami's questioning voice brought Ryou down out of his state of reverie.


"I asked you if something was wrong."

"Oh. Nothing. Nothing's wrong."

The expression on Yami's face clearly let on that he didn't believe Ryou for a second, but he didn't press the issue any further.

The rest of the group exchanged a series of looks, but no other words were said, and after a short period of time, it was wiped from everyone's mind. Everyone's mind except for Yami's.

While Jou and Honda were engaged in a particularly loud conversation that seemed as though it could last for a long time, Yami used the opportunity to start a mind conversation with Yugi.

//You don't think he's back, do you?//


//Yes, him.//

/Well, I don't know./

Yugi glanced over toward his friend who appeared to be staring straight through the wall.

/I guess it's possible, but we shouldn't assume anything. For all we know, it could be nothing./

Yami gave Yugi a hard look before staring pointedly at Ryou, who still hadn't budged.

/Okay, it isn't nothing, but we don't know what's going on. Just leave it./

//I will.// Yugi sighed. //For now. But I'm going to keep a very close eye on him.//

"Hey! Quit having conversations other people can't hear. It's not polite," Jou cut in. "Hey, what's wrong wit him?"

Jou was obviously referring to Ryou, who was now shredding his napkin into tiny bits of confetti.

"Ryou... Ryou! Earth to Ryou!" Honda said, clamping a hand down firmly on Ryou's shoulder.

Ryou just about jumped a mile before scrambling to regain his composure.

"Man, what is with you today?" asked Jou.

"Sorry guys, I'm just kind of tired right now. I'm...I'm going to go home and get some sleep, okay guys?"

"Whatever ya say, pal," said Jou. "Have a nice rest."

"Bye," Ryou said quickly before bolting.

Yami cast a look toward Yugi, who shrugged his shoulders.

"Well dat was weird," commented Jou.

"Yeah. Actually, I have to go, too," said Honda. "See you guys later."

The remaining four all said their good-byes before heading to their respective homes.


Yami shut the bedroom door and sat down on the bed, which was the first thing he could find. He ran a hand through his hair before feeling the presence of his light sitting next to him.

"Still thinking about Ryou?" Yugi questioned lightly.

"No," Yami said firmly. "I'm thinking about Bakura."

Yugi sighed before maneuvering himself to Yami's back and began to firmly massage his shoulders.

"Don't worry about it," Yugi said simply.

"I can't just not worry about it. If he's back, it's because he wants revenge on me for sending him to the shadow realm in the first place, and that means he'll be coming after both of us," said Yami, moaning softly when Yugi stopped massaging his shoulders and started trailing kisses along the back of his neck.

"Yugi...if Bakura's back-"

"We don't know if he is," Yugi cut in, removing the outermost layer of Yami's clothes.

"But if he is-"

"He might not be," Yugi interrupted once again before kissing a trail up Yami's neck.

"Yugi! This is important!"

"Even if he is back, there's nothing we can do about it right now."

Yami started to protest before realizing that Yugi was probably right. Besides, Yugi's kisses and roaming hands were starting to drive Yami past the point of insanity. Yami suddenly whipped Yugi into a passionate kiss before pushing him onto the bed.

And for the hours that followed, Yami did not think about Bakura.

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