Chapter 2

Charles tossed Arthur a worn bow. Arthur mounted up and they rode for a couple of minutes and stopped by a small stream in a valley. They got off their horses and Arthur 360° no-scoped 12 pigeons at once. He put them all in a big pile and started breakdancing on the dead pigeons. After breakdancing for a while, Charles and Arthur divided the pigeons into 2 equal parts and they both took one part. They rode back in silence, thinking about what had just happened. They skinned the pigeons while riding, and dumped the flayed birds on next to Pearson. Arthur took all of the feathers and skins, he decided that he would sell them later for some money. Abigail ran over to him and tripped over a rock on the ground. "YOu nEEd tO save jOhN. He hAS BEeN gone fOR tWO... TWO dayS!" she said. "Javier, go with him" Dutch said impatiently. The two headed up into the taller part of the mountains, where it was permanently foggy for some reason. There were no more trees up that high, so there was a lot of air pollution from the chimney sweepers in Swindon not doing their fucking jobs correctly. "So, Javier… You were in the Town Planning Office, what really happened there?" Arthur asked curiously. "We were trying to get into the staff room, Micah said that they kept all of the town's money there. It was locked so we tried to open it up, and then suddenly, there were Pinkertons and Lawmen everywhere. We were surrounded." Javier said. "And they appeared, just like that?" Arthur said in disbelief. "Yes, it was crazy, bullets flying everywhere. It was almost as if they knew that we were there beforehand" Javier continued. "Wait, I see something" Arthur half-yelled. They rode towards the figure. It was John's pig. It was dead. They continued riding, until they reached an edge and they had to continue on foot. "It's freezing" Arthur said, shivering. Javier tossed him a half-empty bottle of Absolut Vodka mixed with Coca Cola. Arthur took a sip and continued walking. Suddenly, they heard someone screaming for help!

NOTES: I know some of the lines might be strangely spaced. Word isn't working today. (I do not own red dead redemption or any of the related characters) This is the chapter so far, so I hope you didn't get bored. Sorry about the cliffhanger. Have a nice day :)