Preface Title: A New Beginning

Author: Charismatic Angel

Publish Date: June 19, 2003


Kaoru is forced to flee Japan to escape a fate worse than death. In America, Kaoru meets new friends who help her along the way, including a certain "red head." Time heals all wounds but what about those that refuse to go away? Will she be ready to face the past, or will the past get the better of her?  K/K

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This is my first fan fiction – Characters will be somewhat out of context – Alternate Reality Fic

Characters: (In order of appearance) – I do not own these characters they are owned by: Watsuki Nobuhiro, Shueisha, Sony Entertainment, and associated parties (please don't sue me) I have no money!

Kaoru Takashi (Kamiya)

Age 22 Misao Makimachi Age 21

Enishi Yukishiro

Age 27

Sanosuke Sagara

Age 25

Tae Serizawa

Age 32

Kenshin Himura

Age 28

Yahiko Myoujin

Age 10

Megumi Takani

Age 26

Aoshi Shinomori

Age 32

I have listed the characters I wish to include from the original series. Other characters may be added, but their parts will be minor.

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