Frog Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 & Amazing Frog? Crossover

Chapter 1:

(Third Person)

Arthur Morgan, Dutch and Hosea were in front of the caravan, making their way up the mountain.

"We have to get out of SwindonShire Dutch, we're wanted, and the law is probably tailing us." Arthur said, shivering in the blizzard.

"You have any ideas where we can go, Dutch?" Hosea asked quietly.

"We'll figure that out later Hosea, all that matters now is that we get away from Swindon and the law." Dutch replied.

Abigail rode up front on her pig. "We need to stop soon. The pigs are getting tired, Dutch" she said quietly.

"I'll go scoutin' ahead, stay here 'til I come back" Arthur said, riding off into the distance.

Arthur came back a while later. "I found a few small cabins near the peak, follow me" He said, before riding in the general direction of the 'town'.